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Strike ALight" lights up the whole length of the rod.Even if your down the other end of the beach, bank or pier you will still see the bite.My mates and I have been using these for two seasons now and we all agree that we would not go back to the old dismal starlight or bells.I made these kits up in response to inquiries from other anglers wanting to know where to buy them. each kit is 3m .I am now selling them at £15 post & packing £1.75
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brianking (3 years ago)
I would like to buy one please, Contact me on [email protected] as i cant find a link to purchase from.
Avtomat kalashnikov (4 years ago)
interested please message me.
theskip1 (5 years ago)
YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT " [email protected] "
Johnny Nance (5 years ago)
I would so like to get a few of these from you but i see that you are not selling them any more or if you are could you please tell me where.
pete (5 years ago)
I've only just found this vid after researching this wire for this use and I bought a kit for about £7 from Ebay for half a meter of wire and the inverter, but the problem I have is having the inverter mounted on the rod. I like your idea of mounting it on the tripod. You could have just one inverter and split it to power both rods?
theskip1 (5 years ago)
its also proved that no one wants one of these as i have not had any enquiries ! even though i and my freinds would not use enything else now. not enough night fishermen perhaps ?

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