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How To Wear Gorgeous Street Style Looks With Long Skirts

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How To Wear Gorgeous Street Style Looks With Long Skirts fashion style fashion style guide fashion ideas fashion inspiration outfit ideas outfits outfit inspiration fashion style how to wear how to dress
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Pammie Time (1 year ago)
Really? Sorry but quite dowdy and makes women look horrible! There were 2 ensembles that looked ok.
Mae Bird (4 years ago)
Very nice...
All New Fashion Trends (2 years ago)
Thanks, i hope it useful :)
Cynthia X (4 years ago)
LOVE long skirts--it's what I always wear. I think they R classy--not that weird one though that is short in the front and long in the back
LindaBkrWms (4 years ago)
+floyd rains Yes floyd, this was the  core problem with the pre- V2 concilliar church. Many people were closed to  accepting  outsiders as converts ( and  a sort of  social isolation was  pervasive. Catholics, ( not just women in  chaste attire) at that time were  often closed off  because of many centuries of persecution (similar persecution happened to  Jews and Mormons which has made them isolated).  I am not saying  ALL Catholics were like this but there was enough of this social disfunction that the church had seen so  that  it began moves to remedy this in V1. Sadly  the self-righteous often  ran away from the church to form  heretical sects, thus leaving the church  victim to modern abuses. God was  putting His  church thru cleansing and it is still not complete...true Catholic must remain  and wait on the Lord.  When the dust settles  God's church will have been purified of all her enemies (within) and  those that know the Lord  will hear His voice and come home..
baptist to catholic (4 years ago)
Modesty begin in the heart and not on the out side, May it work it's way out to the out side.
floyd rains (4 years ago)
I keep away from this for sometime, But maybe I need to say something on this. I like for a woman to look holy and for me to be thinking on the mass and not on her body. I also had women who look all the out side like the holy of holy's with not one thing holy inside. if you are a woman and your mind is holy you will look holy in skirts or jeans to me. I hope that no will be up set with me on this, But I saw this again and again in some Church's.
Anass Farah (4 years ago)
All New Fashion Trends (2 years ago)
I hope you enjoy it :)

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