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Joe Rogan - Ryan Sickler Tells Funny Stories About His Schizophrenic Cousin

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Ryan Sickler tells Joe about his schizophrenic cousin.
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omar enriquez (4 hours ago)
Joe “My friend” Rogan
Abi Lit (1 day ago)
I used to do that too.. so that no one could hear the idk cooking show I was watching :/
lostInSpace 1 (1 day ago)
Hypnotize is not real or everyone would be in jail ..lol
Tera Pan (1 day ago)
Didn't this guy used to skateboard...?
Jonjon Tagama (1 day ago)
Can’t stop watching this 😂
Charles Post (2 days ago)
the only people I know that have died from lung cancer they smoked menthols.. my ex's grandmother was 98 and smoked a pack of Lucky stripe filters a day for 70 years
ThatFatGuy98 (3 days ago)
Mental illness isn't funny, but the things mentally ill people do are hilarious.
GetGoodGuitar365 (4 days ago)
Joe is gonna get schizophrenia
Alice Storm (5 days ago)
Okay: if the hypnotist says you're going to be Sally Fields and you've never heard of her, how can you become her?
Shoutout from dundalk, essex, Baltimore city Ryan!!!!! Great podcast joe
SimplyLimbo (5 days ago)
I know what Joe Rogan means, its a french expression translated roughly 'shared insanity'. Google, or on youtube the Swedish twins who, after They met again after a lomg while, threw themselves in front of a car and truck.. as cops try to pull them back. But the strange incidents didnt stop there.
pro-self-offense (5 days ago)
Some people can be hypnotized? You mean some are willing to act and are okay being the situation with doing so?
cheetofingers77 (6 days ago)
This dudes wheeze 😭😭😭
VoDKa (6 days ago)
If people wanna believe in something they can be susceptible to anything they believe in
KõH Viçentè (6 days ago)
Fuck it god gave me schizophrenia he won’t give me cancer top
Jolly Puff (6 days ago)
😞my brother did a bunch of drugs and also became paranoid schizophrenic
Ben _ (6 days ago)
Feel like I saw that court case on yt
bradly bellant (6 days ago)
Thank fuck I watched this
Loathing Nick (7 days ago)
That thing where he said his lover could not communicate with him, so he wrote poetry/litterature on the walls....now that is a dramatic comedy right there. 10/10 would be a good movie.
Blair Ehninger (7 days ago)
Never had a “bad trip” or life altering experience from Acid nor Shrooms(not saying people don’t) & my pals & I used to eat enough to fuck up Andre the Giant! but I did a liiiiil bit too much Ketamine one time & that shit used my head for a mop & my ass for a broom!
Spencer Robison (8 days ago)
I’m sitting in my bed sick af with strep throat, then I hear 1:45 and I lmao
Jays adventures (9 days ago)
9:34 that kinda made me cringe
Jays adventures (9 days ago)
Joe cut off ur guest Rogan
Rithik Madhava (11 days ago)
I was listening to this while driving and the cliffhanger ending left me paranoid for the whole trip. Thanks Joe
neilfrenchable (8 days ago)
Nick G (12 days ago)
Ryan “I have mental illness” Sickler
Omar Aellos III (14 days ago)
Ryan “mental illness is not funny but the shit he would do” Sickler
Omar Aellos III (14 days ago)
Joe “your squeezing her booties, your boobies, her boobies” Rogan
Daz Lolkaitis (15 days ago)
I'm schizophrenic, I turned out alright.
BillyBull (7 days ago)
You did but he didn't.
Joe Cota (15 days ago)
My dads sister did a bunch of shrooms with my mom in their 20s and after my aunt was diagnosed with schizophrenia so yeah I’d say it’s true
Jordan Raposo (15 days ago)
Whenever I make a turn without any signals on driving high - 5:48
Wtfzipcode (15 days ago)
given this is over a year old i know you or whatever fuckin peon runs this page will never read this, buuuuuutttttttttttt................ i am a real life schizophrenic. this was a putrid misrepresentation i have watched your show for years and will continue to watch because im not a little bitch your opinions on alligators are fuckin stupid and i hope in whatever afterlife you believe in, you are sent to your version of hell and are repeatable ass-fucked but gharials until you cant walk, and then they start fucking your ears 6/7 dolphins.
mark p (15 days ago)
Please be careful with the psychedelic drugs they are powerful tools and medicines they must be respected. They truly have a correlation with DEATH. And they can set you free or set you unto hell. Be safe playing around. Rember its ok to play with your best friend but just cause you can't get pregnant Dosent mean you guys shouldn't use protection. Even if its to try it out to just see what it feels like for the girls... Still guys if your playing with the medicines of god or you and your best friend are learning what amazing feeling gay can be please be smart. In other words take him... Just take him easy💞 please💗
mark p (15 days ago)
Bro those cigarettes are actually keeping him alive... And man I hope he can come down one day or at least become at peace in some way.
Matt and Megan Diercks (15 days ago)
Quitting video before finishing is b.s. imagine if porn did that to you all the time damn gober
mark p (15 days ago)
Have Boris brejcha on this show I want him as my doctors....😳💞
Dorian Eri (17 days ago)
The psychedelic guy talking about mental illness! Man that show keeps you intact. LOL If you did not had that camera up your mug you would be cracking skulls daily!
Nod Melon (17 days ago)
No one has ever been hypnotized because that shits fake. Joe's an idiot again.
Broby (18 days ago)
I smoke a carton every 2 to 3 days. For 20 years. Is that bad?
User Name (18 days ago)
Joe "I had a dmt trip" rogan
Tshimo Mogudi (19 days ago)
Always fucked up but always constantly fucked up
Owen Boyle (19 days ago)
You ever done DMT joe??
Coleman Greer (19 days ago)
I took some shit called nbombe and I’ve been tripping for the last 4 weeks or so
Zyncra (20 days ago)
Joe "I had a DMT trip once" Rogan
Cryptic Nomad (20 days ago)
At the end of the video Joe talks about a DMT trip that it took a couple weeks to fully come back from. When I was a teen I dropped two hits of liquid acid in my nose and had the hardest trip of my life. I think it took a year or two to fully recover from that. Some of these trips people should have a permission slip
kakytoo69 (20 days ago)
A carton of cigarettes is 10 packs, so he was smoking 3 packs a day not 7. 3 packs a day is pretty common for old school smokers.
YouTube usernames suck (20 days ago)
Oh fuck schizophrenia is contagious now haha
Andrew Gayle (21 days ago)
Joe “her booties your booby her boobies“ Rogan
Cody Vogt (21 days ago)
Get the schizo guy on the show
V N (21 days ago)
Omg this is so true. When i was like 16 i seriously thought i was starting to get schizophrenia. I talked to my best friend about it so much and he was being a real good friend listening. Then i started getting better and then he started getting the same symptoms. I felt so fukin bad i started leaving him alone and he got better. The end. Lol
BurstFire BBC (22 days ago)
Poor guy. What if DMT fixes you?
EdSkxLol0904 (20 days ago)
not necessarily, can make it even worse
punology (23 days ago)
about 3/4 of schizophrenics smoke actually, the nicotine helps reduce the severity of some of the symptoms.
EdSkxLol0904 (20 days ago)
i sort of doubt that maybe they started smoking cigarettes before they've got the illness and became addicted to it they perhaps smoke because the abstinence makes the hallucinations and thoughts worse
Sam I am...annoyed (23 days ago)
I must not have ANY risk of schizophrenia!! I've taken INSANE amounts of acid n shrooms!! As far as I know, I'm still steadfastly in reality.
Amber Drasher (23 days ago)
@Ryan Sickler.... can I just say your family sounds incredibly authentic & [email protected] Love your pod casts ty 😍👏🏻
Esaias Walker (24 days ago)
Acid at 11 years old? No fucking wonder
Ahmad Brkam (24 days ago)
Whats skitfornia whatever
Kyhle Kable (25 days ago)
I think joe was looking for the word subconscious
Smoking a sigaret has been shown to fix schizophrenia for about 15 mins, which explains heavy smoking in this group
Jake Demara (26 days ago)
It’s called demon possession do your research
Johnny Sins (26 days ago)
Joe “I had a DMT trip one time” Rogan
Johnny Sins (23 days ago)
Davis love you baby girl x
Davis (23 days ago)
Thank you Johnny sinns
Lisajayne (26 days ago)
That very last part about his dmt trip making him paranoid for weeks after, As someone who lives with high anxiety that’s my DAILY 😭
Eric Worthing (26 days ago)
Only the weak minded can be hypnotized. It’s like a real life Jedi mind trick but it only works on people who are easily susceptible to suggestions. Both my twin brother and I went up on stage once but the guy dismissed me and my twin was absolutely under his control it was hilarious and we still won’t let him live it down
ZSTRODE. (26 days ago)
I can't get enough of these
bestialoso Magnusson (26 days ago)
Is that Lee Syatt @10:04 ?
Branden Bright (27 days ago)
I think that marketing companies and media outlets are using tactics to hypnotize people.
Eliah Hughes (29 days ago)
I love diet Segura
phoenix waynick (29 days ago)
What were the lyrics of his song?
John Goutzinos (30 days ago)
This dude! "Mental illness is not funny but I'm just gonna shit on it for 10 minutes straight lol
If anyone knows anything about what to do with good people with mental illness. Please call me 302-559-8017,I've been helping a guy out I've known since childhood I think he developed encephalitis from Lyme disease, he was on medicine but he won't take it Without persuasion
xXelitegpXx (30 days ago)
Carton is 10 packs .
Scion (1 month ago)
Mass Hysteria?
Patrick Anderson (1 month ago)
sounds like he was microdosing them
Plague (1 month ago)
If hypnosis is so easy and group think psychosis is also easy then that begs the question. Could everything we've been taught be a lie?
bluez420 (1 month ago)
Hi from melborne Australia Joe mate you spin me out sometimes your a very smart dood it seems you know a little bit about a broard range of topics you,d be perfect for a phone a freind on a ausie game show you listern more than most i think and ask real questions you inspire me bro im tryin take a leaf mate stay cool man thanks for the entertainment hard to come by latley good luck to you and yours mate
Sara (1 month ago)
Its really not funny
DANK 808 (1 month ago)
Joe “have you ever been hypnotized” Rogan
Sophie Da queen (1 month ago)
Joe rogan is the maste cokehead
Ethan D (1 month ago)
My friend has schizophrenia NEVER GIVE THE MOTHERFUCKERS WEED 😂
Tommy Flynn (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that knows a person that literally smokes 4 packs a day?
k bc (1 month ago)
JoseATurner (1 month ago)
Vision Seeker (1 month ago)
I'm addicted to the life experience and past memory oriented talks on the joe rogan podcast. I found what i've been looking for on youtube lol it seems endless
Wilson (1 month ago)
"some people are more susceptible to suggestions and to cults and hypnosis.." Yeah Joe.. we call them gullible
Dr.Jimmy Rustles (1 month ago)
Ryan sickler is hella underrated. His podcast is the shit too.
FREE ALIEN (1 month ago)
I'm schizophrenic and so am I
o B (1 month ago)
A bad enough run of a events that could break you mentally could possibly lead you to schizophrenia. Any one of us could break down and turn crazy.
apong darko (1 month ago)
My theory is almost all of us got schizophrenia or bi polar disorder. Why else do u feel like u aren’t doing anything right or feel like ur always living for someone else. People more stupid than u are telling u how to live life like it’s fact, since birth. Telling u to be what they want u to b
Юра Коцаба (1 month ago)
Now that I can think about it...foli a deux could be responsible for the dancing plague and im pretty sure whatever is going on with hypnosis is probably a very similar neural process to sleep walking. Just speculating though...im not a physician
jack meoff (1 month ago)
Ryan stickler
Smirky Shrugs (1 month ago)
Some residual there he said Sally Fields when it's only ever been Sally Field
UrbanaticLemonade (1 month ago)
10 minutes into the talk Joe can't wait to bring DMT
Mario zaz (1 month ago)
Joe *insert anything he says here* rogan
attk177 (1 month ago)
Not fighting it is the answer. Of course an overdose can scare you, but only if you let it. Just go with it and dive in
Colin Boglione (1 month ago)
Kinda mad me sad hearing he went off the deep end and was a lax player
Hannah Steele (1 month ago)
my ex had schizoprenia and i started getting symptoms because im highly impressionable cus i have aspergers
Paris Veec (1 month ago)
Bruh you completely sober 15 minutes after taking dmt, unless you failed to break thru, there’s a slight chance you can be put on edge... if joe claimed to break thru he capping about that shit hitting him 2 weeks later
hello (1 month ago)
I believe it about what Joe is saying. The brain mimics brains that it is around for a while. That's why husband and wife become alike sometimes and thats why good friends have strong bonds. I think this is true for not just schizophrenia but all brain conditions healthy or unhealthy. Maybe that's why mental institutions cant really cure people because they just put a bunch of crazy people in the same place.
Ludwig Von aids (1 month ago)
6:50 to skip bs
Jeremy Wright (1 month ago)
The syndrome where one person assumes the delusional beliefs of another is called "Folie à deux".
Freedom Cobra (1 month ago)
I did mushrooms and was paranoid schizophrenic for like a year. Everything I ate I put under a microscope to exam it for poison cause I thought people were trying to kill me. When I opened doors I had to wear gloves or use a towel cause i thought there was poison on the door Handel. I’m totally fine now, but I found out later my uncle has schizophrenia really bad and my great grandpa was in a hospital for the mentally ill because he had schizophrenia. So, if you have a history of mental illness, don’t do drugs

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