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Green in color magic and witchcraft- THE TAXIDERMY WITCH

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Whitney Kaiser (6 months ago)
You could make concrete leaves too by just using one big leaf or several. The concrete shows the creases and the veins of the leaves.
Whitney Kaiser (6 months ago)
What type of dehydrator do you use? Also what can you use if you do not have a dehydrator to dry your herbs and other magical things?
Whitney Kaiser (5 months ago)
+Jenn THE TAXIDERMY WITCH ifer Thank you! Definitely have to get myself a dehydrator.
You can use your oven...but it won't stay raw. I thrift my dehydrators to pay less for them as they are used so much. Any will die as long as they dont have a smell attached and a temp gauge is a huge plus
BEE Young (6 months ago)
Thanks for the tip on wheat grass, working on my third eye clearing and I didn’t know about the metals internally thing. Hmmm working with stained glass, lead fumes from solder melting ... pretty toxic I’m sure.... I need grass man..
The Hollie Witch (8 months ago)
Im a stone girl haha
The Hollie Witch (8 months ago)
Flourite is the stone i think
BEE Young (6 months ago)
Flourite ranges from blue, teal to green and purple, usually stripped as in rainbow fluorite which is my guardian stone, and one of my favorites!
The Hollie Witch (8 months ago)
Absolutely true! The more you put in the more you get out even just gathering your ingredients and preparing is part of the spell. I always remember the mists of avalon when morgan was sewing the gard for prince aurthurs sword and it was all the word she did and hours she spent making it that put the magick into the object xoxx
The Hollie Witch that sounds so powerful and amazing thank you for the story that's new information to me

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