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Qute - Living Fashion

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Whether you are a man or a woman and you love fashion, this app is dedicated to you. Planning an important business meeting, a date or a family party and you don't know what to wear? Let’s face it - how they see you is how they perceive you. Qute can solve your fashion dilemmas and give great inspirations. From that moment on you will always look at your best! Qute is a new funny & spontaneous way to communicate with your friends - using a simple language of images. Qute is your go-to for comparing fashion and purchasing decisions your heart desires! Now you can have an instant feedback on what to wear or buy from the global community. How it works? It's simple: • Capture two fashion styles or pieces of clothing an share them • Other users help you choose a better suiting one by voting • Look great, feel attractive and wear it proudly! But that's not all! If you are interested in fashion in general, you can also vote on other users posts and become their trendsetter. It's easy, just slide the button 'VOTE' to the left or right, depending on whichever style or garment you like better. Immediately you'll see the result of the vote. View comments and discuss. Invite fiends and follow most creative people – create your own fashion network and have fun. Build your own unique wardrobe by collecting the best inspirations from others. Live fashion. Stay up to date with fashion trends!
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