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Let's Talk About Sex :: Getting Naked & Body Image

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Sex is such a pivotal point in a relationship. Being ready to have sex and wanting everything perfect is something most people go through before the experience. Take a look at this before engaging in another act.
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SangIta Roy (2 months ago)
I am falling in love with you darling... 💗💕
Victoria Victoria (1 year ago)
Come back woman 🤗
Tim Tubbs (1 year ago)
where do you live
Raynel Taylor (1 year ago)
your so beautiful
nippawus Moon (2 years ago)
I just stepped from a 3 year celibacy last week with an old flame... it was different...! Because I entered it without any other intention but to feel if we connected beyond Sex... To me when two do have relations to that level,,, you are sharing energy! BUT before my celibacy,,, I would (as all) take on that persons LIFE (energy NEG and POS) ... this time,,, I had no attachment to the E-Motion that anchors in them! It did not build Me and I did not take away or add to her (no connection) ... BODY IMAGE is something I use to be very conscious of because I was called skinny all the time,,, BUT ,,, this time,,, no care,,, loved me because I am the only me ever! I feel the CELIBACY opened up another side to everything....! it made me more aware of my gift and theirs and to not add burdens to either of us...! (on that note) ,,, not in any rush or have a desire to do the act again! UNTIL A SENSUAL and SPIRITUAL CONNECTION is there
nippawus Moon (2 years ago)
the deeper you go inward into yourself before any labels,,, (even your name or gender) ... the more of the WORLD is opened up for you
AskHeatherG (2 years ago)
wow... that's deep. Thank you for sharing
Tyiece LivingInSync (2 years ago)
I'm going to have sex today. love that intro lol, kept rewinding it
AskHeatherG (2 years ago)
lol... that's so funny... thx girl
Broke Brown Girls! (2 years ago)
YASSSsss Love this !!!!!!!!!!
Deshawn Tramantano (2 years ago)
yes lady.lol

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