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Joe Rogan - Ryan Sickler Tells Funny Stories About His Schizophrenic Cousin

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Ryan Sickler tells Joe about his schizophrenic cousin.
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Vape_Boy (3 hours ago)
Nicotine actually helps schizophrenia. Vaping is 95% safer.
Daniel Smith (14 hours ago)
Lol joe. Your a 8 year old stuck in a 50 year old body
Antispaghetti God (1 day ago)
A girl I used to talk to was a heavy drinker between 12-13 and used psychedelics heavily for 3 years after that, her memory is shot to the point she can't remember shit from the previous day.
Kyle Bryant (1 day ago)
the story at 4:44 had me DYING
Brian Arndt (2 days ago)
JOE ROGAN my name is brian arndt, i am scitzophrenic. i want to be on your show to talk about energetic alchemy(chi kung) related to schitzophrenia, along with how some people who have large amounts of empathy and willpower can transmute their emotions and energy into other people, without even realizing it. some people who do realize it, mostly other schitzophrenics, do this to torment/ help/ train other people and cause allefrenia. tbh, its more like " the force" and people using it to drive people insane and act strangely
Blake Austin (2 days ago)
10:06 Lee Syatt is that you?!
Oryn33321 (2 days ago)
Joe”it was real”Rogan
14:48 Bless you joe
Joe “hypnotism is like a womb” Rogan
TravelingBacon (3 days ago)
Joe "did he get hit in the head?" Rogan
David Trupiano (3 days ago)
One of my favorite Joe Rogan clips
James Jones (3 days ago)
Never heard of Ryan but he's kind of funny
kane robertson (4 days ago)
bruh 20 cigarettes in three days is someone who barely even smokes.
B 3 (4 days ago)
Joe "I have a friend" Rogan
Victor Mena (5 days ago)
Joe " I'm in the car and the cops are chasing me "! Rogan
Mike Kruger (5 days ago)
My brother has schizophrenia and I've been looking after him for almost 2 years I'm with him everyday and NO YOU CAN'T CATCH schizophrenia that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard Joe say. What a numpty.
S Dexter (5 days ago)
4:52 You’re Welcome
Andy Green (6 days ago)
The name of that disease is called religion.
VAcreeper2000 (6 days ago)
Schizophrenia is a gene givin to us by Neanderthals.. that and Lupis, and freckles.. and occipital bun..
David Frison (6 days ago)
We hypnotized my brother when we were kids.. And it's true.. His pupils dilated and even the next day he was looking at us like we were fucking with him.. It didn't take that long either.. It was a dark living room with the kitchen light on.. Just enough light so that his eyes could follow the yo-yo.. Under any other circumstances I don't think it would have worked.. But he's the type that can fall asleep the minute his head hits the pillow.. But it was weird because the power of suggestion worked like a charm
David Frison (6 days ago)
I'm a skitzofrenic... And so am I
Ike Cyclone (7 days ago)
I have never felt the same after a shroom trip i had during college i feel like it gave me a anxiety disorder because of how far south it took my mind scared the life out of me
Dreadpirate Blackfoot (7 days ago)
somebody kill me please somebody kill me please pretty pretty please kill me i want to die put bullet in my head (wedding singer)
Sandra Lowe (7 days ago)
young Jamie searched the entire machine to no avail
Roey Gabay (7 days ago)
12:34 fousey is back
Noah Brock (7 days ago)
I wish he would cite at least something on his statements on schizophrenia. I personally know people who are care givers to people mildly to severely afflicted with this disorder, and have done so for years. The way he has worded the statement you would think if you came in contact for long periods of time with someone who is schizophrenic, you yourself may get the disorder. Please don't spread this information, it's dangerous and unfair to people with schizophrenia, their family and care givers, and society's view of mental illness.
Sven Sedric (7 days ago)
This guys has the most contagious laugh I've ever heard in my entire goddamn life
Kayleigh W (8 days ago)
My first acid trip was like that ,I went six months n more thinkin if I turned round as I was making a sandwich then acid would go into my sandwich ,,,it was like that if I took my eye off of anything I was eating then somehow acid would get in it ,,,even if someone gave me food n I never knew where it came from I wouldn't eat or drink whatever it was I was like this for quite a while n I was only 15 it freaked me out really bad,,,we did the acid on Halloween night it was ok to begin with then it got too much for me n my friends at that time were savages n if they found out I was having a bad trip they would have tried to make it worse so I said nothing and rode it out,,, like a doctor,,, never did acid again,,,
Jordan Hedington (8 days ago)
Me and my brother had a lot of friends get schizophrenia. One of them once pulled out a cigarette, put it in his mouth and blow through the cigarette into his hand. We asked him what he was doing, and he said he was blowing the cancer out of the cigarette. He was trying to show us the cancer he blew out of the cigarette in his hand
Foyin Ogbara (8 days ago)
Imagine being an mma fighter that could hypnotize his opponents mid-fight
Flex Piper (8 days ago)
This dude's laugh is tremendous. 👍
Andrew Simonson (9 days ago)
If only there were 20 packs in a carton
Frank Stall (9 days ago)
Cousin sounds saner than his family.
Kallum FRY Brookes (9 days ago)
Hypnotism only works if you’re open to it, if you walk in and say that it’s horse shit. It won’t work on you. You have to want it to work.
Merkaba (9 days ago)
The laugh is hilarious!
mystery8guy (9 days ago)
-fuck- love you
Car Accident (9 days ago)
Hey joe does your breath ever get stinky from all the shit u talk?
Holo Graphic (10 days ago)
your parents first cousin is your second cousin.
T WARRIOR (10 days ago)
Why does it sound like he's making it up as he goes along?🤔
skyliespaw (10 days ago)
You know what I did with that scab?
AmoeOne 415GBFN (10 days ago)
My aunt turned schizo after doing too mucj acid back in the day. Made it to UC Berkeley in the late 60s...full free ride on scholarship..met a hippie douche and that was it
AmoeOne 415GBFN (7 days ago)
+Uppaluri Krishnamurti it was...Damn shame. I was born post-schizophrenia too so I only heard stories about the normal version of her.
Uppaluri Krishnamurti (8 days ago)
AmoeOne 415GBFN sad
Ryan Sander (10 days ago)
One of my favorite jre clips/stories watched it like 10 times now. I have some interest in mental illness for no reason
Karol Palazej (11 days ago)
Theres no way hypnosis is real in the way joe stated his story
KC Familam (11 days ago)
Ryan "As long as you don't drench those wings" Sickler.
CelticShadow (11 days ago)
I need to hear more stories about this 2nd cousin.
mfhnt55 (11 days ago)
Frank Santos the x-rated hypnotist is a legend!!!
- Funny_Like_HaHa (11 days ago)
I eat dirt
Rocky Aqua (12 days ago)
Only hypno-comedy show I ever went to almost ended with me beating the comic to death. Some old dude brought his 15 yr old grandkid to laugh and she was 'hyponitized' to give the comic a lap dance. The old man was so fucking mad but too old, so I stood up and told him to cut that shit out. Fuckin creep.
Age Hernandez (12 days ago)
You know my friend bob sacamano
Marya AlQ (13 days ago)
That’s because we live in a multidimensional universe and our minds chooses realities out of infinity that it wants to experience. That’s why people can become schidzo when visiting others it’s because they also enter that reality it becomes real to them.
Marya AlQ (8 days ago)
It’s our choice whether we live or light or darkness. Our own karma were here to do work
Marya AlQ (8 days ago)
Uppaluri Krishnamurti we each have our own very essential purpose for the bigger picture. I would have said to bring goodness and light to this dimension but I wouldn’t be honest cause even the evil sadistic fuck has a purpose here
Uppaluri Krishnamurti (8 days ago)
Marya AlQ so what is the purpose of our existence on Earth
Marya AlQ (8 days ago)
Uppaluri Krishnamurti you know that song by gnarls Barkley crazy, there’s a lyric he says “ yeah I was out of touch it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough, it was because I knew too much. “ It’s kind of like that. I was called crazy last time but was coming up with revelation after revelation from the Akashi records I’ve seen way too much and was able to travel between dimensions heaven and hell frequency. I’ve met others with similar experiences. Before this happened i was an atheist after it made me see there’s a deeper level of reality that in our functional conscious state we can’t see. His crazy cousin, was just in another timeline and dimension of his own, but when this guy comes over that stuff begins making sense to him because he entered that reality, same with me and some people around me they thought I wasn’t crazy and we were in the in between cause everything I said made sense.
Uppaluri Krishnamurti (8 days ago)
Marya AlQ ok, tell us about your experience. I’m openminded
Jamie Hollamby (13 days ago)
"He would throw a brick through the window" hahahahh
Grabe (13 days ago)
Had a bad mushroom trip where I was left in a state of major delusion / minor psychosis. I was naive and didn't know that I couldn't OD on shrooms, but I thought I had eaten too many anyway because before i really began to trip, I started violently throwing up and blacking in and out of consciousness. And I mean painfully violent. I kept telling myself this is it, this is how someone will find my lifeless body, this is how I'm about to die. Those are the last thoughts I remembered having before completely blacking out. The next thing I knew I was downtown (at the time I lived downtown Chicago) with two of my buddies. The next 4 hours of me tripping to this day are very sporadic flashes in my memory. I don't remember crazy visuals until later, but initially I just remember moments would constantly feel like they were playing over and over again, like I would walk 15 feet and then be back where I had started, I remember feeling like it was a bad dream. Then I blacked out again and the last thing I remember while tripping was moments of the walk back to my apartment, I remember telling my roommates over and over again that they were devils, accompanied with a looming sense of fear that followed me. Fast forward through another black out and I wake up having no idea what time has passed, but I'm back in my room. I had no memory of the previous 4 hours that had taken place, had no memory I had been tripping. The lights were off but the room was somewhat illuminated by the orange aura of the city lights outside. No one was home either. I was fully aware and alert (or so I thought) but had this feeling that something wasn't right. I don't know why I am there and why I'm so confused about it.. I sit down sitting upright at the edge of my bed staring straight at the wall for about 20 minutes just thinking and thinking of what is going on. The first memory that I recalled was me accepting I was about to die, then put two and two together and right then I convinced myself in my head that I had eaten too many mushrooms, that I had overdosed and I wasn't actually there. I was convinced that I was dead and in some kind of trial phase of judgement or some purgatory type shit, and that the reality apartment I lived in was up in the sky where my dead body was laying. My delusions started running through my head, thinking in desperation what I had to do to get back to reality. I got naked (I don't know why) and walked to the elevator lobby to get down to the main level so that I could walk out in heavy traffic and "re-kill" myself to wake back up in my body. I stopped myself before walking in the elevator because I thought, "hmm", and went back into my room. (Luckily no one was out there and saw me lol!!) I lived on the 7th floor of my building, so I knew it'd be much easier and quicker if I would jump from my window onto the street. Shortly after attempting to open and finding out the windows are bolted shut, one of my roommates walked in with his girlfriend to the sight of me, a naked man trying to get out onto the ledge on the 7th floor of the building. They knew I had been tripping, and really thought nothing of the craziness of what I was doing because of that, but they didn't know what was going through my mind with my delusions. I was so calm about it because I was fully aware and coherent. When they got over to me I looked at them, I saw no pupils, just whites in their eyes and their voices were like demons. This uneasy feeling started to snowball when Their voices turned very demonic-like and no matter what words they might have actually been saying, all I could hear was "we've got you now". This started to entertain my delusion even more that my current reality was the stage before hell. I got very scared and just went to my room, shut the door behind me and locked it. I got my phone out and started calling all the people I love. To my surprise that people were even answering, I still lamented to first my good friends, and then my mom LOL. I called my mom (my sister was there on speaker) and was crying that I was so sorry for what I had done, and so sorry for dying. Obviously any insane phone call like this would illicit a motherly response, which it did exactly. She came and picked me up, and the whole way home I still thought I was dead. That this long road trip home was my journey to heaven, and I was being rewarded for my humility, admittance of my wrongs and asking for forgiveness. It took me a few days to recoup and be brought back to actual reality.
Uppaluri Krishnamurti (8 days ago)
So.. you relived the story of Jesus Christ
Moonlit (14 days ago)
Sympathetic Schizophrenia (i know that's not a real condition name) happened to my uncle. His wife was sick for years then came the day we suspected he was ill too. Sure enough. It was such a sad ending for both.
John Smith (14 days ago)
My dad was hypnotised and jumped off the table straight onto his knees which could have broken them, then he proceeded to run around the room looking for his penis.
blue-eyed devil (14 days ago)
Yeah DMT fucked me up for like 3 years
Uppaluri Krishnamurti (8 days ago)
blue-eyed devil LOL stay the fuck away from drugs
KidHudsonGinobli (15 days ago)
Joe “allophrenia” Rogan
Kyle Stanton (15 days ago)
Joe "woooooaaaah" rogan
ghughu Singh (15 days ago)
Joe "I had a DMT trip" Rogan
Eddy otu (15 days ago)
this nigga can tell a story...Got damn!
Joshua Davis (15 days ago)
Schizophrenia is extremely rare to develop past early 20s
Andrew Fields (15 days ago)
A carton of cigz is 10 packs, not 20.
Eric Peacock (16 days ago)
Dude your fear is what actually happened to my nephews father. As his truck started to flip sideways into on coming traffic it threw him and his female passenger out their windows (they didnt have seat belts on) killed the girl and he tried to flee the scene. Got caught by some bystanders... but his truck landed on another vehicles hood in the opposite lane with two female drivers and a sick new born in the backseat. Lady said she seen him walk by and cried to him for help but he just kept walking... he's a P.o.s. but the link is below. Happened here in Jacksonville, FL.... good ol Duval county.
pellui millen (16 days ago)
"visit people in a hospital that are schizophrenia"
Wardog6650 (16 days ago)
*"Always Consistantly Fucked Up"*
Blue face (16 days ago)
Ryan's uncle smokes 140 cigarettes a day if he actually smokes a carton in 3. That's insane. How does he not have a hole in his throat?
Uppaluri Krishnamurti (8 days ago)
Blue face mind over matter
Keks Gloryhole Fun (17 days ago)
6:40 nutty cousin conversation
The Walrus (17 days ago)
Ryan Sickler's laugh is fucking annoying
Stimulant Beaver (17 days ago)
I’ve only smoked weed and I feel the same way in a car if I’m riding in the passenger seat it doesn’t bother me when I’m driving
Garrett Wright (17 days ago)
Ten. There are ten packs in a carton.
Zachary Wagner (18 days ago)
I’m schizophrenic my own self. When they come they know it all but not everything I know just as much if it makes sense. Life is good but we know soon they will come and will find you. It’s what you do inside that matters
xBHx Battle (18 days ago)
Now I'm watching wild wild country
rphxleonine (18 days ago)
My mother, my poor mother, is a paranoid schizophrenic. Let me tell ya: that shit aint no joke. Schizophrenia is a hell of a mental illness. And if you noticed, this guys cousin was fine until he started doing drugs. Drug use can trigger mental illness in people, so think twice before doing that acid or those shrooms or even smoking pot. If you have a family history of mental illness, you might have it just waiting beneath the surface waiting to be triggered.
John Jay (19 days ago)
Contagious schizophrenia. Wow.
Timothy Hale (20 days ago)
Just listening, his voice sounds a bit like Tom Segura's.
Heffrey Howers (20 days ago)
Oh yeah? I had a trip one time lasted bout eight years to shake it.
Heffrey Howers (20 days ago)
JOE, look up Bad Brad Hefton. He got hypnotized before his kickboxing matches.
Brio Brio (20 days ago)
Joe tf u mean schizophrenia is contagious no it isn’t ...
Swoost (21 days ago)
ITS BECAUSE WHAT?? weird place to end the video XD
Raymond Licon (23 days ago)
When I was in the USAF half the dorm guys use to watch TV like that guy explained. TV on and radio blasting. Lol
José Dirks (23 days ago)
This guy is fucking hilarious
Roger Rampage (25 days ago)
Joe it’s very very interesting and fascinating Rogan
Roger Rampage (25 days ago)
Love this dudes laugh
brianmathew09 (25 days ago)
the syde barrett reference ...a Pink Floyd orig member wanted to see what as out there "over the edge" and did crazy amount one time .... he never made it back..baked something in his brain..i had a friend that tripped at 18 and was changed for life... nothing to play with.
Riley Mcfee (26 days ago)
This made my whole morning, I laughed so hard. My mother is schizophrenic and you have to laugh about it once in a while
Asimakis Panagopoulos (26 days ago)
tracy rogers (26 days ago)
If heavy pot smoking could trigger schizophrenia; I would be seeing and hearing shit all day every day! Lol. Really people? Try some peyote too! It's awesome!!! To bad you can't get stuff as easily as you could in the 60's and 70's!! It was a sweet time to grow up!!
1 slow E60 _ (4 days ago)
I been having thoughts that i can get schizophrenia from smoking because my dad is diagnosed with it. Do you think i can get it?
Grzegorz Grzelczyk (16 days ago)
They just said that drugs can make schizophrenia manifest itself if You have a tentency to it. Seems You don't, so you can take whatever You want. Maybe some people are more sensitive towards different things.
Joe Romero (26 days ago)
6:33-6:37 those Bravo conspiracy eyes
Ben Stephenson (27 days ago)
This story is my older brother to a T
Victor (27 days ago)
I know someone with a similar story they were popular and stuff but with a family history of schizophrenia, he started sleeping like way less eating way less telling me about weird coincidences as if a secret society were making things go right for him. His sister confirmed one story and I thought maybe there was something to this stuff, so I related to the part of the story about listening to the radio with the TV. I think maybe schizophrenics recognize real patterns but they dont have the ability to combine new information with what they already know in order so come to conclusions that actually make sense. I read an article about a study that schizophrenics may be disregarding learned info and trying to replace it with new stuff that may or may not make sense. I'd be interested in your story.
jan bramsen (27 days ago)
its like stockholm syndrom.. notice how the voice off a l.a douche in the end the pitch goes up. like a teacher. urgh that is hateable
ColbiGL (28 days ago)
Drugs are bad, Mmmkay kids?
ColbiGL (28 days ago)
this is why i dont fuck with crazy people. dont fkin rub off on me! LOL
rhonda haynie (28 days ago)
hypnosis doesn't work on analytical people I did the stop smoking thing it works but not for me and a few others we got our money back and he told us about the analytical people that it doesn't work for
Brett Alexander (28 days ago)
I keep thinking Ryan Stickler is the coach from that show Last Chance U.
Something Orother (28 days ago)
this guy looks like his name would be "skeeter"
Paul Johnson (29 days ago)
Knew a guy in high school who took way too much acid. He was never the same ever again. He would talk to himself, and laugh when no one was around.
Savage Mob 19 (30 days ago)
He is a black belt in karate
Sean Byrne (30 days ago)
I have an aunt liek this. For 10years I couldn't get a taxi from my House because she would always point blank refuse to pay. If a Glaswegian women tells you she ent paying she ent paying lol. Soon as I'd give a taxi rank my first line of address they would say I owed money
kg117nike (30 days ago)
Hows that workin. . . its not workin
1 (30 days ago)
These stories were so cringy
Jose B. (30 days ago)
Um guys.... Within not even 2 minutes in, that guys uncle just described an alien abduction experience. Anyone that’s looked into the UFO/Alien Abduction phenomenon will know exactly what I’m talking about.

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