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Anthony Vaccarello ➤ Fall/Winter 20122013 (Full HD)

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Prince Viejo (3 months ago)
so sweet of Daria and Suvi for helping the model 😍
Rin0Kaka (1 year ago)
Ok...Karlie is amazing
N D (2 years ago)
Y u don't close up zoom So hate
琳嘉 (4 years ago)
i like the first one girl's catwalk!  beautiful
super kloss (6 months ago)
It's Karlie Kloss
clay byrd (5 years ago)
that poor girl ' she should have just said , stop  I'm taking these fucking shoes off before I kill myself but it's nice to see pretty girl's help each other
camilo rodriguez (5 years ago)
Joshua Miranda (2 years ago)
Radiohead Bloom Jamie XX Remix and Bloom Jamie XX Rework Part 3
modeling4Fashion (5 years ago)
love that

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