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Christmas Story Kids Version - Super Funny

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Here's a fun Christmas story told by kids... their version! So, here's Christmas according to kids. Enjoy the story of Bethle-ha-ha-ham and the magical star that appeared. An original by Southland Christian Church (www.southlandchristian.org). Source: youtu.be/suowe2czxcA Channel: youtube.com/channel/UCnAUrBH1HqK7sTh6ZQiZd2A (Southland Christian Church)
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Joseph Aranha (1 month ago)
This makes me happy whenever I see it. Welldone guys.
Tom H (6 months ago)
I wonder what Comedy Central's Drunk History take would be on this vid?
Ellie Tearle (6 months ago)
This may be the best recreation of the Christmas story that I have EVER seen... It brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful ;) I totally recommend it to a kids church group, because it is funny as well as informative
Jamie Mcguire (6 months ago)
Funniest thing on this site
Elizabeth Garza (1 year ago)
Wayyy cute! Very creative.
This was hilarious
I'm not sure that the gifts were right...
Conorex McBrent (2 years ago)
ahahahahaha brilliant

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