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100 awesome product ideas #4

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Check out http://goo.gl/q85kSb for each product and http://youtube.com/ChillyPanda for the voice actress. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Subscribe - https://goo.gl/9gkz3k Awesome product ideas - http://www.michiyamamoto.com/ Facebook - http://facebook.com/MichiYamamotoTech Twitter - http://twitter.com/MichiYamamotoT Instagram - http://instagram.com/michi.yamamoto #chillypanda #gadgets #ideas
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Text Comments (1800)
Adi Miller (1 hour ago)
e ink has been around for a while.
Ben (8 hours ago)
Mind officially blown!
Charu Adole (1 day ago)
Very nice👌
modded junky (1 day ago)
15:20 automatic weed farm lol
Well I found free $5612a money making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?tXYvu Great work...
FireBow (1 day ago)
7:00 no, not the tidepod challenge again...
muhmire muhtar (1 day ago)
Where is surgery on a grape 🍇
anisa ani (1 day ago)
Oooo my god technology makes everything easy
Šimon Očkáš (2 days ago)
Actually, it's not possible to have your phone levitate and charge wirelessly at the same time, so the thing at 1:40 is a scam.
A Nerd (3 days ago)
14:30 wasn't that in Wall-E?
Vika Vika 04 Vika (3 days ago)
9:25 would you need to stop blinking until you want a photo? Its dumb.
Sobbin Robin (4 days ago)
This video is making me want to bash my skull in
Little Humie Duck (4 days ago)
9:27 oh yeah... I need that for *special* occassions
NicoM Pictures® (4 days ago)
8:00 Hahahahahah, cringe surprice! That got me off guard.
DanaPatriciaMary1 (4 days ago)
Most of the things are not really necessary. They are made only to gain money. A reasonable person will think first before buying such things. You can save the money you would pay for the stuff and use it for your retirement or something more important.
Ann Fronda (5 days ago)
Ok now im lazy hahaha
Bryceyboy 58 (5 days ago)
Im ready for the future 😃
Anonymous Libertarian (5 days ago)
None of these are on the market I think but perhaps someday!
pOtatO Is dEAd (6 days ago)
2:20 or just Russian squat ☭
Florin Ivan Spartanu (6 days ago)
first tehnologi is very old on Romania
Elizabeth A Thies (6 days ago)
1:08 Boss: alright, got any ideas? Employee: rave toilet. Boss: what? Employee: RAVE. TOILET.
Lika (6 days ago)
Will the protection spray work on my iPhone too?
A_Cool_True_Neutral (7 days ago)
8:01 ...wat
T.Watcher (7 days ago)
15:41 Im good
The noodles idea is fake it was just a water Toy slide lmfaoo
destroyer games79 (8 days ago)
11:55 who else wants to magically make there phone fly?
The Miles (8 days ago)
Ok......... Some of these are just for lazy people. 13:43 because that's just how you would normally go to town.... I do like some of the ideas bit some are just a bit much imo.
i cant believe im seeing this 8:06
Harsh Reality (8 days ago)
Lost me at "guy-ro". LEARN TO READ, Narrator!
Allison Trouten (9 days ago)
I bet you, that ATLEAST half of these are from Japan. Also that banana catcher one was derpy as hell, and I want it
basamaro1 (9 days ago)
some were GOD awful ideas...... abominations to me.
Sarah Cook (9 days ago)
16:28 that is the cutest thing i cant
Gamers Dogma (9 days ago)
1. Cool 2. Handy 3. I own a pair. Pretty useful until I had to go to the hospital to get my fingers reattached. 4. Lazy 5. When can I buy one? 6. Wait a sec... is that my marble slide set? 7. Now my poop can go out in style 8. I was wondering what happened to wall-e after the movie 9. You spin me right round, baby. Right round. When you go down. When you go down down 10. You don’t want to be in bed with your partner with that on your finger. 11. And good for your back, sack and crack. 12. It’s a change from others 13. As an digital artist, that’s cool. 14. Looks okay... I guess 15. One day, he will cover you on his shoulder 16. Easy to use and store 17. Another tool to add to a stalker’s collection 18. I might buy that to creep my family out. 19. For black and white to colour. And now back 20. A smeltery for your food 21. My ex would have liked that. 22. It works 23. That’s cooler than the previous 24. The only way I can think this would be useful is at a disco 25. Basically, a body board with a motor. Looks fun though 26: Basically, a surf board with a motor. Looks fun though 27: Basically, a hand gun with a motor. Still looks fun though 28. That’s pretty cool. 29. I know the first thing they put on that t-shirt 30. That with stop him from watching me sleep 31. That also works too. 32. Practical 33. And killing 99.9% of all bacteria 34. Just pop it like a zit 35. That’s not right. You’re suppose to brush for at least two minutes. 36. If only I was a rich man. A wealthy man. 37. Got some 38. Again, another tool for a stalker. 39. It cool I guess. 40. So it makes things harder, right? 41. Probably cheaper 42. Lets save the environment, people 43. So basically, different coloured blue tac 44. That’s rather cool. 45. That one’s cool too 46. What’s with you people giving stalkers more tools to play with? 47. You seen one, you’ve seen them all. 48. A good size for a dwarf 49. little did they know that just around the river bend, there was a waterfall 50. Basically, a charger with a motor. Looks cool though 51. Handy 52. Wow. 53. Pretty neat 54. It’s like building a computer or adding armour statues to your character in a game. 55. I wonder if it work somewhere else? 56. If only I could control my kids that way. Their homework and chores will be done 57. I like that idea. It gives it a futuristic feel. 58. It’s alive!!! 59. Well, my ally is the force 60. Useful for the blind/visually impaired 61. Don’t hover board have a tendency to set on fire? 62. Yeah, that’s gonna to get robed. 63. More suitcases that are unnecessary. 64. That must have taken a long time to make... do I smell burning? 65. Need one 66. Pretty handy. 67. Okay... 68. Pixar’s wall-e is starting to become a reality 69. I can ride my bike with no handlebars . No handlebars 70. Toad? 71. They are all right replacing us, it’s only a matter of time 72. Cant you see it? 73. Dinner first, then we will see 74. What did I just say? They are taking over 75. Now, they are living among us? 76. Bong bong bong 77. They are learning!!! 78. That machine was from wall-e too! 79. Help us! 80. Pretty cool 81. Hey. There is one thing they can’t do. 82. Doesn’t amazon have those? 83. Green goblin? 84. Love it 85. Talk about getting hands on 86. Football... 87. Only in Japan 88. A ship will hit that at some point 89. What if there is a truck? 90. Lazy buggers 91. I don’t have a car 92. The future, ladies and gentlemen 93. Autobots, roll out! 94. That reminds me to book an appointment 95. You can’t say your heartless. 96. Effective 97. Doctors say the grape will make a full recovery 98. The future is out there. 99. They are a head above the rest. 100. Nice to know that I will become a potato one day.
THE GAMER PY (9 days ago)
Jane Dow (10 days ago)
Cloudy Teake (10 days ago)
So Totally Awesome (10 days ago)
2:05 who has that much hair?
赵晓明 (10 days ago)
1:46 I thought it reads: "Works with toilet"
赵晓明 (10 days ago)
1:18 .........I can smell that light....
Jasmin Assasin (10 days ago)
What year is it?
xiomara llanqui (11 days ago)
Bilinda Law-Morley (11 days ago)
Re:-the bicycle plane, somewhere there's 2 Wright brothers spinning in their graves, moaning "We thought of it first-130 years ago!!"
pqlasmdhryeiw8 (11 days ago)
the sunscreen viewer is a fantastic invention but for the moment it exists as peripheral device for Android phones (Apple phones tbc). No tea no shade but I would prefer a separate, independent device.
popcorn param (11 days ago)
Sitting bag was the best
Mother Of Cats (12 days ago)
7:00 *_New forbidden fruit_*
TheShogunBlade (12 days ago)
Two years later, only a few of them are real (most of them are not affordable)
jacob beisel (12 days ago)
the man why did thy have him shave
Benjamin Benitez (12 days ago)
Who made all these. Right the Chinese of course u.s.a ain't that advance lol
Nasty Jelly (16 days ago)
Hey guys it’s chillly
HOWYOUDOIN884 (17 days ago)
funny video... who is girl narrating?
Ariana Young (17 days ago)
After watching this video I bet you one day Robots r gonna take over the world 😂😂😂😂
Hailey Calder (20 days ago)
the one at 12:02 reminds me way too much of the book the barcode tattoo
Clarence Shepard (20 days ago)
There's only one flower I said that unbreakable spray on stuff what if there's a tornado what destroys a house and it has been that unbreakable stuff on it and a tornado picks it up and swings it around it's basically a giant projectile
Clarence Shepard (20 days ago)
I guess you can say that 100 dresses and one thing is the real Snead from the warlocks movie except for something like the 100 dresses and one thing you can't do or be a unbrella like in the movie but I guess it can be almost like everything else
sabbinac (20 days ago)
2:04 That's a nice sweater. Does it come in a V-neck?
Merplex Playz (22 days ago)
えぱち (26 days ago)
Mr. Rageface (27 days ago)
0:56 big marvel?
majogamer123RBLX (28 days ago)
this video made me jealous
Kiki Waka (1 month ago)
I have the toilet nicht lite thing :P
CHULAMPOSXD PW (1 month ago)
4:51 that was a rap
zed zaidi (1 month ago)
hai...ape kabor rodong...
bacela13 (1 month ago)
Completely useless and unnecessary things.
MeiMei Qs (1 month ago)
The house gadget mostly robots just makes you get lazy in life and won’t help kids learn to do something’s by themselves But I love these amazing ideas when you don’t have anytime to care for yourself or when you have kids :3
Saki Hoshiwa (1 month ago)
Something tells me that I need this door opening robot. It‘s cute
Neon Cuties (1 month ago)
Lol FnaF dancing
17:39 you forgot snatching weaves
x_gucci._. tae_x (1 month ago)
17:30 Hahahahhaha yeah works so well😂😂😂😂 wtf
Meriam Alobaidi (1 month ago)
Where is the restaurant at 1:03 ?
Why explain if everything is clear without words, especially in such a terrible voice? I had to turn off the sound.
Katie Hong (1 month ago)
why dont i see these thing out in real life i feel like we have the things to make today to tommorow land but we dont do it whyyy
archicutter (1 month ago)
Dinge die die Welt UNBEDINGT brauch, NICHT !
osuushiza8 (1 month ago)
21:35 head transplant?! WTFF?!?? 😨
osuushiza8 (1 month ago)
13:30 that looks 2funny! 😂 14:33 ROFL! 😜
Shy Spy (1 month ago)
16:54 it's the meme 0:50 oh if toast we're real
Adam Lawrence (1 month ago)
We carry the "GoSun" at my Airstream Dealership... Been 3 years... never sold one lol
Steven Paige (1 month ago)
The solar tent was cool
Francisco Bulabog (1 month ago)
21:50 I need this when i died :)
Krickmen Eaz (1 month ago)
Smart tattoo if I use it and then shower is it gonna go away.... Liddiard wheels do yhu think that it can get flat
Krickmen Eaz (1 month ago)
Go to 8:16 The red spray If I spray it too me and I jump off a roof I'm I gonna break my bones
osuushiza8 (1 month ago)
Krickmen Eaz ud melt like lava b4 then! It has 2be heated 4it 2coat b4 cooling down 2work effectively.
Pinto Beans (1 month ago)
I just wanna know what the coffins for
will hutchins (1 month ago)
Some of these genuinely terrify me...
will hutchins (1 month ago)
+osuushiza8 Yea that one too
osuushiza8 (1 month ago)
will hutchins esp the head swapping one. Just WTF?!
melika sims (1 month ago)
You know what? I'm not disturbed by the last idea of this video. I wouldn't mind being turned into a tree when I die, ya know help out the environment. If someone mourns me as a tree rather than a gravestone I don't mind.
TheDukePlays (1 month ago)
Backpack chair has been around since the 1910's. Its not a new invention.
Oceana Jordanwood (1 month ago)
That last one was awesome
Kristel sil (1 month ago)
Love the Boston Dynamics robots,cute, like animals
Kristel sil (1 month ago)
wow,the future is here
SimplyCyo (1 month ago)
14:33 Yall remember Wall-E?
Little Sushi Channel (1 month ago)
6:30 it's like Big hero :)))
Ths (1 month ago)
I guess I'm having a very long wish list.
That’s just awesome and even more the surgical innovations just unreal
Giorgi Andriadze (1 month ago)
100 useless product ideas...
つっちー次は (1 month ago)
777skeleton (1 month ago)
Great, as if we weren't lazy enough.
Aria Nativatis (1 month ago)
Me @ 16:56 - NOOOOO!!!
*Do they exist in the Philippines?*
June Turpin (1 month ago)
21:43 i was with it right up to there. Wonder how many more are fake?😲😕
Nat Geo (1 month ago)
Good product idea
Vathana nana (1 month ago)
0:56 i just reliase that Big Marvel did right
Maria Holscher (1 month ago)
These are crazy cool

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