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“In this town, it can all change…like that.” Watch the new #OnceUponATimeInHollywood trailer - in theaters July 26. https://www.OnceUponATimeInHollywood.movie/?hs308=youtubeorg Follow Us On Social: https://www.facebook.com/OnceInHollywood https://www.twitter.com/OnceInHollywood https://www.instagram.com/OnceInHollywood Subscribe to Sony Pictures for exclusive content: http://bit.ly/SonyPicsSubscribe Quentin Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD visits 1969 Los Angeles, where everything is changing, as TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) make their way around an industry they hardly recognize anymore. The ninth film from the writer-director features a large ensemble cast and multiple storylines in a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age. #LeonardoDiCaprio #BradPitt #QuentinTarantino #MargotRobbie #Hollywood #Sony #OfficialTrailer #Trailer
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Eli Martinez (8 minutes ago)
Spoiler alert! Sharon Tate dies.
Ryan Akwar (40 minutes ago)
They have Don Michael Corleone on this. RRRREEESSSSSSPPPPEEEECCCCTTTTT
Vance Calhoun (43 minutes ago)
Super excited for this!
Jeff Maylor (1 hour ago)
All the White people in this movie are fashionable anti-White. To hell with them.
local guy (2 hours ago)
what's more is that it's a period piece set around the manson murders. hollywood was such a rich and vibrant place artistically, musically, culturally, and creatively during the sixties and while altamount was the first sign of trouble the manson murders woke everyone up and brought them back to grim reality.
Eli Kronen (19 minutes ago)
@local guy. I know this might not make any sense to you but the Manson murders are not a part of this film.
local guy (2 hours ago)
i CAN'T WAIT to see this movie. i love tarantino's work, and having brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio together in the same movie is an absolute gift.
mario cobian (3 hours ago)
Who else thi is that Brad Pitts character is in trouble when hes about to enter that house but look back to see all those freaks staring at him
Eli Kronen (18 minutes ago)
@mario cobian. There's definitely tension.
PajGraphics™ (5 hours ago)
Only want to watch because of Bruce Lee
LIANNA FURY (5 hours ago)
This movie is giving me serious de ja vu
psychedelic daemon (5 hours ago)
Makeouthill _ (6 hours ago)
Now I want a GTA game that takes place in 1969
disaor9999 (7 hours ago)
Di Caprio, New Nick Fury!!
Tyler Phennicie (8 hours ago)
Crazy how in gta 5 that house and pool are identical to real life so before they even said sharon Tate I knew it involved Charles Manson cause thats a Easter egg in the game
psycho stormtrooper (9 hours ago)
I wanna see this really really really bad
Brady Defelice (10 hours ago)
The Manson Family
Matthew Pitt (10 hours ago)
Well there is no real plot.. struggling actor.. and they kill the mansion family in the end.. and this Nazi thing it's getting boring.. nothing new in this movie
Eli Kronen (15 minutes ago)
@Matthew Pitt. There's no nazi thing. Just clips of a WW2 film and Western tv show Rick Dalton had done in the past.
I Am For The Buried (11 hours ago)
so excited for this haha
so basic (12 hours ago)
oop im definetly gonna go see this
Frank Smith (13 hours ago)
I'm surprised this trailer isn't red because of the fact that Brad Pitt drop the f bomb at the end.
Eli Kronen (15 minutes ago)
@Frank Smith. It is
Enigmatized (13 hours ago)
I thought that Cliff Booth just might be Aldo the Apache's son.....
Eli Kronen (13 hours ago)
Plus Aldo had a different last name.
Eli Kronen (13 hours ago)
@Enigmatized. Booth would've been born around 1915 and Aldo around 1900, so I doubt it. Interesting theory though.
M2RC0 (14 hours ago)
R.I.P Luke Perry Just keeping the spirit alive.
Don Dressel (16 hours ago)
Finally a great movie amongst all the crappy movies out there
Plastic Waffle (18 hours ago)
Thank you Jebus
Rockafire (18 hours ago)
“This is a Tarantino movie, where’s the violence?” *Sees Charles Manson* “Nevermindddd”
joe chrow (18 hours ago)
This Movie was pretty BORING....i am not a FAKE like some other people who will PRETEND this movie was GREAT because that is the COOL/HIP thing to do because of who is in it and who directed it..(You know who these ANNOYING people are)...When you watch this Movie be HONEST with yourself....Movie sucked...
Eli Kronen (16 hours ago)
Who plays Hugh Hefner and Michelle Phillips?
HipHopR&BLover Jon (16 hours ago)
Did you really see it?
Eli Kronen (17 hours ago)
@joe chrow. Is Jack Nicholson really in it?
Jeffrey Joseph (18 hours ago)
Never looked forward to a movie more than this. Literally been researching anything on it for a year. Might be the last time we see a movie like this. 100 million budgets arent given anymore unless it's a super hero movie I hope it lives up to 40% my expectations. I hope you all love it too
Jeffrey Joseph (18 hours ago)
Never looked forward to a movie more than this. Literally been researching anything on it for a year. Might be the last time we see a movie like this. 100 million budgets arent given anymore unless it's a super hero movie I hope it lives up to 40% my expectations. I hope you all love it too
Abhijit Bhattacharya (19 hours ago)
1:17 "I am a has been" , says Leo, his voice quivers ever so gently, to capture his vulnerability. Goosebumps.
Ngare Kang'ethe (20 hours ago)
Glad to see Quentin still virtually killing Nazis 10 years later.
dan steelo (20 hours ago)
@ 1:34 security camera in 1969??
dan steelo (12 hours ago)
@HipHopR&BLover Jon its ok the movie is gonna be great
HipHopR&BLover Jon (16 hours ago)
I know I hate that it's in there.
Aron Braun (23 hours ago)
Who knows the music name?
Bigga Winna Crapsa (23 hours ago)
When I get to the bottom, I go back through the top of the slide and I stop, and I turn, and I go for a ride, 'til I get to the bottom and I see you again.
Matthew Deguire (16 hours ago)
RodneyTheNewsGeek (1 day ago)
Who thinks is gonna die Rick Dalton or Cliff Booth or both place your bets
Eli Kronen (23 hours ago)
@RodneyTheNewsGeek. Ok
RodneyTheNewsGeek (1 day ago)
Eli Kronen I didn't even know man it's just speculation man
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
If anyone falls for this, just read Wikipedia.
DEpReSsIoN_ cHuN (1 day ago)
Awe Luke perry😢❤️
Nctrnl Mjsty (1 day ago)
They should make a movie about how everyone in Hollywood is a pedophile, you know... How they bang little children.
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Nctrnl Mjsty. You're sick. You should get help.
Rachel Jardin (1 day ago)
This is like the conclusion to all movies QT made so far. Also Al Pacino?!?!
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Rachel Jardin. Jack Nicholson too.
Rachel Jardin (1 day ago)
"Nazi Basterds!"
Nice to see the Sharon Tate training with Bruce Lee-sequence.
coverme im moving (1 day ago)
I can’t wait to see that movie I think it will be awesome
Alexander Torres (1 day ago)
The Vista Theater is where I’m watching this!!!
Enat P (1 day ago)
Great cast but just too hard to have to think about what happened. Cant believe Manson was allowed to breathe the air.
Dagi Omega (1 day ago)
Once upon a time in Hollywood 1999 version... Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Adam Sandler, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Daniel-Day Lewis, Russell Crowe, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Kate Winslet, Mel Gibson, Jackie Chan and Jim Carrey, Bruce Willis, Nicolas Cage, Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams would be the stars being portrayed... I miss that era of Hollywood 🥺
BadBoiFilms (1 day ago)
2nd to last tarintino movie. Looks like a classic
evan ostrowski (1 day ago)
Nobody realizes that’s Charlie Manson
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@evan ostrowski. Everyone realizes that.
vice Benett (1 day ago)
Margot dies obviously
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@vice Benett. Yes it does. Do you want to know the end of this movie, or would you rather wait and see it for yourself? It's not historical. It's fictional.
vice Benett (1 day ago)
@Eli Kronen that doesn’t make any sense
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@vice Benett. Her character survives in the movie.
William Sandell (1 day ago)
Hope that’s Manson he’s beatin the crap outa
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@William Sandell. It's not. The guy has blonde hair.
Bartek Navarro (1 day ago)
Where is Zawierucha???
Kalei Gibson (1 day ago)
I cannot wait... I 💚 his movies 🎥
Ian H (1 day ago)
Best thing about this movie; Sam Jackson’s cameo.
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Ian H. Not Nicholson's?
omgwtfbbq (1 day ago)
So you have this amazing cast, and this is the garbage you want to put them in?
Eli Kronen (13 hours ago)
@omgwtfbbq. Who plays Hugh Hefner? Who plays Michelle Phillips? Why does Charles Manson go to Sharon Tate's house? Who is he looking for? Who dies Rick Dalton meet on the set of Hullabaloo?
omgwtfbbq (14 hours ago)
@Eli Kronen I enjoyed the beginning because I was excited to see the the movie. I enjoyed the end because is was finally over.
Eli Kronen (14 hours ago)
@omgwtfbbq. So nothing specific? What made you enjoy the beginning and end but feel that the middle was garbage?
omgwtfbbq (14 hours ago)
@Eli Kronen The part between the beginning and the end.
Eli Kronen (15 hours ago)
@omgwtfbbq. You saw the movie? What specifically do you feel is garbage about this film?
J Arm (1 day ago)
I can’t fucking wait for this
Gabriel (1 day ago)
Look for the Tate Murders if you are still confused of the plot of the movie.
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Gabriel. The Tate murders aren't part of the plot of this movie. Sharon Tate is a supporting character. Charles Manson is a very minor character, although the Manson family play a small part. However, the Tate murders are not involved. It's mostly just about an actor whose career is fading and is having a midlife crisis and his stunt double.
Dan H (1 day ago)
Like all Tarantino flicks...plenty of barefoot females.
Proctor Productions (1 day ago)
my uncle is an extra in this movie, he plays a a nazi
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Proctor Productions. Technically he plays an actor playing a nazi.
Kobayashi Maru (1 day ago)
Al Pacino 💞💖💞 followed closely with Brad Pitt 💞💖💞
Jason Rk (1 day ago)
I wished they hire the guy who did the trailer for Shawn and Hobbs
That Burger (1 day ago)
Ready for this to bomb
Derek Escalante (13 hours ago)
I wanna watch it already
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@That Burger. Yeah. It's definitely going to blow up!
97widerider (1 day ago)
This could be the unofficial biography of Burt Reynolds and his BFF stuntman from the 70s.  That guy went on to direct Smokey and The Bandit that Reynolds though would be a bust but did it just for his buddy.
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@97widerider. It's not that at all.
ivanchave (1 day ago)
STOP, to blame the Naziz , the real criminal are you EE UU, more 160 military bases in the word , T o control, But new mafia is taking over China and Russia
Gabriel (1 day ago)
I'm sorry hitler
waterspout8 (1 day ago)
@ivanchave. Thanks for your comment, Mr. Hitler.
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@ivanchave. Who are you talking to? You realize you're on a thread about a movie that's about Hollywood in 1969?
Le Harrison (2 days ago)
Why you helping keep my money and ship telling bc ky with pa fl
adi wiweka (2 days ago)
classic rock, guns, dirty words= tarantino's
Brett Stanton (2 days ago)
That look Brad gives manson !damn!!
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Brett Stanton. Two different scenes.
Shaq daddy (2 days ago)
looks like he's going for 9/9 masterpieces. chill Tarantino...chill
andre castaneda (2 days ago)
The soundtrack is going to be amazing in this movie
TwelveGates (2 days ago)
Can't wait to see this movie! Also, check out the book "On My Way to Hollywood"! Hella entertaining!!!
Svensef Kirihara (2 days ago)
No killing? No bloodbaths? Maybe, just maybe, Tarantino is finally evolving.
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Gabriel. No. They're not. You can read about most of the plot on Wikipedia, if you really want to know what happens in this movie.
Gabriel (1 day ago)
@Eli Kronen they are
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Gabriel. The Tate murders aren't in this movie.
Gabriel (1 day ago)
Look for the Tate Murders
Eli Kronen (2 days ago)
@Svensef Kirihara. There's plenty of killing and blood.
Wooster (2 days ago)
Another movie about the fricken Manson murders? No thanks. Don't want to have Bruce Lee associated with that crap in the same movie.
alexalex13131 (1 hour ago)
I thought exactly the same thing and there was no way I would see it....Then I heard the fantastic approach Tarantino was taking on it and now I'll be there first day.
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Gabriel. What are the Tate murders related to?
Gabriel (1 day ago)
@Eli Kronen the Tate Murders
Eli Kronen (1 day ago)
@Gabriel. What's related?
Gabriel (1 day ago)
@Eli Kronen it's related
Ilija Bozinov (2 days ago)
Will this be part of the tarantinoverse?
Eli Kronen (2 days ago)
@Ilija Bozinov. Yes
Infernal Goblin (2 days ago)
ha wow just realized this is about manson……..
Eli Kronen (2 days ago)
@Infernal Goblin. Clearly the Manson family is in it. Don't jump to conclusions though.
Eli Kronen (2 days ago)
@Infernal Goblin. It is for sure not about the Manson killings. If you don't care about being surprised when you see it, you can read most of the plot on Wikipedia.
Infernal Goblin (2 days ago)
@Eli Kronen it is for sure about the manson killings...… lol they show the cult in the trailer
Eli Kronen (2 days ago)
@Infernal Goblin. It's not about Manson.
Vanessa Klinger (2 days ago)
Luke Perry!
kujezzz300 (2 days ago)
2009: - Inglorious Basterds was fun I guess, but do we really need more gratuitous Nazi killing? 2019: - BURN, YOU NAZI BASTARDS
Eli Kronen (2 days ago)
@kujezzz300. It's a brief flashback of a film within a film.
Worldly Rider (2 days ago)
No killin? Getting soft
Eli Kronen (2 days ago)
@Worldly Rider. Lots of killing
Gavin Knight Jackson (2 days ago)
I've been itching for a new terrentino film I cannot wait
Feminist News Network (2 days ago)
Why Did You Cut Tim Roth's Part? I would have loved to seen him in it** I like him in 4 Rooms
Eli Kronen (2 days ago)
@Feminist News Network. I thought he's going to be in the theatrical release. Just not the Cannes release.
Black Phillip (2 days ago)
2:05 RIP Luke Perry
Jesse Bond (2 days ago)
I vaguely remember when this film was announced that it was going to be a Charles Manson movie. This looks 12% of that initial idea. The rest looks like a great drama.
bubbleLoppicus (2 days ago)
Name of the song!?
Carpenter Family (2 days ago)
Interesting how, where and what people derive their self identity from.
Kursed (2 days ago)
Is no one gonna talk about how perfect 0:23 - 0:35 was
Neds dark (3 days ago)
Line! Duh d ddddd 😂😂 i guess we finally found out what's being eating Arnie Grape lol
J Bro (1 day ago)
Match in the gas tank. Boom! Boom!
Abhik Roy (3 days ago)
I will watch this just because of the cast
Don A (3 days ago)
HAVE TO See this!!!
Rainレーイン (3 days ago)
1:20 “On August 9th, and the leaves hang down”. August 9th was the night when Sharon Tate, her unborn child and others were murdered.
NYUCanadian (2 days ago)
I think it's "An August night"
Jake Bilodeau (3 days ago)
Speaking of what I was saying, I just wish Marilyn Monroe was still alive even if she was back in 1969 in L.A.
Jake Bilodeau (3 days ago)
I feel like this movie will be like a "Helter Skelter" tv movie asset back in 2004..
Jake Bilodeau (2 days ago)
@Eli KronenWell Its really kind of obvious it is little about the murders of Manson when he sent his devil servants from the movie ranch behind the Hollywood Hills Sign to stab n' kill 7 innocent people 169 times in a row and writing "Pig" in front of Tate's house. You don't think how hard that was to figure that one out? And speaking of Manson, he was a Hitler nutcase when he had lots of articles of him at the Barker Ranch in Death Valley...
Eli Kronen (3 days ago)
@Jake Bilodeau. It's not about Helter Skelter.
Ya boi Juan (3 days ago)
Leo is playing a character who stutters. Interesting 🤔
Ganesh Merupula (3 days ago)
two superstars of hollywood
Thats your son? Nah thats my stunt double Cliff booth lmao!!!
Oromo Chic (3 days ago)
No way Pitt and Dicaprio?!😲
David Scott (3 days ago)
I cannot wait to see this movie. I am a huge Sharon Tate fan she was so Beautiful.
Shane Reed (3 days ago)
They did Bruce Lee dirty by having him gettin beat up...
NYUCanadian (2 days ago)
He's working with Sharon Tate for a role--she's kicking him as practice.
Lonely Lasagna (3 days ago)
The moment I saw Leo next to Pitt smoking a cigarette in a leather jacket 🧥 I knew I had to see this movie
Chris jT (3 days ago)
REALLY looking forward to Kurt Russel's performance in this movie. Freaking hell I love that dude! If anyone saw that netflix movie where he played Santa Claus you'll understand. Not to mention his classic Big Trouble in Little China.
Chris jT (1 day ago)
​@zachary Raider 👍
zachary Raider (1 day ago)
The Thing. Kurt is the man.
Yousaf Awan (3 days ago)
Must watch list!!
Jared Garcia (3 days ago)
How is Bruce Lee alive?
Android Music (3 days ago)
DiCaprio and Pitt!! Who wont love it!!??
faleh helaf (3 days ago)
remeber when bit said in itrodeoules basterds this my be my master refaring to the film now the girl in the end saiying to leo this is the best acting 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔and the oscar goes to......
faleh helaf (3 days ago)
im sorry inglorios
chris alexio (3 days ago)
Jasper Dillon (3 days ago)
What are the song names
Mirabel Rose (3 days ago)
Nulle ! Bad movie 👎👎👎👎
Eli Kronen (3 days ago)
@Mirabel Rose. You saw it?

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