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Blind Guy Pranking People on Beach - Funny Prank

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Text Comments (33)
بيلابي بسصس (8 months ago)
ادعموني لو سمحتو في برنامج ربح الاموال FeaturePoints تحميل من سوق بلاي الكود. P8P8E9.
Peter Kydd (9 months ago)
your a straight up c$$t
Wilbert Julio Ranay (1 year ago)
theGoldsta (1 year ago)
i love how the biker guy just accepted it
woahh molly (1 year ago)
Have you guys noticed most of these people he is pranking on this video are mostly girls? Now I’m not saying some of them aren’t guys, but seriously? This is a try hard video. He is trying to get views and he didn’t even take the time to think about his own prank? This has been done many times! He is very disrespectful of the people he’s doing this too. Please think about what you do before you do it!
secret name (1 year ago)
Try hard.
Drew Smith (1 year ago)
Bro wtf dude you just filmed an innocent women nude against her will
Cloudln -_- (11 months ago)
Uh NO yeah sure
Uh NO (11 months ago)
I'm, not even a feminist! I am against a lot of the things they say yet I also know that it is not okay to strip women that you don't know in public with no consent. I mean this is prob fake but still!
Cloudln -_- (11 months ago)
Uh NO goddam femenazid this day he fucking Cencored it and how do u know she didn’t want to be in a tape
Uh NO (11 months ago)
How does someone striping someone who didnt want to be stripped an sjw thing?
Cloudln -_- (11 months ago)
Why. U mad femenazi
JTR VLOGS (1 year ago)
stupid way to prank ppl
Liem Duong (1 year ago)
stupid lack of imagination Idiot
Bablu Nath (1 year ago)
Ha ha
Mausumi Bhuyan (1 year ago)
the last girl who is not wearing bikini why are you not showing her boobs
Karan Grewal (1 year ago)
king star fuck u
SGT Norgan (1 year ago)
king star because it's youtube
The Cat In The Hat (1 year ago)
Bitch, the first amendment!
Yugi Mutou (1 year ago)
Lol the last part it was a good prank
Omar Hernandez (1 year ago)
not good
-TruthSeekerUK- (1 year ago)
ikon life (2 years ago)
stupid prank
Brendon Bohl (2 years ago)
August babe (10 months ago)
Umm u dumb it's dumb
Tanmay Dewangan (2 years ago)
hot video
JoePro Cast (3 years ago)
you have to stage them like every single other prank
Aliff Sgc (3 years ago)
just a stupid prank
oreuko (3 years ago)
Aron (11 months ago)
kitten lover (3 years ago)

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