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Blind man eating ice cream prank with sexy women

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3:22 she is so cute
NW Tinamou (3 days ago)
Serio? tak prosto poderwać laskę?
Tumpa Roy (3 days ago)
A.C. Harrison (4 days ago)
Sound like Howard Stern laughing in the background
Scott Kemp (4 days ago)
Bring this guy back for more he is good at keeping a straight face does it perfect
Mazlan Roy (6 days ago)
KNOX (7 days ago)
Wtff that gay
Hisham Sulaiman (7 days ago)
Mediclegend 75 (8 days ago)
Their were gay people in this video. Hell no
Rahmat Hidayatullah (8 days ago)
So how that guy keep ignore everyone he seen with they funny expression? 🤔
Lt Dan Grindr (8 days ago)
the two twinks were in love ..
Tedi Kertopati (10 days ago)
Is that real.prank?
zZalex35Zz (14 days ago)
What sexy women it's all gay in this video
Hans David (14 days ago)
I don't know it's just me or not, but the first woman looks like scarlet johanson
Sewu Balogun (15 days ago)
He is blind
Sewu Balogun (15 days ago)
Janno Rocero (17 days ago)
Title of the song please
Velit Önen (17 days ago)
ahuahuavahu 😂
Aiba Worx (20 days ago)
bob rock (24 days ago)
Rip fantasy nyahaha
Ali Ali (27 days ago)
The first lady soo cutee😍😍
Ruben Aragonez (27 days ago)
What is the name of the song please?
Macintosh Mechi (28 days ago)
Awww man this is the shit
Negga rockin some WHAT ARE THOSE??!!
Dey want da ICE CREAM MAN like Masta P!!
Betchez is like CALL ME PLEASE!!
Horny hoes and hoe azz neggaz!!
Dem betchez and frooty neggaz was creamier den da ice cream!!
Kevin Portillo (23 days ago)
Pause 3:01 why isn't this a meme yet???? LOL
Stiles Johnson (12 days ago)
Made me pause it at that and watch it again Lmmfbaooo
Deshawn Gilmete (29 days ago)
Cristian Feliu (1 month ago)
Please remove the word "blind" from the video title. It kills the whole funny point of it!
Harry Ramadhan (8 days ago)
So dark..are u sure not from dc universe?
Yung shoe lace (1 month ago)
This is epic
Mlwest89 (1 month ago)
Shattered everyones dreams.
Iris Vega Ramirez (29 days ago)
Janno Rocero (1 month ago)
Title of the song??
Gregory Thompson (1 month ago)
dude... that is too funny
Ankit garg (1 month ago)
Good copy bro

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