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Most Savage Texts From Exes

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Text Comments (2430)
Correy Folsom (3 days ago)
They texted me what’s up? I said my standards lmaoo
NinjaGaming (3 days ago)
My ex: I miss you Me: I miss you too Ex: Really? Me: Yeah, Yesterday me and Adam were at the mall and Adam said that he saw you and I missed you
I don’t have an ex. I have 162739
Wally Smith (6 days ago)
Um I’m a kid
Janeth Rocha (6 days ago)
Hahaha 😂
Chevelle Moysis (6 days ago)
Remember about the part with the boyfriend at the end of that video
Teapilation 2.0 (7 days ago)
we need more tal
anderson funes (8 days ago)
How will i have a gf?
anderson funes (8 days ago)
What the heck do you mean i'm 9
Owch :(
Mia Penney (12 days ago)
Mia Penney (12 days ago)
That first one is so men
Fledelyn Oriol (12 days ago)
:girl: roses are red violets are i love you and neither do you :Ex: awww :Girl: faces like you running too the zoo don't worry I'll be there to but in a cage and I'm not with you I'll be laughing at youuuu :Ex:aww I miss you to A another girl :Girl: hey wanna see a magic trick : Ex: sure :Girl: and poof you now singel byee
РУССКИЙ БИТ (12 days ago)
I like how confident you said “Boner” 😂 [2:45]
Jemma Wilson (13 days ago)
Your EXES. That’s Plural Tal
Gameby 41 (13 days ago)
This is why, im not in relationships, At, all,😑🙄😐
Adrian Stanton (16 days ago)
I roasted my ex gf for starting some stupid crap. I told her at least I don’t screw 21yr olds when I’m underage like 13-14yrs old and don’t have saggy grandma boobs
Redfang Of Fireclan (17 days ago)
This makes me glad I’m more single than a Pringle will ever be
chantaltravel (19 days ago)
2:59 is the funniest part ever how can he say it so quickly😂
Angel Bray (20 days ago)
Kelso from That 70s show freaking killed me😂
Smfcool & Amfcool (21 days ago)
oooooooooohhh Maybe tall should get moving 😉
Spooky Gaming (23 days ago)
Nice 70’s show
Moskau Melols (24 days ago)
Well good thing I had ur divorce certificate Me: now that’s brutal messenge dude
Linda Playz (25 days ago)
this will make all the single people feel better :)
Grace Veno (25 days ago)
2:42 omg that chat made me laugh!!!! And when Tal said ‘heart heart heart’ lol😂😂❤️ love you Tal❤️
Skeleton Girl234 (26 days ago)
I would be the ex that Would send these.
xxx tentacles (26 days ago)
😂 👊|✊    /\ **le epicly woahs**
GamerGod_18 (27 days ago)
i have 3 ex's
storm coulson (27 days ago)
tal i have been watching your other recent videows and in this you look so younge!
Harshita Kaur Multani (29 days ago)
Who is still a part of the Single Squad 😊
Gadjet (1 month ago)
She said "Forget me" I replied "Who are you"
GACHA LIFE BRUH (1 month ago)
Ummmmmmm my parents are divorced and my dads name is....... Jamie!!!
Ava Diamondrider (1 month ago)
Omg amazing 👏🏻
Juan Bonilla (1 month ago)
I have so many girls because I kept moving and never broke up with them
Lily Martin (1 month ago)
0.06 though
Kaylyn Yang (1 month ago)
I don't have an ex because I'm dating someone and he's my first boyfriend
Isa Abdullah Dimaporo (1 month ago)
I only laughed when ever u would laugh xD
Georgia Valdez (1 month ago)
2:39 lol Heart,heart,heart
Sivolee Paul (1 month ago)
At the end of every chat i go like OOOHHHH and after that im like OH MY GAWD!!!! AHEMMM mans are savages.... dis stuffs are just getting to real...
Erza Zeneli (1 month ago)
by the way...its jamie hahahahahahaah
Gazza (1 month ago)
0:10 me :haaaa gaty
Trixy (1 month ago)
He attacc He protecc But most importantly Doesn’t want his ex bacc Obviously
Wolfy K9 (1 month ago)
Wtf is happening at 0:04
sam (1 month ago)
They hunt me like ghosts they want me to more they won’t let go ex’s and o’s
Ananya Sahu (1 month ago)
I wonder how many times he practiced saying that distance from sun😂
angelica poole (1 month ago)
so Savage !!!!
Leighah Smith (1 month ago)
Make your videos longerrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky DUCKY (1 month ago)
I 5 I dont have boyfriend/girlfriend
Peace people (1 month ago)
Please sub to me my dream is too hit 1000 subsribers ...i would sub back if you want
Felicity Champagne (1 month ago)
2:51 OOOOHHHH! He just got ROASTED!🔥
John Albert (1 month ago)
How many likes can I get for this doing this: ITS JOHN CENA **theme song plays**
GraceMermaid 24 (1 month ago)
The best thing about being single all your life: *no savage exes*
UwU omo omo UwU (1 month ago)
I have a boyfriend but he dosent know it yett ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)soobin
Galaxy Gem (1 month ago)
The way he says heart, heart, heart thats so funny
Kimberly Yi (1 month ago)
Guy: I want something between us again ❤️ Girl: the only thing I want between us is a wall *this number has just blocked you*
Juan Romero (1 month ago)
The dislikes were from the exes
Lathan Blanch (1 month ago)
Lathan Blanch (1 month ago)
Ava Lee (1 month ago)
An ex sent me a very long paragraph and I said "I'm going to pretend I read that while I block you."
TEAMRAGE (1 month ago)
lisneiry guzman (1 month ago)
ya me too
Faith Daphne Caliwliw (1 month ago)
Your laugh is so funny😂
Chloe Sylvester (1 month ago)
Happy and single
Asha Rai (1 month ago)
I will be back at the house tomorrow and will be there at five tomorrow
Lois Osorio (1 month ago)
Her: I had a dream about you and I had to talk to you. Me: I had the same dream except It was a nightmare.
Joe Whalley blogs (1 month ago)
My ex is a physco
Johanna R (1 month ago)
Me and my ex’s are friends and me and my other ex are dating again🤷‍♀️😂 (we never really lost feelings so🤪)
Nat carrillo (1 month ago)
Tal can you be my bae?
ToxicRBLX (1 month ago)
how bout you roast your new ex girlfriend?
NoLiMiT FromYT (1 month ago)
Are u kidding🤣🤣🤣😜
Jay Carrillo (1 month ago)
the only ex i ever had was the one in the alphabet
Jehan S (1 month ago)
1:10 it is really savage. 😂
Samina Bano (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice that he is wearing the famous Harry potter t-shirt
3:23 anyone just sitting there like, OK
Lavinia Ester (1 month ago)
I am seeing this video for more that 10 times
llama drama (1 month ago)
I have a ex she is a biotch
llama drama (1 month ago)
Nothinn 'much (1 month ago)
Im the brutal ex
Max Chan (1 month ago)
3:09 O.O xD
Natasha Meriwether (1 month ago)
Me and my ex Ex: roses are red Me: voitols are blue Ex: i will always love Me: but I won't you piece of poo Ex:......... Ex has left the chat Me:😂😂
Christina King (1 month ago)
Luna Wolf (2 months ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue My middle finger feels a boner when it thinks of you
Luna Wolf (2 months ago)
Bully: your so fat! Dude: because when ever I f** your girlfriend she gives me a biscuit
3:53 i think your finger got a boner lol
Gacha Ads (2 months ago)
Thanks for the savage words. *I will stay single my whole life*
Elizabeth Jarvis (2 months ago)
Hooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! DEY BURNNNNNEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!!! sorry I'm crazy.
"I heard you had the baby. Can I PLEASE see a picture????" He/she should show a random picture, he/she didn't ask what picture.... 😕
Discord Awesome (2 months ago)
I don’t have an ex I’m only in grade 2
Ashley Stone (2 months ago)
FIRST AUTOGRAPH ON A DIVORCE PAPER😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kawaii anime fan (2 months ago)
Boy * pretending that he doesn't know his ex*: have we dated once or twice 3 or 4 years ago Girl: maybe once cuz I repeat the same mistake twice😁
Z u m i G u m i (2 months ago)
Here is something if your ex texts you: *HEY HEY YOU YOU I DON’T WANNA BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND!*
I don’t have a boyfriend or an ex I’m only 13 and I’m on the internet with a boy user
the king master (2 months ago)
When I texted my girlfriend today she said I love you so much and than I said so who cares and than I said you look like a apple
Sexy Momma (2 months ago)
You are so mean and a bully
Christi Manalo (2 months ago)
God I love that song. Ex's and oh's DAMN
Kyla Duff (2 months ago)
THAT 70S SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!
idiot on the internet (2 months ago)
If i had a ex and she be love "i love you" id be like "dont care"
Lesley T (2 months ago)
hEy LoNg TiMe No TaLk! yea, i know, let’s keep it that way. please. *ouch*
Qavino Channel (2 months ago)
Connor'sgaming 3 (2 months ago)
Ummm I was a total savage because i dated all the girls in elementary school besides one
ruma chaudhary (2 months ago)

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