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Avignon - A Day Trip from Paris by TGV Train

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In October 2014 I took a round rail trip to Avignon from Paris Gare de Lyon station. I took the 0711 direct service to Avignon, and returned in Paris by 9pm. Avignon is a beautiful interesting city to visit as one of the major cities in the Provence, South of France. Historically, Avignon was the centre of the Christian world (Like the present Rome), with the Palais Des Papes pay homeage for 9 Popes. It is the major tourist attraction for the city, apart from the famous bridge Pont d'Avignon of St Benezet. The weather was the typical very windy day and firtunately, it was also sunny.
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chrissybl1 (1 year ago)
I know this was awhile back, but did you find it easy to get around Avignon and was it far from the train station? I am hoping to do a similar day trip this summer when I go to Paris.
anosha shan (1 year ago)
chrissybl1 hi...I will go there in July..hope you would share some of your trip as well..thank you...merci..bonne journèe
Janette Esther (3 years ago)
thank you for sharing

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