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AND SO IT BEGINS.. The Branson Tractor's First Mission! Random Clips 07-03-18

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Check out our latest Upload! Excavator, Tractor clearing trees! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7nIEwPTGC4 --~-- This is the moment we've all been waiting for!!!! And man, I'm going to tell you this first mission was quite rough! Here are a few clips to get you started, sprinkled with a little Tractor RANT about common sense!!!! (Who actually tests these things anyways.....?) I think you'll enjoy this first segment, it has a nice mix of GoPro, HD camera and a little Drone mixed in. Please share this video if you enjoyed it and Like and subscribe to follow all of our new missions as I continue to put the New Branson 7845C tractor to the test of the REAL WORLD... Thanks for watching! Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.
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jim putnam (8 months ago)
Standard one wheel drive? Have a minute in and I knew this guy is a idiot.
Kapper Outdoors (8 months ago)
Wow, you're a genuis... Anyone who knows jack about vehicles knows exactly what 'one wheel drive' means. Do I really need to explain this? Nearly ALL vehicles (except for limited slip differentials, i.e. 'posi traction') have what is called an 'open' rear axle. So, when you encounter slippery surfaces only ONE wheel gets power and just spins uselessly.. When you lock the differential you now have true '2 wheel drive.' Then when you put it in "4 wheel drive/assist" you actually are up to 3 wheel drive, as most front axles are................ you guessed it 'open axle gears.' Now comes in the front axle differential lock, should your vehicle be equipped with one. If you then lock the front differential (while keeping the rear differential locked) you now have TRUE 4 wheel drive. Maybe educate yourself a little before cocking off.....
OIFOEF Veteran (2 months ago)
Is that a USMC tat on your left arm? Semper Fi! I'm in the market for a tractor and have been eye balling these. What do you think so far of The Branson tractors? I was thinking of getting the 2400. I don't have much land so I don't need a huge tractor.
Kapper Outdoors (2 months ago)
Semper Fi, Yes it is! This thing has been badass so far, got about 100 hours on it already. They are a good tractor and will save you cash, and should perform solidly! Good luck.
poppies boy (6 months ago)
We just bout this tractor and I have to say it is a good one
Paul Dombrowski (6 months ago)
Semper Fidelis. Can you just buy another adjuster and put one on other side?
Kapper Outdoors (6 months ago)
good question, I should ask how much it costs. I'll be at the shot tomorrow if I remember I'll see if they can price one out for me. Semper Fi!
Cuttingtorch (10 months ago)
You moved down there, and now youre bitchin about the heat?? Come on.
Cuttingtorch (10 months ago)
That's crazy talk. Wi is hot enough, there's no way I would move father south.
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
I moved down here and now the heat is in Global warming mode, MUCH LONGER AND MUCH HOTTER THAN HISTORICAL NORMS.... So yes, when it goes into high 80s at the first of may and stays in the 90's for 6 weeks in 'spring' than yes, I think I can bitch about it!!!!!
Robert Paterson (10 months ago)
With no disrespect 4wd should be engaged as soon as you are off hard standing as the savings on tyre wear and fuel can be quite substantial due to wheelslip
Robert Paterson (10 months ago)
You very welcome unfortunately I no longer work in farming but was fortunate to be driving 4wd tractors when they first started to make their appearance in this country and still like to keep my hand in 😊
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Ok thanks. I always kind of felt that saving the front axle from four-wheel drive by using it minimally. See, I learn something everyday :-)
Houndsman One (10 months ago)
Wow, good clearance when going through that ditch with water. That Branson is a brute. It's carrying that seeder like it's just a slice of bread. I said the exact same thing about 2 adjustable lift arms. Two adjustable lift arms need to be on a tractor. Why is it so DAMN hard for them. Heck, we're gonna pay whatever they ask for the dang machine. It just ticks me off. So I'm glad I'm not the only one who wishes the same dang thing on a tractor. Nice work, Kap, nice work. Happy 4th, devil-dog!.
Houndsman One (10 months ago)
Roger that, Kap, Roger that. Just keep on going strong. You got the fire in ya, so keep it burning. Say hey to Mrs K. Later.
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
hoorah! LMAO, well, at least someone else agrees!!! (I know alot more do in secret :) Yeah, it seems like they miss some of the simplest things to make it better, IMO!!! Hope you had a great 4th! Keep on rocking man.
Brett Nigocs (10 months ago)
Kapper you got to get wore out just setting up all the beautiful camera shots for us in the 105:plus heat index. Btw how’s the AC in the new Branson? Put up a new MQ belt driven 1-1/2 HP lifetime guarantee Chamberlain 10’ door opener with battery back up. Unit was just high enough pushed internet button got halfway between house and spare garage and set up wifi. Now from phone I can tell anywhere with cell or wifi reception If door is open or closed and open it or close it. Was reluctant on belt drive, but it is super quiet and chain drive only had 5 year warranty. My generator does not run that garage so battery back up was a plus. Super hot up we’re opener went. Sure nice to have full 10’ door opening, now what to buy to put in there. Lol. Can you get one of those adjustments for other side ? Think you about shamed them into sending you one if there watching and I am sure they are😂
That tractor is way to clean Kapper. Get out there and get some dirt on it.
Brig 780 Brigman uk (10 months ago)
Boy that was close at the river crossing 🤭 gk Uk 🇬🇧
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Hey, but at least you convinced me to go shuttle!!!!!!
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
I know! Wonder if your Kioti would have made it??? (Dang, I guess now I can bag on Kioti??? LMAO!)
boltactionshooter (10 months ago)
The links are not on both side so you won't crank them out too far and pull the threads and drop an implement. One side is adjustable so you can adjust angle of an implement or hook up to uneven hitched implements like a moldboard plow. Tractor companies are not going to change something because someone does not understand how it works, lol. If your lift arms do not go low enough it is generally because you did not support you implement correctly and you are trying to compensate for that and blaming the tractor :)
boltactionshooter (10 months ago)
LOL. I see you are one of the ones that is always right, no matter what and refuse to listen and learn. I already stated why both are not easily adjustable, 1) safety, 2) cost, 3) not needed if used as designed and not meant to compensate for other issues. Sorry you can't make that work in your mind. I like your videos and good luck in you new tractor adventures.
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Notice I said 'at cost' for the part, meaning their cost to build and install. And I didn't install a side link because they seem to break fairly easy (I go to other people that I know that also have experience, and got some good advice on it). The Vast majority of (smaller) tractor owners are weekend or light users who don't earn a living from a tractor. Why do you think they have hydro's? Constructive help is great and always welcome, but offering 'opinions' with sarcasm (Only I get to use sarcasm against me :) doesn't help much... After all, this is just your opinion based on your experiences right? You are not a CEO of a tractor manufacturing company who has mulled over whether or not to have 2 3 point (easy adjustment) points right? And if what your saying is true then whey is the 2nd arm adjustable as well????? Just harder to do it! So, if you CAN adjust the 2nd side, why not make it easy to do?? Pretty simple observation I'd say.. I don't mind good feedback, just clarify that it is 'opinion' and not necessarily factual. Just like I often say 'my opinion based on My experiences...' thanks.
boltactionshooter (10 months ago)
No because you would be crazy lopsided then, whereas if you can easily extend both sides you could be at a dangerous point and still be level and not know it. I'll put my lifetime of being around tractors and 10s of 1000s of hours running all shapes and sizes of them against your obviously limited experience. No offense, like I said just trying to help you out.
boltactionshooter (10 months ago)
I already explained the reason and also it would add to the cost for something that most anyone that knows tractors would view as not needed. You can easily buy that link and put on both sides if you wanted. You can also buy the tilt kits that are hydraulic. I am just trying to help you, I have been around tractors all my life and actively using them for 50 years :) Oh I just watched the video again, go buy one for 40-50 bucks, lol, check back and let me know what you find out :)
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Not to mention, if they have one on ONE side, wouldn't they be afraid you'll over crank that one??? Don't think your arguments holds water....
Randy She (10 months ago)
Just wondering it it is possible to load the tractor on the trailer with the planter mounted?
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
No, a bit too long and would be tougher balancing the trailer weight. Should have got a bigger trailer!!! LOL I bet I might have been able to with the Kioti, but not this beast for sure.... But now you have me thinking............! Can't remember if I actually measured it, paced it off, or just eyeballed it!!! OK, I will go and measure to be sure I'm giving you accurate intel! :) I'll report back in a couple days, Happy 4th!
Richard Bohling Sr (10 months ago)
The Wolf is out on the prowl. Now you need a bigger tool box.
Ed Deetz (10 months ago)
Thanks for the uploads, your service, your stewardship to animals and the land thru a great channel. All the best on the repairs and new seeding.
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Thank you sir, much appreciated! Happy 4th! Kapper
arkansas13 (10 months ago)
Extreme Red and the bean field....can't wait! ....13
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Yeah, still kicking around names!!!! Big Red just rolls off the tongue pretty quick!!! lol
MancelonaMan (10 months ago)
Love your new tractor!
James Machado (10 months ago)
Happy 4th... Thank You for serving … At first glance I was sure we were going to see that new Branson stuck in the pond. Nice tractor. I sure hope it holds up long term for you.
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
LOL ha ha!!! I'll wait just a little while before I get it stuck! Happy 4th!
Chris L. (10 months ago)
those tractor companies would rather the consumer replace that support with a hydrolic tilt. js.
Chris L. (10 months ago)
semper fi
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
yeah, perhaps.... I'm putting on a top link but not a side link. Talked to another youtuber who's really good with tractors and he bent his side link and said he hardly every used it but the top link will be awesome. Looking forward to getting that thing installed! :) Thanks and happy 4th!
Strong's Adventures (10 months ago)
Yes why can’t they make both sides adjust? It ain’t gonna cost that much more. And I think you are going to need a bigger trailer.
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
lol, we agree! But not getting a new trailer! I've gone way over budget recently, time to roll up the sleeves and pay some bills! So I'll have to make due with this system, but I think this worked quite well. We'll see if I can do this trick with the bush hog in the back of the dump truck!???
Deere 6430 (10 months ago)
Turbo sounds good.
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
yeah, this engine just had a high quality rumble! Hope it is not all 'fancy sounds!' lol, won't take me long to find out :)
AquaSplash (10 months ago)
Happy fourth!
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Thanks and happy 4th to you!
Dave Stinson (10 months ago)
Shit is always gonna break or need adjustments on a hot ass day
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
LOL Ain't that the truth! Don't break down on a beautiful sunny 68 degrees!!!!
WhiskeyKing (10 months ago)
Did you say new top link already? That didn't take long. Have a happy and safe 4th, go to the range and let freedom ring!
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
YES, hydraulic top link!!!! Can't wait for that one!!!
Anthony Bennett (10 months ago)
WhiskeyKing Probably taking advantage of third rear hydraulic...tall cotton Kapper.😉
Gary Crumrine (10 months ago)
Big Red's torque biting you? I suspect you are going to have to look at all your equipment now as suspect with that much power. Not sure if slowing down is an option.
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Maybe??? Can't believe the welds busted!!!! Now I have to refab the whole thing... But the good news is that I will custom fit it now because that one implement had the lower arms recessed alot so I have to really pull in the top link... But more work.....
Gary Crumrine (10 months ago)
You missed the marketing point Joe. They get you to buy another adjuster for the other side....
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
LOL, I am going to ask for the price just for fun... I bet its at least $250, probably even more....
dave26566 (10 months ago)
Did you decide to go with ag tires instead of industrial or are they ordered? Love the new tractor btw
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Thanks man. The R4's were not an option in this size so I had to keep the AG's. But I think I will love them, as long as they are durable to punctures and rocks and suck.. But these bigger ones are 8 ply, which is what the smaller R4's are, so I'm hoping they are just as tough. Love the traction though!!!
JManuel (10 months ago)
Always something Kap! Happy 4th of July! Thank you and your son for your service! It doesn’t go unnoticed by real Americans! Now go celebrate the 4th with a 5th and get out of that heat! It’s just as hot down here in Mississippi and I don’t have a tractor with A/C you lucky dog!
JManuel (10 months ago)
Kapper Outdoors haven’t done one yet, I’m actually been babying it. It was my fathers tractor who passed away about 5 years ago and sat up for about 4 years by my uncles place before I bought my land. My uncle used it and apparently abused it some. The front end was knocked off and he “designed and made” me a mad max looking front end for now. I’m about to put it in the shop for some repairs and maintenance. It’s a Kubota L3010 4wd about a 2000 model. I would love to get a bigger tractor in the near future but planning on my building me a cabin next year on the land so buying a tractor is on the back burner. Plus the fact it was my dads tractor it has sentimental value as every time I open the garage door I can still see him sitting on it. Think he loved riding that thing more than than his truck 😂 I’ll have to take you up on a swap one day, still getting my land ready and useable. Plus when I had you down I could pick your brain for ideas!!
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Lets work out a swap hunt or something and I'll let you ride it when you come up!!!!
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Thanks bud and Happy 4th!!!! I don't think I've seen a tractor vid on your channel yet? Do you have one? An open station? Yes, today is all day in the house! We're about to crack open a champagne that we've had waiting to celebrate the new tractor! woo hoo!!! Mrs. K is awesome!!! :)
SailorAllan (10 months ago)
like I know anything about tractors---but by eye, it looks like if you did buy a second adjustable unit, it would replace the right side non-adjustable thingee, and you would be good to go ? talk to your dealer, email the CEO of Branson, say I got 14 thousand guys would be interested in seeing Branson swap out a right side unit as a test, garner you some good publicity/good will...yes/no ?
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
LOL, sometimes that's how you get things done!!! You don't need to know much about tractor to figure this one out btw :)
Judson Pratt (10 months ago)
Reds a beast
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
yeah, its like being up in a Semi truck with bad ass tires!!!! LOL
clark wheeler (10 months ago)
Hey Joe--Easy does it with that planter. The extra power and muscle of Monster Red can rip the bottoms (and welds) right out of your lighter weight implements.
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Now you tell me Clark!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO... But hey, MY top welds did not break... Remember I custom built the top part to fit the imatch???? :)
Dana Kohr (10 months ago)
Maybe a bigger trailer in your future? LOL
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
Yeah, would be nice! But I've gone way over budget now, so time to knuckle down! Should have got that 24 footer! But I thought, 'naw, I'll never have anything that big...' That was when I had my first or second tractor I believe... :)
GenAfterNextTactics (10 months ago)
Love the tractor vids man! Hows the A/C in that tractor in that kind of heat?
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
gotta watch the next vid posted after this one!
Jon Panzarella (10 months ago)
Put the suicide knob on that steering wheel!
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
I will!!! I kept thinking the whole time how it will come in handy! Just didn't have the time to put it on yet.... Looking forward to it.
GenAfterNextTactics (10 months ago)
For real. I wont have a piece of equipment with power steering without one.
Laj51 (10 months ago)
A Marine ALWAYS finds a solution!! Growing pains as you get that machine in hand and make it yours. Now you will learn all the little bits and pieces and it all works out in the end. Hey Kapper i would like to wish you and all my American friends a very happy and "ever free" 4th of July. Cheers From Montreal , Canada
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
thanks buddy!! Happy 4th to all! Yes, I've forgotten all of what it takes to really dial in a new tractor! It will be weeks if not months to get it all right.. But so far, so good :)
Southern Engineering (10 months ago)
The new tractor is a disappointment Kap, you may never get stuck again.... 😥. Have a great 4th...🎆
Kapper Outdoors (10 months ago)
HA HA LMAO!!!! yeah, the problem is I will test the limits at some point, and if I bury this sucker, I'll need to call my excavator buddy to bring something REAL BIG to pull it out!!! Happy 4th bud!
steyrman2 (10 months ago)
Kapper squad no1

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