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Detroit Become Human - Funny Moments with Connor and Hank

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Connor and Hank - Funny Moments - Detroit Become Human Watch Part 2 / other scenes with Connor and Hank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WXoHO4fTb0 Watch Kara's and Alice's emotional story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPiHqUc4GPE Music: And So It Begins - Artificial Music
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Text Comments (400)
28 Stab Wounds (12 days ago)
2:06 When my phone freezes.
“E-easy... s..sumo?” He sounded scared, he had emotions from the start
George Robins (1 month ago)
"You listen to heavy metal?" Hank's voice at this always cracks me up
Fandom Editor (1 month ago)
They should just make a Connor video game
Natascha Klein (1 month ago)
0:31 😂
Leia MSM (1 month ago)
I like dogs 2 secs later FUCKING DOG AHHHH
Natascha Klein (1 month ago)
2:06 that one always gets me
PyromaniacAzef (2 months ago)
Connor become Hank - Funny moments with Detroit and Human
Maria Oliveira (2 months ago)
Connor is so adorable lol 😂
Yeshi da Apple Cake :3 (3 months ago)
Other deviants: **shows fear to/of humans* Connor: **shows fear to Sumo*
Channel deleted (3 months ago)
Sumo attack.BARK.good dog
Blue Berry (4 months ago)
1:04 "Everybody's gotta die of something"
ocluna 123 (4 months ago)
2:16 😂😂😂😂
Parasinz (4 months ago)
Lmao hearing Clancy Brown (Hank) cuss, is so weird because he played Mr. Crabs XD
Xander S. (5 months ago)
1:01 Incase you guys didn’t know what that rap songs name is it’s called all facts by Sean Allen
BTS OBSESSED (5 months ago)
Oh Conner is so adorable
Papercut Pixie (6 months ago)
Wake up lieutenant! It's me! Gay fuck!
Jaxx the gay (6 months ago)
I have only known Connor for three minutes and fifteen seconds but if he dies in my game I'm ending my life.
Ven Fire (6 months ago)
Is it bad I kinda ship them lmao
spacelatte._. (6 months ago)
Connor: *slabs hank* are u feeling it now mr. Krabs?!
William Luk (7 months ago)
Sumo Attack! Good dog!
Viktoria Szałata (7 months ago)
How is it possible for Connor to be like all parkour and stuff but he can't even get into the house through the window properly...?
Viktoria Szałata (7 months ago)
1:20 why do I like when he says that word...
Κασσάνδρα (7 months ago)
Lazy_Edits23 (7 months ago)
0:38 I think that is the best line Hank has ever said in my opinion. 😂😂😂
Ken-1999 (7 months ago)
Man I would love to have Connor on my Side
Eve Valentine213 (8 months ago)
*Connor comes across a big dog* Connor: Easy Sumo...I'm your friend see? I know your name. I'm just here to help your owner. *Chloe from LIS, sees Pomidou and shoots him* Chloe: He had it coming! Conclusion: Connor is good. Chloe is a bitch.
Aida Safirah rahman (8 months ago)
Euww 😕disguting ..Connor please stop putting some sample in your mouth...😁😁😁
General Kenobi (8 months ago)
I love Connor and Hank. They have great interactions.
NezarBan (8 months ago)
2:16 It’s me Connor bitch
R. Mills (8 months ago)
I just love the way he wakes up Hank
Jasmine DoggieTvn (9 months ago)
2:40 Hank: AHHHHHH!! TURNIT OFF!!! TURN IT OFF!! Connor: Suffer.
Jasmine DoggieTvn (9 months ago)
Connor Precious Boi Moments
__ (9 months ago)
I dont know why, but the idea of Connor listening to Metal just cracks me up so much; I can imagine him just bobbing his little head to the tune with a smirk! xD
Thif Thouf (9 months ago)
I don't know why .... But it's something cute when Connor analyse the blood you're going to see yourself what i mean you will see and you going to say the same thing 💚😍🙆
Robnoob Roblox (9 months ago)
I like Connor but I hate Markus
Remi S. (9 months ago)
Jusovia (9 months ago)
Connor - "What were you doing with the gun?" Hank - "Russian Roulette!" Me - "Well, Russian Roulette is no fun by yourself!"
Køøkíē DēMíçø (9 months ago)
2:59 😅😂
xXlincoln Xx (9 months ago)
Ugh_Sydney (9 months ago)
I love Conner, and Brian, like so much.
Ugh_Sydney (9 months ago)
Conner: do you listen to knights of the Black Death? Conner: I really like that music, it’s full of... Energy. Hank: You listen to Heavy Metal? Conner: :/ Conner: Well, I don’t really listen to music as such... Hank: _ _ 0 0 ~ Conner: but I’d like to. Conner: Well I mean It’s not like I listen to it, I just hear it every time I walk. :/
FlowerFrost (9 months ago)
Connor and Hank are great "friends" if u know what I mean.
Kai Shand (9 months ago)
JakulaithWolff (9 months ago)
I'd pay everything I own to get a Connor Android. Everytime he'd speak to me about my food or even comment about anything I'd *fcuk* him on spot. I'd also *come* somewhere for him to lick it when he sees it and see his reaction when he analyses that to me. Twisted. Yes.
RK800 / Connor (9 months ago)
Knights of the Black Death has great music. I recommend it.
Fluffykawaicat The Wolf (9 months ago)
Omg XD Connor just makes me melt ❤😂
Lambda Studios (9 months ago)
"Detroit Becomes Human" W A I T
Skyla (9 months ago)
Why is Connor kinda like a big child? Um protect
Eva Hrivnakova (9 months ago)
:D That killee me Hank : Why did they make you look so goofy and give you that weird voice ? Connor: Cyberlife androids are designed to work harmoniously with humans. Both my appearance and voice were specifically designed to facilitate my integration... Hank: Well, they fucked up. :DDDD I almost cried but Hank has a point :D Connor looks like that type of android I would get for something else ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), than making him an detective .. :DD
emi (9 months ago)
me: i’m not gonna be falling for anymore virtual characters *me falling for connor 5 minutes into playing dbh* 1:48
Daniela Starphase (9 months ago)
Connor and Hank are the best duo
Kofi Concubus (9 months ago)
Sometimes I wonder if Bryan acts like Connor to his wife some days just to fuck with her. lol
Malz Viride (9 months ago)
Connor: *sees blood* Hank: Connor...no! NO, CONNOR! Connor:....Connor, yes....
Neeltje Schmidt (9 months ago)
It’s so cute how Connor got scared by Sumo. You could hear the nervousness in his voice :3 1:50
Neeltje Schmidt (9 months ago)
“lieutenant” *slaps him gently* “wake up lieutenant” *slaps him with full force* “IT’S ME CONNOR!”
Connor is freak out about sumo a lil bit lol
laggy computer (9 months ago)
Shit dat bitch slap tho. Conner is a frickin savage.
David N (9 months ago)
I never said this to Connor but.............CONNOR IS SEXY AS FUK
Rosy (9 months ago)
'' Well they fucked up..'' best line of the game x)
Twin Rhyme (9 months ago)
Awe! The times Hank insulted Connor!
Kyryn J. (9 months ago)
*slap* It’s me, Connor!
Luis Saenz (9 months ago)
I guess Conner is a vampire
Kiibo (9 months ago)
ready1set2die3 (9 months ago)
No winking scene?
Emilka Jońca (9 months ago)
I like dogs
L6 2.0 (10 months ago)
U missed when hank said "sumo attack" its funny as hell
Hank is like wen Connor ses I like Heavy Metal but he doesn’t even listen to it:fake heavy metal fan…!
DreamieRamune (10 months ago)
2:16 *SLAP* It's me, Connor.
Re3oo HD5450 (10 months ago)
Skyler Edwards (10 months ago)
You could tell how easily Connor was terrified to see the size of Sumo, but his reaction to seeing Sumo was hilarious. P.S I love Sumo, Connor, Hank, North, and Simon
Celine White (10 months ago)
Neko Is me (10 months ago)
Hank is so extra
Deimos мышонок (10 months ago)
2:16 favourite part so far 😂😂😂
Mud Fox (10 months ago)
Ponder ponder I’m a connor I said pond pond I’m a connor
tea pot (10 months ago)
"Well they fucked up."
Snow Colors (10 months ago)
Where’s the : “i like dogs” part
LegendJim (10 months ago)
*Do NoT pUt AnY mOrE eViDeNcE iN yOuR mOuTh*
Max Has no Life (10 months ago)
ToxicPlayz (10 months ago)
If Connor never finds out about sumos name you can get the same thing when hank is in that coma. If you know sumos name: “argh... easy.. sumo” If Connor doesn’t: “argh... easy..uh... dog”
Lee Ara (10 months ago)
Ντινάκος #8 (10 months ago)
Am Connor the android send by cyber life
Ar Petr (10 months ago)
it would be very fantastic if you could upload or choice beetween hank and connor
Thot hunter (10 months ago)
Drunk scenen made me alive
Baz (11 months ago)
*"well, they fucked up"* IM IN TEARS
WhiteFlame109 (11 months ago)
You forgot the wink. *YOU FORGOT THE WINK!!!!!!!!!!* *DISLIKED*
SunBunz (11 months ago)
Yeah, WAS it necessary to design the detective Androids to analyze blood by putting it in their MOUTH?! Lehhhh!😛👅 lol It’s fucking gross and kind of stupid. Too much like Terminator 3. And yet he didn’t need to analyze the pigeon poop in the Nest chapter. lol I shudder to think if he ever had to put jizz or other nasty bodily fluids in his mouth! 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮😖💀
Lauren Anderson (11 months ago)
I love Connor. <3
Aubree Gray (11 months ago)
"I like dogs!" *smile* Me: *visibly tearing up* i liKE YOU
IdleBigots (11 months ago)
1:40 is so adorable. "You plan on just staying in the elevator?" "N-No! I'm coming."
skydemon101 (14 hours ago)
Kara the Androgon (2 months ago)
IdleBigots It more funny in polish translate (without dub.)
Maya From mars (11 months ago)
2:09 BITCH WAKE UP, I DONT GOT TIME FOR THIS (this is what connor actually ment before he smacked the shit out of Lieutenant😂😂)
Star Sword8568 (11 months ago)
I just love the way Hank says “What the hell are you doing??” 2:19
Sandrock 306 (11 months ago)
3:00 that Hank's reaction is exactly how every dog owner react when their dog licking stuff all over the floor
NeveahPlays games (11 months ago)
2:16 yeet
Panda_Cat 95 (9 months ago)
That voice That smile That charm THE GREATEST
Kitty and Bunzy321 (11 months ago)
*Connor should be a teachers pet TuT*
Caitlin Webb (11 months ago)
The entire scene where Connor helps drunk Hank is my favorite
Mandz le Weeb (11 months ago)
That thumbnail tho 😍

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