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HAIR4THELOW.COM FOR HAIR SEDBEAUTY.COM FOR ACCESSORIES IAMBLESSEDHANDS EDGE CONTROL....http://www.beautycanbraid.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7667453 hair accessories...http://sedbeauty.com/oilcombs-hair-accesories Jasper Sawyer-In the Morning...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW9onNV_rhI
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Text Comments (2818)
Nkosinathi Ndlovu (48 minutes ago)
Madelaine Ortiz De Roman (10 hours ago)
. Hello.Ñ la Phjm
Randell Ford (14 hours ago)
I wish that my hair was like that
Ramona Batista (16 hours ago)
están hermosa
ciera benford (20 hours ago)
What’s the name of this song please
Abdou Matallah (22 hours ago)
Mayra Medina (1 day ago)
Mencatan esa tranza😘😘😘😘
Rochelle Walker (1 day ago)
Oh so u still l slayed blue ivy hair 😍
Maíra Barbosa (1 day ago)
Ficou muito linda, parabéns
llama corns (3 days ago)
Its really cute but shes to young she looks like 4 or 5 she looks to grown but cute hairstyle
Capri Weems (3 days ago)
Pretty hairstyle 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Chairis King (3 days ago)
I love your videos thx for sharing
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عنتلغ تهاقف (4 days ago)
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عنتلغ تهاقف (4 days ago)
Rosa Quintanilla (4 days ago)
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Rafael Beras (5 days ago)
Risse Martinez (6 days ago)
Beautiful braid. You have hands of magic. I wish I knew how to braid.
Kaidi Sutton (6 days ago)
braids are lit
bixlam de gazman (6 days ago)
I like i It so much
Ebel Natalia (6 days ago)
Hola. Estas riesgo de que td efectos. que td que que ysw de. La verdad es de mi amiga y de la de los caniche que que se me
Rosee-Morija Blé (7 days ago)
Kassamdra oui
Rosee-Morija Blé (7 days ago)
Kassamdra oui
Rosee-Morija Blé (7 days ago)
Kassamdra oui
Rosee-Morija Blé (7 days ago)
Kassamdra oui
Rosee-Morija Blé (7 days ago)
keke madison (7 days ago)
Yor hair cute and you your the best youtuber
Joyce Assis (7 days ago)
Que lindo gente que lindo gente
Nomantombi Mzizi (7 days ago)
Alex Ramos (8 days ago)
This was beautiful to watch. Thanks for sharing.
Dianita Sims (8 days ago)
How old is she bc she look small and she dont cry I'm 7 years old
Johanna Priscilla (8 days ago)
I like this,the way everything is shown
Donna Nelson (9 days ago)
This is so esay
Herd Mboumq (9 days ago)
😱 it's very beautiful and very natural i l❤ve
Aladrian Steele (10 days ago)
I hate you you are rude
Nehemie Delva (10 days ago)
Très cute
Facbook Miseb (10 days ago)
SHALANA BURNETT (10 days ago)
Love you
Sharons Delysia (10 days ago)
Look. Good
Susan Mutende (11 days ago)
I want my mum to do this hair style so bad and tomorrow is school Cuz I just know this will be easy and quick my mum just needs to do 4 girls in our family
Tyesha Brown (11 days ago)
Easy and simple would be just paying you to do this 😔
Kamille Nunes (11 days ago)
E muito lindo .Amei😍😘
daila morena Haro (11 days ago)
Hermosillo me encanta😍😍👏👏👏
LLazyRaven (11 days ago)
I wanna do this style but I’m not sure if it would suit me!
Aya Asma (12 days ago)
تعيفففففففففففففف يععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععععع
Ашур Ашуров (12 days ago)
It is fantastic
Eu Lorena ?💕
BeautybyAlethia (12 days ago)
So talented beyond reason! Love this!
victor roman (12 days ago)
En el minuto 3:26 se está tronando los dedos dale like si lo escuentras
Amber Coley (12 days ago)
I am going to hit that
A díszek nélkül zök jó
Jye Price (12 days ago)
Are the bands in the beginning just to keep everything neat?
IridescentSoul (12 days ago)
Cultural appropriation just you learn more about it before you go complaining about "black culture" being whitewashed when your basically doing the same to another's
MarMar DTM (12 days ago)
Mar. Mar
loonna loonaa (12 days ago)
M Lalo Malafa (12 days ago)
Mariamayacine Ndiaye (12 days ago)
C est trop jolie❤❤😍😘
Beren Dizdaroğlu (13 days ago)
whybecuzimme (13 days ago)
Best video. Thanks. Super cute.
Anthony Gavilima (13 days ago)
Iris Rivera (13 days ago)
If I can do this I can do it In my hair
Hervé Yéropa (13 days ago)
Ma belle tu est jolie
Me encantan
Camielia Thomas (14 days ago)
Bast hairstyle avery
Bruna De Souza Ninha (14 days ago)
linda a transa e vc que faz nas pessoas que vão ai e vc tem salão de beleza e se for vc que faz
Åłeaa ramadañ22 (14 days ago)
I love it❤️
Jhona Grado (14 days ago)
Died to died
Antonio Moreira Alves (14 days ago)
J aime trop ta coiffure 😇😇😇😢😢😢
Lusanda Syanda (14 days ago)
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Softspoken Hensci (15 days ago)
Nice job
sub me and i will sub u bk reply done i will also like and comment on five of ur videos let's make eachother grow together ty
xanaan mustaphe (16 days ago)
Nice nice high
priscila de sena (16 days ago)
Lindíssima 😍
Teresa Riveiro (16 days ago)
Teresa Riveiro (16 days ago)
Victoria Paulino (16 days ago)
Es genial
Me encata
Nelson Digua (16 days ago)
bonita eu quero aprender
Slyvia Nakazibwe (16 days ago)
Patilicia Santos (16 days ago)
Quem e brasileiro
rock (16 days ago)
Didn't learn anything. I need a clearer tutorial. If there is a broken down all the way down one. I'd appreciate it.
Dyakoumba Diakhaby (16 days ago)
Magnifique yes👄💋💋👄💋👄👄👄👄💋💋💋👄💋👄💋👄💋bay
Carina Gonzalez (17 days ago)
Me pregunto no le quedo doliendo el cuero cabelludo like si lo crees
Lina Louis (17 days ago)
5:26. That is the tool that you can use to interlock your hair
Dynasti Crawford (17 days ago)
Love those Dutch braids hon 😍
Millie Oliver (17 days ago)
gud funplis
Millie Oliver (17 days ago)
gud fun plaa
Jasmine Reynolds (17 days ago)
That lady can do some hair 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍
Ibrahim 12 (1 day ago)
Jasmine Reynolds amant
TANI TANI (7 days ago)
Jasmine Reynolds ?
Paola Parolo (9 days ago)
Paola Parolo (9 days ago)
+Gilari Rodriguez
Paola Parolo (9 days ago)
Ciao sono paola da ponso Come va.aspettou
rehexy wirbard (17 days ago)
Priscila Latorre (18 days ago)
Es bonito el pelo de la ñiña
Hilton Laureano (18 days ago)
A trança já estava linda sem os adereços
Erika Cañas Paez (18 days ago)
Hermoso peinado, hermosa princesa q lindas bendiciones besos....
Mohamed Galal (18 days ago)
Kate Osaghae (18 days ago)
Wow so lovely
Shelly53 2018 (19 days ago)
So pretty,gosh your a great Braider, wish I was
Lottie Cole (19 days ago)
molene pheliz (19 days ago)
, la casa de al lado

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