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HOW TO DRAW HOT GIRL! (PewDiePie Photoshop)

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Text Comments (17247)
văn văn (17 hours ago)
Yue Kilaver (7 days ago)
You actually nailed the coloring
TehLunaTic (12 days ago)
5:54 , bottom of the screen. " Pewdiepie used mindread! It's super effective!
Josh White (12 days ago)
Looks just like some of these meth heads down in bama
Reality Otaku (13 days ago)
Looks like before and after plastic surgery 😂
Madison Lajoie (14 days ago)
legit the exact same art piece. No diference is spotted
ja (21 days ago)
Now i am determinated
wisdom dude (22 days ago)
You draw the cross in the head so you can do a better face shape
Sleepless-Raven67 (24 days ago)
Artist problem number 34: when you realize when you post art and theres a mistake in the drawing/fucked up the anatomy and its too late to fix it when you already post it online 5:25
Neon The gacha gamer (25 days ago)
Oh your pewdiepie edit: ummmm
Casey Reed (25 days ago)
More tutorials would be awesome.
The Deviant Fander (26 days ago)
*hopes and dreams playing in the background* *undertale fans scream*
Marshall Mathers (26 days ago)
0:33 that “ah” killed me 😂😂😂
It looks like a chicken, potetoe...and a little Evil
Kanyan (1 month ago)
Pewdiepies drawing looks like Ms.Fumio from the food wars anime
Wolfy Doge (1 month ago)
Your a better artist than me
Error 404 (1 month ago)
*”i love ass. i want every ass.”* XDDDDDDD
The Rekindler (1 month ago)
the worst thing is that pewds pic is alot better than all mine after 3 years of drawing😢
VANTZ BIONDO (1 month ago)
She write
VANTZ BIONDO (1 month ago)
Sewing with my phone to the huts cat?
VANTZ BIONDO (1 month ago)
Yes and I am . nuts
VANTZ BIONDO (1 month ago)
I also trust everyone .
VANTZ BIONDO (1 month ago)
hay i quit eating here taking klonopin arent u happy for me cat?
VANTZ BIONDO (1 month ago)
😏 .. I'm hangin in here?. Cricket SHUT UP!👈☝️ my cat up there . Playin with da kids.. catfish
VANTZ BIONDO (1 month ago)
Rookie Toons (1 month ago)
5:12 XD I couldn’t stop laughing
Mario-ACE (1 month ago)
What are you singing while ya drawing i lmao
María Martín (1 month ago)
HOPES AND DREAMS!!!! *sorry I had to*
Asia Monteiro Gomes (1 month ago)
the shading was amazing hand done im an artist I know for sure
Rayditz (1 month ago)
Pewds is actually really good at coloring in stuff in photoshop
SonicFan147 (1 month ago)
So hot, Pewds - 10/10.
Bolek The Dog (1 month ago)
Undertale fans intensyfetys (Sorry for bad english)
KoT NaRKoT (1 month ago)
Кто из 2018 ???
G superTHヅ (1 month ago)
Goku is gay.....
WubbaLubbaDubDub (1 month ago)
Is that pico in the tutorial 😂😂
Color.z d (1 month ago)
I think your making it look bad on purpose because they wat you colored it was to good for a noob.
Helena M (1 month ago)
I love this video
Undertale music: 1:28 sans. 2:39 SAVE the World 3:00 SAVE the World 3:57 sans. 4:11 sans. 4:37 sans. 5:40 SAVE the World Edit: Like if u like the music ;3
Shurikø Lemøn (1 month ago)
3:38 *That made me laugh so hard*
X_ darrex (1 month ago)
4:45 OMG that leg du
Katwoodz (1 month ago)
It's like a sexy Rick
Ria - (2 months ago)
oh gosh I remember dragoart, I drew a dog when I was 3 from a weird tutorial
Crazy Spinita (2 months ago)
I always like it when you use Undertale music
Bether than my drawings
Red Nightcore (2 months ago)
Her hand looks like a foot
Charlie Elwick (2 months ago)
3:53 rick if he was a girl
P1ck-At -Y0U (2 months ago)
Hahahahha 😂😂 😂
But your colour skill was good mate.
Pixelated Pedobear (2 months ago)
Sunflower (2 months ago)
2:51 subliminal promotion for his new game, ass......buy it on steam now
xxDonxx_1914 (2 months ago)
Hey Felix! Please verify my account @Pewdiepie's Tuber Simulator Username: xxDonxx1914 Network: SavagesSquad (Open for all Lv.20) It would mean so much to me! Thank you!!
Magnus Truesdale (2 months ago)
3:43 looks like young rick
Noel Duffy (2 months ago)
If you think about it pewdiepie was the original most intellectual rick and morty fan because of this video, he is so smart since the beginning dude..
Magnus Truesdale (2 months ago)
Aahh! A fellow intellectual I see!
Noel Duffy (2 months ago)
wubba lubba dub dub!!
PIzZa :3 (2 months ago)
"I ❤ ass" I ❤ every ass" "I just wanna hug them all" "But I can't...ca...can't hug every ass..."
Tuisku Railo (2 months ago)
_Hero Boy_ (2 months ago)
Did u missplace the leg ? Her arm looks like the back of my leg
Ella Draws (2 months ago)
It’s not really bad try again for 2018
Eli Rose (2 months ago)
Kushina Senju (2 months ago)
The way you colored it is amazing Tbh.
Daym dat coloring tho
TobiasWithAnS (2 months ago)
Hes so good at photoshoppong to make clickbakit
mariam saleh (2 months ago)
Actually pewdiepie is great at coloring i can draw but i can't color like this xD
UmbreonGirl (3 months ago)
yea her arm isnt broken or anything
Xvic limeX (3 months ago)
Undertale music.
Window_world Gaming (3 months ago)
I cant stop looking at the arm
Sophie Palmer (3 months ago)
He's actually really good at shading though lol
DrawingWith D3mons (3 months ago)
DA LI'L POTATOE (3 months ago)
I've passed my undertale phase and when I heard a bit of the themes I just *kjwsvdowbsksbwfkwwbfowvdofbwkabsslebfkbdfhebwowpwpwdbbdekfbsosbdidhbeidbwkwdh*
Xita blitz (3 months ago)
Lol at 0:01 if you put on sub and see closely, you will see he is going to say 'breasts"instead of bros
sassy subliminals (3 months ago)
Why is there undertale music playing
Or Ingineri (3 months ago)
real art👌
Yeshi Dorji (3 months ago)
well i can't say you're bad a drawing, cuz that photoshopping you did is some Pretty Cool shit. please more photoshop vid bro 👊
Strawberry Molk (3 months ago)
When pewds is better at drawing and shading than you-
anti-social Meowfin (3 months ago)
The snas theme
Kay Fam (3 months ago)
What she looks like on tinder vs what she looks like In real life
ori hull (3 months ago)
Pewdiepie just invented a new gender
Allyosis Enochs (3 months ago)
10 out of 10
Olive Bonita (3 months ago)
FamilyFriendly Dude (3 months ago)
Anyone 28th august
The Useless (3 months ago)
it was better then i expected
BønBòn Pie (3 months ago)
I should have took the warning—my dad ran into my room😂-he heard you singing the ass song😂😂😂😂😂
Yasemin Kurban (3 months ago)
the Goku hair that he drew looks like the of rick from rick nd morty lol
Kaye Fierch (3 months ago)
Why is the colouring actually good???????
steve gaming303 (3 months ago)
PewDiePie is wibu😂
Somogy96 (3 months ago)
Wow, original content from poodipy, so nostalgic ❤️
GaMe is FuN (3 months ago)
It's the female version of goku
Rojane Calzada (3 months ago)
the boobs looks like a dick <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Rojane Calzada (3 months ago)
the boobs looks like a dick
Anonymous Account (3 months ago)
Hot goku
IKON SNATCHED MY WIGS (3 months ago)
D Do Do y Do yo Do you Do you l Do you li Do you lik Do you like Do you like p Do you like pe Do you like pew Do you like pewd Do you like pewdi Do you like pewdie Do you like pewdiep Do you like pewdiepi Do you like pewdiepie Do you like pewdiepi Do you like pewdiep Do you like pewdie Do you like pewdi Do you like pewd Do you like pew Do you like pe Do you like p Do you like Do you lik Do you li Do you l Do you Do yo Do y Do D ROFLMAO....
IKON SNATCHED MY WIGS (3 months ago)
:O:O:O:O lol
Doodle 3 (3 months ago)
when it was colored it looked like a grandma trying to look hot
Doodle 3 (3 months ago)
it looks like a Chicken nugget with a Chicken wing and a big booty
tniti last (3 months ago)
I like ass.... I like every kinds of ass
Rattled (3 months ago)
*_Confused screeching_*
WhenYouWalking (3 months ago)
Your looks like it had a rough night
mista gam&wich (3 months ago)
DauntingKitty (3 months ago)
My proudest fap
Omegarex09 Me (3 months ago)
I knew he was gonna put a goku haer cunt

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