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funny gags blind man

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mr romentic (8 months ago)
you people are awesome ever
BloodAxe _Gaming (11 months ago)
This is funny, but dude add credits next time!
SpontaneousLord 375 (1 year ago)
Please show full videos... I want to see people's every reaction... 😊
zoya mirza (2 years ago)
Monir Ahmadi (3 years ago)
super hhhhhhhh
Harold Clendenen (3 years ago)
Mr. MacGoo
woff woff (3 years ago)
+Harold Clendenen remember well. lol
Pon Shankar (4 years ago)
the people are love with blind..nice camera and good happit
Andrew Jackson (4 years ago)
OK.. Thats funny as shit.. !! 
MrFloppy (4 years ago)
Sanju Rathore (5 years ago)
funny video
Dayz365 (5 years ago)
some reason i end up watching this today lols
Ameer Imran Jailani (5 years ago)
naresh bist (5 years ago)
wow awesome
Mousaed Fakhro (5 years ago)
those are idiots go run do something I know its a prank but come on
Vitor Freitas (5 years ago)
Maaha Rizo (5 years ago)
Hand signaling a blind man, real smart... hahaha
Gurjinder Singh (5 years ago)
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raj bapu (5 years ago)
Ishq wale ankhon ki baat samajh lete hain, Sapno mein mil jaye to mulaqat samajh lete hain. Rota to asman bhi hain apne Bichde pyaar ke liye, Par log use barsat samajh lete hain…
cha billy (5 years ago)
One of the best pranks I have seen. Classic!
16YearsInHell (5 years ago)
but you liked it
AJan (5 years ago)
No, there's no Allah in this video.
xMazingerZ (5 years ago)
L'acteur qui fait l'aveugle ressemble à celui qui faisait: "la moche"
이정훈 (5 years ago)
This great Warning will happen soon. Every single one of My children will be shown their lives, their sins, their wrong doings and every single insult they were responsible for against their brothers and sisters, all during a mystical experience. When the sun spins, the cross appears, and the skies burn red by the collision of two comets, do not be fearful to see this spectacle and receive my Mercy with great joy! w..thewarningsecondcoming.c.. Nov. 22, 2010 Our Lord
Character_Name19 (5 years ago)
grizzly world (5 years ago)
Nigga , are you a real man ?
AgentGlaze (5 years ago)
It's not working.
Anurag Tripathi (5 years ago)
n u dont hv brain
Zain Kz (5 years ago)
Found it a bit strange how no one attempts to stop that lift when they got the control lever in their hands!!!!!!!!!!!
max michael sarmiento (5 years ago)
:D ahahaha
LWA IMAGEM (5 years ago)
Uzair Alam (5 years ago)
To good
pirateh00kar (5 years ago)
they aren't living in the arctic, its not essential to wear an eskimo suit in these conditions :)
mr headset (5 years ago)
awesome! funny, I have some funny stuff too!
Ganesh Kumar (5 years ago)
Funny with Lucky .
roger773277 (5 years ago)
so funny i can't stop lol ...it's like cartoon
jazzitupguys (5 years ago)
i don't know if cristiano ronaldo can troll..
geme gm (5 years ago)
0:27 the girl is so pretty :*
Pinkelschrubber (6 years ago)
TheSinisterPress (6 years ago)
Would've been funnier if at the end he had took his glasses off and opened the door next to him
ranaabdullah786 (6 years ago)
good by bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
ranaka01 (6 years ago)
one of my favorites!
said akh (6 years ago)
just for laugh's best act .
mumbul kucing (6 years ago)
Jojo Bobo (6 years ago)
Dude don't even read the comment , it will mess you up knowing how many shtty people are on this planet.
Jojo Bobo (6 years ago)
Your right , they expose 2 .3 pieces of clothes but that's their choice and I'm sure they have a brain . Habibe , what is shameful is that you judge people that you haven't met over the internet .
Danreb Guiyab (6 years ago)
Are u islam?
eva green (6 years ago)
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Chanchal Das (6 years ago)
Burley Mullins (6 years ago)
this is some mr magoo bullshit
il principino (6 years ago)
Hot chicks
La Fam (6 years ago)
I woulda bust nuts on these hoz
inlovewithi (6 years ago)
Too funny.
والله مدري وش تقولون يالاجانب اهم شي نضحك معاكم ها ها ها ها ها مستانسسسين ههههه
اما عليه . حظ . <.< واحد .. مصدق
Si B (6 years ago)
Cant read these dodgy characters. Flag for spam.
Fahad kh (6 years ago)
Mohit Vaid (6 years ago)
i watch tgis video only for that girl
Bryan F.C Films (6 years ago)
هجوم ي جيوش اليتيوب السعوديه نبي نحتل مقاطعهم ههههههههه .. لايك لايك هجوم هجوم
aBu8582Da7m (6 years ago)
السعودي لايتس
Phil t (6 years ago)
How is that fake? I see the visually impaired do that sort of thing all the time.
Mardjain Amdouni (6 years ago)
psychelectric (6 years ago)
hahha oh crap that's awesome
jasonfoe (6 years ago)
you just don't get it..
MOHAMMAD ALBADER (6 years ago)
It's realy funny
-A- (6 years ago)
يلعن عمري انا
Josuke911DJ (6 years ago)
its just what naturally comes to those who are not blind as we are familiar with signing with our arms, as blind people dont need it because well... theyre blind
logan krafft (6 years ago)
hes not blind what heck
Priscella Leyva (6 years ago)
Ovisly he is not blind it's a pranking show
Rahul Sarangdhar (6 years ago)
makand cheese (6 years ago)
Fake he's not blind
Mubarik Shah (6 years ago)
DIN LO (6 years ago)
he like ronaldo
Tudor Sisu (6 years ago)
thats funny:))
ImOpen O.O (6 years ago)
Becouse it's directed or stupid people... or just the instinct to wave.
Ayesha Fanaa (6 years ago)
very naic
sherzod umarov (6 years ago)
kulgi eng zòr
TheFinalRevelation (6 years ago)
Reminds me of Mr. Magoo
TheVEEbR (6 years ago)
no no no no like a BAWZ
والله مبدع
Franco Locascio (6 years ago)
Toke (6 years ago)
so u don't like guys with bad vision?
ilhan sarmad (6 years ago)
فديت ام الابيض شايله جسم رهيب
qm2smith (6 years ago)
عازف العود (6 years ago)
GhorabAli (6 years ago)
السعودي لايك
elridero (6 years ago)
and not a single fuck was given
Leck Eia (6 years ago)
Dont talk you stupid idiot i know, The WHOLE Show is a PRANK you fucking dumbass HAHA the people who are amazed are actors too. So dont talk if you dont know what i mean
Leck Eia (6 years ago)
all fake what a shit like Mindfreak
omeroxxx (6 years ago)
They are shouting and using their hands at once, it's a normal thing. You might use your hands in similar way while shouting at someone you're talking with on the phone. You also use body emotions to drive the attention of others in the scene toward the problem, or to make them understand what are you talking about so that you don't look like a shouting idiot in the street.
Dave_Viddy1989 (6 years ago)
That was impressive!
karpfenaut (6 years ago)
Like a boss
shawn churchgate (6 years ago)
thumbsup if you think that girl is pretty!
GagarinCCCP (6 years ago)
What is with people on youtube posting porn sites to check out. When did youtube become a forum for guys with their hands glued to their penis'.
CoindropSteve (6 years ago)
Ezio Auditore (6 years ago)
like a boss
Hondaridr58 (6 years ago)
Yeah, she'd have to cat call herself.
1greenMitsi (6 years ago)
u should get off the crack before u go out and develop cracks
1greenMitsi (6 years ago)
surely theres space in imagination to fuck them separately?
Eduardo clark (6 years ago)
i would act normal foo, shyt girls always peepin ma chest n pecs n guns out brah.. shyt.. fuck you son

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