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PS Vita - Capture Card Unboxing (RED)

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Get yours here: http://3dsvideocapture.com Alright folks it's finally here! I've been messing around with it and the videos are looking pretty good so far. Stay tuned for testing videos later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for watching!! If you would like to keep up with me please be sure to follow my links below! Subscribe: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ELTheGeek Twitter: http://twitter.com/ELTGeek Facebook: http://facebook.com/ELTheGeek Instagram: unkleEL Tags: PS Vita Capture Card PS Vita Capture Card Playstation Vita Capture Card Katsukity PS Vita Capture Card Katsukity Playstation Vita Capture Card
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Wade Naubert (3 years ago)
🏯🏯🏯🏯🏯🏯🏯🏯🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏣🏣🏤🏤🏥🏦🏧🏨🏭🏭🏰🏯🏯🏬⛪🏫🏪🏩🏩🏠🏠🏡🏢🏣🏤🏥🐭🐹🐥🐥🐥🐤🐤🐣🐣🐔🏢🏤🏤🏥🔚🔜🔚🔜🔚🔛🔚🔜🔚🔛🔚🔛🔚🔛🔚🔛🔚🔛🔚🔛🔚🔛🔚🔛🔜🔛🔙🔙🔝🔝🔝⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳:-[ :-[ :-! :-! :-! :-[ O:-) ;-)
Ky (4 years ago)
were did you get red
SpitfireRenegade (5 years ago)
What website did you order it from?
Gaming Since Gaming (5 years ago)
i really want to record Batman: AO Blackgate. some other idiots video kind of confused me. he made it sound like i send my ps vita into that website/company and they modify it to allow capturing. that doesn't sound right to me. it seems like i would need to buy a JP vita and that capture device. or you could record a professionally played Batman: AO for my channel lol. i can scan the strategy guide so you can unlock everything in a playthrough to make it look even better. =D
hanzocloud (5 years ago)
wtf !!! didnt know PS Vita had a mini usb port?????????? i dont have one on mine !!
MrSupersonic2012 (5 years ago)
Sony got the message to make their games region free, now in only Nintendo would get the memo.
Joshua Bautista (5 years ago)
Where did you get it
Chuy Hernandez (5 years ago)
I got a black one for my b-day but i haven't seen a red one
Rokubot (6 years ago)
I just watched this and your other video about this, and i've also done research for this and mojority are saying you have to send your ps vita to someone and they fit it for you, but you have the red vita and someone else had a blue one which i know can be bought in japan, my question is: Can i just buy the vita with the capture card installed already, or do i actually have to send mine which is european, if so could i get a link to buy oneperhaps please? :)
drainohypes (6 years ago)
I'm getting a ps vita but it's gowing to be black red is very cool tho I can't wait to get my one
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Indeed as well as a same region PSN account as the DLC.
Yolkoy (6 years ago)
Dios mio que chuspa mas asquerosaaa.....Hhhuuuuiiibuuuiii
-null- (6 years ago)
so as long as the game matches the region the DLC works correct? (US Physical/PSN Downloads require US DLCs)
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Yeah I do just send me an invite and say you're from youtube..kr00k322 zeroes in krook.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
yes a majority of the games that I play are from the US. Physical copies work regardless but the DLC is tied to the region that the game was intended.
joseph herrera (6 years ago)
ramonvc260799 (6 years ago)
Hey EL, if that Vita is Japanese, can it run games bought in U.S.A.?
Capone iOS (6 years ago)
Hey El Do u Except friend requests on ps vita if u do add me TheGreatHBK
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
You need to run a mini usb cord into the bottom of the vita and into your PC. Then use the included program to view it and another program to record that screen.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
You have to buy a vita with this mod installed on it. The port doesn't exist unless you have this installed on it.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Nope it's region free so it works just fine. I put my US PSNID on it without an issue.
Rogue_z33 (6 years ago)
do you have any problem yet with urs about out of region?or something about the country? cus my b tripin n i jus got it last night
Kevactor Plays (6 years ago)
My god ill sold my Ps vita and grab this,,,but wait how can we capture o record the game using a Ps vita wht a capture card?
NEOMERCER (6 years ago)
So you have to buy a Vita with a Mini USB port on it? Or like you said can it be installed? I highly doubt it. My Vita doesn't have that port so I wouldn't be able to use this :/
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
I have the link in the top of the description
Kevactor Plays (6 years ago)
where did u buy this?
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
The PS Vita isn't region locked for games or accounts. The only thing that's region locked is DLC.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
No. This Vita just so happened to be red from who I got it from. It can be installed on any but you don't really get a choice it's whatever you get for the most part.
opens11 (6 years ago)
So do you need this red ps vita to capture?
TheOriginalZTQ (6 years ago)
Is this region locked though?
Noel Molina (6 years ago)
The red and blue Vita don't look that good with black buttons, wish they were transparent like the white one.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
I can't show footage of the actual app I don't think but for the most part I just plug it into the mini USB port and install the program. Works like a charm after that but for the parts that aren't katsukity includes troubleshooting tips.
Tearfury King (6 years ago)
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
He can do existing Vitas as well. I added the link in the description so folks can take a look at it. It's cheaper to go that route as well.
strongforce79 (6 years ago)
Does he mod existing vitas, or are these next gen vitas?
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Yeah it would take a few days and a lower fee too boot. If you have the funds and are big on Vita videos I'd say go for it.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Thanks Ms. K!! :D But yeah I'm happy that I got this one instead of the blue. I wanted this one to come to the states so bad and now I finally have it lol..win win for me.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Yeah a PC and a capture card lol..well worth it though. Especially for all of the people that took the time out to stick with me.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Yeah it's rather awesome..I actually wanted the Red Soul Sacrifice one so the fact that I got this one is even more of a good time for me :D
Gideon (6 years ago)
Wow you spent so much money just to bring more quality for us subscribers ... respect!
TheJuice401 (6 years ago)
dope i love red! ive had the cardon red skin on mine since day one looks awesome.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Exactly :D All for the quality! Cell phone recordings just don't cut it.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
What TerrifyerUK said. I only have 1 Vita now, this one which will be used to make sure that the videos I give are the best quality possible and not recorded from my phone.
Prince Pvma (6 years ago)
No no no, this one is modded so he can record direct-feed gameplay. :) (so no more looking through a camera viewfinder and better quality gameplay videos)
TheButton Masher (6 years ago)
joke knight (6 years ago)
I don't get it. Why buy multiple vitas just for the colour?
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Ms. K! I'm going to have to try and include my "Thanks Ms. K" around here somewhere lol..it became like a tradition of some sort hahahahaha.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
$31. You can go to the link I think to ship it to him it's like $230 something around those lines. He finishes the job rather quickly too.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Yeah I was happy that I got this one..I actually wanted this color so it's a win in that case for sure :D . But yeah it's pretty new so I figured I would be one of the first to jump into the PS Vita direct capture business.
ELTheGeek (6 years ago)
Link is at the top of the description.
fishcow100 (6 years ago)
Where did you got this?!

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