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Alexander McQueen S/S RTW 2002, Dance of the Twisted Bull

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With scenes from a bullfight projected onto a screen at the back of the runway and models in bicorn hats, matador jackets and flamenco skirts, this, McQueen's first ready-to-wear collection produced in partnership with the Gucci Group and shown in Paris, is amongst the most clear examples of the play between masculine and feminine that characterises his work. Body-skimming jersey cutaway to mimic harnessing is paired with sharp, low-slung tailoring, crisp white shirts are layered with laced corsetry in traditional Savile Row fabrics. Jewel encrusted epaulettes, polka dots, ruffled, tiered skirts and more crafted out of what look like Spanish fans are all executed with the complexity of pattern and attention to detail the designer is known for
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john shelby (1 year ago)
3:29 8:35 10:00 12:35
sylvie raimbault (2 years ago)
David Kobe (2 years ago)
Does someone know the music? :)
P. P. (10 months ago)
Missy Elliot she's a bitch vs trancesetters roaches deep house remix.
WILLIAM DIAZ (1 year ago)
Concierto de Aranjuez for guitar & orchestra ANd Jus EP (ORiginal) Arc-En-Ciel
thebobby (2 years ago)
Very light and soft for a McQueen collection of the time. He must have been happy.
Micah Lee (1 month ago)
This collection was a slight poke at Gallianos heritage being from a Spanish heritage from gerbralta McQueen always had a rivalry with Galliano.
Tamara Frankel (3 years ago)
Thank You So Much for all the McQueen shows & your great analysis of them- Great! When fashion still had some groundbreaking creativity and art in it, pre- Kardashians, Kendall, Kim&Kanye, pre-"Zoolander" referencing finales, when it was still a home to Outsiders & Eccentrics....
billybuzy (5 years ago)
thank u soo much!!!

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