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Blind Man Take Advantage Of Hot Girl Man Will Be Man funny whats app video

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sego (5 months ago)
she prolly knew it was fake, maybe she just wants guys to grab her ass
Pro Pro (1 year ago)
I swear to god I matched with this hot girl on tinder and apparently no one can help her cheat on a science test but it's so easy it's highschool level science that she hasn't passed yet. She's willing to do anything but I'm not sure to the extent of what she means by that. And she even asks me what I want in exchange but I'm shy to tell her my perverted fantasy like "well how badly do you want to pass.... fuck me" or something along the lines of that. I'm actually a good looking guy too lol but I don't know if I should try this approach or just be a chill guy who will try to build a relationship from being that nice guy who helped her? Like should I risk it? Cause she's kinda at my disposal. Like at my mercy. She's that type of girl who's spoiled and stuff.
Purushothaman p (1 year ago)
I like this girl
Purushothaman p (1 year ago)
I want this girl

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