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Dad Tries To Save Son From Falling Then This Happens...

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Dad Tries To Save Son From Falling Then This Happens...
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Mastersaint (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching! :D Be sure to Leave a Like + Comment & Subscribe to be entered into the Huge Giveaway Good Luck! Also im going to be replying to a whole bunch of comments in this video 🍪
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Levi Gravenberg (8 hours ago)
This is the nicest channel I’ve ever seennnnnnnnnnn
We need a video of two completely chill people riding this together.
marianne slaughter (10 hours ago)
Down Load (10 hours ago)
Guess what ive folloed you since u stared this channel soo.. .can i get an iphone...or an Amazon firft cart...
c4 (11 hours ago)
EpicGirl666 IsAsum (11 hours ago)
6:42 this sounds exactly like how I laugh
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Lynn Davis (13 hours ago)
Sensory over load...
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Ben D (15 hours ago)
At 10:30 the little kids phone fell out
Boss Toss (16 hours ago)
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Xbox Gamer2781 (16 hours ago)
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Scout Moore (17 hours ago)
7:54 *wow man enters the chat* wow. aHhhHhHh wow. *silence* wOw.
Jayjay Koselka (17 hours ago)
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Fortnite Dude (17 hours ago)
PumkinSpice _ (21 hours ago)
The first one, why was the dad still holding the phone! If that was me I would of let go of the phone and held my son tighter!!!
louie glew (21 hours ago)
ps4 pleas
Cel Mendoza (23 hours ago)
Logan Harris (1 day ago)
Ryan Smith (1 day ago)
10:31 lost his phone
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Benjamin Torres (1 day ago)
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the killer YT (1 day ago)
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Russell Metham (1 day ago)
I love you 🤟 and that is amazing how did it happen?
The Donut Bear s (1 day ago)
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Cameron Gist (1 day ago)
At 6:00 she flipped out 😂😂😂
43547s (1 day ago)
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daniellaaa (1 day ago)
Keila Reyes (1 day ago)
Why they both screaming even the adult lol
Robert McNeal (1 day ago)
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Rose Crystal (1 day ago)
You choose anything I don’t care
GalacticBoss706 (1 day ago)
Good day mate
christine lockner (1 day ago)
I watch till the end
NightCore571 (1 day ago)
10:30 was that a phone
Rayna H (1 day ago)
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Ana Harris (1 day ago)
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Ana Harris (1 day ago)
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Angry James (1 day ago)
10:31 rip phone lmao (pause it)
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Cory Soto (1 day ago)
That scary. It said they let kids on
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Im not Telling you (1 day ago)
10:31 damn that phone flew away that sucks!
Kierra Nash (1 day ago)
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zbeater (1 day ago)
8:49 hilarious and very lady like xD
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Good thing that roller coaster did not go upsidedown
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Kyleigh Mcneil (2 days ago)
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mini doge (2 days ago)
Eliza Gaskell (2 days ago)
Dunno about anyone else, but having children under the age of 7 in "over the top" amusement rides aka sling shot is pretty irresponsible and traumatizing, particularly if the parent(s) are not realising they are uncomfortable with the idea of this ride.
Steven Ruiz (2 days ago)
Mastersaint can I have the iPhone 7 please I subscribe
lizvette menendez (2 days ago)
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Adryan Messer (2 days ago)
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Marble! (2 days ago)
*next video:* *the mom who made her son eat tidepods*
Akasha7578 (2 days ago)
AlphaWolf Kacy (2 days ago)
I just liked, subscribed, and turned on the notifications. iTunes. I don’t really care if i don’t get it but i do really like the video.
Gianna santiago (2 days ago)
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