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Christian Dior ➤ Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2007/2008 Full Fashion Show

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John Galliano for Christian Dior / 70th Anniversary Jul 2007 / Paris Full Fashion Show in HD Original Soundtrack Enjoy it
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Angelo Quatrocci (9 days ago)
60th anniversary; not 70th.
Pearl (1 month ago)
if viva la vida was released earlier they should've used it in this show
Kevin (2 months ago)
the cameraman is missing all the supers, the cameras were on Linda for like 5 seconds and we saw Helena like twice
beavisbonce (7 months ago)
Those women are 8ft tall
Nguyễn Phương (1 year ago)
Ten years later and these dresses are gorgeous
solange levasseure (1 year ago)
this is what im talking about the current models of today could never experience how galliano in both of his line and dior , alexander mcqueen, thiery mugler, victor and rolf, and john paul gaultier could make a show like this which push the model into the limit from the supermodels era to giselles time to the mid 2000s this designers were the much anticipated because they made models act and put into character or even dance in a much heavy clothes plus heavy headpieces with a super duper higheels yet they could project and bring justice to clothes the way the models still manage to wear the clothes not the clothes wear them... fashion show nowadays are boring walk straight look bored or look straight and for sure girls like the hadid sisters and kendal will end up looking like the clothes wear them not the other way around...
Yani Hartonen (1 year ago)
one of worst Galliano's shows
Yuvraj Singh Naruka (1 month ago)
U mean best.
fatimahnoordinVEVO (2 years ago)
lov j Galliano...
Jj Mm (2 years ago)
Set design was a miss.
Vikthor Rodriguez (3 years ago)
thanks very very much Antonio
Vikthor Rodriguez (3 years ago)
please name of the song at 21:27
Antonio Ch (3 years ago)
+Vikthor Rodriguez State of indepence - Sao Benitez
Miss Belle (3 years ago)
Your Mum (4 years ago)
Doutzen stunnss,
Nic Jones (4 years ago)
please! what is the song from about 3:30 onwards? the opera style song???
Daniel D (1 year ago)
very late reply but it was: Sparks - Number One Song in Heaven
Omar Laguna (4 years ago)
Holy heaven! I've been looking for this one for ages, it was cropped, now its the full one. THANKS!
SEVIMAJO jv (4 years ago)
Galiano disfruta más desfilando en la pasarela que las propias modelos, y la profesión de torero es una profesión muy seria, y Galiano no debería disfrazarse de matador de toros, pues creo que ofende a la profesión, creo que busca demasiado protagonismo, a parte de que un desfile tan teatral debería ser más corto y con menos piezas, ya que resulta muy largo y monótono.
Mauro Coke (3 years ago)
Ningún comentario que trate de "seria" a la "profesión" de matar toros, puede ser tomado en serio. Asi que habría que bloquear tu comentario.
Vikthor Rodriguez (3 years ago)
+SEVIMAJO jv ....y el experto ha dicho...!!!
guachipiruli (4 years ago)
@SEVIMAJO jv mi respuesta: pfffff. El toreo es pura farandula y cotilleo. Matar animales inocentes es bastante poca profesion. Galliano es genial y si crees que disfraza en vez de vestir, pues vete a Zara.
Labradorite (4 years ago)
good luck topping this one, raf
The song u wanted at 7:50 was Tiesto - In the silence
BrodeurBear (4 years ago)
BrodeurBear (4 years ago)
It was Karen Mulder rather than Tatjana ;)
centralviva (4 years ago)
Was Tatjana Patziz in the show? I thought she was but I can't see her
Pannawat P.S.Y (5 years ago)
I'm gonna shade a tear. OMG, I miss Galliano so much !! This is the best show of his career both of his overreal design clothes and the show and the supermodel. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect !!!!
dior_189 (5 years ago)
billybuzy (4 years ago)
@dior_189 Issac by Madonna
mint657 (5 years ago)
intergalactic pissy (5 years ago)
im gonna cry !!!
Riccardo Arnaldi (5 years ago)
John with the queens, Oh my God, I cry.
Cristina P (5 years ago)
I just can get over this show.
Vorrakit Sutthichaikul (6 years ago)
silence - delerium feat sarah mclachlan
azir351978bttm (6 years ago)
isn't this Linda Evangelista last show if I 'm not mistaken.
kiwiteddi (6 years ago)
whats the song in 7:50?
Adriano Lima (6 years ago)
the four seasons - Beethoven
VsFashionHolic (6 years ago)
Harry to the Hospital - Ryuchi Sakamoto Wild palms Soundtrack
oscar pedreros (6 years ago)
como se llama la primera cancion del desfile ?????????????????????? porfavor diganmelaaaaaaaa esa como operaaaaaaaaaaa

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