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Carp Fishing - Prologic Bat + Bite Alarms

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Here is a quick video of my new Prologic Bat + Alarms I received in the post this week from Fishtec. Yet to be used on the bank but on first impression a very good investment.
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Joe Allen (1 month ago)
Had these alarms over a year , top bit of kit ,would definitely recommend. Superb value for money.
Robbo records (4 months ago)
Thanks for video! Been looking at these as I too want a receiver but just can justify the money! How do you rate them now you have used them for a while? cheers
Dave Stone (8 months ago)
You need to have front lighting then we could see what your trying to show us !
Steve Baralloni (5 months ago)
Cheers for uploading I'll be interested you see how robust and reliable they are. I've just uploaded a review on the R2L which were fantastic for just over a year then nothing but problems. Would you consider doing an update after 6 months or so. Cheers Steve
Carp Bible (8 months ago)
Hi Dave thanks for the feedback and it's a very fair point, I didn't have much time to do the video last night and just really wanted to do a brief overview of the alarms and the set but I understand it could be frustrating if you can't see clearly. I will keep this in mind for the next video, thanks for taking the time to watch and comment

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