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The Fiery Joker's Lingering Will Record

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2:29 seconds and in critical mode. I believe I've earned the right to talk crap about this game, lol. At the end of my LP of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix I will post a guide of how I accomplished beating this boss. It's a real shame. My actual record is 1:30, but I was never able to record it. -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/ Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Text Comments (517)
Francesco Vassallo (11 days ago)
Such is the society we live in
judeskater93 (3 months ago)
I now have a need to play the remix again.
I Live Under Your Bed (4 months ago)
I don't see what's so special about this. You just cheesed the hell out of him, good video anyways.
Rodrigo Nadur (6 months ago)
There's a good time, but now there's other records now :/
Q. McHale (7 months ago)
*(puts down controller and walks outside)* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
Shockman 21 (8 months ago)
In the immortal words of Lord Shaxx: this isn’t a fight, this, is a massacre!
Aege-Chrono Breaker (8 months ago)
TwilightCage (8 months ago)
you've got some guts using wisdom form in this fight
Silent Protagonist (8 months ago)
Holy hell poor Terra
Vampire Hunter TK (8 months ago)
Dude! Have you been practicing for this?
The game moves faster, the counter moves at normal speed. Really?
RpgBlaster (9 months ago)
*Lingering Will Death Scream* New Memes
bleeduntildeath (9 months ago)
I should really get this game again.... for the 3rd time...... never played on critical
Gray Tenebris (1 year ago)
At one point, I took your distaste of Demyx to mean that you were bad at Kingdom Hearts 2, as I had no trouble handing the Organization's designated water boy his ass to him on a golden platter with a side salad. Having played the game on Critical Difficulty, getting my ass whooped time and time again by Water-Bitch (not to mention his Data version), and over six months later and STILL not having a Lingering Will victory to my name, and THEN seeing this... yeah, I'll kindly shut the f[yay]ck up about your skill at the game now.
[Dr]Snegg (1 year ago)
Well gosh darn.
The Pyro Jawsome (1 year ago)
Final For OP; Squeenix plz nerf
Hanzo Shimada (1 year ago)
ay, g, we're around the same time. 2:28 seconds.
Kaossynn Inc (1 year ago)
....holy effing nutballs! That was awesome!!
Luna Schauer (1 year ago)
Wow he is a beast
Son Of A Shoopuf (1 year ago)
IF this is real it's super impressive but i feel like it's hacked. First of all, i don't understand how you kept donald alive to use final form, and with that full final form combo, he SHOULD have retaliated way before you finished it. I never trusted the english patch on original KH2FM, so i would love to see this done on ps3/ps4
ChromeVault (1 year ago)
Terra needs a new asshole.
Thinks of Turtles (1 year ago)
jesus christ it's jason bourne
A Person (2 years ago)
not to be a douche or mean but i feel like i can beat this time cuz i have fought the lingering will like 100 times and out of those 100 times ive beaten him a couple of times and i think i got a good strat down to beat him...
ajddavid452 (2 years ago)
damn seeing something like this in my recommended feed? AWESOME, you have MURDERED TERRA!!!
Goken (2 years ago)
Was this an English Patch of 2FM? Also I thought this was a pretty interesting strategy. I'm used to watching speedruns of this guy so it was cool to see a different strat to defeat him.
kiri (2 years ago)
bet u can't beat my record kappa
JageshemashFTW (2 years ago)
You know what? I'm fine with people being better than me with something, like a video game. I'm fine knowing that there are some things in games I will never be good enough to do. But what really shakes my monkey tree is people who do shit like this and then act like it's not a big deal. "Oh yeah, just a speed-run of Lingering Will on Critical mode, no biggee." Like, No! Fuck you! You are an amazing gamer with unbelievable talent and I want you to fucking acknowledge it!
DaDestroyer12 (1 year ago)
Its not a big deal tho....if you are good at the game you can easily beat him....you just need to know his attacks and patterns....not hard at all
Demi-Fiend of Time (2 years ago)
+Jayce in terms of school grade scores this probably lands in the range of B to -A as while the not ridiculous Bullshit no hit 90 second kills some other people do this is still dam impressive and if anyone says oh I can do that until they show me I call bullshit.
Negroid Weeb (2 years ago)
Im not impressed with the gameplay, just more the strat. Never thought that Final Form was all that viable against LW. Wisdom form should be routed out, as it seems to be slower than just waiting for the drive to go final and end the fight in 3 cycles. This is definitely impressive but it can be improved quite a bit
andrew gifford (2 years ago)
Chocolian (2 years ago)
Disgaealikerasap (2 years ago)
I wonder if canonly Terra was at max strength or not
Disgaealikerasap (2 years ago)
yeah i was about to say that Sora has some good feats
Alex Lee (2 years ago)
+Disgaealikerasap not necessarily just weaker than a potential keyblade master who has done nothing but train for 10 years
Disgaealikerasap (2 years ago)
+Alex Lee​ but that implies that sora is weak in kh2
Alex Lee (2 years ago)
I dont think so its just his mind sora had mind, body and 2 hearts
James mocks trailers (3 years ago)
nice I beat kh1 serpriroth in 3 to 4 minutes
Scorpionspear77 (3 years ago)
Amazing battle- but why Wisdom Form and not use Final Form again? Just curious.
Negroid Weeb (2 years ago)
fight would have been faster if he just waited for the drive to go Final Form
+Scorpionspear77 It's alright, nobody is perfect. Except Joshscorcher according to this video.
Scorpionspear77 (3 years ago)
Aaaand suddenly I feel quite stupid for not noticing that. I guess the fact I almost never use Wisdom Form except for Demyx didn't help
+Scorpionspear77 Drive wasn't charged enough.
Scorpionspear77 (3 years ago)
Y'see Terra, this is why Aqua was made a Keyblade Master and not you.
Alex Lee (2 years ago)
I think he must have been training for the entire decade he was stuck in the keyblade graveyard cause endgame bbs terra would do even worse in this fight i wonder if he would pass his mark now?
Nayem Rahman (3 years ago)
If i could Josh, i would isolate all the metel in my body to forge you a medal.
SamValiant (3 years ago)
And here I thought I was good at this game. Silly me.
Yew Geneolgia (3 years ago)
Words cannot explain how awesome it was to see this. Also, I love how someone else likes to use magic. I thought I was the only person who liked to use magic. Haha
Datura Minaka (2 years ago)
I like wisdom form,it's just that I hardly find uses for it. Me,I play as speed and power. Dodge attacks quickly and give them back hard. When it comes to magic however,my hits usually miss the mark,so I tend to disregard them and go for the physical damage. I'm basically a terra-ventus.
Gamesfan34260 (2 years ago)
People don't like using magic? Weirdos xD
The guardian (3 years ago)
Whats a health bar?
Dai 大 (3 years ago)
Ha.. I always thought that KH was a kids game.  This is an RPG, right? What would you compare it with? Dark Souls? Never played a KH games before, and probably never will.. too much stuff to do and plenty of KH I've lost already.
Dai 大 (3 years ago)
Arkham Knight?
Mogar Is Ready (3 years ago)
How in the holy name of f**k did he do that!!!!!!!!!!? It took me over 4 hours of re-trying to beat him
Flaming Gilgamesh (3 years ago)
I'd like to see you fight him again but using guard. The final part of his DM can be blocked entirely with guard and you can still retaliate and attack him. it would shave some time off of this insanely impressive record
ZeroSystem100 (3 years ago)
What level are you?!
Eltanin (3 years ago)
Wow. Terra's armor stood no chance
S P G (3 years ago)
Now that's what I call skill. Nice job joker☺.
KuroNoTenno (3 years ago)
Yeah... It looked kinda like this for me too... Well exept there were more curses.
AlphaWolvesGamer (3 years ago)
And now I'm going to go hang myself..... I thought I could call myself a gamer, but after seeing this, I have no right to call myself a gamer. I don't deserve to live. :<
TheLoZKing (3 years ago)
Holy *bleep* on a *bleep* sandwich with *bleep* on top...and a side helping of *bleep*.
I'm Bad (3 years ago)
Wait, in the original Final Mix, you couldn't use any drive forms except for Limit form, right? Not saying this was an easy battle for you , Josh. This is one hell of an achievement. Just thinking that maybe having access to final form helped a bit.
Flaming Gilgamesh (4 years ago)
You can dodge roll almost everything he does. That and blocking let you counter his attacks much easier. Specifically Rising Sun
Gerrion (4 years ago)
You, sir, deserve my respect. Kudos!
Benny Boi (4 years ago)
And yet somehow he still gets his ass kicked by Demx.
Isrel156 (4 years ago)
Is this 2.5? Cause if I remember correctly, kh2fm had japanese text.
GGamer745 (4 years ago)
its 2 ez
maria rodriguez (4 years ago)
My........God..... THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!
MCZerky (4 years ago)
Couple o' questions... first off, I always get stuck at the point where he starts to pile things on you (after about 6 or 7 HP bars are gone), like he'll fire his Ultima cannon then summon the Glider and then summon his drones, and THEN he'll shoot Blizzagas at you. It just gets to the point of unrelentingly overwhelming. I'm lvl 99, Ultima, all stats in the high 60's. So simply, WAT Do. Spam reflect? Do I try to final form him (I always end up just gliding around waiting for opportunities and missing them), do I try some limits, I mean seriously. I never had this much trouble with any other KH enemy, except for the Mysterious Figure. 
Zerukin (4 years ago)
DAMN JOSH! You make this guy look like a chump! He's actually the biggest pain in the ass boss I've faced! (moreso than Jasper Batt Jr.)
Onyx Rosehip (4 years ago)
That was awesome :D
Alice Alysia (4 years ago)
For the idiots who don't know: Josh loves kh2, but he complains about it for two reasons, firstly, because he is being mature and acknowledging that the game has flaws, secondly, so that his videos might actually be entertaining. The only people who don't nit pick their favourite games are fanboys/girls, and you should never be one of these people.
What's this? Someone that doesn't endlessly praise KH2 and thinks it's perfect while trashing the other games and is an actual fan of the series? HALLELUJAH!!
Gamesfan34260 (4 years ago)
Then there's me like "I'm going to find flaws that aren't even there!" =p
GalaxiaKnightX (4 years ago)
Josh you are awesome. This boss has been kicking my butt because of his unpredictable AI when it comes to his 2nd or 3rd phase. You just kicked his ass with ease. That's just awesome.
Stephan DeWitz (4 years ago)
Josh, I want to slap you silly right now. You made that look so easy! Assuming you were at level 99, what did you have equipped? I'm also on critical mode and I can only get him down to 4 bars remaining.
SagittariusAyy (4 years ago)
.....Holy shit. Congratulations is not nearly enough.....I'm now proud that I gave you my money.
MisAnthro Pony (4 years ago)
Good lord! It took me days to even beat this guy in under 20 minutes! You sir are a GOD at this game!
Gale Barret (4 years ago)
...Well then
Sticks the Badger (4 years ago)
*That Final Form is monstrous! It was practically shredding through those health bars like old newspaper!*
PurpleFire18 (4 years ago)
Damn, you were burning through his health bar like crazy. So flashy, too!
Alex Cole (4 years ago)
:| Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh. Holy crap.
Dracomut (4 years ago)
Very good, now do it without getting hit
Rodrigo Nadur (6 months ago)
Dracomut this is not too hard
Bweezybird (4 years ago)
Have you had anti form appear in this fight josh?
Absent Coder (4 years ago)
You may be able to beat terra on critical mode, but can you beat sephy at level 62 with no elixirs or the ultima weapon?
Theodore De Matradoy (8 months ago)
Peace of Cake lol i did it at level 57 with Limit Form Maxed out at Critical -_-
The Golden Paladin (3 years ago)
i did it, pretty easy too. Lingering Will is much harder than sephiroth
Soma Cruz (4 years ago)
Rank V for viewtiful
K4RN4GE911 (4 years ago)
Gamesfan34260 (4 years ago)
I can imagine Josh saying that in this fight actually...just replace the "WOMBO COMBO" with a "AND WHAM!" =p
AnimaMandala (4 years ago)
Yeah, I don't see myself beating this on Critical Mode any time soon.
PokeSEGA64 (4 years ago)
     So...How do you fare against the Mysterious Figure?
Eviane (4 years ago)
I find not using forms more impressive, though this is cool too.
Hayden Gough (4 years ago)
That. Was impressive.
BetaBran (4 years ago)
I have a file on proud mode. This guy so far is the only one I cannot beat. He keeps doing the glider attack, so I can't hit him, otherwise it's the instant death shot or the limit combo. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do this? This is the HD version if it matters. All help well appreciated. Also great job Josh!
BetaBran (4 years ago)
+Hyper Shadic I thank you for the advice, but I was especially wondering if there was anything that affected his behavior. Because when I fight him all he does is glider (3 times in a row!), death bow, or limit combo (all three of which make him temporarily invincible, and are a pain to dodge). SC and OM are useful, but even with them I've only gotten him down to his last 4 bars, and that was after a several failed attempts, which his random A.I. makes nearly impossible to learn any patterns from. Again thanks for the advice though.
Cursedwind (4 years ago)
Is this the WORLD record?
The Bard (4 years ago)
Dragonpit (4 years ago)
Geez...louise....I generally never break into Final Form that early; I just keep to normal Sora until the last four health bars before going for that ownage, and even then... I also never use Reflectga for defense; I do well enough with Guard. That said, I haven't beaten Terra that fast, but I still talk crap about the game, so I...don't think it matters that much. Still, amazing job.
Maura Classified (4 years ago)
Holy Crap do I feel like a newb. 0_0
Chaos Controller (4 years ago)
Holy Kawasaki motorcycles on a stick... ..... My mind must have been blown pretty hard; I think it broke for a few seconds.
BlazeTube626 (4 years ago)
hey joshscorcher first off... EPICNESS!!! second, r u gonna try all the secret boss in KH2 and KHBBS?  
leon2550 (4 years ago)
that stunlock with final form was glorious, too bad he stalled you near the end.
Stardust Whip (4 years ago)
I can just imagine what he's thinking. "I can beat this kid, easy." _2 1/2 minutes later_ "WHAT THE F***?!"
nate man (4 years ago)
Dame josh you got game
ThatScottishDude _ (4 years ago)
"FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!" That reminded me of Fox McCloud. 
Flaming Gilgamesh (4 years ago)
I always get screwed later on with command locking and his limit
Kesseleth (4 years ago)
Having never played KH2 (crossing my fingers in hope that Square Enix follows up on all these seemingly impromptu Final Fantasy releases on Steam with a KH or two), I've no idea how impressive this actually is. Sure looked cool, though.
Playtindo Gaming (4 years ago)
I have currently died 54 times to this boss, and u beat him in 2:30...... Imma go and cry now...,
ethan277 (4 years ago)
Hot damn Josh!
Boohead86 (4 years ago)
Draygone Fuzzbottom Jr (4 years ago)
Is this an optional boss or something?
The Wielder (3 years ago)
It's the games Superboss, he's only available in Final Mix, you can only unlock him by completing all of the games worlds and he is the strongest enemy in the game
Kitsune Hawk (4 years ago)
...Holy crap.
Smug Sneasel (4 years ago)
This is great...but I think the REAL victor of this fight is Goofy. For surviving like that.
Zak Storm (4 years ago)
TheAAJYu (4 years ago)
Malevolent Fae (4 years ago)
Guys. He says that his actual record is 1 minutre 30 seconds ._. what
Xanatos7707 (1 year ago)
Considering that LW was on less than one health bar at around that time, easily believable.
Daniel Gavin (4 years ago)
AT Productions (4 years ago)
Big deal. I defeated the Unknown from Birth by Sleep in 3:00 on Hard (and that guy is a nightmare in the easiest setting!) Nah, not really, you did a pretty good job here! By the way I wasn't joking about my record.
Steel Lunpara (4 years ago)
+Dracula Belmont I'm talking about Young Xehanort, and he is, indeed, the guy in the land of departure.
Absent Coder (4 years ago)
+The Frost Dragon Wait... When you talk about unknown, are you talking about that asshat from the postgame in the land of departure? Or that guy in the arena whom you get the ultima weapon from after defeating?
Steel Lunpara (4 years ago)
+Dracula Belmont He does? No... Nobody told me that! I spent all that time putting on literally every ability in the game!
Absent Coder (4 years ago)
It took me about 6 minutes to beat him. After a month's worth of tries. On normal. At level 52. The strategy is to unequip all your unimportant abilities first, as he gets stronger the more abilities you equip. you only need things like second chance, once more, leaf bracer, maybe scan, some HP boosts, and you also need reversal slash for the "cross-chain" as I call it.
Theinsanegamer10 (4 years ago)
The description is wrong. Sorry Josh, it says SECOND< when it was 2 MINUTES and 29 seconds. Also, 229 seconds is longer than how long it took to beat lingering will.
SmilinFox (4 years ago)
I've gotta say, that when I went about beating the lingering will that he was a real jerk and continuously kept using the friggin bow to seal all my commands and cause the instant death if I hit any of the moving fall commands. I also found that when I used reflect that it would not hit him out of his invincibility frame attacks. Still a million times better than the mysterious figure fight in bbs final mix on the 2.5 disc though. I am not willing to face him with Terra since Terra has next to no invincibility frames in his dashes (so it always seems at least. Why is the mysterious figure harder than xehanort's armor anyways when his keyblade reward is worse?)

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