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white boy falls in love when he sees black girl in the bus

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unknow jhin main (9 hours ago)
Well i am a white guy my gf is black..she is so amazing ..believe me i used to make fun of black ppl ...everything has changed now ..i realised that racism is created by evil ...we are all humans
Jessica Darkness Twin (2 days ago)
Well when you fall in love you can't help it 2 love that person really if you think about it.. we're all pink in the inside God made us all different. But love is love it'll be a boy with a boy a girl with a girl girl with a boy it doesn't matter because when you love someone it doesn't matter it just matters what you feel inside and what they feel for you and others I can't accept you for who you are and who you love and God bless them and don't let nobody stop you from loving someone can I get a amen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
New New (3 days ago)
Bro whos blushin !😳😍😂😭
Danny roberto (4 days ago)
He’s not white he’s Italian
Covenant Oyegun (4 days ago)
What is d name of d movie?
Angel Feliz (4 days ago)
Im dominican and i love black girls alot white girls too but their parents are kinda like more stricted as fuck then black girls parents
Ashleystar (14 days ago)
This is me in high school. It's just different because I think their is a black boy in this one class I have with him that has a crush on me. So basically black boy falls in love with white girl (title is switched up).
xoxo kyizzle (14 days ago)
What’s this movie
Queen Gold33 (16 days ago)
LOL she is cute it’s kind of cringe but cute how they stare at each other
Queen Gold33 (16 days ago)
What is this called
aniyah dickson (16 days ago)
What movie is this?
Ebony J. (19 days ago)
Damn she wanna eat him or something
Robert Gillespie (21 days ago)
Movie remind me of me i love black woman
Jade Butler (24 days ago)
I love this movie!
Redhead Redneck YT (27 days ago)
Hello NURSE!
Keles Lewis (27 days ago)
What movies is that
Mark Antony (27 days ago)
Black girls lovely nice fantasy
Maria Gonzalez (1 month ago)
i love jesus
Cyrus Demetrius (1 month ago)
I’m I think I’ve seen this movie
oshmi gupta (1 month ago)
It can happen.......
iiJu_lx builds (1 month ago)
What’s the movie called
Fatih D (1 month ago)
i am a Turkish guy and so crazy for African,Afro-Brazilian and Afro-American women :) Dear black girls we like you :)
Dawuud (1 month ago)
I wish there were more women of other race than white in my country. Whenever I see a black/arab/desi girl in my city I think about them all day, they're so beautiful
Thotimus Prime (1 month ago)
I wish someone would look at me like that
Cyrus Demetrius (1 month ago)
What’s the name of this movie
Adam w Burdine (1 month ago)
What's the name of this movie
Mount Olympus (1 month ago)
Don't know but I do not feel girl is beautiful. May be I am racist 😑
vampiaa (2 days ago)
youre blind
NO, you just don't find her attractive.
Ron Solomon (1 month ago)
she's beautiful
itz dymond boo (1 month ago)
"but she was black"?????? wtf
Yolo Top (1 month ago)
itz dymond boo bcz in this movie italian gang and black gang they fight each other
Noodles Jive (1 month ago)
I love seeing white men with black women
Giovanni Cuevas (1 month ago)
What movie is this
N Bey (1 month ago)
WHAT THE HELL tf you mean but she was black??? yeah she is and absolutely stunning
Bobby Vangsy (1 month ago)
hey everyone can i get the tittle of this movie plz
BROOKLYNBEAST226 (1 month ago)
I wish all black women were natural like this today.
GamerV8 .0 (1 month ago)
I think she played in belly with dmx
Poseidon S11 (1 month ago)
I am a white guy and i really don't understand why the we men are with whites, black girls are the way better. I want one😍
M7MD (2 months ago)
I'm white and I'm in love with a black girl. Fuck off racism and long live for LOVE. LOVE WINS ❤
Tiffany (1 month ago)
M7MD Yesss 🖤
Tierra Cooper (2 months ago)
I want a white or Hispanic boyfriend now ♥️😍
no name (1 day ago)
I am white and I wanna black girlfriend right now
Robert Gillespie (21 days ago)
Full italian
mr shadow Bright (2 months ago)
whats the name of this movie?
mr shadow Bright (1 month ago)
+Tiffany thank you
Tiffany (1 month ago)
mr shadow Bright Bronx tale
Rebecca Johns (2 months ago)
What is this film called ?
Tiffany (1 month ago)
Rebecca Johns Bronx tale
Priscilla Hernandez (2 months ago)
what is this movie called omg 😭
Tiffany (1 month ago)
Priscilla Hernandez np ❤️
Priscilla Hernandez (1 month ago)
Tiffany thankssss luv
Tiffany (1 month ago)
Priscilla Hernandez Bronx tale? I saw people saying it’s that but idk
Maddox (1 month ago)
*I'm white but i love black people more than whites*
SIESIE CHAMPION (2 months ago)
That Keisha FROM BELLY😭😳😂
queenlizzy (2 months ago)
This change my mind about dating I am the type that doesn’t even look at a white boy twice but this make me wanna date one I have a lot of white boys Ask me out for a date in school but I never give them a chance LOL I think I’m gonna try it for fun
叶苏毅 (2 months ago)
who can tell me the name,please?
Pink Diamond (1 month ago)
A Bronx Tale😊
vampiaa (2 months ago)
bronx tale
Kadejah White (2 months ago)
what was the name of the movie please?
no name (1 day ago)
Honesty I am white and I wanna black girlfriend so much
vampiaa (2 months ago)
bronx tale
Chan Gibson (2 months ago)
Well, he made the right decision. He shouldn't wanna be no Simon Legree.
Movie name plis
vampiaa (2 months ago)
bronx tale
Tommy Hargrove (2 months ago)
He's not white white - he's Italian.
no name (1 day ago)
Italian are white they are from Europe
Tommy Hargrove (2 months ago)
He's a non- white .
Mehreen Shafiq (2 months ago)
She looks so good in her clear and beautiful skin...and she is confident and tall too..
Reshonna Taylor (2 months ago)
The boy is Cute
Chanel Darwent-Ricketts (2 months ago)
What's it called
vampiaa (2 months ago)
bronx tale
Noel Phanord (2 months ago)
what movie is this?
itz dymond boo (2 months ago)
omy his all in lmao
Christopher Hulse (2 months ago)
He should have walked over to her and asked her name.....
mahesh kumar (2 months ago)
Movie name plzzzzx
vampiaa (2 months ago)
bronx tale
Adam Zaidi (3 months ago)
I feel your pain. My wife is African, my dad is Pakistani so you already know the rest.
ugass edow (3 months ago)
What was the name of that movie
vampiaa (2 months ago)
bronx tale
Kay4Drawing (3 months ago)
what film is this from?????
Shontreia Brown (3 months ago)
Whats this movie called?
Althea Brown (3 months ago)
carlos benzan (3 months ago)
I'd smash...then marry that beautiful soft skinned angel.😍😍😍
I like black girls If got a chance to marry them 😎💪 I will
Antony888 (3 months ago)
Aw, it would be awesome if their peers didn't pressure them away from each other, but America is Anti- Genuine love and Pro- jyst for show, fake stay in it to look happy b.s. relationships.
Musammat Akter (3 months ago)
Seen the movie before. Not the nicest movie ever but the guy looked cute and the girl was beautiful.
Musammat Akter (2 months ago)
+angel johnson it's called The Bronx Tale
angel johnson (2 months ago)
Musammat Akter what’s the movie called
Scarpia9111 (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t care what color she was. If there was a connection and it was taboo that no no of a neighborhood wouldn’t se me no mo because I’d be gone gone with the beautiful girl!
Kbabes Xoxxx (3 months ago)
A boy was looking at me like that the other day I swear I was gonna go slap him
FoodLover101 Paradise (3 months ago)
I love that movie
HoodieVello (3 months ago)
Leila Anderson (2 months ago)
Not all, this is coming from a black girl
Creanzey (3 months ago)
Im white 16 year old and I want a latina or black girlfriend..
anna holness (4 months ago)
Lml the way she was eyeing him.
Keeks • (4 months ago)
Why does the guy look like a thumb though?
GeniusLoci1970 (4 months ago)
Leila Anderson (2 months ago)
+GeniusLoci1970 , excellent point
GeniusLoci1970 (2 months ago)
+Leila Anderson Of course, beauty is first and then intelligence. ALe I can not love a woman if she is pretty but stupid. I have a weakness for intelligent women.
Leila Anderson (2 months ago)
Why don't you love a women for her personality other than color
Phil Urbanski (4 months ago)
Men will always notice women. However, there are very few women who can hold our attention. Those women have more than just a pretty face or nice body. Women like that carry themselves with dignity, confidence, and self-respect. They're proud to be a woman; and their feminity is unmistakable.
Rochana Assanah (4 months ago)
Name of the movie plz😊
GeniusLoci1970 (4 months ago)
" A Bronx tale"
Nina Moukimou (4 months ago)
She’s gorgeous
Lakya 233 (4 months ago)
What was this movie
GeniusLoci1970 (4 months ago)
" A Bronx tale"
Ωøψ Ω (4 months ago)
She ugly
b4bygirl. (4 months ago)
and ur fucking blind.
Crissy P (4 months ago)
Victoria Wilson (4 months ago)
She is the one who played in belly I love her
Mia Recinos (4 months ago)
what movie
b4bygirl. (4 months ago)
a bronx tale
Wacky Zachy - (4 months ago)
Huh, alrighty
MeLani Anderson (4 months ago)
What movie is this???
b4bygirl. (4 months ago)
a bronx tale
Sandra Power (4 months ago)
Both of them are beautiful
Moyo Alasade (4 months ago)
Her smile 😍
abhishek kumar (4 months ago)
Is it 1990s .????
Kenya Banks (4 months ago)
First of all, He Is Italian! Not White, lol
GeniusLoci1970 (4 months ago)
I think similar.
Brianna Bailey (4 months ago)
whats this movie called
b4bygirl. (4 months ago)
a bronx tale
RYL LAE (4 months ago)
He isnt white tho...
setio ryski (4 months ago)
yes she is
Torian Moltane (4 months ago)
When I was a kid there was an Asian kid who stared at me like that on the bus. We kept looking at each other and shyly turned away when we made eye contact. He got off first and kept staring as he crossed the street. That was the only time I ever saw him. This scene always makes me chuckle and think about that experience.
sun cloud (4 months ago)
she is gorgeous
CaliBuR (4 months ago)
Raddi Rawan (4 months ago)
Name of film plz
GeniusLoci1970 (4 months ago)
" A Bronx tale"
GarrettSo Lit (5 months ago)
when was this movie made
GeniusLoci1970 (4 months ago)
" A Bronx tale". Google please.
helicopter weewee (5 months ago)
I don't blame him. I'd smash for sure.
Syukri Ober (5 months ago)
What name the movie?
GeniusLoci1970 (4 months ago)
" A Bronx tale"
Rosemary Tucker (5 months ago)
I'm seriously at least 10 or more years older than this girl and my face STILL isnt that clear 🤔🤔🤔
Jelly Bean (5 months ago)
Whats this from
Art Gozzip Nation (5 months ago)
Interacial love 😁😁😁

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