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Day[9] Explains Magic: The Gathering's Color Pie! Which color is right for you?

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Magic: The Gathering cards are divided into 5 distinct colors, each color with strengths and weaknesses. Veteran gamer Sean Plott explains the meaning behind the colors, and then the true meaning behind the colors. But remember, Felicia Day hates white. Catch more of Day[9]'s Magic knowledge on his new show Spellslingers, coming to the main Geek & Sundry channel on September 18th. Which color are you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter with the hashtag #Spellslingers! Even more Day[9] Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/day9tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/day9tv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/day9tv Subscribe to Geek and Sundry Vlogs: Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry
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Text Comments (1371)
Adriano Lima (8 days ago)
You're very charismatic. I just wish these were more in depth and not so much of your personal opinion on the decks. It was fun to see you talk about decks you were passionate about but other decks were just dismissed lol, as someone trying to get into the game this video didn't help me much because not every single deck was discussed in depth
CLOVERLESS (25 days ago)
I play blue, and your analysis is absolutely accurate!!!! lol! I was that guy in class..
VashXTrigun (1 month ago)
I see the value of Red cards, it is nice to destroy things, but I really dislike it when later in the game your destruction cards are too weak. It then just feels like a droplet of water falling on a hot plate, it fizzles and has no effect imo.
Arthur Kinata (1 month ago)
But Clifford is red.
Make Vain (2 months ago)
Like my friend says: You either love it or hate it, but it always depends on which side of the table you sit on. Btw I'm a blue player and still haven't learnt to play green.
Bob Rashley (5 months ago)
Green: Extra large burger with fries and a massive desert White: I'll have what you're having Black: I'm having the last slice of pizza Red: I do timed competitive eating Blue: I'm not hungry, so neither of us should eat.
Gregory Auger (5 months ago)
Ajani and Selesnya decks! Lifelinks, angels, flying and trample! I have shared your sentiment about blue since the start!
John Tolentino (5 months ago)
Making fun of nerds (blue) is a bit outdated.
HermesBlRD (5 months ago)
I hate blue decks myself. Just started MTGArena and already getting extremly bored playing against blue decks. As if that wasn't bad enough its probably the most played as well. GG mtg was fun while it lasted playing against anything but blue decks.
iron sheep00 (5 months ago)
This guy is a triggered snowflake who can't handle counerspells .
Connor Scoggin (6 months ago)
I did that once witch science exam I failed and the my final exam I got 1000
hasvak KROVIÇA (6 months ago)
I started mtga last week after I hear what he had to say about blue decks. I am now playing a budget mill deck and very, very happy.
Tristan Knowles (7 months ago)
When I started playing MTG all of my friends assumed I would play green simply because the only other TCG I ever played was yugioh and my strategy had always been to play beatdown, just drop a bunch of big guy and hit you until you're dead, very simple. But when I got in to MTG and started building my own decks to play against my friends I found the beauty of prison control. It's literally the embodiment of everything that Day[9] hates about blue, but combined with cards like sandwurm convergence or reds dragons, it's a force to be reckoned with. When I started playing hearthstone the playstyle even transferred over in the form of kingsbane rogue. It may seem mean but you're opponent cant win without cards. But I am very bias towards the dragons so my personal favorite will always be Blue/Red.
Bluecrest 0213 (9 months ago)
just got my first deck and running mono blue
Neelzen (9 months ago)
Ein Lebewesen (10 months ago)
Aww he hates me
Silvex (10 months ago)
Green, White, Red and Black? do you mean Simic, Azorius, Izzet and Dimir
John Espiritu (11 months ago)
Ur not a mtg player.
wildonious willison (1 year ago)
I feel the same about blue
Matthew Maag (1 year ago)
Now I need to make a red-blue deck, just because you hate them both.
Mark Edwards (1 year ago)
i play blue/black and a little white here and there but i love blue and black don't diss the blue
MakesYouSick (1 year ago)
I play blue but for the most part my preffered decks are how you described green decks. I do have a few counterspells and stuff but for the most part I like using huge blue creatures like leviathans and krakens. It's really not viable because 9 times out of 10 I never reach my powerspike, but considering I only play super casually with friends I don't care too much, I just like the giant sea monster aesthetic.
Andy Jokerst (1 year ago)
I don't get all the hate for blue. Black, and white especially have a ton of great answers that can make the game really frustrating. I'd rather get one spell countered than have someone play Ixalan's binding on my best card and then I can't play another copy, or get the board wiped, or have someone play something like duress or thoughtseize to take something out of my hand. There's a reason you rarely see mono blue control, it's usually blue white or blue black. Blue doesn't usually have a counter spell for everything you throw at them so they have to have other options to answer your threats.
FluffyTurbo (1 year ago)
i play black blue
Aquilenne (1 year ago)
Welp. I play Blue/Red/White. Sean hates me.
is spellslingers coming back to geek and sundry?
The Pixel Kings (1 year ago)
If you play hearthstone, you definitely paniced when you heard "The Green men just keep coming and keep getting bigger". Jade Idol.
soundscan05 (1 year ago)
i love me some big green men
Nyundaa (1 year ago)
Summary: Greens Dumb, Reds Dumb, White and Black are cool. Blue is an arsehole.
Sean Wechsler (1 year ago)
Blue is the best. Just fill a deck with instant counters and flash creatures, and then just playing during both your opponent's turn and your own turn.
Astora Knight (1 year ago)
Enjoyed the video! Still very beneficial in 2k17
Joshua Lawrence (1 year ago)
Please bring back Spellslingers!
Bas Jansen (1 year ago)
Blue is the best colour though PogChamp
SouL_HeLL (1 year ago)
White Blue Black Just saying...
Victor O'Halloran (1 year ago)
"creatures that have no life"
xXToYeDXx (1 year ago)
I play mostly Blue/White... great combo. With a decent first turn hand I feel like I'm playing my turn and half my opponents turn for the first 5 or 6 turns of the game. It's great.
Javier Kerr (2 years ago)
When you said Blue your face XD
TheMeliaz (2 years ago)
I love Black
Bryan Barbrey (2 years ago)
Red/White. Blowing shit up equally.
AkSora (2 years ago)
What if i just like the color blue -_-
Adriano Fazzari (2 years ago)
Red has in fact a lot of tough decisions to make depending on the kind of deck and the matchup.
Improbable (2 years ago)
Blue is not really a big deal to play against, don't have a problem playing against a blue player. Just use your brain like they are.
Cosmic dark (2 years ago)
I'm a blue black player but blue is my home color. If people hate it so much and haven't tried making a solid control deck then I say try it. When you beat someone without a creature on the field or you make them draw their whole deck and then force them to draw again or just wait for their next draw phase. Its actually really great. I was in a commander tournament and somebody brought out one of the gear hulks I said no with a counterspell. On his end step I used a card that let me get counterspell back from my graveyard and then used it again about two turns later and then did the same thing with another card to get that counterspell back. the guy conceded the match and that was my first Commander win ever. there is no more of a satisfying color than blue.
Aly Aboumansour (2 years ago)
The biggest smile came on my face when he said blue 😈
Thomas Prijs (2 years ago)
You are like literally Anders Holm with a less dope hairline. Dope video!
Jace Beleren (2 years ago)
there's allot of blue hate saltiness in these color pie vids kinda makes me laugh only allot tho and for that I'll high five that like button
Jace Beleren (2 years ago)
there's allot of blue hate saltiness in these color pie vids kinda makes me laugh only allot tho
Arkydos (2 years ago)
I really love the mix of white and black. It's awesome to just transfer life from my opponent to myself and having creatures react to that. I just hope that my buddy switches from pure red to at least a mixture or something else entirely, since i've got the same problem as day9 in describing.
Praetorianwarlord (2 years ago)
I agree. Screw blue. Red and Black all the way baby!
BloodSplosions ! (2 years ago)
I LOOOOVE RED. I play chaos in Warhammer so it a good fit.
Rickard Örtegren (2 years ago)
You, sir, are an acute observer and a well articularer. Also, I totally got the little black ref. Also, I don't play MTG but I am f a s c i n a t e d by this strange world.
Wolfie Mac (2 years ago)
really want some cereal now.
GrandMaster (2 years ago)
The Beep Sound offends me much more than if they just left in the curse words..
Dire77 (2 years ago)
Blue sounds like the kind of guy who likes being massive troll
Lmao my fav color in MTG is blue xD
Shadownet Spy (2 years ago)
I love playing Black-Blue decks. Opponent discards some cards, you draw some more. You keep them at bay for a while with your blues and wipe the board with a Languish, then suddenly there's a 7/8 kraken on the board, or an 8/8 octopus and your opponent has no cards to deal with it. :D
Bad Request (2 years ago)
The reason I play black isn't because of any of that, it's because I have a box of 200 zombie tokens, and I haven't had a game yet where I've had more than 80 of them on the battlefield, but I have had 80 zombie tokens in one game, which is fun.
CloudCuckooCountry (2 years ago)
I love blue decks until my opponent has them.
Bronzius (25 days ago)
Okay listen, have you ever countered a counter that was countering your counter?
CV Nacianceno (2 years ago)
Black. Destroy, destroy, destroy haha. Liliana Vess poster haha. I had a Black/Red Vamp deck back in the day. It was fun.
speedfreak64x2 (2 years ago)
i cant stop lol i play blue 90% of the time
Simon Fonnardy (2 years ago)
Red green seem likes a good combination
Simon Fonnardy (2 years ago)
+Francesco Gnerre well Thats a... Ohh god someone used this against me! Well payback is assured
Francesco Gnerre (2 years ago)
Jund is an archtype (a type of strategy) which revolves around 1) having higher quality cards than your opponents, and 2) exerting pressure on everything (life, board, hand, etc).
Simon Fonnardy (2 years ago)
+Theblue ant oh i see
blue ant (2 years ago)
+Simon Fonnardy Red Black Green. It refers to one of the 5 shards of Alara.
Simon Fonnardy (2 years ago)
+Francesco Gnerre im still a noob with this so what is jund
Ashton Westrick (2 years ago)
I play Black and White, with token generation and lifelink.
ZiPolishHammer (2 years ago)
When you described the typical blue player, that isn't me at all. But when you described the typical blue strategy, now that is some devious shit I could get into!
ThirdWiggin (2 years ago)
Eating cereal while drunk when I watched this and I was very confused about how he knew
guigui1992 (2 years ago)
I feel like I'm a mix of blue and black XD
Wisdom Sherk (2 years ago)
I play Black & Red, and it is a fairly accurate description.
Clutch Situation (2 years ago)
White is about ORDER, which isn't always good. Black is about CHAOS, which isn't always evil.
marco d'ambrosio (2 years ago)
I really like your description of blue, and feels perfectly fitting. Didn't seem fair to reduce ALL red philosophy to mono red burn decks, tho. Also, from a red player perspective, the "elaborate coin" bit could also be a way of acknowledging a certain degree of randomness and "chaos" that every game (and life) has. Yeah, I love red and hate blue, if it wasn't clear enough :D So I'm all for deconstructing the common idea of "oh, the red is the simplest color, even a monkey can play it VS blue is soooooo difficult you need Stephen Hawking IQ to play it!!!" which is a ridiculous, yet believed in, statement.
Ryan Pratt (2 years ago)
Loved the description you had for blue players XD they just let to mess with you even if they aren't actually winning
Deanne Rodrigue (2 years ago)
lol my name's literally Clifford so I loved Clifford the show
David Hahn (2 years ago)
☀️💧💀🔥🌲 Why not go five color destruction
My friend plays blue... I play red-black.
SuperShadow767 (2 years ago)
7:20 - Chris Kluwe
Potter TheAvenger (2 years ago)
I'm actually all about white; I believe in order and morality. But I also like freedom and emotion. So I'm mainly a Boros player.
Jay Well (2 years ago)
Skip the D 1:00 Green 2:29 White 4:07 Red 5:28 Black 7:20 Blue
Jay Well (2 years ago)
+LPS Galaxy Official S2
LunaTheGreat (2 years ago)
we love you. Just saying
Will The Mediterranean (2 years ago)
You either love or hate blue. And I love blue ;)
GrandElemental (2 years ago)
Can I do both?
Healer169 (2 years ago)
I have a White & black life gain deck and I like peace but I live for the damage of my foes.
man you made my day! ;p
Dimitri Granitsas (2 years ago)
Pure blue counter decks. Fuck that bullshit.
Dimitri Granitsas (2 years ago)
Red Decks dont peter out if you put some burn cards in it for an emergency.
TripletheCheese (2 years ago)
He's talking about Red Burn decks. The ones that are *only* burn spells.
Dimitri Granitsas (2 years ago)
White life gain decks.
Sam Spiese (2 years ago)
fuck you blue is the best
Nelson Chandra (2 years ago)
After looking past the surface: Green-Mid game spike, Based on Board presence and safe power. Creatures often grow over time. Can be tweaked for early or late game strength. White-Common theme of gaining life and having many creatures. Usually a mid game color, but can play for the long game by gaining absurd amounts of life. Can be very restricting of the opponent. Blue- Prevent the other person from playing the game by casting many many inhibiting spells. Slow progress, very tactical, and probably most skill intensive color. Red-Deal fast damage. Spikes early game at turn 4, but Goblin decks can hold out til mid game. Likely the simplest color to play due to having few utility spells. Black- Gives you anything you want for a price, or puts a price on everything your opponent wants. You decide who lives and who dies. Usually a mid game color, but black is by far the most flexible.
DarkSide Echo (2 years ago)
This dude is really funny.
Aviv Yaron (2 years ago)
blue white control ftw
Uli Peterson (3 years ago)
easy explanation in one sentence for each colour: - play white, if you like little, effective creatures and lifegain. - play green, if you like big creatures and spells that make them even bigger. - play red, if you like to attack as fast as possible and inflict direct damage with spells. - play black, if you like to corrupt your opponents strategies, by let him/her discards cards or destroy creatures directly. - play blue, if you like to control the game, by playing counter/bounce-spells and getting additional card-draw. (or just beeing an ass...)
Brandon Pack (3 years ago)
Felicia Day hates the whites.
Its Zombies (3 years ago)
I bet all the people who disliked play blue.
Joseph Meaney (3 years ago)
black is the batch of mtg
James Baptiste (3 years ago)
Sitting here working on my blue/white control deck when watching this then... RIP
Frank Castle (3 years ago)
white is the worst color.
Harvey Hale (3 years ago)
Sure, Blue has those annoying counters, but they have the disadvantage of having to time themselves and put aside mana to be able to do so. While White and mostly Black, from what I've seen, has some really affordable removal spells to cast at their convenience.
Jay Well (2 years ago)
Play a Blue/Black or Blue/White deck. The first is very popular while milling, the second's just control and tap/untap shenanigans.
Harvey Hale (3 years ago)
I get ya. I play blue too, and another disadvantage of a counter is deciding on-the-spot whether something will be a threat later on. While black and white have creature removals to use whenever after seeing how things go. I'm new but that's my observation thus far.
psyko (3 years ago)
Yeah, playing Blue myself, one of the things I hate most is when I wanted to use mana for another sorcery/creature but afraid my opponent could start pulling a combo my next turn. So I leave mana open for a counter spell instead then their next turn they do nothing and it feels like a waste to not use the mana.
rage5110 (3 years ago)
I thought blue was the colour of the prolonged tears of your fallen enemies ?
blue ant (2 years ago)
Esper or death! (Death is prefered)
Hunter Jones (2 years ago)
It's true
PeridotTheHipster (2 years ago)
Well thats kinda dark.
Hunter Jones (3 years ago)
+The BlackCoated Man Esper is the color of dickishness
rage5110 (3 years ago)
Hunter Jones (3 years ago)
MageKirby (3 years ago)
UW bros where you at
Arran Haigh (3 years ago)
Right here brother Here's my UW deck https://deckstats.net/decks/60901/444744-uw-midrange-control/en
Jason Fontaine (3 years ago)
Migale 38 (3 years ago)
So, I'm new to magic. Will people hate me if I play blue? The concept of control seems really cool to me but before I start I dont want to be seen as 'that' guy. I'll probably not be playing only blue, but could I have some advice please. This guy seems to hate it with a passion
Potter TheAvenger (3 years ago)
+Lewis Pearce I hate blue when paired with black, I'm mostly a white red player, but I sometimes incorporate blue my white deck.
psyko (3 years ago)
Don't worry, everyone have different kinds of decks that they don't like. A friend of Day9 for example hates white and I get quite annoyed with red, being a blue/black player myself. Though I still try to be friendly around them.
MageKirby (3 years ago)
+Lewis Pearce He was being partly silly. Partly though. Blue is that one color where people have very extreme opinions(love it or despise it) about or have no opinions of. Day9 being a greenblack player probably hates blue.
Pizza Parker (3 years ago)
I just realised that I am the same kid he describes as blue. I always buy up Mediterranean and Baltic avenue in Monopoly and steal everyone's GO money.
bigfatbear (3 years ago)
a tiny bit ironic when l he said "white is equality", human history says otherwise.
Amanda Alabane (3 years ago)
So funny, love this!!

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