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Bigger Business: Seattle

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Text Comments (247)
We need more of these...
k 6 (13 days ago)
Trap beats on my page ®️🦖
Carla Tapia (20 days ago)
whats the song at 2:45
Diego Casado rodriguez (26 days ago)
The good Life matherfuckers
Joseph Lewis (27 days ago)
90 cents a gram ...lol
Ka Vvz (27 days ago)
Viktor Vaughn (1 month ago)
3:22 tacoma life!!
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PinoyLocc Makulet (1 month ago)
Them Flowers lookin stooooooopid.
William Stumpff (2 months ago)
Damn where's my cut
El Guapo 916 (2 months ago)
Custom grow 420 lmao 😂
big chew (2 months ago)
Jungle boys with the exotics Wedding Cake i need a peace let's be honest liitle Cherry pie After this lazzona Chopping Oz Beniehona.
big chew (2 months ago)
Pillsberry Packs
Little Investor (2 months ago)
Where can i get those songs you played in this video.
Juan M C (2 months ago)
Qué exelente lugar.yep
beebop shopbop (2 months ago)
I just can’t get down with the flat bill generation. They all think they are rappers from the trap. Lame.
Markush rap (2 months ago)
Im from almeria, im worked as a farmer into the plastic and other innovations, and i interested in work or train me as a farmer for more experience in this business when this business go to spain. Any advice?
W D (2 months ago)
Roman Atwood smokes weed?😂
Aiden Burton (2 months ago)
I want to leave the East coast an move out there an learn everything that's in that lifestyle.
malcolm sparks (2 months ago)
Bruh wheres the real cherry pie.cant find real pie for nothing for years
Brian B (3 months ago)
the larry june impersonation
D Roc (3 months ago)
Berner I had to get my Cookies Shirt here in San Antonio Texas bern one for da Natiooonn
Mustafa Abdul (3 months ago)
What was that young dolph song?
Daylyfe (3 months ago)
In need of some DMT in the Bay Area... can anyone help me?
Christopher Rosenbalm (4 months ago)
they let you take that through airport?
Hugh Munn (4 months ago)
Pretty soon weed will be 5 dollars a pound
Ira Dorsey (4 months ago)
Shout outs to the west coast stretch, if it wasn't for the west coast, Midwest wouldn't have the open kush coming thru
sam turner (4 months ago)
what is the song in the beginning
jet set willy (4 months ago)
ppl giving it a bad name i bet not one of these cats has a clue about anything just a bunch gimmick smokers trying act cool but yet not one has a clue of all those origins of what they smoke
Kendama Is Life (4 months ago)
Did anyone else notice customgrow420 at 9:26? 😂
Joon 21 (4 months ago)
Nabeel Fareed Moosa (4 months ago)
watkine esse
Tori Simpson (4 months ago)
Fuck off bitch its my line get offghe fucking bus stop stop worrying about the FBI and ur fgked up paycheck. Bitch.
jason Wayne (4 months ago)
11:04, Haha, customgrow420!!!!
NIBUS 63 (4 months ago)
When the freestyle kicked 😂😂
Charlie Resendez (4 months ago)
When ya gonna bring yalls business to Texas bro!
Ch Chh (4 months ago)
The wit black frame glasses face wants to get punched in the face
Gunnar Marr (5 months ago)
id love to make a living in the cannabis industry ....to bad im just a roofer
el plaga (5 months ago)
Uncle Ebenezer (5 months ago)
why is the weed scene so full of thug looking trash? Just be a normal person who smokes weed....you don't need to dress/look a certain way
Crestside Cutthoat (6 months ago)
6:38- Done dropped the goods
Crystal Love (6 months ago)
I'll love to visit wow FL 😍.
Crystal Love (6 months ago)
A!! What's the name of the song in the beginning of this 📽️.
Nicholas Damone (6 months ago)
spiffy wins again flash3:$$$
Andres (6 months ago)
6:37 R.I.P baby joint :'(
Tracy Morris (6 months ago)
Custom grow 420!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Irie Trill (6 months ago)
anyone else doubt Berners ability to walk "7miles" lol bro walked like 7 blocks max
Lazy Daze (6 months ago)
Berner is kinda womanly
Lazy Daze (6 months ago)
This is lame
6:45 Everybody needs to be smokin a joint right now... hahaha truth be told right there.... _/\_
google me Karl Bowers (6 months ago)
are the libarrails
Skip FlipDank (7 months ago)
Cookie gang
El Presidente (7 months ago)
Over top song for the finish classic
DGB (7 months ago)
I love this guy I want to hang with him
Rap4you (7 months ago)
rusty trichomes (7 months ago)
if ya dont smoke it eat it . just use it thank me later
Potheadhippie561 (7 months ago)
The intro song is patience
Lucifers Messenger. (7 months ago)
Sorry but jungle boys weed is s***
ElGueroLoco (7 months ago)
Bigger Business: Salinas(?)
Master Daniel San (7 months ago)
11:25 shout out #FlatbushZOMBiES HELL-O!
C B (7 months ago)
Yes we're I'm from we all ways do it bigger
Steel City Bullyz (7 months ago)
Good videos but the music fucking sucks
Malcolm Cooper-Suggs (7 months ago)
Ayyye 206 shit
CashRulez Dollas (8 months ago)
What Bitch had sex with this Walrus??
Roberto Chavez (8 months ago)
Stinjie always keeping it litty and genuine 💯I love that shit man 😂😂
Ch Chh (8 months ago)
That jungle boy dude with glasses prolly got bullied and socked in the face all the time. His face says it all. Tell him i said that haha
Chino Ching (8 months ago)
weed maps yeeee purple Buddah the shit on them cookies
Josh Mcclurg (8 months ago)
Whats the song in the beginning??
Julian Oropeza (9 months ago)
Monterey county
Donna Jackson (9 months ago)
What's the song on the radio called
luke castro (9 months ago)
Spiffy is a producer from Atlanta
Neel 1851 (10 months ago)
Joelie oelie !!!!
Matthew Holmes (10 months ago)
Was that Jolie Olie?!?! What up youtube youtube!
cvsvgrg gagrar (10 months ago)
customgrow420 and harry dabs in the background 9:26
heyfam shoetube (5 months ago)
Dick rider
Viktor Vaughn (10 months ago)
3:22 take that trip and press those buttons every weekend! love my job!!
AyeJBO (10 months ago)
ay g what song is this
Justin Walls (10 months ago)
#berner whats the song in the beginning its fire asf💯
Alexander TheGreat (11 months ago)
Hey berner! Will ya come in CANAbisDA in july?... marijuana gonna be legalize😑
Toony Martinez (11 months ago)
Good weed 😂😂😂
Bww Irving (11 months ago)
🌟 9:26 That's Jolie Olie!!!! WhoNoticedThat?!?!? oh My GOSH?!?!? 💓 CustomGrow420 💓 🌟 💓 🌟 💓 🌟
Jason P. (11 months ago)
Gettin down in the 206! I see you!
daily reacts & interviews (11 months ago)
Berner u make ur people proud dawg
Gabyz Zurita (11 months ago)
Stinje lost in the END
toni enchalotti (11 months ago)
RIP Jacka
ChefRami (11 months ago)
Customgrow420 at 11:02 yaaaaaa
Dankest Network (11 months ago)
Fun Fact: We went to La Push, Washington, the native american beach in the movie twilight, and they had a cannabis store called "La Push Kush"
Dankest Network (11 months ago)
Let's all take a moment to salute the great Pacific Northwest Cannabis Community. The greatest cannabis community in the world. seriously, California, Oregon, Washington, all amazing scenes. Seattle is cool, the have a lot of nice rainforest-esque strains.
K Jeezy (11 days ago)
Vancouver. ⛽️🔥
Tyrus Vanciel (11 months ago)
Dankest Network aye bruh but calis got the beat tho
Cannabis king (1 year ago)
I was waiting to see Joel from custom grow 420 and here he is!
Chris Gaston (1 year ago)
Its nice to boi
Justdro (1 year ago)
Berner and Ivan thank god for you guys weed legends
Bartholomew Alexis (1 year ago)
Abdul-Rahman Rosales (1 year ago)
I like the music.
Jon Defina (1 year ago)
That handshake between custom420 was legendary
Kerry Chemelowski (1 year ago)
Put me on you guys don't funk around for real
Chubb Fatz (1 year ago)
Oh 💩, He’s rapping now too 😂😂😂. Stinje is funny bruH
Ogggasgang Ogggasgang (1 year ago)
Burner I'm new grower how do I grow outside
NXILP. (1 year ago)
Whats the song at 5:49?
jonathan martinez (8 months ago)
saVYx KRys berner ft young dolph - bundle
Saif Akh (1 year ago)
Who knows the intro song
YoungestJayy559 (1 year ago)
Anyone know the name of the first song played ?
Rick Smooth (1 year ago)
Never been to the West Coast, but 1st places I would visit are the Bay Area and PNW Oregon/WA areas. From videos I've seen, all the scenery is beautiful out there. Maybe one day Texas will be legal like Cali and WA... Greetings.
James Smith (7 months ago)
Rick Smooth bra just go do it! Stop dreaming about in on YouTube

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