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NBA Legends telling funny Stories about other players (Part 1)

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Text Comments (208)
Anant Pratap Singh (3 hours ago)
you knew this had to have Open Court, but not JUST Open Court
summit nigga (1 day ago)
black dudes are supposed to have cool intros....wait, nah thats def white dudes
Andrew Hall (7 days ago)
You want to see a funny NBA story about Steve Kerr Sean Elliott and Kenny Lofton Youtube Search: *Arizona Wildcats Basketball - Wild About the Cats (1987-88)*
John Stepp (7 days ago)
Stolen, crappy editing, too many ads. You earned this thumbs down
Steven Green (8 days ago)
I love this game
Steven Green (8 days ago)
Muresan liked to watch other men shit
Mac Daddy (8 days ago)
Wait, Steve Smith isn’t grant hill?
Lia Devito (8 days ago)
Kenny smith is garbage. More about the snake
Breslin James (9 days ago)
YouTube is out of control. 5 ads in a 10 minute video? 3 of which are the same ad.....
Gian Torres (9 days ago)
9:07 Toni Kukoc kept regular with eXpresso, a much stronger laxative than eSpresso(F.Y.I. constipation sufferers)
Bruce Whitaker (10 days ago)
Steve Kerr is one of the most likable humans on earth
Aaron meyers (10 days ago)
Not sure how you can take someone else's property, which is the videos, and add multiple commercials to it to make money.
PrincePurple (10 days ago)
The best story is the Michael story at 5:57. Backwards, for fuck's sake! Man, MJ could be a real bastard to his opponents. I love it.
aventura excellence (11 days ago)
0:36 ish - Kenny Smiff
Frank Lyons (11 days ago)
reggie miller...still a douchebag.
Dad &Kid (10 days ago)
I cannot stand him.g His voice is horrible.he is such a pansy boy
Tevin Clark (12 days ago)
the bill russell stories are hilarious lmao
bongo155 (13 days ago)
Is Chris Webber contractually obliged to be in everyone on these funny story videos?
slamtimeson (13 days ago)
i saw shaq run out a private jet with a vid camera in dallas laughig his ass off, what was so funny? well i guess his buddy lost a bet and giant man comes running down the airplane stairs fully naked, huge wiener running around the limo, shaq dying laughing, they hop in the limo n go, the whole crew of us wondering wtf just happened, i dunno what bet that guy lost but shaq was beside himself happy haha.
slamtimeson (13 days ago)
killing scottie pippen lol
slamtimeson (13 days ago)
charles talking about dirk at 18 is brilliant, go look at it lol
M R (13 days ago)
Used to be a league of big men. Now....it’s changed. I would still take a dominant big man any day over a Jordan, Kobe, Lebron.
John Smith (13 days ago)
I have tried all the how to... But damn...l just can't seem to eliminate these useless unnecessary ads. I'm not gonna buy a damn thing anyway.D1
papishampu bonilla (14 days ago)
Woww sow funnyy lol thanks bro
Camilo Fuentealba (14 days ago)
Expreso lol
John Doughboy (14 days ago)
Video starts at 1:08
Mathew (14 days ago)
Man I miss the Washington Bullets, now that's a real name for a team. Like when you cock the hammer and pull the trigger and bang let the projectile fire at high rates.
Obi2 (14 days ago)
these are the few black nba players managed not to go broke and enjoy their retirement.
ryublueblanka (14 days ago)
NBA Dazzling dunks and bloopers one of the great classic tapes
Patty Mills (14 days ago)
I think shaq was cheating with his shoes ... they are bigger than it should be, i mean taller
osamashatat (15 days ago)
1:07 of intro?!?!
Doyoan (15 days ago)
Kerr was funny
Chris Corcione (16 days ago)
Kenny is a dick. Thinks he was way better than he really was.
Johannes Andelic (16 days ago)
what did steve kerr say about toni? the censored part
Vaughn Mild (14 days ago)
Johannes Andelic He said he went back to the hotel and took a big ol SHIT!
needabrain22 (17 days ago)
Between that yammered intro and the incessant commercials this video sucks!!
Jonston Baines (17 days ago)
That's jumunji ad
siYo FixeD (17 days ago)
What happened on his 5th game??
Ty Lito (1 month ago)
This is open court. Why you stealing shit
Dez Bryant's Achilles (29 days ago)
Stop hating little dick get nutted on if you a real 1🖕🏽
PlaceOfOrigin (1 month ago)
This myth that you younger people spout about “before the Internet...” man, we had features before the internet existed. People need to stop with that
Unknown Creator (1 month ago)
4:06 people on the bench had to evacuate quickly before the Shaq-nami hits!
dolphinbuc (1 month ago)
Dazzling dunks and basketball bloopers intro...old school baby.
marquise carr (1 month ago)
George look like enes kanter Father
M Y (3 months ago)
What about wen mike whooped steve kerr
Bung Chew (3 months ago)
Was about to subscribe, but I just can't take all the ads... 10min videos shouldn't have 4-5 commercials! It's not a bad channel, but goddamn!!
Gamer Guy (4 months ago)
0:17 He got slapped 😂
YoogiNation (4 months ago)
Jordan counting backwards is too cold. Like I woulda have to get tossed out of that game. Those are fighting words right there idgaf.
jdmfsdjs (4 months ago)
"but before we start if you like this video please subscribe to our channel" what the actual fuck... tell me how do i know if i like your video before we start? i hate these beggar channels, are you not confident enough you have a quality content and think they wouldnt subscribe? not like asking for subscriptions in the very beginning would ever make anyone subscribe... but if you really want to ask for it wait at least until we watch your video...
foreal69 tu (4 months ago)
Damn u can tell Webber didn't go to class at Michigan! Ten minutes for a ice cube to melt. Lmfao. Damn bruh that's instant melting.
Brennon H (4 months ago)
Yo the Chris Webber story had me crying! That shii too real
Whadat Mowfdu (4 months ago)
The opening videos were from the old NBA bloopers video weren't they? I used to have the VHS tape when I was a kid.
randomhero7 (5 months ago)
why the hell do you need to talk? just play other peoples videos and shut up. no one cares about you. just like at home.
owen braatz (5 months ago)
Amazing video
Boseman 67 (5 months ago)
Hey Kerr, keep your politics off the fucking court.
Irwin Jan Lagare (5 months ago)
Realest video starts at 6:18.
ingemar4949 (5 months ago)
these stories are gold man... i love it.. "uuuuuuhhhhh, michael jordan is gonna be jumping hiiiiiiighhhhhh"
Klay Niltasuwan (5 months ago)
why it look like it was filmed in 1985
Chuck Sorgi (5 months ago)
8:37, So basically Toni Kukoc is the 'Goku of Europe' huh
carter mclellan (5 months ago)
Long ass pauses to get 10 mins
carlrwc (5 months ago)
Larry Bird stories are the best
Iosua Iosua (5 months ago)
I was gna sub till i hit the 3rd commercial
needabrain22 (5 months ago)
Too many commercials!!!!
lee robertson (5 months ago)
C Web had the funniest story😭😭
Emre Esen (5 months ago)
So you practically stole the "Open Court" video cropped idiotically and present it here to the millions like it's your own video. I am disappointed.
ryan bessey (6 months ago)
Can you fit anymore adds into a 10 min vid!?!?!
The Imprimere (6 months ago)
I could have done without the intro completely!
Rza is not My daddy (9 days ago)
The Imprimere your butt stinks
Anonymous (10 days ago)
some people always find something to complain about...
Nolen Lawton (13 days ago)
fausti00 and 10 sec black screen at 6:15
John Doughboy (14 days ago)
fausti00 (15 days ago)
Minute+ bullshit before it starts to get the video to 10 min+
contactkeithstack (6 months ago)
what's the opening music?
Red Seaford (6 months ago)
Pre game ritual. Eat a good meal, Spaghetti etc... Take a good shit then an hour nap. Get up go ball. Miss that shit...
Down Town1 (6 months ago)
Too many ads to want to watch part 2. 1 is enough
James OFarrell (7 months ago)
Inside stuff aired everyweek
Layne Caldwell (7 months ago)
Dazzling dunks and basketball bloopers.
Zealotofgames (7 months ago)
Thank you for posting these, I love the NBA and being able to hear these stories is awesome! :)
Kebert Xela (8 months ago)
Grant Hill played for 19 years? Dang. I had no idea.
jp3813 (3 months ago)
Many of them weren't full seasons. He even missed an entire year.
Rashan Sankofa (8 months ago)
I played basketball against George Muresan and it was hard to get a shot up because he kept blocking my every shot . What a very nice guy though. Ill never forget him. He really enjoyed playing basketball.
Steven Green (8 days ago)
Want to smell like me??? Hilarious commercial i always wondered if the people who created it was trying to say he looks like he stinks
Marcus Thomas (8 months ago)
Steve kerr Jordan story is exactly why LeBron is better than jordan.... Steve Kerr in real life was actually guarding Jordan... and people talk about the competition mj played.. Lol
Butter Johnson (18 days ago)
Lebron got punked by Jason Terry lol
hayesc0 (3 months ago)
That does not make him better or vice versa just means he had an easy matchup that night lol.
Ghost’s Shadow (5 months ago)
I donno how old u are but I respect ur opinion just keep in mind late 80's early 90's basketball was like hockey without the pads or the skates, not a Bron hater or MJ lover but Bron done flopped one too many times for me to think he'd be as dominant with thoes kinda rules
Tomcoy100 (8 months ago)
Best for last to bad i wont make it that far
salvatore_12 (8 months ago)
I may just be dumb but what word did Kerr say that got bleeped?
Robert Roper (5 months ago)
Take a big shit
Humza Khan (9 months ago)
Michael Jordan is going to be jumping high😂😂
A K (9 months ago)
"Wait a minute, wait a minute. So he goin backwards, if he gets to 0, he's got 40" LOL
Bill Jack (9 months ago)
There was internet when Shaq was playing!!!
Mike Keller (5 months ago)
Bill Jack he didn't invent it yet
veerchasm1 (9 months ago)
Too much “blah blah”
I'm very sorry but Steve Kerr and Kenny Smith are not NBA legends in my opinion. The only LEGENDS there are Isiah Thomas, Charles Barkley and Shaq. Both are nice guys but just above the average point guards! To be honest Kenny Smith had 3-4 very good seasons with Sacramento and Houston! I guess Kenny Smith is better as a basketball analyst! Steve Kerr's only achivement was his 45% 3-Pt Field Goal Pct. No assists, no steals, no rebounds. Allen Iverson is a Legend!
djdarklyceum (10 days ago)
+YaowBucketHEAD you certainly explained the gap very convincingly. I know these bench dudes are very good ball players, but I think when it comes to LEGEND the standard is quite high. Just being a spot up shooter on a successful team doesn't mean you're a legend. Legends are players who do extraordinary things consistently in crucial moments of games. Those two players mentioned don't fit the category. They may have game winning shots in crucial playoffs once or twice in their lives.. Players like T-Mac are legends and AI because they did things on the court that expanded the way we thought of basketball and it's possibilities.
YaowBucketHEAD (13 days ago)
Even so, Steve Kerr and The Jet are some of the best basketball players in the world just to even be in the NBA. I actually played a guy at the Y who was a bench dude at Kentucky earlier in his life about 5 years ago. I've been playing basketball almost daily all my life and I'll be honest, I usually crush a lot of guys I play with. This dude fucking killed me at 21. People don't really realize the gap of skill between the various levels. NBA players are usually the top of the top. Even if they ride the bench.
Mr Rhombus (5 months ago)
5 time NBA champ with 2 different teams + 3 time champion coach + commentator + greatest 3 point shooting percentage of all time. So tell me again who isn't a legend, because I must be reading wrong if I think you're writing Steve Kerr.
alex1vid (9 months ago)
lol - Reggie Miller's the friggin best- but the Kenny Norman stories had me rollin
shadowhead masked bandit (9 months ago)
Kerr was the man with the 3s boy
Dro Montana (9 months ago)
I mean you could get 50 minute episodes of this specific thing. It's called Open Court, and it's way more supplemental if you enjoy this.
Hugh Bukowski (1 year ago)
Where are you from? You sound like a fellow Slav. #SlavNation
FFVII FAN (1 year ago)
suggestions; lower the intro volume quite a bit.....lower the audio for your audio a TINY bit...and increase the volume for the featured clips/content. I'm always having to adjust the audio...and it's lowering my interest to watch other uploads on your channel.
Thomas Reiter (1 year ago)
10 min video with 4 ads. WTF?
K M (5 months ago)
Thomas Reiter try YouTube red......0 Ads all the time babbbyyyyyy 😊😊
GRAv3S 666 (1 year ago)
Do a video on who was the better undersized bigman Rodman or Ben Wallace
nick turner (1 year ago)
Who would you rather have Reggie Miller or Tracy McGrady?
tubenachos (9 months ago)
Reggie, he's had way more playoff success and much more durable.
Justin Last (10 months ago)
Health wise? Reggie...but actual player both healthy? Mcgrady any day. Miller is nowhere near as good as people want to remember. He was quite above average, but he was klay thompson...
Ardraius Hoskins (1 year ago)
Mcgrady is my favorite player all time... but reggie was dat nigga
Mr. Trotter (1 year ago)
nick turner Reggie Miller
AndyCodina (1 year ago)
tofe al-atraqchi (1 year ago)
Great video but TOO MUCH FUCKING ADS
Ceviche (1 year ago)
P. Mid (1 year ago)
Til the nxt one.....
Mr. Trotter (1 year ago)
Ceviche Incredibly happy
DeathDrive (1 year ago)
Muresan looks like Enis Kanter, DAFUQ!
Alkim Cevik (13 days ago)
Chuck Norris could have done better imho
Ayzoh (3 months ago)
Thought that was drazen petrovich
Alexander Roth (4 months ago)
Larry Poopstein what the fuck are you talking about
Larry Poopstein (5 months ago)
DeathDrive literally don't know who the fuck you're talking about; either.
Daddy SmokesYams (5 months ago)
DeathDrive Clearly he is his father...
AcerFilms (1 year ago)
you're just stealing copyrighted material from nba tv.
Liam Tice (6 days ago)
What r u a fuckin cop?
Daniel K (5 months ago)
AcerFilms yeah, better stick up for corporations here in the United States... they have it SOOOOOO hard
alan shelly koshy (5 months ago)
So ..lazy and poor people like us can see it and get some knowledge..wats ur problem
remy-nesquik (1 year ago)
Shoegum The kid is just mad he is making money off youtube. Fuck NBA TV I will never pay for that shit but I will pay for a ticket to a game. NBA TV should be free anyways
Sensei Maverick (1 year ago)
Just gets parts of Open Court's episodes. Slaps on his watermark & gets views & subs &possibly money. Just watch the real Open Court episodes people.
SirCalz (9 months ago)
remy-nesquik he's saying watch the full episodes for free... this guys just watching an episode of open court, cutting it up and saying it's "nba legends telling funny stories" ... shits the definition of copyright infringement, no credit to the original at all
remy-nesquik (1 year ago)
Or just say fuck NBA TV and watch it for free. Don't act like you guys don't watch free streams of the NBA on youtube or reddit.
Eddy Girón (1 year ago)
Or!, don't watch any Open Court at all, you're not missing anything. Sure, C-Webb, Barkley, Thomas, Miller, Barry, Kerr are amongst the good reasons to watch it, but yyyyyyyyyettttt, there are some dudes there that just make things go south of how biased they are towards some topics, and they end up ruining the whole thing. People will be better without it.
qadri rulzdood (1 year ago)
How does one watch Open Court outside of US?
Lil Rich (1 year ago)
He gets roughly 100 dollars for this
Elgoistic_ (1 year ago)
anyone remember Mureşan
pentrutaramea (5 months ago)
only Romanian player in the nba ever
Dan (5 months ago)
Hell yeah, played for the bullets and the nets, only spent 5 years in the league and finished in maryland
MachineGunMouth (9 months ago)
i remember he was tall. 7 foot 7, that's about it...
RoubexChube TV (9 months ago)
Elgoistic_ okk
Kyle Call Me kyle (1 year ago)
I love reggie millers story where steve kerr bowed down to him
Egypt PHA (9 months ago)
T. Stax (1 year ago)
Steve Kerr earned a new fan today!
nbarookie (1 year ago)
lol why are you putting segments of a tv show and making it as your video
Crispy as fuck (16 days ago)
LMAO welcome to YouTube in 2018 dumbfuck
Vedran Nemeth (17 days ago)
That because you have something to ask.
Bre Rob (4 months ago)
This dude. Do you ask bars and businesses that are showing NFL games to show you the expressed written consent from the NFL for displaying the games? Fuck do you care about it, haha.
Garrett Saulnier (4 months ago)
nbarookie he does this all the time.
John Jackson (6 months ago)
So you can hear his slobbery voice.
Sol Ark Ohm (1 year ago)
description tags are hilarious: mj, kobe, steph curry, kawhi, lavar ball
Cuts By Omid (1 year ago)
Funny aff

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