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How A Fashion Influencer Packs 29 Looks For Holiday Travel | Hauliday VR | Refinery29

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Here on 29 Looks For Holiday Travel, we go inside the suitcase of fashionista Alyssa Coscarelli. She helps us prep what to pack when we travel home for the holidays. Press play to check out her holiday travel clothing essentials! Click here to check out some great holiday gifts: http://gr.pn/Alyssa ABOUT REFINERY29 Refinery29 is a modern woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. http://refinery29.com/ RELATED CONTENT Our Fashion Editor Gets A Closet Makeover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8AAgiEnUWM Why This Fashion Editor Wore The Same Thing For A Month https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iN8rAPZaFg 5 Days Of Different Styles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUTtY4JQKeM SEE MORE REFINERY29 VIDEOS http://refinery29.com/video SUBSCRIBE TO REFINERY29 Subscribe to the Refinery29 channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-r29 For the latest trends and videos, visit: http://refinery29.com Like Refinery29 on Facebook: https://facebook.com/refinery29 Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/refinery29 Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: https://instagram.com/refinery29/ TALENT Follow Alyssa Coscarelli on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alyssainthecity/ Follow Unbothered on Instagram: https://instagram.com/r29unbothered/ Follow OnHerTurf on Instagram: https://instagram.com/onherturf/ Follow Refinery29 on Instagram: https://instagram.com/refinery29
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Text Comments (47)
Carinha Feliz (3 months ago)
Que top
Do more of these
Brea Astorga (4 months ago)
Your room is SO cute
Aja H (4 months ago)
All I really want to know is where the Top she’s wearing is from? Lol
Ms. Smith (4 months ago)
I’ve met her 💞
CBbb (4 months ago)
a. girl quite playin this aint your room we've all seen it on insta b. ain't noooobody own those shiiiiit VR headsets
G Godinho (4 months ago)
pls stop doing VR these videos highkey suck
Ms. Nelle Rodriguez (4 months ago)
The virtual reality is pretty cool. Threw me off for a min but I just moved my phone to see what she was doing.
Blanca Balbin (4 months ago)
+Refinery29 0
Refinery29 (4 months ago)
+ms.nellerodriguez Glad you like!
Ashley Elizabeth (4 months ago)
I hate these stupid VR videos
victoria grant (4 months ago)
OMG I love the cashmere sweatpants! The VR as always works great on my iPhone👓
Refinery29 (3 months ago)
+victoriagrant Glad you liked!!
Beatrice C (4 months ago)
I really like VR! You guys stop complaining and enjoy the video, if not, click away!
Habby N (4 months ago)
please i want to watch this video in regular format :(
Krystal Fabes (4 months ago)
Holy crap this was so cool
Refinery29 (4 months ago)
+krystalfabes Thanks for checking it out! :)
Jessidonn (4 months ago)
Other than the fact it's VR~ Packing for Florida is a little unrealistic. As one might assume the majority of people traveling for the Holidays are living on the Coast's going back to the Inland's/ Midwest etc. So "packing for Florida" doesn't correlate to the rest of the US and their climate. lol @ me if this assumption is wrong! I'm from OR living in the Midwest so I'm going to be packing a little more rain proof.
DYLAN AMBLE (4 months ago)
keep the fire content up! sub + like 😁
방탄소년다BTS (4 months ago)
I legit overpack skirts and shoes. I have so many skirts and I wear all of them all the time so i pack them just in case I feel like I want to change.
Lizet Bustios (4 months ago)
BTS pop Pllploigxz
Sarah Corrin Garr (4 months ago)
You didn’t even show us your suitcase. This is a weird “packing/travel” video.
kathyhurr (4 months ago)
Sarah Corrin Garr she did, u gotta pan left towards the end
Ivan Ivanov (4 months ago)
Check my page for ideas to your next travel destination https://www.instagram.com/travellgoal/
Heng Hui Mei (4 months ago)
i generally pack light for hols but the outfits look good!
jt jt (4 months ago)
VR is cool, but you should enable multiple ways to watch
Katherine Dempsey (4 months ago)
Same. It’s pretty cool, but I much prefer a more traditional watching experience. I, too, would like it if that were an option.
jesekreanne (4 months ago)
Yaaa I can't make it through this because of how I'd have to hold my phone right now. #watchingonthego
Refinery29 (4 months ago)
+jtjt Noted!
Instinctively Chelsea (4 months ago)
I thought something was wrong with my phone at first, this was cool being filmed this way ! I love that room and the clothes were very cute.
Refinery29 (4 months ago)
+instinctivelychelsea Thanks so much for checking it out!!
Calystra L (4 months ago)
Ahh!! Loved the VR!
Refinery29 (4 months ago)
+calystral <3 <3 <3
Miranda c (4 months ago)
*To the 1% of people who see this, I hope you have a bright future I am a YouTuber myself and I am not asking you to do anything but I would love to hit 1.1k by the end of this year* Thank you all of YouTube❤💓❤💓
Refinery29 (4 months ago)
What are your favorite travel tips? Let us know in the comments below xx
fa fantastic (4 months ago)
I just stay home, I LOVE IT I HAVE NOTHING TO DO, it's so care free:) I just watch yt videos all day XD
Refinery29 (3 months ago)
+fafantastic We're jealous!!
Fatma Atma (4 months ago)
Iv an idea. Get 7 of your subscribers from different countries to send u a package which has essential style and fashion/lifestyle items and then Mi wears and tries each one of the items from each package. And u assign each day of the week for one package. For example package 1 items be worn/ tried on monday then package 2 items on Tuesday and so on and so forth. Until you ried every package. I would totally volunteer from Pakistan to send a package :)
Refinery29 (3 months ago)
+fatmaatma How creative!!
Dayani Pas (4 months ago)
Fhhhkhohj hhl
NPC #52700000389 (4 months ago)
Too much shit
fa fantastic (4 months ago)
Omg im so early I'm the third to comment I lv oyur vids EEEEEEEEE <3 I'm always waiting, but this is the first time I'm so early:) how is the screen moving around when I touch it OMG!
Refinery29 (4 months ago)
+fafantastic Thanks for hanging out with us!! :)
Lila Frascation (4 months ago)
*I have never been this early* I was wondering if you could do an Aaliyah transformation you could use the women from the cardi b and Rihanna transformations.Thannxx ♥️by the way great video. oh I nearly forgot *third*
sophie (4 months ago)
Anna Hatton (4 months ago)
Great and amazing
Refinery29 (4 months ago)
+annahatton Thanks for being here!!

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