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Warbringers: Jaina

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Jaina Proudmoore is no stranger to making difficult decisions. In this animated short, the choices of her past continue to influence her future. Credits: Directed by Doug Gregory Art and Illustration by Laurel Austin, Vasili Zorin, Jonathan Fletcher, and Yewon Park Written by Robert Brooks Pre-purchase World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth to take your stand: https://shop.battle.net/product/world-of-warcraft-battle-for-azeroth http://WorldofWarcraft.com Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=WorldofWarcraft
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Text Comments (19006)
SJL6392 (23 minutes ago)
Almost a year later and this is still the best part of BFA.
Cloud Strife (10 hours ago)
If only WoW wasn't for kids I would've taken this seriously.
Hasan Kuvvet (1 day ago)
her hand around 0:50 looks undead. rip jaina
Chad Small (1 day ago)
Happy Father's Day 2019.
Muhammad Zaid (1 day ago)
I still get chills from watching this
EdgeLord (1 day ago)
What an amazing start of an xpac... But it turned out a garbage xpac
Aaron Payne (4 days ago)
This sounds very Scandinavian to me and I love it! It sounds so much like Viking folk music. Truly feel it in my soul
brandon davis (4 days ago)
Jaina >>>>>>> Sylvanas
Clouds23x (4 days ago)
Jaina was always one of my favorite characters but after playing BFA I don't care about her anymore. Same thing happened in Legion. Illidan was one of my favorite characters but after playing Legion I don't care about him anymore either. Blizzard are terrible at character development and story telling in WoW.
Snitz (5 days ago)
I was really hoping BFA would be able to contain this much emotion and attachment and just drag me into the world like this 3 minute short, Ive never been so disappointed.
DJ_Trolly (5 days ago)
Patch 8.2: this video thrown into the trash.
Robinson David (6 days ago)
Por la alianza
Dan (6 days ago)
Gave me chills
Perrin Besch (7 days ago)
why not illustrate the battle of Theramore? c'mon blizzard, missed opportunity.
Tony Graves (7 days ago)
"Beware of me", Yes.... thawhy Horde players chased you down Jaina, and beat you like a goat while you were trying to escape Zul'Dazar, after the death of king Rastakhan (when the whole Horde army was gone-and Zul'Dazar was defencless form a serious attack). "clap clap" , what a scary woman lets pretend we are in fear
MrR Hill (7 days ago)
I keep returning to the last good decision Blizzard made with World of Warcraft hoping they can salvage it, but I think this is a forlorn hope.
Ali (7 days ago)
The line "Im listening now... father" always hits me right in the feels.
Nathaniel Nechevski (8 days ago)
Interesting. She is singing a song after her city is destroyed. Humm... humm.
Dominik D. (8 days ago)
Didnt play WoW for some time :( What happend to her? Why is she enemy of Aliance in one of BFA raid?
The Ranker (9 days ago)
cant watch 3fps animation anymore.
Stunner (10 days ago)
The only good thing that BfA brought.
0Valg0 (10 days ago)
When you reach the point, where peace is not an option anymore.
Immanuel Christopher (10 days ago)
Can any good soul tell me the guitar chords for this song? Its such a great song man i have to learn this on guitar
Dave (11 days ago)
I actually felt her pain and sorrow and resolve. Wow
Derek Meza (11 days ago)
Jaina abandoned her father and lost her brother to war, failure is her families legacy. Haha
Jimmy (12 days ago)
lol i just realized ive been misinterpreting the ending to this all this time. she hears the old voice warning "beware the daughter of the sea , beware of me" the voice is ashara. jaina is not and never was the daughter of the sea
OneBiasedOpinion (12 days ago)
I still can't believe that Blizzard can put out such amazing plot hooks, cinematics, and songs, and yet can't for the life of them make a decent game that isn't corrupted and disappointing.
Vincent Cutrufello (13 days ago)
3:45 My daughter, I don't feel so good...
Mix Box (14 days ago)
15 years and I still can't stop play this game.
LordStyx x (15 days ago)
My 1 month old child falls asleep quickly and soundly whenever I hum this song to him. ❤️
Nigel Calpe (15 days ago)
this song still chill my bones
Jovan Lee (15 days ago)
Why do warcraft fans hate BFA? I know Sylvanas is basically Denethor and Joffrey mixed together, but what else has happened?
Thinh Vo (16 days ago)
The expansion in term of gameplay suck
Rv.t D (16 days ago)
Anyway I love Jaina singing
Kangelove (17 days ago)
Its so good So good I sing it all the time My cat loves it
Stevanus G. (17 days ago)
Jaina: Beware....beware...daughter of the sea... Azshara: yes ? did you call me ?
Stevanus G. (10 days ago)
@Imaanyi ahh, so...Jaina is her daughter ? xD
Imaanyi (17 days ago)
Azshara is a QUEEN! XD
Stevanus G. (17 days ago)
Beware...beware....daughter of the sea....beware...of....Nami !
Svante Bard (18 days ago)
Only 8,7 views?
Mel B (18 days ago)
I was so close to re-subbing to BFA after this. Blizzard is unmatched at music, cinematics, and story telling.
I can’t wait for wow classic
Raja Situmorang (20 days ago)
Does this mean she could now understand and accept what Arthas pulled at Stratholme all those years ago?
dumaz12 (18 days ago)
I would think she understands the difficulty of the choice he made and the path he went down. She made a choice that got her father killed. He made a choice to prevent the spread of the scourge.
ItCameFromTheSkyBeLo (20 days ago)
That heart dropping moment when you realize that mage who helped thrall form the horde in warcraft 3 is truly gone. :( I cried.
deMENTOR (20 days ago)
Russian version better.IMHO
Nicklas Bendtsen (20 days ago)
2019? Still a good song
KXD_Fairy TaywL (21 days ago)
The Real question is Baine or Sylvanas?
Madness?.. (21 days ago)
"Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colors high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die." ©
Kenneth C. Hamada (21 days ago)
Part of me wishes they wrote Daenerys Targaryen's story like Jaina's — Dany could have been like this reluctant savior who had no choice to turn mad even though she didn't want to be like her father or another violent Targaryen. We could have had a beautiful tragedy. She could have always tried to champion peace and benevolence. She shackled her dragons after all. But then, war forced her hand. The deaths of those close to her could have pushed her over the edge like how the Mana Bomb made Jaina think twice about her ways.
GiovanniZaluchi (21 days ago)
What you describe is more than likely what will happen to her in the books. The show just flew through everything without setting anything up.
PROUD IGORot (22 days ago)
What does this genre call?
장현정 (23 days ago)
유령의 배까지 신기하다.
Tony007corp (24 days ago)
If only blizzard had tried half as hard in the game as they did in this cinematic.
Oceanleighside (24 days ago)
Ugh.....chills every single time!
Dave Cullins (25 days ago)
And the Horde is as always depicted as evil monsters even though they're fighting to keep their home as much as anyone else.
Dave Cullins (25 days ago)
Her father was pretty evil though.
Nicholas D (27 days ago)
Can we use this song in our CE Jaina kill video please??
dumaz12 (18 days ago)
Limit did
SciFiGaming (27 days ago)
reminds me of a disney movie
Tahil Padia (27 days ago)
3:48 Blizzard did the Thanos snap before it was cool.
Remix (27 days ago)
3:45 *Daelin: "Jaina....I don't feel so good"*
Bane D (27 days ago)
Still gives me chills after all this time...
Elselaume Else (28 days ago)
Something came into my mind. What if Jaina and Azshara are sisters? Idk why I believe this, it's just a random thought
Agent Xxx (28 days ago)
Crystal Maiden Dota 1
Dodie Macapanas (30 days ago)
love this
Tinted Hourglass (30 days ago)
This is the sort of thing I think Horde players wished for with Sylvanas...an eerie, haunting trip through memories of sorrow and loss, followed by the acquisition of some meaning physical item/place, and ending with a burning desire to right a wrong. Instead, we got the faction leader throwing a tantrum because a dying opponent verbally taunted her. =/
Nikola Krsmanovic (30 days ago)
Jaina can solo defeat marvel and dc
Nigel Foster (1 month ago)
OMG, this gave me goosebumps.
Beautiful medoly 💓
Victor Zh. (1 month ago)
For the alliance!
Carter Pershing (1 month ago)
The definition of epic.
Williamis Spears (1 month ago)
Such a good song, Blizzard did well with this.
Eli Smirnov (1 month ago)
Jul 23rd 2018 Blizzard gives "dramatic" musical, full of snotty Chester Bennington's moments and frustrated blondy full of cringe (probably because of climax). Sniveling wow players, who need safe space: "I heard, I heard, across a moonlit sea, The old voice warning me, "Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea", "Beware, beware..." ...of me!!!!" Oct 4th 2018 Luthor Harkon is showing Jaina his middle finger. CA/GW and SEGA: c'mon guys, show them the true power of music, you know the words. >;) TW players: "OH HAIL THE MIGHTY HE'S ARISING FROM THE DEEP! WITH TATTERED SAILS AND INCREDIBLE TAILS WE CAUGHT IN ENDLESS SEAS!"
WastedRacoon (1 month ago)
Its kinda crazy how N’zoth did nothing wrong
Sw4gBeard (1 month ago)
Free-LooK (1 month ago)
Oh man.. I've been waiting for a Blizzard movie for more than 15 years already. Not like that one they lauched, I mean a full cinematic one, although that one was good, rushed, but good!
Gastão Esteves Design (1 month ago)
Hey, Game of Thrones's showrunners. Learn here how you should have worked Daenerys.
ForgeofSouls (2 days ago)
@Mao Sama Cause and effect is a general rule to follow when it comes to character behavior. Season 8 GOT was the result of too much effect...leaving us left without cause which in turn made it feel rushed, unbelievable and confusing. They had something very special and they squandered it. So disappointing...
Law of Anubis (10 days ago)
@Maverick McArthur Oh I definitely agree, having her switch like that so suddenly was terrible, but the writers got lazy because they were offered to write for Star Wars. While Danaerys' descent could be foreshadowed by her actions in previous seasons, extending the show for another season or two where she descends into full madness would've been perfect, but alas we'll never get that kind of writing.
Thinh Vo (12 days ago)
@SEVERINO NUNES DE ABREU Her book is universally praised so I don't get your point.
msumungo (25 days ago)
Good call.
Anatinea (28 days ago)
@SEVERINO NUNES DE ABREU Be aware she writes what Blizzard tells her to write and they employ her because she can churn out books on time. I don't like her either, but it's more because she can't master "Show, don't Tell". It's like reading 500 pages of See Spot Run. Pure agony.
Lonzsec PH (1 month ago)
I thought Rexxar kill his father.
Rafael Calabano (1 month ago)
i thought it was funny that the alliance lore shows family love almost like the pandaren does but which they didn't really show with as much substance as now in bfa. and then the cool tiran race became playable. now i see why.
90 Hyunss (1 month ago)
어이 하여, 바다의 딸이여~ 어이 잊었나 고향의 바다~
pgrec09 (1 month ago)
that last frame gave me chills tbh
Alex Perez (1 month ago)
Blizzard should make a deal with Netflix! Imagine a full Warcraft season about the 3rd war! Or, short stories like they did in death love and robots, but it would be in various points of the Warcraft lore.
Ghibli44 (1 month ago)
@Blizzard! Please bring all 3 Warbringers as a BattleNet Avatar Icon :-)
Artas Menetil (1 month ago)
Русская озвучка пизже)
elefucked (1 month ago)
"Can't I"
JarJar Stinks (1 month ago)
10 months later and this is still the best thing to come from BFA expac
Irium ́s Tower (14 days ago)
@EverCpp Lore in BfA Where?
EverCpp (14 days ago)
Nop. BFA es great, you have a lot things to do, and lore is one of the best
Tomáš Jelínek (24 days ago)
@Tallowate This!
Tallowate (29 days ago)
@Vimitasium And saying someone is a "cancer" is a positive thing? Hypocrite.
Vimitasium (29 days ago)
This kind of negativity needs to stop. You are a cancer on the internet.
darklord4878 (1 month ago)
"Beware... beware... of me." always sends chills down my spine!
Tina (5 days ago)
Artur Krokowski (1 month ago)
Rafael Calabano (1 month ago)
nah. she's more likely to be the new mother of the heartsbane coven having spent a nice vacation in thros. or maybe she was a dreadlord but now as a witch she gets to be more annoying.
Questionable Object (1 month ago)
It's not wrong at all that Jaina sacrificed nearly everything to try and make peace with the Horde, time and again. Her father's life. The trust of the alliance. Her city. Her friends, family, apprentice. Nearly took her sanity. All the Horde seems to do is take. They took eastern Ashenvale, took Gilneas, took Theramore, now Darnassus. Really it all comes down to Blizzard seemingly refusing to shed any kind of sympathetic light on the Horde even though they're *supposed* to be the underdogs of Azeroth... They're just kinda barbarians as a whole which is unfair to quite a few of the races within. The Dark Spear Trolls aren't inherently savage, the Tauren are naturally peaceful and shamanistic, the Orcs were *supposed* to be trying to escape from their past of bloodlust and senseless violence but apparently that got canned right quick... The Forsaken the lost and dispossessed 'survivors' of the scourging of Lordaeron, trying to find some kind of meaning or purpose in undeath, now just maniacal mass-murderers with a genocidal totally-not-lich-queen. Honestly can't blame some races rethinking their loyalties as they follow warchief after warchief into senseless slaughter, especially the likes of the Tauren and Elves who joined later on. First Garrosh now Sylvanas. Vol'jin was cheated, could've been the new Thrall, making the Horde noble again. I've always preferred the Alliance, going back to before WoW was even a twinkle in Chris Metzen's eye with the RTSes but I really respected what the Horde became going through Warcraft III and then WoW itself, they were the outcasts, the underdogs, the ragtag unwanted 'savages' of Azeroth trying to find a place to belong in this big hostile world they found themselves in. But as the game's gone on and the story's progressed the Horde keeps falling back on that old-horde mentality, pre-Thrall, when they were invaders, looters, pillagers and mostly orcs and trolls, just they've replaced the old Ogres with tauren and demons with undead. Oh and there are elves too I guess. Even as a mainly Alliance aligned player I'm constantly frustrated by the Horde's lack of nuance or growth as time goes on, and not just because it stifles the potential of the Alliance as they're who're constantly "under threat" from Horde aggression.
Jack Hart (1 month ago)
This is. Sooo. Heavy. Chillllllsssss 😶
ngoc kien (1 month ago)
Image if she had a weapon with power as same as frostmourne, and she come to Kalimdore to call back her father's fleet. We will have a very cool amry of undead fleet that doom all who dare challenge the daughter of the sea =)))
Mitch (1 month ago)
Goosebumps.. every friggin time..
Sam Moe (1 month ago)
Who writes these songs lol
Liskenstein (1 month ago)
Rexxar hooked her dad in the gabber kek
Liraaell (1 month ago)
It took me this long to realize she's standing in ruins of Theramore in the beginning...
susan wallace (1 month ago)
you stole my Heart Jaina
Simply Awesome (1 month ago)
Mrs. Proudmoore, i don't feel so good.
趙秋實 (1 month ago)
You have broken my heary,Jaina Proudmoon.
Der Schurkinist (1 month ago)
The saddest thing about Theramore is, that she is partially to blame for its destruction. Sure, it was blown up by Garrosh and the Horde, so they get full responsibility for that, but Jaina did something very, very stupid. After 10 years of peace (between WC3 and WoW) with the Horde, she allowed Alliance soldiers to use Theramore as port. While she claimed to be neutral. She, maybe on purpose, but more likely out of naivity, betrayed the pact she had with Thrall. That Thrall didn't act on that, may simply due to sympathy and his desire for peace. But with the Cataclysm, Alliance send full forces through Theramore into the Badlands to start an attack on Thunderbluff. And with that Jaina gave up her neutrality and the neutrality of her city. With that she committed an act of war towards the Horde and it was just a matter of time until payback for this treason would come to her. Thrall warned her. Jaina chose to support a war over the peace she had.
Darkguyver666 (1 month ago)
Such Power
SeriousSHITload (1 month ago)
Pff! Beware of Elsa..
Kastubbins (1 month ago)
I don't go here but this is stunning
Harnsak Harnsomvong (1 month ago)
Jaina, now you know how Arthas feels. Morally grey or Chaotic good is something that always debatable. My dear, you are very broken in your heart. Guilt with regret, never be able to stop your loved-one. I believe the one who can called you out... beside your family, is Arthas. As you have his heart, and he is also possess with yours, unconditionally. With all the incident that come pass through Jaina, she's now more likely falls in Arthas's circumstances at Straholmes. He is questioned in the Light while his people die through the Plague. She believed in Peace while the Hoard genocide her people. These two would understand each other deeply. I truly want him back.
Harnsak Harnsomvong (17 days ago)
@dumaz12 Agree. But Blizzard still make Scourge something controllable through the 'Good Intention' Lich King. Haha. And for that reason, I wonder why don't make Arthas come back. Many of us love him! Haha
dumaz12 (18 days ago)
Difference being the Scourge and the Horde. There is no “good” scourge.
anxiousbreath (1 month ago)
I don't care about the game anymore. But the visuals, audio and storytelling of Blizzard cinematics are still unmatched.

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