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Hi everyone! I decided to film this video using Milk Makeup products. I have only tried two of their products and I’m excited to try out more of their complexion products. DISCLAIMER *Yes these products were sent to me but this video is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own!* *Discount Codes/Affiliate Links* sweetheartlashes.com/shop dc: AMBER BOXY CHARM https://mbsy.co/fWhDl 4-5 FULL SIZE products for $21.00/mo. Recreate your looks and tag me on social media! https://www.instagram.com/amberroseoa... https://www.twitter.com/amberroseoatman SNAP @amberroseoatman NO FACEBOOK BUSINESS INQUIRIES/SPONSORSHIPS EMAIL ME: [email protected]
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Text Comments (36)
Viviana Reyes (23 hours ago)
What shade milk powder did you use?
Wicked Vangogh (1 month ago)
Omg you are so pretty !
Isabel Ibarra (5 months ago)
Your make up looks awesome! For future reference do a test wear i feel like videos like that are helpful.
Dana Matthews (7 months ago)
I couldn't stop staring at your eyes. So gorgeous
C Rodrieguez (8 months ago)
I love itttt💕 can you do a eyeliner routine ?
Nat (8 months ago)
I hated that powder so much! The packaging sucks, i had to rip off the netting to get product out and it made me oily in 2 hours. Its not oily skin friendly at all, i never had a powder make me look so greasy and cakey like this one.
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Nataly Jasmine oh no! Sorry that happened to you! I’m oily and it was okay for me , I see your point on the net.. it’s. A nuisance at times.
Ashley Adelyne (8 months ago)
Loved this video! Helpful, cute and funny. Following you on IG right away!
Milk Makeup (8 months ago)
WOW GIRL - that skin is blurred for the gods! 🔥
Kim Rivera (8 months ago)
Milk Makeup i LOVE the kush mascara!
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Milk Makeup thanks my loves!!!! The powder did MAGIC 😍😍
Personal Ma (8 months ago)
I might of missed it but what shade did you use of the three setting powders? Was that the medium middle one?
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Personal Ma medium yes!
Andi Liddick (8 months ago)
Girl, Jessi Smiles had the same problem with the concealer! The stopper comes on and off! That’s why it was so messy and then went back to normal. Their packaging is not the best 👎🏼
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Andi Liddick yea that shit shouldn’t happen. kind of a turn off 😕 I never had this issue with any off product so I was shocked lol. Thanks for letting me know about jessi! Least I’m Not the only one haha
MissAmyxo (8 months ago)
Your skin looks so nice and smooth! 💜
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
MissAmyxo thanks love!!
Bria Sorrell (8 months ago)
Great video!! I love that you dressed up for the video this time! Plus, the inches are bomb! If you had a backdrop then everything would’ve been good perfect!!
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Bria Sorrell lol thanks. Yeah, I just love the natural window lighting. But I need to get back to all my lighting with back drop. Just have very limited space at the moment /: but thanks for the input and noticing!!!
HelloJessenia (8 months ago)
Yes girl! I’m dying to try the powder! I haven’t tried any of the blur sticks but I’m intrigued by the matte one now❤️ thanks girl!
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
HelloJessenia I love the idea! I have to keep trying them to see how I like it. Lol but the powder definitely blurred !!
Shania Johnson (8 months ago)
Gorgeous Queen 💛💛💛💛
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Shania Johnson thanks love !
Maria Rodriguez (8 months ago)
If I could ask for a video request...Can you please make a favorite lashes vid I love all of your lashes !!! 😍😍🌹
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Maria Rodriguez hmmm 😏 I like that!! I gotta restock on some of My faves. But I can make that happen!
Magic Maker (8 months ago)
Thats coz concealer head came out when u opened it. Its lose. And next time when u opened it didnt come out lol. i hv seen reviews before :)
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Magic Maker lmaooo I thought I was tripping.. 😂😂😂
Jasmine Brooks (8 months ago)
You look cute girl!! Omg I can't wait to try this Milk brand I'm pretty curious if i say so myself. Everything looked gorgeous on the skin so for that I'm really excited to try it out..
Jasmine Brooks (8 months ago)
Amber Rose Oatman yes I sure will!
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Jasmine Brooks awe thanks! And yes their products are nice! Lmk when you try them and what you think!
Nia Johnson (8 months ago)
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Nia Johnson thanks !!!
Eileen yanez (8 months ago)
Witch setting powder do you like better better Milk or Huda ?
Sahira Rodriguez (1 month ago)
So which one does she like better ?
Lindsay (3 months ago)
+Amber Rose Oatman which powder do you like better?
Kim Rivera (8 months ago)
Amber Rose Oatman which on do you think? I just ordered the huda one but have Store credit at Sephora And was browsing the milk powder.
Amber Rose Oatman (8 months ago)
Eileen yanez hmmmmmmm... let me do my makeup tomorrow and wear the milk one again with different products and I’ll get back to you on that .. since I’ve been wearing huda nonstop lol. I gotchu though 🙌🏽

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