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Akiba's Beat Review for PS Vita & PS4 | PlayStation Enthusiast

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Akiba's Beat Review for PS4 & PS Vita Review by Himanshu Talwar For more visit: PlayStationEnthusiast.com
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Abdullah Atwati (8 days ago)
Thank you so much for the review , i am happy to see someone say something good about one of my fav game ever , unlike others who try to destroy the game even they didn't completed or for stupid reason like its not like the previous tittle , but what make me more sad is that many people are effected by there opinion and they skip the game.
JD_KYLE (7 months ago)
Should I get this on Vita or PS4?
PlayStation Enthusiast (6 months ago)
I prefer the Vita version!
AtomBacon (8 months ago)
I found this game browsing the ps store and being a huge fan of Akiba's Trip it instantly grabbed my attention. after watching your video I'm rather torn on how much I do or don't like the differences. Having played tales of the abyss, akiba's trip, and persona 5 I see the resemblance in all of them (Though from footage alone my mind went to tales first) But at the same time part of why I loved akiba's trip was because it was a stand alone gem so the fact that this game has almost nothing in common helps maintain that image even if it is the same city (which is a real life city so that's fair) and art style (which I loved). I will probably wait on this one but it's on the edges of my radar now.
Alex K (9 months ago)
I'm like a year late but thanks a lot for this review, probably picking this one up, looks pretty stylish.
ben tibz (1 year ago)
So basically its persona 4 in akihabara setting?
ReaperHacknSlash (1 year ago)
yeah that's how i think "persona" storywise, character wise, the morning, day, night etc.. very simualar to persona even the voice acting, the combat on the other hand is very ToS style combat, and honestly really work quite well. I know its not akiba's strip, but for what it is and different each games are quite good on their own.
YROSHIKU (1 year ago)
And you're full of shit as this game
Skip Bayless (1 year ago)
says the Salty XBOX fanboy
pantcake (1 year ago)
This looks better than expected. I am surprised it is so different from Akiba's Trip, which was fun even though I wouldn't call it good. Nice review
pantcake thanks for watching. Means a lot!
Daniel Vallejo Gomez (1 year ago)
Just ordered a Vita along with this game. Can't wait!
Daniel Vallejo Gomez woohoo!! That's awesome :) congrats!
RoyaleD.va (1 year ago)
Just by looking at the way the game looks it reminds me of persona the battle system not so much but it looks kinda like persona, I'll give it a shot.
cat luva (1 year ago)
the mind numbing repatition actually helped me identify with they main character. The main gripes I have is you can't really customize your weapons or outfit like in akiba's trip. And the combat felt like senseless button mashing.
j dragoon (1 year ago)
Is this a persona rip off?
Developer: Acquire Publisher: Xseed
j dragoon (1 year ago)
PlayStation Enthusiast it doesn't even try to hide it. wtf. what company makes this?
Mistah J in some ways, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, we could always use more Persona! Haha.
Shalucard (2 years ago)
I dunno man I think I'll wait till it's on sale for 3 bucks
Fate862 (1 year ago)
Great b8. Not gonna work.
Great review! Helped me decide if I wanted to buy the game. Played the previous one but wasn't sure about Akiba's Beat until after I watched this video. Thanks!
PlayStation Enthusiast (2 years ago)
Kim Anvelius glad to help! :) Thanks for watching! Subscribe if interested
Nate Emond (2 years ago)
I have both on vita. I did not like the first game at all. I have put 2 hours into Akibas Beat and I agree with the review. I find its gameplay/ combat far better than the "stripping" clothes from "vampires" of the last game. I think the reviews are so bad because when a game switches mechanics so much people who liked the previous game are gonna get pissed. One bad thing is the pre order plush is terribly made lol.
WebTV4Me (1 year ago)
Accepting donations on that pre-order plush!
thedreadedzero (2 years ago)
I think this is the first positive review i've seen for this game. Either you're just a really big fan, or... i dunno what other option there is. Even die-hard fans of Akiba's Trip all gave this game low scores for being bland and medicore.
Tiger Festivals (1 year ago)
Saloz94 If the combat is mediocre I'll probably pass, since the combat is probably where the majority of the playtime will be.
Saloz94 (1 year ago)
I did a little review myself and im on the positive side of things as well. Basically I felt like the game came out ok in then end with the strong points being its characters and story. The combat is where it really started to trip up.
cat luva (1 year ago)
thedreadedzero when compared to akiba's trip it is bland and mediocre. The combat feels like just blind sword swinging which fits the main character since he's a total slacker. And the gameplay is repetitve as all hell but it makes sense considering the plot. if you have PlayStation now or can find a cheap used copy at GameStop it's worth a shot. It's basically a videogame equivalent of Jersy shore.
PlayStation Enthusiast (2 years ago)
I didn't play Akiba's Trip but I also enjoyed this game as much a Himanshu did. -Brett
Alvin Chieng (2 years ago)
nice review, found it much better than compared to some other that were... fueled with alot of anger..err..emotion to be a review and more of a rant. i still picked up the game and find it nice to play, but definitely not all that great.
PlayStation Enthusiast (2 years ago)
Thanks for the positive comment! :)
Serenade (2 years ago)
It looks like a mix of Persona and Tales of. Awesome, have to buy it *-*
PlayStation Enthusiast (2 years ago)
Pretty much is just that! haha. Thanks for commenting. Hope you enjoy it.
flapjackxl (2 years ago)
Who else had an ad for Popeye's?
ORIGINALSOUNDS (2 years ago)
Its a linear Rpg period
Billy Blue (2 years ago)
I don't wanna but I'll have to be THAT guy, the review itself was fairly subpar. What about the story that makes it good as you say? How character development works in the game? Combat's mechanics were not explained well or deeply enough. If you are gonna compare this game which from the get-go looks and plays like a poor man's Tales of Zestiria, to the likes of Persona 5, you have to ellaborate more. Just saying, it's your opinion but review felt paid as heck.
Larry Medina (1 year ago)
Frank Talwar Best review ever. I'm wanking to it right now. Not to be that guy 👉✊️💦
Frank Talwar (2 years ago)
It's short for the video. Feel free to read the full review on our website, playstationenthusiast.com (http://playstationenthusiast.com/review/akibas-beat-ps4-review-otakus-move-to-the-rhythm/). Thanks for watching!
Wyrdwad (2 years ago)
FYI, I noticed in your "cons," you have listed that the game has no fast travel. It actually does have fast-travel, though! When you open your map, you can press... triangle, I think it is? To open a fast travel menu. (Only on the streets of Akihabara, though -- not in dungeons.)
Frank Talwar (2 years ago)
Sorry about that! The editor and I had a slight miscommunication. I wanted to specify that there was no fast travel inside dungeons, which is a fair bit of a drag considering the game asks you to travel in and out of the same dungeons a bunch of times. For more clarifications please do read our full review: http://playstationenthusiast.com/review/akibas-beat-ps4-review-otakus-move-to-the-rhythm/. Thanks for watching!
IIHaseOII (2 years ago)
any difference from the PS4 and PSVita versions? like lower framerate?
flapjackxl (2 years ago)
IIHaseOII You profile pic is making me nervous.
IIHaseOII (2 years ago)
thank you for the information.
PlayStation Enthusiast (2 years ago)
IIHaseOII I'm not certain but I believe the PS4 version is in 1080p 60fps, while the vita version isn't capable of matching that on its hardware. But the vita version runs fantastic and is my preferred way of playing the game
Thanks for another review, although can you explain more clearly what's combat is like? Cuz if it like tales then it's gonna be pain in the ass for me. I mean I have to wait my character to charge his 3-combo after each 3 hits plus arts or whatever, which is super annoying
Frank Talwar (2 years ago)
Combat is kind of weird. It's tales like in that you walk towards enemies in a 2d plane (there is free moving as well by holding down L1) and you're limited to a number of actions before your character has to wait a moment and recharge (skills, basic attacks and dodges each count as 1 action.) You can upgrade your character by buying more "RAM" which allows you to do more actions before you recharge. Imagine mode lets you unlock this limit completely as spam attacks. Usually boss fights come down to using Imagine mode and just spamming abilities at the enemies but mob fights are a bit different because you have to weigh attacks and dodges such that you don't use up your allotted actions too quickly. Hope that answers your question! If you want, you can read the full review here: http://playstationenthusiast.com/review/akibas-beat-ps4-review-otakus-move-to-the-rhythm/ Thanks for watching!
Skip Bayless (2 years ago)
1 dislike came from a Xbox fanboy
PlayStation Enthusiast (2 years ago)
Franklin Clinton haha maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
nickwick35 (2 years ago)
I've heard so many mixed things but it looks so good!
nickwick35 (2 years ago)
That's good! I might have to play with the sound off until that point lol
Frank Talwar (2 years ago)
He's infuriating! But, you can - thankfully - switch him with other characters later in the game.
nickwick35 (2 years ago)
I think I'm going to get it. Seems like that one character that talks in the dungeons can get annoying though.
PlayStation Enthusiast (2 years ago)
nickwick35 it's totally good. I am puzzled by the mixed reviews. Thanks for commenting!
shoothere1 (2 years ago)
Great review!
Larry Medina (1 year ago)
shoothere1 the best I subbed and Im Naked.
PlayStation Enthusiast (2 years ago)
Thank you! :)
Frank Talwar (2 years ago)
Frank Talwar (2 years ago)
At the end of the day its up to you to make sure that you're buying games that are interesting to you! Don't spend money on a game if you think it might not satisfy you. Personally, I think Akiba's Beat is worth playing but if you don't that's definitely up to you. There's tons of way better games to play too, like Nier and Persona 5!
Ammar Siddiqui (2 years ago)
I canceled my pre-order as most reviews state its just average or even below average. And I'd rather invest long hours into a game that is good and worth my time. These mixed reviews confused me, but I stand by my case
PlayStation Enthusiast (2 years ago)
Himanshu Talwar <33

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