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PS Vita - Borderlands 2 Gameplay Part 3 - Boom Bewm

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PS Vita Capture Card: http://3dsvideocapture.com If you would like to keep up with me please be sure to click the links below. My Twitch Page: http://twitch.tv/ELTheGeek My Twitter: http://twitter.com/ELTGeek My Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/ELTheGeek My Instagram: http://instagram.com/unkleel
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Text Comments (99)
Dominick Anger (9 months ago)
if you go to before you go to fight the brothers on the big cannon there is a legendary box
Jmountain (1 year ago)
how does the ps vita controls feel? is it like a ps3 or 4? i would like to know because i have borderlands gotye and borderlands 2 gotye for pc. so i would like it for portability and could you port pc saves to psvita if i do get one?
Zorwon Luckett (4 years ago)
What type of gun did you use
123doomdoom (4 years ago)
This looks so fucking bad,,,holy shit. 6:57 Shitty hit detection to top it off. 
MaRyAnNe MuRpHy (4 years ago)
PSN: kind699
YouATwitchTVNerd (4 years ago)
Cant Wait To Get My Borderlands 2 PS vita :D
Nate Cortez (4 years ago)
Is a PS Vita worth the money? I'm considering. I can't do Nintendo personally..
AcidAndrewJuggalo (4 years ago)
@Toy Bonnie i have had my vita 2 days now almost 3 and so far between borderlands 2 and tales of hearts r i am very happy with the vita u should check on craigslist i got mine for $100 came with charger 4 gb card and system i love craigslist lol
Cooldz Troll (4 years ago)
Geting this tomarow
Oltean Catalin (4 years ago)
why are all the corpses explode? and not die..normal ?
TheBenchmarkBrothers (3 years ago)
Actually it's because of the limited hardware in the Vita that forces it to do that in order to keep up with performance, but still, this is a weak port. 
Chiggen Joe (3 years ago)
They don't usually explode it's just on the vita
TheBenchmarkBrothers (4 years ago)
Poor port in my opinion. 
Shivinias Khalj (4 years ago)
I have Borderlands 2 on vita too, I don't really use voice communication. PSN: Yipeeyahoo
Callum Laing (5 years ago)
Im getting a vita today along with this game so exited
Justin Geer (5 years ago)
Anyone else notice when enemies die they explode,they did that so the vita can run it better
Steven Beattie (5 years ago)
Do you invert your Y-axis
z keck (5 years ago)
Can anybody dupe me legendarys and help me level up once you get to high levels its hard. thks just reply to this comment and I will say my psn
Vince Tadlas (5 years ago)
pick up big damge and find the auido log
strongforce79 (5 years ago)
Your views are crazy right now EL. The borderlands community are die hard super hardcore lovers of this game. I really hope they are supporting with their wallets as well so great games continue to come to the Vita.
mylifeintheknifetrade (5 years ago)
While the textures and framerate took a hit, and the enemies are more sparse, it's amazing that they got Borderlands 2 on Vita at all. 
The Bin (5 years ago)
You missed a loot container back at boom bewm
AcquiredTasteGaming (5 years ago)
No framedrops? Are you seriously kidding? It looks awesome, but it constantly drops. I am anxious to try it myself to see how bad it can get.
kway26 (5 years ago)
is this demo on vita? is it up now?
Reegareth (5 years ago)
Can you sync your PC save files?
V-jes (5 years ago)
no unless u hack ur vita
Gregory Bolívar (5 years ago)
So you never have more than 3-4 enemies on screen at the same time? What a crap... that takes away half the fun.
anthony senart (5 years ago)
Nice video man. Definitely got a sub from me
ER1CxF (5 years ago)
@Tirany They made it a little bit easier. But still can get hard b/c of the controls. They game runs amazing though, no frame drops. VERY close to the real thing, I think if you are an actual BL2 fan you should get this without thinking twice.
blackryn0 (5 years ago)
As always you sell the game EL. thanks 
Sharp Tooth (5 years ago)
I love exploding enemies.
Hannah Brea Sanchez (5 years ago)
Ei about framerate? Graphics? No slow down? Cnt wait 2 get this on my ps vita
Hannah Brea Sanchez (5 years ago)
Ei about framerate? Graphics? No slow down? Cnt wait 2 get this on my ps vita
Tirany (5 years ago)
I'm a BIG fan of this game, and I haven't started watching your BL2 gameplays yet, just wanted to see some gameplay/watch before i went to bed.  But how are the enemy spawn rates?  if its lower compared to console/pc, do they make it up by making them more difficult?
Иван Рычков (5 years ago)
This game port is a masterpiece, can't wait to get it already
TheEddy115 (5 years ago)
So does it similarly compare to console as in the same amount of enemies per area? 
KevinVega95ps3 (5 years ago)
@Alex Olinkiewicz that's a lie, it does compare because it has no difference. It can't be different because when you play with ps3 players it can't have change. 
Alex Olinkiewicz (5 years ago)
a little less, instead of 12 enemy's in an area, it's 10. So not a big differences.  
Hong Kong Hermit (5 years ago)
Appreciate the footage, just wanted to see the performance on Vita. Looks acceptable for handheld. Definitely going to pick it up at some point. Did you try the gyro aiming? I loved that in Uncharted and Killzone, glad it's here too. Makes Vita shooters 110% more awesome.
Nourez Rawji (5 years ago)
It works great.  I find myself trying to use it on my PS3 at times and being disappointed that I can't use the gryo for fine tune aiming.
Hazza Fox (5 years ago)
Can u cross save now or not
MehGamer (5 years ago)
yes. Cross save is now up for ps3 and vita. 
ben dennis (5 years ago)
I'm thinking about getting it but how are the controls and can you change them.
Seth P (5 years ago)
What is your psn name?
Xavier Hamilton (5 years ago)
How do you cross save
MehGamer (5 years ago)
@Xavier Hamilton cross save patch is now up for ps3. It was already available for vita once you get the game. Should work now. 
Xavier Hamilton (5 years ago)
I got that lol
Firedog (5 years ago)
I don't think you can yet without playstation plus
Lostinspace (5 years ago)
looking good keep up the good work like always
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Also Online play appears to be broken at the moment. I've tried to join 6 or so games and I kept getting a connection error. It's in the start of the 4th video. I'm sure they'll patch it and fix it, I doubt my internet would stop me from joining that many games.
Tadd Trumbull II (2 years ago)
This argument 2 years ago LOL
Kroser Music (5 years ago)
@XxBanziixX1 ok
XxBanziixX1 (5 years ago)
Lol sure kid. I was just making a joke because you seemed to have gotten angry over the argument. Life advise learn to take things less seriously on the internet. It'll help you in the long run.
Kroser Music (5 years ago)
@XxBanziixX1 "should learn to communicate with others "  riiiiiight.....so me making it perfectly clear to you on the 11th of may about the game being sold in the retail shops was not enough for your tiny brain that you had to come back today with your idiotic comment "Oh what's this? You can download Borderlands 2 right now in UK and it's only the 28th?"  my 5 year old nephew is more mature then you, stop trying to go on like you a mature individual. Your nothing but an argumentative child. Why else would you come back here and make a pointless comment just over 2 and a half weeks later
XxBanziixX1 (5 years ago)
Lol like I have clearly stated you seem to me as person with a mental capability of a 12 year old and should learn to communicate with others more efficiently. So like you said grow up man.  
Josh Barrett (5 years ago)
Will be getting this game, add me on PSN BiggestKregger
Tim Mullenbach (5 years ago)
Does it have competitive multiplayer and if so how many players can be in that mode?
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
It has online co-op and that's 2 players. You can duel that person and that will be you versus the other person.
Ben Dover (5 years ago)
two player coop story mode
Michael Morra (5 years ago)
Cant wait to get the game next week... Super pumped for it but bot willing to go buy a new vita to play it a week before... Btw r u gonna allow subs to join your game... If so that would be sooo sick
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
I have my lobbies fully open for anyone to join in and play with me. In the future I may limit it to my friends list though so randoms won't take the priority. Just to make it so people on my list have a better chance of hopping in.
EleCticCOokie (5 years ago)
This is so cool man just keep uploading like you usually do thanks your doing great
EleCticCOokie (5 years ago)
@ELTheGeek alright man just keep doing what your doing
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Will do. I think I'm going to stockpile some tonight after I upload the 4th and release a few daily until I finish it. Since I think I want to run through the whole game now.
Zach Stinchcomb (5 years ago)
I just ordered the bundle last night and I am waiting to play! So excited!!

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