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Emerald GREEN LIPSTICK and BLUSH that turns into a FAIRYTALE PINK??? Today I test out the color changing cosmetics by Lipstick Queen to see why they're sold out everywhere. Please click the"Like" button if you enjoyed. xo's ~ Tati ✔ Watch More OMG! Review Videos HERE ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edOAvqvLbwE&list=PL-2O9EScQNtvDFLqdQCnpvFHCQsocw3-i&index=2 ✔ PRODUCTS MENTIONED ~ Frog Prince Lipstick $25 Frog Prince Lip Gloss $25 Frog Prince Blush $24 Hello Sailor Lipstick $25 Hello Sailor Lip Gloss $25 ✔ Watch WTF? Luxury Reviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88eX_oFcL5I&index=1&list=PL-2O9EScQNtvgwFumo5KVsqoCLt5S2aca ✔ Snapchat: TatiWestbrook ✔ Instagram: http://instagram.com/glamlifeguru ✔ Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/glamlifeguru ✔ Facebook: http://facebook.com/GlamLifeGuru ✔ WRITE TO ME HERE Tati / Glam Life Guru 1905 Wilcox Ave. Suite #111 Los Angeles, CA 90068 Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, I'm glad you found my video, please be sure to check out my collection of videos on my YouTube beauty channel GlamLifeGuru where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.
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Vicky Vlogs (2 days ago)
Who’s watching in 2019 and is just like omg 😮
Kate West (3 days ago)
I love you
Jacqueline Yamaguchi (6 days ago)
Watch out girl - thats gonna stain for days with that plastic smell you looove!
Faye Dunbar (15 days ago)
I'm 65 and I remember using a clear lipstick in my teens that would change to the color that was supposedly the true color for your lips. I liked it.
La'Ra24356 iok (19 days ago)
chris andrus (25 days ago)
Tangee lipstick and blush changes for your skin tone too!!
S G (27 days ago)
04:26 she puts it on if you don't feel like watching the whole thing
Carys Allan (27 days ago)
She looks so young😊
Feroza Baloch (28 days ago)
Lol here in Pakistan you get this for 20rs and it turns pink. This isnt anything new wtf 😂
Eva Hannington (28 days ago)
What about this Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish
Erin & Evan Pownall (28 days ago)
I’m saving up for frog prince lipstick lol
Maheera Hassan (28 days ago)
Oh my gosh you are SOO PRETTY
Bobbi Perlik (29 days ago)
Sorry but I don't see blue
Icantfindausername (29 days ago)
Hey tati ily queen
Angel Bryan (29 days ago)
4:44 Tati: "And It feels like butter...." Me: "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER!!!!!"
Clarissa Badii (29 days ago)
I see purple
Just Candy (30 days ago)
I saw this at insider
2019???? Anyone?
Impatient 26 (30 days ago)
2019 anyone? Omg she looks so different!!
Χρύσα Βι (30 days ago)
3:57 starts with makeup
Allison Brooke Lacy (30 days ago)
On the blue. I saw purple
*PrettyTrash* (1 month ago)
Its fionas makeup
Livy does Hip-hop (1 month ago)
I think Nikkie Tutorials would love them! 😝
Yumnu Shafeeg (1 month ago)
*her eyes* 😍😍
ellen lankford (1 month ago)
The website states “hello sailor” changes to a “blueberry mauve”, so the color is accurate.
ellen lankford (1 month ago)
I thought she said “i’ve had sex and worn off all my lipstick”.
Lizeth Marin (1 month ago)
Tati you are so beautiful
Warwick Tregoning (1 month ago)
Does Tati age
Sahej Dhindsa (1 month ago)
I see purple
Amanda E (1 month ago)
I saw these at Ulta and I LOVE the yellow one they have its so beautiful
Hey How’s life (1 month ago)
I love the way she said coffee
Robyn Jeart (1 month ago)
Throwback to this background 😂 anyone else in 2019? 💕
Gary Whitney (2 months ago)
Please try alpha h liquid gold
Hannah Jessop (2 months ago)
Tati you were so concentrated on the gloss application it was complete silence couldn't even hear you breathing. thought I turned my sound off by accident until I turned it up to have my ears ripped out when you started talking again cause my volume was so loud. long story short great sound proofing. great video
kpop gives me life (2 months ago)
2019 gang?
I don’t exist (2 months ago)
Yo. I had colour changing lipstick when I was seven. 5 bucks at a chemist
Bts ARMY (2 months ago)
2019 anyone?
Maddie H (3 months ago)
Ok she’s gorgeous what the heck
Ruthy Cantkier (3 months ago)
Who was watching her eyes in the beginning
ellie Reneau (3 months ago)
did anyone else notice at 10:26 that she put the wrong lid on both lipsticks, had to say this bc it annoyed me lmao
jessica ward (4 months ago)
Have you tried limelife
jessica ward (4 months ago)
Love your honesty
Michelle Telech (4 months ago)
You should try the Mornin Sunshine one too
Elsie Hanson (4 months ago)
2:12 what kind of vegetable is that
Mathea Graham (4 months ago)
Hahaha she just switched the caps around. Me too
Lillian Cash (4 months ago)
2019 peeps??
Naomie Hanae (4 months ago)
2019 ???
Lol Z (4 months ago)
Tati’s brake outs are my great skin days
Kimberly Gascon (4 months ago)
How can u say the lip gloss doesn't work. U put it on over ur lipstick so it couldn't blend with ur pH right? Test it properly.
maria fernanda gonzalez (4 months ago)
I liked the lipsticks I think they at a pretty
maria fernanda gonzalez (4 months ago)
I could see the purple a little bit
carolina (5 months ago)
I have pale skin cool undertones pigmented lips , this lipstick is NOT pink on me , it’s more a plummy brown 🙁 not a colour that works with my skin tone makes me look sick
danielle shinn (5 months ago)
Maybe u should of tried jus the gloss on it's own
itsjosie bitch (5 months ago)
Your nails😍
Star Yawwnok (5 months ago)
Cami for life (5 months ago)
6:50 .........on dem haters
Carleigh Burger (5 months ago)
have you scenes the yellow one
Jude Meyer (5 months ago)
I have the blue and it sucks I hate it
ult pluto (5 months ago)
Madi Archer (6 months ago)
Please turn on your captions!!!!!
alex riquelme (6 months ago)
The blue one sure looks good on camera.
M VB (6 months ago)
Love your nails💓
maths (6 months ago)
I think the videos should definitely have subtitles..
Estelle Prt (6 months ago)
Chez tati ta tout !😂😂😂 Les français comprendront 😂
Makenna Marie (7 months ago)
Kits bring it back down to earth it’s just a heat color changing lipstick and it looks different on depending on how warm they are. Just try getting it cold 🥶, it will turn back to green. ;)
Sunny Amber (7 months ago)
Price is $24? AUKM? Same lipstick on aliexpress is $2-3 But you can pay $23 and up Most Amazon re-sellers buy from alibaba and re-sell on Amazon. Amazon re-sellers will happily pocket the price difference :-)
Rose K (7 months ago)
Such bullshit. They can't determine what shade will look good against someone's skin based on ph
Yvonne Chaboya (7 months ago)
So do you think that's what's going on with your floral lipsticks, the ones that smell like candy from San Rio maybe they change according to you PH
Lilly X (7 months ago)
I feel like she's trying really hard to sound 'hip' with the kidz.
mavrick luv (7 months ago)
I the camera there is no blue
Hailie Tetreault (7 months ago)
I love Tati, don't get me wrong, but she talks WAY too much.
Maria Laracuente (7 months ago)
I love your eyelashes wow!
Mel Moultrie (7 months ago)
My mom had something like this 20 years ago
bleach and tone (7 months ago)
u were already wearing blush
Adil Khan (7 months ago)
I have this
Drew Littlecreek (7 months ago)
I went out and bought the lipstick queen line . Like the whole line I love it
Brittany Kayy (7 months ago)
I wish i could pull off thoes color pinks, the only colors that look good with my face and completion are some light pinks, but mostly nudes amd Brown's.
Rose Johnson (7 months ago)
I saw those at ulta yesterday and it’s really cool it turns pink really pretty
Sister Squad (7 months ago)
2:12 girlll, I am NOT like u😂 I’m sitting here eating chocolate and 7 up watching this video lmao😂😂😂
Rylee Young (8 months ago)
I saw ton of purple mauve color
Sally Carson (8 months ago)
When she put the blue lid on the green lipstick😂
Scarlett-Rose Brain (8 months ago)
wait so when she drink lemon water will it change color
magomanci ♡ (8 months ago)
This was my first video I saw of yours, I’ve been here for two years now!
Jasmine Bahamondes (9 months ago)
i think that the cream blush and the green lipstick are the same thing
Blair Thomas (9 months ago)
I haven’t seen this in soooooo long
Devonian Extinction (9 months ago)
her eyes match her top!!
Nona Mardiana (9 months ago)
i waaant
mindyk4 (9 months ago)
I bought this same type of product at the drug store about 35 years ago for just a few dollars. Just the lipstick, there wasn't a lip gloss to go with it. Amazing that they brought it back and charging $25!!!!
Yeetety Skeetety (9 months ago)
Well at least people won’t ask to use your lipstick
Isomer Mashups (9 months ago)
6:45 Dab, dab, dab. Make your face look fab.
Terra (9 months ago)
I love how you try EVERYTHING for us!!! Thank you
Amanda Whitney (9 months ago)
Veggies.. turkey burgers.. Can't relate. bahah
Patricia Chlystek (10 months ago)
Watching in 2018!!!
ACkayla (10 months ago)
This is the first video I ever saw from Tati.
Feruza Agzamova (10 months ago)
I remember back when I was a kid my aunt bought a green lipstick but when you wore it it turned completely red and it was very weird. I thought this could be the same product but I was wrong, this one is very sheer and my aunt's lipstick was very pigmented
Katie siobhan (10 months ago)
Moroccans invented this
Abigail Stevens (10 months ago)
I like the blue
Rashel Jimenez (11 months ago)
Anyone 2018
Lpennings (7 months ago)
ItzziBittzi Bit (11 months ago)
Rashel Jimenez yeeeees
Valarie Smith (11 months ago)
It turned mauve there wasn't any blue
Hannah Yokoyama (11 months ago)
I tried this on and I didn't notice any difference. I was super sad.

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