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HAIR4THELOW.COM FOR HAIR SEDBEAUTY.COM FOR ACCESSORIES IAMBLESSEDHANDS EDGE CONTROL....http://www.beautycanbraid.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7667453 hair accessories...http://sedbeauty.com/oilcombs-hair-accesories Jasper Sawyer-In the Morning...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW9onNV_rhI
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Text Comments (3558)
Elupina Cuevas (16 hours ago)
Muy beyo
Urana Wilkerson (21 hours ago)
Tiffany k (1 day ago)
What products were used in the little cuties hair?
Stephanie Jeshiva (3 days ago)
Snndjdirjnbbcbcbchchdnjbc ign cughjidjxj
Robin D (3 days ago)
L😍VE THIS 😍😍😍😍😍
Roxanne Murray (3 days ago)
So cute😚😙
Judiyah Speaks (4 days ago)
Love it!
Mia Bush (4 days ago)
Im gonna do this one on my daughters hair, i followed your tutorial on crochet method for box braids and she gets so many compliments and it was my first time braiding..i have been practicing this on a dolls hair slowing it down, i finally picked up on what you were doing this morning, thank you for your videos!
Norma Camacho (5 days ago)
Me encanta like si dices lo mismo
Aare squad (5 days ago)
I be closing my eyes and praying when I get my hair done
Monica Davis (5 days ago)
Happy Birthday
factNo fiction (5 days ago)
Very pretty. A grown BM will be wearing this same style in a week
Shirley Ann (7 days ago)
yesica José (7 days ago)
Kendra R (8 days ago)
she is so good👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
anniket Juggi (8 days ago)
Dont even need edges with it
Daniele Cristina (9 days ago)
A trança ficou linda menos os enfeites
The Hope Andro Show (9 days ago)
She ain't gonna need you to do it next time because she's checking out everything you're doing lol
Zef De (4 days ago)
Crystal Stevenson (11 days ago)
It looks easy enough I’m going to try it today on my own hair wish me luck I haven’t braid hair in years
John Willoughby (12 days ago)
Beauty can braid can you do my hair my name is lavender
lala jose` (12 days ago)
The site for the accessories is not available, could you please for another link or something. .
Munoko Ntshodi (10 days ago)
Alycia Leggett (14 days ago)
So pretty
SonetteC Jeffrey (15 days ago)
I don't like to see so much stress on children's head but the hairstyle is neat and lovely.
Mz. Queen (9 days ago)
Yeah I agree, baby started to move her little hands around when she started braiding bcs she was braiding too tight. Looks good just keep in mind the baby has to be able to go to sleep, concentrate at school overall comfort. Aint nothing worse than a tight hair style, hurting feet and a tooth ache. They all neck and neck in pain department. If a child says it too tight pls listen.
Tawanda Clark (15 days ago)
Chant Kanj (17 days ago)
Selina Frimpong (17 days ago)
U r so talented. I love that!!! Keep it up
Tiffany Cleckler (17 days ago)
them rubber bands had to hurt her hand😂
beloved otero (17 days ago)
Nene Loveless (19 days ago)
This is so prettyyyyy and she is soooooo beautiful😍😍😍😍 i want a daughterrrr omgggg lol. But i cnt help but wonder how tht lil darling slept at night with tht style
Geneva Berry (20 days ago)
Where are you located? Your work is amazing!!!
Natalia Olave (21 days ago)
Tan lindo el peinado
Natalia Olave (21 days ago)
Me encantó
Kluv Luv (22 days ago)
The rubber bands make me cringe when I see ppl doing this especially on a fine thin hair like this... If u can't braid it the correct way i say don't do it... Edges gone
Sandra KENNE (23 days ago)
knowing how to braid is an art
Lekishia Witherspoon (24 days ago)
Very beautiful simple style 💯💯💯💯💕💕💕💕
Serenity Freedom (24 days ago)
jamel hall (24 days ago)
1 I love this song. 2 parts good. 3 looks great
Me encantan esas trenzas las quiero
narmean t. (24 days ago)
did she take the rubber bands out afterwards?
Bienvenido Oguis (24 days ago)
Esta linda la tresa
peachyic (25 days ago)
So pretty🤗 you did that hair. Love it 😍 ready to get mines done now.
Ceny Martinez (25 days ago)
Nada más no me gustaron los hilos
Ceny Martinez (25 days ago)
Esta hermosa la niña
Michelle B (25 days ago)
Ms. Und3rst00d (25 days ago)
Outstanding job and the little girl is so pretty. I especially loved how you slowed down the camera so that we could get a good look at how you introduced the hair into her hair the lace in the back was 👍 but the ornaments were a little too much
Feven R (26 days ago)
Woooo!!!!! you are the best
Jeanne Cambelle (27 days ago)
Super pour toutes ces coiffures .le professionalisme est là sans Mensonge. Donc tout est dévoilé sans VICKS et sans COLGATE Bravo pour nous avoir ouvert les yeux . Merci encore j apprecie .
Beverly Dupree (28 days ago)
you did this So cute Beautycanbraid
ام مالك (29 days ago)
Crwn4Life (30 days ago)
💯 IN🙃 V8-Tv 🌡️🔥😍😍 FaBuLoUs sTyLe ❣️ LoVe LuV LOVEEE IT❣️❣️
Pollyanna Light (30 days ago)
Nice but once again too much hair for a child and way too many decorations like a Christmas tree. You definitely have amazing skills
Uchenna Joy DNP (30 days ago)
Wow. Too beautiful
H. M. (1 month ago)
Look at that little angel, getting her hair done. She is smart too, making sure not just any type of hair, goes on her head.😁
cavarena watson (1 month ago)
Have to show our children they are beautiful the way they are their hair is beautiful naturally
cavarena watson (1 month ago)
She already has hair that is beautiful that you could have made up style with it that's what's wrong with our people wow can't believe it
Aww shes so pretty
T San (1 month ago)
I love it without gold pieces. They’re overkill.
nicole bryant (10 days ago)
Me too, those make her look like a chandelier 🤦🏾‍♀️ very nice style tho
Norber Caicedo (1 month ago)
Besuerte. Que. No. Lloro
Jamie Wilkey (1 month ago)
Amazing 👌🙌🙌
Tasha Richardson (1 month ago)
What kind of braiding hair is this
Leandra Benjamin (1 month ago)
Isn't this baby girl just the prettiest lil thing ever 😍😍😍
joleen masha (1 month ago)
I just love ❤️ it
Montavious Miller (1 month ago)
you are doing a the greatest job the best hair style do your thing beuty
Adriana Prada Noriega (1 month ago)
Que chévere
Silvia Paula (1 month ago)
Ficou lindo❤
Leilah Muthoki (6 days ago)
Am gonna try it... Its Just on fire💯💯
Jeanette Baker (1 month ago)
nomsa zenzile (1 month ago)
The background music is so beautiful man😊😊
Magnolia Alexander (1 month ago)
Beautiful little girl
Market With Ruth (1 month ago)
I like this song dose anyone know what this song is called ?
Angie Bylan (1 month ago)
You have blessed hands 😍 i love all your work. I wish i could be a customer of yours 😭
Nike Bae (1 month ago)
Lol It's cute😘👍😍❤️
NurseMonique M (1 month ago)
Very pretty girl 👧🌸 I love the braids It came out very beautiful..You are a very professional hair braider , Your Videos are on point step by Step very Professionally done ✅🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️
Diane Akpe (1 month ago)
So pretty😘
Latoya Alston (1 month ago)
Tasha Hulbert (1 month ago)
This didn't look very easy to me but you did a beautiful job. Gorgeous little girl😄💯
Tamesha Bonner (6 hours ago)
It didn't look easy to me either🤔
zara ahmat (1 day ago)
Iesha Miller (5 days ago)
Okay I knew when she pulled out that table thing
Sarah HOUDROUGE (1 month ago)
Ashantey Queen AKA (1 month ago)
I love this here Style
Ashantey Queen AKA (1 month ago)
That little girl here looking nice very nice
Lineth De Leon (1 month ago)
Tu. Eres. Hombre. O. Mujer
irlandia sousa lima (1 month ago)
siyandak9 (1 month ago)
Oh my! Pitiful pitiful little girls! Even weave in their hair!!! So sad, teach these kids to embrace their own natural [email protected]!!!!° SHAME on you blk and brn women!!!!!!!
Carlos Estrada (1 month ago)
Rasta. Hombre. Africanas
mar yam (1 month ago)
Mille dislike La petite était tellement mignonne au départ. Pourquoi vous la torturez ???!!!!
Abo (1 month ago)
so cute!
soma elwerfaly (1 month ago)
natalia vieira (1 month ago)
Eu quero faz no meu
Mirta Garcia (1 month ago)
iva a quedar más lindo sin esas decoración
Darice T (1 month ago)
Great video. You're so talented and this is really a creative style. Beautiful braiding.
jjswag 431238 (1 month ago)
Heaven love.
En una palabra hermoso
We got the same poc on the shower
Tashawn Russell (1 month ago)
Doing two braids is beautiful but you beautiful girls getting they hair braided two
Tashawn Russell (1 month ago)
Hi everybody is. Have a great weekend
Tisha Coney (1 month ago)
Sus you did that..she is too freaking cute
jjswag 431238 (1 month ago)
I don't like it
Humberto Diaz (1 month ago)
Esta chido ****★
Juana Modesto (1 month ago)
Yande Sarr (1 month ago)
Wow nice
Русские вы кушать?
Linda trança
iamsunflower2011 (1 month ago)
My 10 year old would love this style
Aunisty Rushing (1 month ago)
Can you do mine plz

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