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TOP 10 PLACES TO SHOP ONLINE | How To Look Expensive and Stylish On a Budget!

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Download Shoptagr: https://goo.gl/BnfkBA I partnered with Shoptagr to create this video! -------------------------------------------------------------------- My secrets for how to ACTUALLY shop for clothes online -- online shopping hacks, where to shop online, HOW to shop online, how to like what you buy AND how to save money / get the look for less! How To Look Expensive and Stylish On a Budget! These tips will help you feel like a pro online shopper! These are the best online clothing stores to get cheap cute clothes! Showing top 5 places to shop online for cheap clothes and top 10 places to shop (online/in-store)! Give this video a thumbs up if you like it! -- Please share -------------------------------------------------------------------- TOP 10 PLACES TO SHOP (ONLINE/IN-STORE) ⇣ + https://prettylittlething.com | Constantly having 30% - 50% off sales! + https://fashionnova.com | Use code 'XOASHLEYD' for 15% off + https://lolashoetique.com + https://www.ohpolly.com/ + https://www.publicdesire.com/us/ | 15% Student Discount + https://www.houseofcb.com/ + http://www.hotmiamistyles.com/Default.asp + http://www.agacistore.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-agaci-Site/default/Default-Start + https://www.windsorstore.com/ + https://ego.co.uk/ | 15% Student Discount HONORABLE MENTION ⇣ + https://boohoo.com + https://nakedwardrobe.com + https://missguided.com LUXURY DUPES ⇣ + House of CB Pumps | Christian Louboutin So Kate Dupe http://bit.ly/2gatZaA + House of CB Pumps | Christian Louboutin Pigalle Dupe http://bit.ly/2yZPmiy MY PERSONAL SIZING ⇣ + US 2/UK 6 | Tops, Bottoms, Skirts and Dresses on UK based websites + US 2/Small | Tops, Dresses, and Skirts + US 5 | Jeans + US 7.5/UK 5 | Women's Shoes OH POLLY SIZING ⇣ + US 6/UK 10 | Oh Polly Tops + US 8/UK 12 | Oh Polly Bottoms + US 2/UK 6 | Oh Polly Skirts and Dresses -------------------------------------------------------------------- Become an Ashley! ⇢ https://www.youtube.com/c/ashleydevonna?sub_confirmation=1 -------------------------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS INQUIRES ONLY (NO personal emails!) ⇣ [email protected] Connect With Me ⇣ Instagram ⇢ http://instagram.com/MsAshleyDevonna Twitter ⇢ https://twitter.com/MsAshleyDevonna Facebook ⇢ Ashley Devonna Snapchat ⇢ @ashleydbeauty --------------------------------------------------------------------- Highly Requested Videos ⇣ COLLEGE GRADUATION VLOG! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcvEDdcZgNM MOVING OUT OF MY COLLEGE APARTMENT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMtToMRwNJY&t=366s WATCH ME TRANSFORM FROM BASIC TO BADDIE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbZNeZ9PbA0&t=249s My Facial Plastic Surgery Experience + LIVE FOOTAGE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u41Aycm8ci0&t=17s CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Overcoming Adversity, Negativity, and Hurt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c95Ux... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Creating the Life You Want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWl3s... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Always Single? + YouTube Success https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV_D6... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ My College Experience! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxBTJ... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Struggling Alone + Coping Alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnk0H... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Hating Myself, "Dating," + Society: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rDQT... HOW TO: Apply False Lashes for Beginners | #BeautyBasics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t--FHQWepMg HOW TO: Foundation, Highlight & Contour Routine | DARK SKIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-obg... HOW TO: DRUGSTORE Highlight + Contour Routine | DARK SKIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avQ7X... --------------------------------------------------------------------- YouTube Content Creator? HERE'S HOW TO EARN MONEY ⇣ SCALELAB NETWORK: Join ScaleLab Network to grow your channel and earn money on YouTube!: https://app.scalelab.com/referral/55 FAMEBIT: Do you have 1K+ subscribers? Join FameBit to earn money on YouTube! https://famebit.com/a/ashleydbeauty GRAPEVINE: Do you have 10K+ subscribers? Join Grapevine to earn money on YouTube! http://grapevinelogic.com/creator/?referrer=ashleydbeauty --------------------------------------------------------------------- CAMERA AND EDITING SOFTWARE ⇣ Canon T6i http://go.magik.ly/ml/4s7s/ Final Cut Pro X SONG ⇣ Track: Raven & Kreyn - So Happy [NCS Official Video] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/cmVdgWL5548 Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/SoHappyYO FTC: This video is sponsored by Shoptagr, all thoughts and opinion are my own!
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Text Comments (290)
This Is Very Nice Video I Already excited Thanks For Sheering The Video
Julissa DC (11 days ago)
Came back to the video just to warn everybody not to buy from fashion nova, you can look for videos on youtube of how many people got scammed, I use to ignore those kind of videos, and had a great experience with FN but right now they scammed me too, charge me for items that haven't even shipped...in more than a month, you read right my order was place more than a month ago and they refuse to cancel it or process it(sorry for the bad English if any)
Moreen Kaishaza (23 days ago)
Has anyone shopped from boutiquefeel? ' want to know before I shop
Baby Kay 615 (1 month ago)
Dying Trash (1 month ago)
Kae Mian-Milan (1 month ago)
try honey for discounts!
Phaniah Christopher (1 month ago)
Fashion nova sale atm scary30 or FALL
ugh, your mind (1 month ago)
...cheap where?
MichellePai ‘ (2 months ago)
If I had a price I would be a dollar
Gail Morrison (2 months ago)
Hey great list! Any over the knee boots on these sites that you recommend- ones that stay up! Im ready for fall!
Alexandra Mendoza (3 months ago)
First time watching video was in my recneded list just sub
siliziwe ntongana (3 months ago)
i am from south africa. can you recommend which ones are most accessible to a south african based individual and which will deliver within 3-5 business days up to 10days, because i have checked ali express they take about 30 days express and the cheapest shipping method takes that long
S.Volcy (3 months ago)
I had to skip around this video 😭
Vanslife S (3 months ago)
Asos is a good one
K Marie ひ (4 months ago)
Someone needs tell shorty that these are expensive😭💀
Michaela Dudicova (4 months ago)
Try to look at pinkboutique.co.uk
Emiko Hirai (4 months ago)
Fashion nova scammed me
truth isalie (3 months ago)
Emi Hirai just flip out on them and tell your going to report them to the better business bureau and see what happens. That what I had to do and they ship my stuff.
HoodRichAce (5 months ago)
for girls it looks good because they look curvy n tighter clothes. Fine in regular fit and cute in large clothes
Shelby Root (5 months ago)
Rainbow shops is pretty good :)
Annabeth Walker (5 months ago)
Www.gojane.com is grate too
Christina Nevin (5 months ago)
Very helpful
Sofia_arixo Sayoolee (6 months ago)
Hi, another amazing online retailer is JustFab they got some amazing stuff
Neeko XOXO (6 months ago)
A’GACI MY STORE😍😍😍 they always have nice things here in Miami
Roxysmakeup (6 months ago)
just use your code @ fashion nova. thanks for the info :)
Julissa DC (6 months ago)
I already use Shoptargs and boy it has save me so much money, I love getting an email from them because that means something expensive I tagged is on sale, seroiusly use shoptargs is the best and also Honey something is a plugin on chrome it tells yu all the coupion codes that you can use on your order and also can save items, and when using amazon it tells you wich seller has the best price for the item you want
Chell G (6 months ago)
I believe A’gaci is a Texas based store. I only found it out here when I moved. I love love love A’gaci
Suleimy Figueroa (6 months ago)
stella idi (7 months ago)
S is size 8 UKXS is a size 6
shirit k (7 months ago)
prettylittlething has such beautiful stuff, but so many people comment asking where their orders are.. holds me back😔 is their shipping usually on time?
Kimberly Newbold (7 months ago)
everything is expensive on these sites,
KadieKade90 (7 months ago)
I’ve ordered mega haul from missguided and majority of the quality of my clothes were cheap and one dresses totally didn’t look like what was displayed on the website. Total let down
Sadé McClain (7 months ago)
I know this video is old but I also wanted to add a app that can help save you money and that's Retail Me Not they literally have online and in store coupons for all your favorite stores from Charlotte Russe to Fashion Nova
Tandem Bicycle (8 months ago)
Are the online shoes that you like lined with leather inside???
brianna robinson (8 months ago)
https://share.fashionnova.com/x/nOyBsV try it %30 off plus free overnight shipping today!!!
brittlia (8 months ago)
Has anybody else ordered from PrettyLittleThing? I like their clothes and want to order something but I noticed that they dont have free returns.. so I’m a little scared!
Sydney Brown (8 months ago)
great video! If you want to find super cute sunglasses, go to sydscollection.com !
BMW BMW (8 months ago)
Best online shopping store https://bmwww.wooplr.com
victoriousfly7097 (8 months ago)
Thank you for sharing Ashley devonna!!
Pamela Powell (9 months ago)
How long do it take I have 9days before my flight and I need a dress asap
hani etho (9 months ago)
I wann know you Instagram name
Tiffany Mealy (9 months ago)
Yes Yes , I want to look expressive on a Budget. I need to look Snatched. With My Ghost Truck...Im back!!!😘😘
Tiffany Mealy (9 months ago)
Ooh La La'Chet (9 months ago)
Girl! You're like my fashion fairy little good sister!
J Forts (9 months ago)
Thank you for this video!
Alyson C (10 months ago)
You are soo GORGEOUS!! I love your smile 😍
2022Alliyah Webb (10 months ago)
Discovered Fashion Nova. Literally haven’t got jeans from anywhere else since. Their jeans are amazing💖I have difficulty finding jeans that fit perfectly without a belt. Since I’m like a flipping hour glass lol😂
sumbal javed (10 months ago)
They do world wide shipping?
Gold (10 months ago)
cicihot.com amiclubwear.com wholesalefashionshoes.com gojane.com are a few good places stay away from lovelywholesale.com or romwe.com
Loved' Always (10 months ago)
meanwhile those sites are expensive
Kiara Laird (10 months ago)
Poshbyv.com has a lot of nice clothes for a great price and great quality. The shipping is very fast also...
Faith G. (10 months ago)
FYI - if you like HotMiamiStyles you should check out KnowStyleUSA. They have lots of the same EXACT items for way less. I was shocked at how much HMS marked everything up.
Faith G. (8 months ago)
Simone-Alyse Ewell Good question...I would say the quality of the clothes are acceptable enough and will probably last a year or so. Which is fine with me - their clothes are really trendy so you’re probably only going to wear them for a season or two anyway. Also the fabric isn’t too thin and seems to have a good amount of stretch - which is great if you have curves. I’ve only ordered once from both HotMiamiStyles and KnowStyleUSA so my experience is limited, however I didn’t have any issues with them. In fact I was shocked that they processed and shipped out my items the same day I placed the order (which was on the weekend). I never contacted either company’s customer service so I have no idea if they are friendly/prompt/helpful etc. Maybe you can email or call them with a couple of questions before you make a purchase just to see how they respond? The good thing is that if you don’t like them you can always take your business elsewhere. There are so many options! :)
Simone-Alyse Ewell (8 months ago)
can you trust knowstyleusa? have you had problems with very cheap quality/customer service?
MissHydeParker (10 months ago)
New subbie here! This video made me subscribe 😍
Liyasofia Ali (10 months ago)
Kindall D (10 months ago)
I thought Agaci was only in Chicago lol but I love Agaci
Thee Fashion Freak (11 months ago)
Gojane is sooo slept on!!
Jess Direct (11 months ago)
Try urbanlaynz.com
Neli Crawford (11 months ago)
Love 💕 your style queen 👸🏾 👑 , thank you ☺️ 🙏🏾 for sharing how to #slay on a budge 🤑🤑🤑. One of my favorite glam on a budge sites is Urbanog.com . I have three pairs of #bhaddieapproved knee high boots 👢 purchased for under $30!! I’ll post a video on my channel soon <33
TY RACKO (11 months ago)
HeavenMarie (11 months ago)
House of CB is pretty expensive. I love them though.
K Spencer (11 months ago)
HeavenMarie have you brought any heels from them???...I have my eye on a the shoes she mentioned and am very concerned about what size I should order.
Gemini Candy (11 months ago)
😁Hi🖐 Ashley Devonna from UK Thankyou.🖒🙆👏👏
Dorena Dann (11 months ago)
Gslove.com is a great online store...trendy and there is always a sale
Delecian Young (11 months ago)
Suuuuuuper helpful girl! Thanks for this video!!!
Cécé Campbell (1 year ago)
Have you shopped Lilly’s Kloset?
Dreamer of 1997 (1 year ago)
Is the quality good?
Jasmine Lux (1 year ago)
loved it thank you :)
eugenia edosa (1 year ago)
Thank you so much
Aaron McDaniels (1 year ago)
Is there a website for men's ?
milomazli (1 year ago)
Dear Ashley, this was my first ever video that I saw from you. So amazing! So valuable information! Thank you soo much!! xoxo ps. I loves your vibes and the way you express yourself! Will definitely keep on watching ;)
Christine Sydney (1 year ago)
Thank you thank you ill check these out 🤗🤗
Very helpful video thanks for sharing😍😍😍😍
Krystal J (1 year ago)
How is the sizing at pretty little thing ? Is it based out of the UK
Senefa Watters (1 year ago)
Shoppriceless.com is another good one!
Gen Gen (1 year ago)
Do they ship to mexico?or what sites ship to mexico
rmardy89 (1 year ago)
Y'all forgot about urbanog.com they're cheap (good quality) ANNNDDD mad coupons.
Yesenia Rodriguez (3 months ago)
is this true?
Anya Jovita (1 year ago)
Love these looks! You’re stunning! New subbie💕🌸🎀
Jamaican Beauty (1 year ago)
What you think about shopping Amazon?
Summer O'Day (1 year ago)
what bout plus size online stores for girls on a budget. or do I need to lose so more weight
Josephine Bournes (10 months ago)
Summer O'Day Longterm, lose the weight for your health, and consider your expanded shopping options as an added benefit to a healthy lifestyle.
Soto Bear (1 year ago)
Thank you. Are the shoes from Lola Boutique comfortable?
tekure18 (1 year ago)
I want to order shoes from Public Desire but the reviews have me nervous. Some people said they received worn shoes or never received shoes. Is there anything to it?
Leann Daugherty (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for putting it all in one video. Makes it so much easier. 😎
Erika Torres361 (1 year ago)
What size would I be in opolly I am a size 4 / small in dress 👗 in the US
neisha chambers (1 year ago)
agaci is the same as love culture
Yaneli Verdi (1 year ago)
I declare your video the best in 2017 thank you girl you are amazing cuestión do they shipping to Canada?
Andrea Dixon (1 year ago)
Great tips! Your video is very informative. Thanks!
Angela Roberts (1 year ago)
Ashley what is that lipstick color? Girrrrll I’ve been looking for that color. thanks in advance
EvyEv88 (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing! You mentioned some stores I never knew about. I'll definitely be checking them out
Iammissjones 7 (1 year ago)
Samantha Manyika (1 year ago)
Try shoeaholics.com
Paputaaa (1 year ago)
Do you have to pay any custom charges with the UK.
Van Sin (1 year ago)
Missguided and Boohoo are my go to. Asos too. Choies looks cheaper but lots of trendy cheap pieces
Catty Catty (1 year ago)
Van Sin me too
Weight Loss with PCOS (1 year ago)
I love shopping on Lolashoetique for shoes!!! They’re so nice and their shoes are so comfortable!
Dashinae K (1 year ago)
cm_lifestyle how long does shipping usually take?
aisoa (1 year ago)
Is anyone checking for nastygal anymore?
wildhopeXx (1 year ago)
Brand Embassy (1 year ago)
Nivia Waterson (1 year ago)
I needed this video two weeks ago for my bday dress. But I know where to go now. Thanks!!
Same Ol' Essa (1 year ago)
You always have great tips that’s why I subscribed 😩😩😩😩
Sabrina Jones (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Natalie Smith (1 year ago)
Just an FYI. 30% off fashion nova Save30 or FB30 normally always work for me.
Kenneth Ditson (1 year ago)
Natalie Smith CBC news
Mikki Mendez (1 year ago)
This is so nice I don't know if some of these places sell plus sizes but I will see Thank you for sharing I just subscribed.
Gaetana Dixon (1 year ago)
I've recently been hooked on Missguided.com. They usually give students up to 40 and 50% off. They have super cute affordable clothes and the shipping is super fast
CongoleseSisters (1 year ago)
Your makeup looks so bomb😩😍 This video is so helpful!
sisanda mrali (1 year ago)
thank you for this :)

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