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Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works | WIRED

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There's a lot more to counting cards in Blackjack than meets the eye. Mike Aponte, former member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team, takes us through the complicated process of counting cards. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works | WIRED
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Text Comments (1368)
Asybiel Seah (18 hours ago)
He lost me when the magic started
Aleem Ditta (2 days ago)
So badly explained
kris lo (2 days ago)
I think my brain just folded inside out
slightwork (3 days ago)
So if the true count is negative it would be smart to not even bet on the next pot?
Soflosports (3 days ago)
How to: instantly get flagged and beat up in a casino
KilljoysNeverDIE (6 days ago)
okay....... what?
KiLLJoY (7 days ago)
Can the dealer get a waistcoat that fits pls
Amberly Scarf (7 days ago)
No game no life anyone?
Matty P (11 days ago)
This is really something most people can grasp pretty decently if you actually spend a few hours on it one day (assuming you can count, add , & subtract). I’m not just saying this. It seems a lot more complicated than it is. I found this guy has done a better job than anyone explaining quickly how it’s done. I encourage anyone to read into it more. It is NOT illegal to use at a casino either. The worst that can happen is they back you off and ask/tell you to leave.
Emil Westrum (14 days ago)
I was watching a Rome 2 total war movie, then it went over to lockpicking, and now I'm watching this. What went wrong?
Alex Ace (15 days ago)
I can do this pretty well but im always: Too drunk in a bar for we dont have but onr casino in our country Or i dont have enough money But when i do this sober, i can make x50 money in a day
Mario (15 days ago)
but isn't this all illegal and he is just exposing himself?
SanFranciscoBay (15 days ago)
Card Counting is LEGAL, but the Casinos will tell you to either Flat Bet, Stop Playing 21 or leave the Casino once they determine you are card counting and winning.
Brian S. (16 days ago)
I’m ugly i deadass thought u had to keep a tally of X4 on each value card and low sets. And the variable of course being the amount of decks being used but this is much easier.
rainbow6 siege (17 days ago)
How do we know how much deks are left
SanFranciscoBay (15 days ago)
Look at the shoe if it's a clear shoe. Or look at the amount of cards that have been played and estimate it based on how many decks are in the shoe.
Golden God Gaming (18 days ago)
its not complicated at all. its trying to not get caught thats complicated.
Øli Macabre (18 days ago)
Did anybody understand that? 🤨
Kerri Johnstone (19 days ago)
Bet you are banned in every casino in the world as you should be bloody cheat!
Gary Lu Productions (16 days ago)
If you think that using your brain to play is cheating, you are a broken human being.
mr john (19 days ago)
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__L7cky Made Jones (20 days ago)
I'm confused asab stfu
Xxarxes (22 days ago)
I wish I was smart enough to understand what he was talking about
Scorpio Sting (23 days ago)
ThatPcMan101 (24 days ago)
Las Vegas and Atlantic City didn't like this.
Hampton Hancock (25 days ago)
Who will be my rain man?
Mr. Lan (26 days ago)
Misleading, he just tells you how much to bet. What about the times im at 14 or 15????
BigBooty01 (29 days ago)
see this would be good but you can’t see the other niggas cards so how is this not useless af
The Mulatt (30 days ago)
boiii nahh (1 month ago)
123 there
shaiwn (1 month ago)
Whos here learning how to win at gambling after doug ford decided to invest in gambling over everything else XD
Verified (1 month ago)
His head does not match his body
Flavius (1 month ago)
and the dealer will have the same advantage lol
Toidle (1 month ago)
i dont even play blackjack
Kris B (1 month ago)
Is it bad to use my fingers to count?
mayson lee (1 month ago)
He made no sensa
high horse (1 month ago)
They whitewashed the movie 21. The true master mind was an Asian American but white people are so insecure they couldn't live with it.
PolaroidFreak 600 (1 month ago)
wait.. isnt it illegal to count cards?
Gary Lu Productions (16 days ago)
It’s totally legal to count cards but casinos prefer you do not. The point of the games is that the casino has the advantage and makes money, not the player.
Willy Wanker (1 month ago)
No game no life. I still remember it a bit.
Sasha Romano (1 month ago)
Poker players : HAH ya lost all your money what now ? Me : I still havent used my trump card counting technique (Le automatic side arm)
azbycx zaybzc (1 month ago)
chemistry is easier than this...
droidzilla22 (1 month ago)
Slow down and explain the concept more. Why should we believe there's any kind of reason to expect a certain card when the stack is filled with hundreds?
phyx sonajo (1 month ago)
Basic strategy? I was busy reading comment So you know how i ended up
GNR films (1 month ago)
This is so stupid.. just avoid going over 21 ahah
Gary Lu Productions (16 days ago)
So, someone who has made more money than you at blackjack and goes to MIT is stupid?
Mega Mijit (1 month ago)
confusing AF
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 (1 month ago)
If you are card counting you are no blackjack expert. Every blackjack expert knows the secret to the game are table cycles. Get the book “The Blackjack Secret” by Glob Design on Kindle for $3 bucks and you are virtually guaranteed to win. http://www.globdesign.com/books/index.html
Slippy Snake (1 month ago)
I'll stick to poker
Jeffrey Von Stetten (1 month ago)
I’m not sure that helped me much. And how does he talk so slow and deal so fast?
__ (1 month ago)
almost turned statistics into binary decision-making
Rocky Vuong (1 month ago)
The music is too loud. It's hard to hear the guy speak
Sloth h (1 month ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue There’s always an Asian That’s better than you
elgiacomo (1 month ago)
Beautiful poem.
N Yang (1 month ago)
So basically never change your betting unit until you are at a plus 3 true count?
nitesh Pant (1 month ago)
I have grabbed my team , the only this left to do is grab a professsor and the tickets 😂😂
nitesh Pant (1 month ago)
Anyone after the movie 21
cicada 3301
Mr. Fontaine Carrots (1 month ago)
Eyyy thunderbird :) 1:19
coolhotmale20 (1 month ago)
Yo bro - Chill - This ain't BIG BANG THEORY - Sheldon Cooper - Please come in...........
Romeo Waldo (1 month ago)
Effectiveness of card counting is significantly minimized by the fact that there are many decks of cards shuffled. If there was only 1 or 2 decks boy this strategy would bank
S-Train (1 month ago)
It's not hard to find single and double deck blackjack. The hard part is finding those games, that also pay 3-2 blackjacks and let you double on any two cards.
Magdalene (1 month ago)
Got lost when he said plus 1
C money (1 month ago)
So wait 1+1=2
Adrian Mitousis (1 month ago)
Charles P. (1 month ago)
I was never good at math anyways.
Mark (1 month ago)
And if you get really got at this, you can spend 40 hours a week grinding out the most boring and mind numbing job you've ever had to make about $80k a year.
Daniel Lugo (1 month ago)
Why Casinos cant rigg BlackJack into their favor like in Roullette with 0 and 00?
EVANCOOL (2 months ago)
I understood nothing...
Vladimir Putin (2 months ago)
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Looven z (2 months ago)
instruction not clear.... got my hand glue to my butt..
Sir Lick Alot (2 months ago)
Any ladies want a magic 👅 service 24/7 1-800 Sir Lick Alot
Dave (2 months ago)
So this is how I can get laid, right?....Im confused,broke and aroused........
S-Train (1 month ago)
As a former card counter and current blackjack dealer, I can tell you that every counter I've ever met has been quite lonely and overall pretty depressing to be around. I'd pick up guitar if I were you.
Miguel Jaramillo (2 months ago)
Comment on the ad. “Why spend money on creating your own business when you can pay me to help you understand how to think” Fuckin stupid.
Reel Chaos Charters (2 months ago)
Joshua Pajarillo (2 months ago)
Hey the title is misleading! This is not the recipe for Chicken Curry!
x zol (2 months ago)
If you're getting near the end of the shoe, and you know it's a bad count, you should bet less. I get it. Why wouldn't you just adjust your play and start taking more cards? Dealer has a 6 up. You have 14. Normally, you stay. Now you take a card. Right? Or don't you adjust your play at all?
Youshisu (2 months ago)
sooo. you can not use your mind to win game, meybe just pay money to casion and leave table ;P
JOSEPH THISTLE (2 months ago)
Very good
Matthew Carpenter (2 months ago)
Just lost $500, cool video though.
Gdiddy3oo (2 months ago)
Way to confusing
HowowYo (2 months ago)
Does card counting really give you that much of an edge when every 2-4 decks (something like that I think) all the decks are reshuffled ?
egergarg ergergerae (2 months ago)
I got lost 10 seconds in
Ricardo Reinoso (2 months ago)
Not only is he showing me how to count cards he doing magic on my dumbass
Michael Ferdinando (2 months ago)
“Bet little or nothing” puts out green $25 chip “Then bet progressively more” Puts out two red $5 chips lol
Ilham H (2 months ago)
I pull $350 on average daily. But basic strategy in not enough. There are severe deviations you have to apply according to the count. Take even money on good positive counts. Don't get scared if you lose 5-6 hands. The rest, I am going to conseal cuz that info is worth millions and I want them to myself :)
Ilham H (1 month ago)
+Hawaiian Prestige Cars Been in Vegas, never played. Good rule tables start at $50. Hard to hover around those without being noticed. My casino is $15 min with presently changed but still playable rules. Hit s17, 8 decks.
Hawaiian Prestige Cars (1 month ago)
Ilham H thanks, I meant you said 350$ is no problem for you a day. Let’s say you do this in vegas. How do they find out you’re counting? Then just throw you out? Maybe go to a different casino every day lol
Ilham H (1 month ago)
+Hawaiian Prestige Cars I kinda never thought about that, but I can give a few tips. Wonging, extremely effective. Deep pen. One deck or less. Good stuff begins at true 7 and up at one deck. Surrender any hand that will render you with two tens break. Ex: 13-17 against dealers 8-ace. There is more. People will be looking at you like u r crazy, but u r the only guy who will walk with a profit within 3 minutes. U might walk around for 2 hours Wonging, but those 5 minutes will render u big profit. Don't forget a support strap for your back while u hover around tables sipping on coffee. :)
Hawaiian Prestige Cars (1 month ago)
Ilham H How much do you want for coaching and secrets?
Carlo (2 months ago)
There are only 3 types of people here on earth. Those who can count and those who can't.
David Cohen (2 months ago)
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Aleksandar Aca (2 months ago)
Instructions unclear , I ended up in jail
John Milton (2 months ago)
... What?
Akay chi (2 months ago)
I love him I got his videos and books
Ron Skelton (2 months ago)
I may have to watch this more than 4 times to catch on
Darren Rulz (2 months ago)
WTF is he even talking about...jesus
Jim Wil (2 months ago)
Do you count deals cards too?
Strange Person (2 months ago)
What's wrong with trying to win tho? :/
David (2 months ago)
Screw bitcoin, I am goin to the casino!!!
The Last Operator (2 months ago)
I was right there for the first 3 minutes and then he smoked me. I got lost in the sauce.
TGLL (2 months ago)
Couldn’t you have told me more gently that I'm stupid...
Ricardo Pereira (2 months ago)
If people get kicked out of casinos for doing this why dont they just do it online?
Shaun Milfler (2 months ago)
Counting been always easy to me, but it seems other PitBoss will have same time counting and then backing you off
Sauga Direct (2 months ago)
Impossible today given all blackjack tables have shuffle machines and there’s always 8 decks in machine.
TheFreePantheist (2 months ago)
When do I play my blue eyes white dragon?
Mohammed Elmouhsine (2 months ago)
it's the SAT's all over again!
CHΛRLIE (2 months ago)
How can someone be a blackjack expert. 😂 once you understand how to play it you know everything there is to the game. If this guys and expert then how come he isn’t a millionaire
Manny Lucas (2 months ago)
MOM YOUTUBE IS BOTHERING ME AGAIN... I need a calculator he lost me at 1 plus 1
DoucheBags (2 months ago)
I’ve counted cards in a casino but never really bet high when the counts in my favor, I just don’t understand. If when the true count is high it’s an advantage bcuz ur more likely to get higher cards but isn’t the dealer at that advantage as well?

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