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The Fairy Fountain (CMPC Promo)

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https://crystalponycon.com/ Josh's Code: scorcher Toon's Code: kritic Lightning's Code: bliss Silver's Code: silverquill DRWolf's Code: drwolf Key's code: keyframe Will's code: thespio -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/ Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Text Comments (531)
david king (5 days ago)
Riding silver Ha ha ha
DreamerWeaver (1 month ago)
Ryan Hawkins (2 months ago)
Last time I was this early Flash Thompson wasn't dead
Jannie Pate (2 months ago)
Is crystal mount furry can in The Crystal Empire
Skye Tredinnick (2 months ago)
Silver quill= are we there yet 3X. Me= Shut up Silver
amf studios (4 months ago)
funny thing this was the first time i heard of lighting bliss and thought she was a guy
Machias Nava (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who thins that the rainbow pony sounds like Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII Abridged?
Adrian Woodruff (6 months ago)
3:08 Worst thing is, she probably would.
War Cedric (6 months ago)
What does CMPC stand for?
THE Berrby (7 months ago)
Aawww Poor SilverQuill :'/
Lady Leomon (7 months ago)
Dr Wolf is hilarious and savage in this one, I freaking love it! Love you too Silver Quill, Scorcher and Miss Temp (Great) I mean Lightning Bliss! (She's still a better option than that annoying fairy light from the Zelda series!) Haha a hilarious vid, now I know what Ganon and Zelda do whenever she's kidnapped and the hero is en route (I take my tea milky with 1/2 a sugar please Zelda!) Thanks for a fun vid =^_^=
Serena Lara Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Legend of Zelda
Akira Rose (7 months ago)
my hopes on silver
יובל קונסקר (7 months ago)
funny lightning bliss
Cian McCabe (8 months ago)
I'm not sure what's funnier the image actually on screen of a Hippogriff carrying a horse and a wolf on it's back or the image of a middle aged man carrying two slightly younger men on his shoulders through all of that terrain.
Sylvia The dragon lord (8 months ago)
Because he reads the comments let’s vote against him
Rubycancer 10 (8 months ago)
Save Silverquill. He has the burden of Josh and Dr.Wolf. Rainbow Bliss, slay the other two.
WolfGamer Studios (8 months ago)
0:30 Get off Silver you too
TanaFlameHeart 888 (8 months ago)
wait how old bliss... not cause her size...uhm ok its cause her size -2-
Autum Breeze (8 months ago)
So this is where the footage at the end of the Huggabunch Review came from
Seth Carlow (8 months ago)
Awesome and funny LOL. cool.
Kyle Stubbs (8 months ago)
This video marks the first time I've ever seen Lightning Bliss. A Mary Sue, I can safely say, she is _not._
Filip Andersson (9 months ago)
Dr WOlf🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺
Filip Andersson (9 months ago)
Dkctor wolf
Mairead Betker (9 months ago)
Or a topic of my choosing of reviewing world of winx . I like the old voltron over the new one
ZeldaFanboy101 (9 months ago)
King Fire storm (10 months ago)
Sean Kelly (10 months ago)
tooncrytic is mention again HIDE YO KIDS HIDE YO WIFE HIDE YO PLUSHIE
DJ0401 K (10 months ago)
Maximus W (1 year ago)
Are we there yet?
Kyle Stubbs (9 months ago)
Maximus W If you have to ask, then no.
You know by the thumbnail, I assumed it was gonna be a Charlie the Unicorn parody XD
TheLinkHelios (1 year ago)
Where did you get those crystals
Fetch26291 (1 year ago)
Still waiting to see the video of the punishment.
Gorky Wings (1 year ago)
Losers have to do a review as a black and red alicorn OC
andrew gammon (1 year ago)
were can i find the fellow up videos
jagirl966 (1 year ago)
Soooo.....who won?
Max Glaysher (8 months ago)
Silverquill... again... yet al, three were punished
Joshua Hammond (1 year ago)
Who won?
supervideomanic2 (1 year ago)
I'm curious, who won and lost this time around?
Kyle Stubbs (9 months ago)
supervideomanic2 Silver Quill won. But Lighting Bliss forced him to participate anyway.
Jacob Martinez (1 year ago)
I hope you you review the G3 episode, Dr. Wolf and Firebrand, always abusing the hippogriff and not listening to my requests
Jacob Martinez (1 year ago)
Give the freaking hipogriff a break for once in your lives, you oppressive Capricorn and horse
Apple Brush (9 months ago)
Depends on when her birthday is... No regrets. :P
Jacob Martinez (1 year ago)
Not Capricorn
Jacob Martinez (1 year ago)
NanoByter (1 year ago)
....i think Aeon is rubbing off on Lightning Bliss... yeahhhhhhhhhh.... also "temp. crate fairy :P"
sharp thunder (1 year ago)
this is awesome lighting bliss
FlapHedge (1 year ago)
Honestly a lot should be can thinking about who do you really want to see actually save Hyrule Personally I like to see dr. Wolf try to save Hyrule
Jeffrey Piatt (1 year ago)
I enjoy joshscorcher s pain.
silverhearttffan (1 year ago)
who won? XD
The0ptimus (1 year ago)
I love all of you, seriously. Watching that first minute of "are we there yet?" was so much fun, as simple as it is XD
The0ptimus (1 year ago)
Are we there yet?
Camden Opperman (1 year ago)
I can't go but if I could I'd vote FOR Josh.
Human Person (1 year ago)
I relate to Silverquill on how everyone tolerates his existence. :( (not in real life, in a D&D session me and my friends are doing)
Fredrik Bjørlo (1 year ago)
go lightning bliss XD
Fredrik Bjørlo (1 year ago)
is this becouse silver shipped you with flash sentry? wow, you are one cruel genius XD
RYAN PARZYCH (1 year ago)
*give silver quill some water* you gonna be okay.
jade mechen (1 year ago)
lightning bliss and firebrand
Navy Rajyn (1 year ago)
Hey how did you pull off that electricity animation for those crystals???????
Samantha Powell (1 year ago)
Hey, if anyone is going to suffer through a bad movie have them at least review it MST3K style. Who else agrees with me?
Commander Critic (1 year ago)
Ah I love these videos, I just wish I was able to go to these conventions
Obsidian shard (1 year ago)
you should really Transgender firebrand if he loses for whatever you have planed lighting bliss
Benjamin Tan (1 year ago)
I see. So that's why Silver gave Blissy the... Art of shipping at Crystal PonyCon.
angbandsbane (1 year ago)
So it seems Blissy won. And it also seems all three of them must review a movie from her childhood called "The Hugabug Bunch" I think. Let the games begin! Hail the Temperate Fairy!
Shadow Hound (1 year ago)
Why would they ride Silver like that, they should treat Pigeons with more respect.
Hylian Pegasus (1 year ago)
Josh, if it makes you feel any better, i voted for you
Ponywolf Artist (1 year ago)
i can't go but if I did I would choose Josh's code
readeroftheword (1 year ago)
I can see firebrand as power and drwolf as wisdom but is sliver really a could pick or courage?
Dudefoxlive (1 year ago)
is this the same person that does FOB equestria? also if so the website is not working. DNS error
Reg Fife (1 year ago)
How about reviewing something from G1? Seems like that series gets very little attention...
Aeon Of Dreams (1 year ago)
This is the most adorable Blissy-boo ever ~ x3
DJ Silverwing (1 year ago)
Yeah....XD A "BluCifer" Fairy.
Aeon Of Dreams (1 year ago)
The irish might call me one x3
DJ Silverwing (1 year ago)
Oh....If Only You were Another Fairy,Aeon... If Only...
Fire Heart (1 year ago)
1:30 I agree with you there Firebrand
Victor Hernandez (1 year ago)
4:15 Reference to the Mysterious Mr. Enter?
Victor Hernandez (1 year ago)
I never knew that Dr. Wolf was from Utah.
Miriam Miles (1 year ago)
Christ's Disciple (1 year ago)
...I'd put Josh's code in if I were going... but I have no money to go with...
Cameron Wright (1 year ago)
I imagine this fountain somewhere in the mystic isles and lightning bliss is a fairy fountain ambassador and good friend to them
Protogen Solus (1 year ago)
"Mmm thats a good cup of joe"
gavin linville (1 year ago)
wtf run and kill all ponys
Jade Muse (1 year ago)
I love that silver likes the new voltron.
1:25 music from legend of Zelda.
ZeniJocasta (1 year ago)
Oooooo I am excited to see who wins! Too bad I already bought my ticket so I can't help along anypony. :(
ViceN53X (1 year ago)
Your character designs are extremely fitting artwork. It'd be fitting to have you guys featured in an actual MLP episode, an this is coming from someone who doesn't even watch the show. Though the reviews sure give it a nice reputation.
Patrick Dees (1 year ago)
Dang girl, you're evil. I love it! ^w^
Lorenzo shelby (1 year ago)
Vote for Silver Quill he's too smart to suffer reviewing something pony related
Crimson Melody (1 year ago)
You should review The Perfect Pear.
Miss poison Joke (1 year ago)
vote against flame joker
Kolliopa Starfish (1 year ago)
is it just me or dose silver-q look like a duck
Gabriel Zellers (1 year ago)
blissy i love you, and am scared to DEATH of you. Josh, i would vote for you if i could go, but i can't so good luck. Doctor, get used to it. Silver, last but not the least, i pity you more and more every day
I want to see Josh suffer again with G3 but this time with Silver Quill! XD
Alexandro Moreno (1 year ago)
Now what? GO FISHING!
raphaela ratzlaff (1 year ago)
I may not be going, but I think silver should win. Sorry josh but you went to far by riding him
Tony Alston (1 year ago)
Green Blaze Dragon (1 year ago)
I don't know how to vote, But if I did, i would vote FOR josh
DiamondAX05 Games (1 year ago)
joshscorcher ima vote for you just cause i fell bad for you Congrats you got the PITY VOTE!
Scorpian 1297 (1 year ago)
okay can I just say one thing lightning Bliss, silver quill, and Dr. wolf in one video I need this in my life
MLL2002 (1 year ago)
Even though the chances of it are slim, I would so want to see Josh lose and have to do a review of Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation, he knows about the franchise, and the series needs more popular youtubers talking about it, not to mention it's just a great anime all together
Jeffrey Piatt (1 year ago)
Nice fluffy fairy.
Yandere Fangirl (1 year ago)
Who's the Fairy of the Lake? Mary Sue?
Moonlight Hunter (1 year ago)
You're going to make the losers review an episode of the new "Rainbow Brite" series, aren't you, Lightning Bliss?
titanvicegrip (1 year ago)
Woah, woah, woah! DrWolf is from Utah? That's so cool! :D A fellow Utah brony!
ShadAmyfangirl (1 year ago)
Silverquill :3

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