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How to remove rubber bands from hair with NO breakage or pull outs!

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Bimmerbabe (5 months ago)
excellent suggestion
Poopoo Hi (1 year ago)
Omg I’m crying right now looking for a vid because it’s not coming out
Raven Collins (8 days ago)
Poopoo Hi this is me right now!!!!!!!
Dreaz K (2 years ago)
how long were these in?
Reignbow TV (2 years ago)
About a little over a week....
Shay Na'Bre (2 years ago)
Hey y'all... Happy new year!
Reignbow TV (2 years ago)
LOL That's so funny! Men are such babies when they get sick. LOL.... But I hope he's feeling better now. Tell him he better make it up to you for New Years. lol
Shay Na'Bre (2 years ago)
Girl my husband was sick he wanted me to nurse him back to health. I told him I had a friend on YouTube who is trained when it comes to those types of situations lol I'm so glad Christmas is over
Reignbow TV (2 years ago)
Happy New Years! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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