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funy video blind girl between men | Drole video fille aveugle entre les hommes

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Text Comments (9)
Richa Verma (3 months ago)
So bad , the blind womans came to men bathroom, all men were laughing in there heart but anyone do not help but the last men is the gentleman he helped the blind woman , I think that I selut you the gentleman is the last man, the gentleman is the last man god bless............................................you
Marealyn Shirai (3 months ago)
That Last Guy Is what we call A real Gentleman... God Bless you... ❤
Kasia Pilch (3 months ago)
The last guy is a real man
Voopi Doopi (3 months ago)
Awwe that last guy 😍
Nica Etol (7 months ago)
The last guy tho😍😍😍
Angel Handoyono (10 months ago)
Vili Diesel (10 months ago)
minty paws (2 years ago)
malonation (2 years ago)
you know it's bad when u spell funny like funy

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