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BELGRADE SERBIA 🇷🇸 - English tourist guide

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Please like share and subscribe to TrekTrendy for more worldwide travel vlogs: http://bit.ly/1WNqym8 When I had the opportunity to travel to Serbia, I jumped at the chance! I've always been fascinated in the country, but known very little about it. We were only in Belgrade (the capital) for three days, so took full advantage of our time here. You'll see from the vlog we tried to fit in as much as possible, from partying, to shooting, to Serbian lessons and eating! Hope you like it guys, it was a lot of fun to film, but do let me know if you have any suggestions for future vlogs, places, things to see and improvements are always welcome! A special thanks to Yana for helping us with our Serbian, showing us around and also introducing us to breakfast, Serbian style! To try your best shout out this is the place we used: https://sktarget.rs/en/ Instagram: Peter: @grimmo1990 Will: @davis.travel Music used: Running by Dj Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads Adventures by A Himitsu https://soundcloud.com/a-himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Say Good Night by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0
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Text Comments (212)
Fuck You (3 hours ago)
Im you dick 💗💗💗
Đorđe Radojević (1 day ago)
Tanks for that coments guz i am from Serbia in Belgrade i am so thanks for ho say that Serbia i men Belgrade good
serbianvampire (2 days ago)
WE EAT TOURISTS....just joking....well depends what do you wanna see and do in Serbia it can be interesting and boring for some....1 East europe is cheap well Balkans is cheaper so if you wanna go on a weekend get drunk eat sleep party cheap Belrade is the place to be but the more south you go it gets cheaper as for architecture its a shithole most beautiful citys are in the north as for the coutry side either you go to the east or the southwest enjoy the days in small vilages go hiking biking walk around what ever at least the nature is beautiful...as for night life yeah unfortunetly for us we are now the thailand of europe if you know what i mean ...as for living its nice if you have a paycheck as western part of the world an live here but it very unlikly its okay until you get kids after that i think you would consider moving somewhere else
FilK79 (3 days ago)
18:00 the guy in backstage... the best
Karmen Kerman (4 days ago)
The words like "U picku materinu " are more like it should go to place where it was made...just on Serbian way to sounds more rude...
Belgrade Info (7 days ago)
Belgrade is best city for parties :)
Boris Nadj (10 days ago)
You have not seen anything. You saw only 10 streets
Trek Trendy (8 days ago)
+Boris Nadj That's so helpful thank you Boris - I didn't know there were catacombs or indeed that the first railway station was there. I 100% will be coming back to Serbia and to try somewhere totally new as well. I visited the Catacombs in Odessa, Ukraine so keen to explore more.
Boris Nadj (8 days ago)
+Trek Trendy do you know that there are catacombs in zemun? Do you know that first railway station was in zemun? (Zemun, Budapest, Wien) you need about 10 days only for Zemun😊
Boris Nadj (8 days ago)
+Trek Trendy you will need several days to see one of the oldest cities in Europe. No it is not belgrade😁 it is zemun. Just across Kalemegdan fortress. So meni bars, caffes, nerow streets...pedestrian par near river dunav, milenijum tower at the Gardos hill...
Trek Trendy (9 days ago)
+Boris Nadj Totally agree. I think I didn't realise before I came just how much there is to see and do in Belgrade. Any suggestions on where to focus on?
Boris Nadj (9 days ago)
+Trek Trendy so try! You should choose part of the city and film it
Jason McGillicuddy (11 days ago)
Kalimegdan- and here i come😄
Luka Sh (12 days ago)
orthodox church lol, you made my day mate
N. N. (12 days ago)
Hello! Iam moving to Serbia soon and Iam searching for rent or roommate so can you help me if you have an idea about it thanks:)
J E (13 days ago)
This guy can correctly pronounce "Illinois" , unlike 200 million Americans. Credit where credit's due.
Mladen Gliševic (15 days ago)
Da si dosao za dve godine, sve si to mogao da obidjes metroom! If you had come in two years, you could go through city using the metro! :D
Mladen Gliševic (15 days ago)
+Trek Trendy Hahaha....it's local joke man. Because our government give to us promises about building a metro in the next two years. And same story for last 20 years :D
Trek Trendy (15 days ago)
o wow I didn't realise there was one being built. I'll be back though but sooner than two years i think :)
Lapakka 1 (15 days ago)
Nick crompton
Београд је најлепше пункт у свету. Душко Радовић: Ко је имао среће конечно се јутрос пробуди у Београду, може сматрати конечно је за данас довољоднако постигао у животику.
That's so Chloe (24 days ago)
I live here now (just made a vid) ! Love the film style :)
tinaismina (26 days ago)
So jealous in a good way being born and bread in AU seeing the land of my ancestors in all it's beauty on line. An inspiration to visit Serbia one day! Cheers!!
Miroslav Milentijevic (30 days ago)
Those bombed buildings are symbols of Western Civilization
serbija cantriball (1 month ago)
i am from serbia in kruševac
tomislava krstevski (1 month ago)
All nations are welcome in Serbia only arrabs and Muslims Serbians hate them so much they are rassist
Sasha V (1 month ago)
Ja bi samo jedno uradio , doneti zakon i svakog ko svrlja grafite na licu mesta streljao .... u picku materinu cela zemlja isarana }}:
FilK79 (3 days ago)
Zasto? Upravo je cela lepota u tome da ne postoje takvi glupi zakoni i da se niko ne strelja!!! Ceo svet ima grafite, cudno bi bilo da ih nema!
maks hebac (1 month ago)
Belgrade is one of the most beautiful cities in the world also is one of the oldest historic cities in the world it's people are very beautiful and happy !I will definitely come again to visit Serbia!
N. N. (12 days ago)
Hello! Iam moving to Serbia and obviously you been there before I want to ask how to find house for rent if know pls let me know thanks :)
Baqsam (1 month ago)
You have a very delightful Serbian friend there, but it's a disappointment that we only got to see your beautiful eyes near the end of the video. Sunglasses are usually of little utility and drastically impair non-verbal communication.
Ricky V (1 month ago)
Anti-Serbian sentiment was very strong in UK. especially during NATO war against serbia. I never expected to see a peace keeping force going to war on behalf of the illigal migrants or take a side during a civil war. And support the Terrorists. In my opinion the English and the Americans are the least liked people in the world.
Ladi Dadi (1 month ago)
most beautiful girls for sure in whole Europe :) and you miss so much in this video, but i hope you still had a good time
Luka Balac (1 month ago)
You just had to say strategic NATO attack :P
Jay Ray (1 month ago)
Anyone visiting the city, make sure to check out Belgrade Greeters, local volounteers that will happily show you the city! Visit us on: www.belgrade.greeters.info/ Or by e-mail: [email protected]
Bojana Andjelic (1 month ago)
Was really to watch this as that's my town originally but now l live in Uk so for me was so surprisingly ....to see u guys there and buzzing around. Amazing. Happy u liked it .
Anja Bircanin (1 month ago)
Like who is from Serbia Belgrade// like ko je is Srbije Beograda😂😍
milster (1 month ago)
How quickly you find your guide? Oh, and I hope you enjoyed your stay in Serbia. Sigh... Wish I could visit UK one day.
Бојан Митић (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video. You actually did a better job than our tourist organization. I hope you'll visit us again. I'd like to recomend you a three more cities: Niš, Novi Sad and Subotica. You wouldn't regret.
Trek Trendy (1 month ago)
Thank you for the kind words Бојан Митић - and for sure! I feel after having such a great time in Belgrade I really need to see more of your beautiful country
Acencial AMV (1 month ago)
Fun fact about the bohemian district where you recorded those musicians singing to a child. They were actually singing a children song to him/her, it was so adorable lol
TheSentinel909 (1 month ago)
Ziveo brate!
Malcolm Mulvihill (1 month ago)
Surprisingly pleasant city thanks great
TabanSRB (1 month ago)
Thanks, guys. It was a funny video and brought a smile to my face when you were having your Serbian lesson. Hope you had fun. Cheers.
TabanSRB (1 month ago)
"Loads of crazy military" is the Military Museum located at Kalemegdan park and fortress... contains mostly tanks from World War Two.
Nordic Nomad (1 month ago)
goddam shame white folk are making war on white folk with Kosovo war and the current Ukrainian Russian conflict...that shit needs to stop you understand how fucking few of us are in this colored world....
Braco Rado (1 month ago)
Will and Pete , great video and report from Serbia, glad you enjoyed visiting our country. Hope to see you guys back sometime.
Trek Trendy (1 month ago)
Thanks Braco Rado - will be back for sure!
best videos (1 month ago)
beautiful serbia
jugas sprey art (1 month ago)
very good chanell friend subscribe for you
Бекстридзелна 🇷🇸 Сербиа 🇷🇸
Sara S (1 month ago)
Hey! I'm a bit late on this video but I really felt like I needed to share how thankful I was for this video :) It was really relaxing to watch, and it truly gave an overview of our capital. It's very rare to see videos on Serbia, as foreigners usually avoid it and go for Croatia or other EU countries. And even those videos that are about Belgrade don't really show the "real" city/country. You included the museums, touristy places, nightlife AND the ruins from the bombing (which is mostly just skipped - a shame since it really is a big part of what constructs our national morale). In conclusion, thanks for this amazing video! I'll be sure to check out your other videos as well. Lastly - hope you had a great time and we can't wait to welcome you to our country again! :)
Trek Trendy (1 month ago)
Thanks for the kind words Sara - I really did love Belgrade and will definitely be back in the future. I hope this video can persuade others to come and visit your wonderful country :)
Rustled Jimmies (1 month ago)
Hello, im from Norway and was in Serbia for 2 weeks a month ago. And i must admit, i’ve had only heard bad things about serbia and serbian people mostly because of the war. But i must say, none of it is true, Serbian people are really warm-hearted, friendly and overall good. And not the fake «i want you’re money so im acting nice» way. But for real. When we tried to tip the vaiters they refused to take it, and we gave money to a guy on the street who sold some lightning thingy handmade from copper. And when we game him over the price he said: No, give it to someone who needs it. And later when we traveled to another small town in the countryside, we lived at someones home because all the hotel’s was full. And they were so lovely old pair, the made us cake and tea, and was just so nice people. Overall Serbian people is not like other country’s. You are the real deal!
Your Granny A Tranny (4 days ago)
milster Dude don’t be so pessimistic. As much as people hate Vucic and the government, at least he is actually doing something and making a change.
Jasna Kolasinac (4 days ago)
yes that are Serbs ,glad u had nice experience
Vukašin Bosančić (11 days ago)
Hvala ...
Josh I (30 days ago)
I am not an expert on the Serbian war but i think it was attacked by NATO because it was Orthodox Christian and i know for a fact there are zionists who hate The Orthodox Christian faith, why? I cant say i know but yes this is the little information i think why they backed up the muslims.
big24arm (1 month ago)
big24arm (1 month ago)
Alex Domanovic (26 days ago)
kala not kali
Igor Maricic (1 month ago)
ja sam seksi lisica loooool
Strahinja Jevtic (1 month ago)
you are Kingggg💚💚💚💚Ti si kralj(transition in serbian) 💚💚💚💚
Srpska Krajina (1 month ago)
English fucks not welcome in Serbia
Sandra Rainey (1 month ago)
"U pichku materinu" the way its said xD and they say "yebote" Way its said :D means Fuck, "yebi se" mean fuck you, just if you want to know another 2 :D
Sandra Rainey (1 month ago)
HAHAHAHAHA Im crying, this is funny "Ja se zovem Vil" the way its said "ya se zovem Vil" (The letter W dont exist in Serbia, so you change it to V)
Sandra Rainey (1 month ago)
In Cafe and Factory, they have smoothies that have a very weird taste and coffee tastes weird there to, i wouldn't recommend it to you at all xD
Sandra Rainey (1 month ago)
Knez Mihaila is said as "Knez Mi-Hi (as you would say in English when you say hi to someone)-La :D
Sandra Rainey (1 month ago)
easier way for you to say it is "Kali-meg-dan" says it the way i wrote it :)
ZG (1 month ago)
TVBalkan (1 month ago)
Pronouncing Kalemegdan made Anglo-Saxon friendly: *Khal* (like khal Drogo from GoT) *Em* (like letter M) *Egg* *Done* (like finished, over with, but not cockney with "ough", proper pronunciation) Khal-Em-Egg-Done :D
someguywithvideos (25 days ago)
As for the classic stuff to please your tastebuds with: Ćevapi (chay-wah-pee), Lepinja sa kajmakom (Lay-pee-nya sah kigh-muck-om)...
BrutalAbduction (1 month ago)
Svaka čast na objašnjenju... Lepo smišljeno! :)
Trek Trendy (1 month ago)
Thank you so much :)
Dkonealike (1 month ago)
Kalemegdan park is amazing is it not ? The weapons you were confused about are displayed for a long time and are part of the army museum you missed, its just on the left up the stairs, you can visit it next time of course, around 2 pounds is the ticket if i am not mistaken. Clubbing is always running wild in Belgrade, during winter it moves from the river inside the city. Western City Gate is also known as Gazela. The history behind the building itself is fun, give it a read. Feeling safe is common is Serbia, the most common person will never have any issues or trouble, Serbians as a people are kind and helpful and would go out of there way to help you out if you are in a tight squeeze. The buildings you saw that are destroyed during the NATO bombing of Serbia, are left mostly due to lack of funds for reconstruction or any other development in place. The local's themselves view them as a reminder of the NATO aggression on the population of Serbia. Another thing I would recommend on your next visit to Serbia that you have to undertake focus on the freedom you left and leave the main city branch, go on the other side of the river check New Belgrade and all of its flashy things, go inside of Zemun and view the history that it holds. Many come to Serbia(Belgrade) and end up on extended stay due to the people, amount of locations, nightlife, general feeling of fulfillment within ones self. Best on your adventures and hope for the best :).. Thank you for making a video of such a lovely city, keep it up, do not let anything stop you from following your dreams; peace.
PariS HermeS (1 month ago)
The bombing was not really strategic. As you said this building is in the middle of the city where many civilians got injured.
Flav C (1 month ago)
Pretty similar to my home country, Romania. I'm from Serbian Banat and I have to visit our neighbours in Serbia :)
TheAncient Tribalia (9 days ago)
:) greetings to you romanian beother❤️
Boris Jovanovic (1 month ago)
All best to our Romanian brother!
enes djuric (1 month ago)
Ova dvojica su dosla da cuclaju Srpsku kobaju...i to literalno .
FilK79 (3 days ago)
Aj ne kenjajte svi vi stvarno... Mislite malo sta pis(a/e)te jer ljudi imaju gugl translejt
milster (1 month ago)
+Бојан Митић to ti misliš. Lako je napraviti dete, samo nema se sa kim. Ili da budem precizniji, sa kojom.
Бојан Митић (1 month ago)
Ma da. Svi su pederi na zapadu i svi se množe kao zečevi a ovde sve prave muškarčine i niko ne ume da napravi dete.
milster (1 month ago)
Ahahahaha, izgleda.
Ruska picka (1 month ago)
Yah dude
Clacla8888 (1 month ago)
NATO go home !
Ratko Martinovic (4 days ago)
But we love Errol Flynn, Clint Eastwood,John Wayne,Elvis Presley,Buggs Buny,Duffy Duck,Rock and Punk...
milster (1 month ago)
NATO terrorist totalitarians.
M Vuletic (1 month ago)
nato warcriminals who never face trial for their warcrimes, NATO= NORTH ATLANTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION
Almir Krasniqi (1 month ago)
Janez Novak (1 month ago)
The first scene in this video shows how funny and unique this nation is, a granpa with a walking stick casually passes by not using it haha :)
The Shadow Riders (1 month ago)
any sebian wanna maryy me haha , 23 years old male from Tunisia , i love Serbian people <3
FilK79 (3 days ago)
One thing is truth. When crisis in Central and Eastern Europe begin in the 1990s, you started seing all sort of Eastern European woman in bordels and even streets in big cities of Western Europe, but NEVER EVER a Serbian woman anyone ever saw. Despite wars, sanctions we didnt even had that much immigration as other countries had. That is really prowd.
TheAncient Tribalia (9 days ago)
😂😂 👍 what a legend...
Бојан Митић (22 days ago)
+elvis marku Of course, there are many mixed couples in Serbia too. That's normal. Love is love.
elvis marku (22 days ago)
+Бојан Митић my girlfriend is serbian and i am albanian
Cyrus Fidelio (1 month ago)
koja si ti slina jebote
Srb i ja (1 month ago)
And what is happen in Serbia???If you listen bbc we are evil people and eat small kids.
Your Granny A Tranny (4 days ago)
milster Malo pre naglo....
Your Granny A Tranny (4 days ago)
S S On ti je srpski libtard 2.0
Your Granny A Tranny (4 days ago)
Marko Avramovic thank you.
milster (1 month ago)
Smrt bratstvu i jedinstvu.
S S (1 month ago)
The Wolf ja vidim da si mentalno zaostao pa neću biti previše grub ali...dali ti znaš šta je fašizam? Stalno ga spominješ a vidim da nemaš predstavu šta je to ustvari. Zato pre nego što ispadneš glup malo pročitaj o tome što pričaš. Takodje nema šta da me bude sramota, svi u mojoj porodici su za vreme rata bili antifašisti tj Četnici i ja se time ponosim
Defense Ball (1 month ago)
Berlin and Paris are dangerous shit holes compared to Belgrade. Good work bro!
Marija Radosavljevic (1 month ago)
Bravo Luka !!!+Luka Balac
Luka Balac (1 month ago)
Sad sam procitao i video da si odavde... Iz svog licnog iskustva ti kazem da se retko nadje otvoren i topao grad kao sto je Beograd. To treba da se cuva.
Luka Balac (1 month ago)
It sounds like you havent been to Belgrade as well... I am for example from Belgrade. Traveled all around the Europe, in Paris i know people and i get around like a local. And indeed Paris is a dangerous shithole full of people trying to rob you, i dont say its not beautiful...
Big Small_Travel (1 month ago)
Hey! We were in Belgrade and felt VERY safe. Much safer than Berlin for sure. You can watch our video on our channel and you can see for yourself ...
milster (1 month ago)
Defense Ball funny, I'd say the otherwise. Not regarding Berlin and Paris as I never have been there, but BG and safety sound like oxymoron.
Doug Stillborn (1 month ago)
and yet not a single bomb ever fell on Tel Aviv
milster (1 month ago)
Because Israel and US are on the same sides. All under rich Jews bankars from Wall Street. Rotschild, Soros, and the late Rockfeller.
Doug Stillborn (1 month ago)
+zeljo024 there will be war. As long as the globalist/banks ignore the poor there will be an all out war and globalist politicians, faceless bearocrats/cowards like Vucic, Merkele, Sanders, Obama, Netanyahu, people like them have an iron grip of bullshit on the world .
zeljo024 (1 month ago)
That is because they do not have balls to fight with nato pact :)
vrbcc (1 month ago)
In first 3 sec i knew you comming to BG cose Parade. :D
Danilo Ninkovic (1 month ago)
Zdravo is for hello or ćao like Italian ciao
Big Small_Travel (1 month ago)
Thanks! We were just in Belgrade, and posted a video, so we figured that out too.
SAvram_ (1 month ago)
Da l su ova dvojica umakali u ovu Janu? Neki grupnjak, nesto? :D
milster (1 month ago)
E jest baš, došli ovde, i odmah našli neku da ga umoče (a da nije kurva).
kopaonik61 (1 month ago)
Umakali su jedan u drugoga, slucajno su bili u BGD-u na pride paradi?
Boguslaw Izydorczak (1 month ago)
Z Polski przesyłam pozdrowienia dla braci Serbów,niech żyje Wielka Serbia.
ikac DRAKE (1 month ago)
Glory to Poland my Slavic brothers. Serbia loves you
Stale NFS (1 month ago)
Boguslaw Izydorczak slawa sescijanska polska
Bobby011 Digital (1 month ago)
Pozdrav poljski brate...Volimo vas
TheAncient Tribalia (2 months ago)
Serbs are obsessed with coffe sooo yup, on every corner is like minimum 4 Cafes
tomislava krstevski (3 days ago)
+Vukašin Bosančić and cevap and pleskavica not delicious it's dry meat
Vukašin Bosančić (4 days ago)
+tomislava krstevski Rakiya is everything .. it's a drink , medicine , even a fuel ! ahahahhahaa Burek is good , but pleskavica or cevapi .. mmmm !
tomislava krstevski (4 days ago)
+Vukašin Bosančić ok but they really drink too much coffee ..and I don't know how they can drink this rakiya it's very hot like if I drink pure alcohol it's too bad ...but best thing in Serbia it's burak I like it too much I love it 😍😍😍
Vukašin Bosančić (4 days ago)
+tomislava krstevski When someone suggest you to go with him and have a cop od coffee , or to come to his place , it's not about coffee ... it's everything that comes with that coffee ... rakiya , talks , laughs ... you know that ... :) Sorry , i have to finish my coffee , so i could go to work :) hahhaah ;)
TheAncient Tribalia (4 days ago)
+Vukašin Bosančić 😂😂😂😂
Cyrus Fidelio (2 months ago)
those were not strategic nato attacks. these buildings were completely empty and not used for anything. it was simply done to inflict damage to buildings that our people paid for.
dzonikg (1 month ago)
They did not hit Zastava "accidentally" ..i am from town where Zastava is and it was bombarded 2 different nights with lot off bombs..so its not accident for sure ..and lot off other things were target in my town and my house which is almost in heart off town was half destroyed...i lost 2 friends in NATO bombing ...one was 17 and other 19 years old. In west they present bombing as targeting military targets but it was totally opposite ...they target civilian targets and civilian infrastructure to disrupt normal life off people.
samra gafic (1 month ago)
Cyrus Fidelio And Yugoslavian army (that was bombarding Croatia and bosnia) belonged to which country then smart ass?? Get your facts right before commenting in the future idiot!
Cyrus Fidelio (1 month ago)
Serbia never fought in the war in Bosnia. It was a civil war.
samra gafic (1 month ago)
May i just ask about bosnian infrastructure that was destroted by serbia? Don't get me wrong but bombarding was well deserved by serbia.
Cyrus Fidelio (1 month ago)
well, i doubt they would have lost a lot more planes, they just needed to end the war because it was taking way too long.
IndjijaTsar (2 months ago)
Fortress is a military complex it made to protect a city or a stand alone defensive position, it garrisons troops.So its nothing strange to see military hardware in a fort its fort,.In case of Kalemegdan Fortress there is a Military Museum with in Fortress complex.
Trek Trendy (1 month ago)
Absolutely - fell in love with this beautiful country :)
Evolver's Corner (1 month ago)
wrong! It's not IF, it's when ;)
Trek Trendy (2 months ago)
Really appreciate all the info IndjijaTsar - I know who to reach out to if I make another vlog in Serbia :)
IndjijaTsar (2 months ago)
+Trek Trendy Interesting fact about Kalemegdan Fortress it's over 2000 years old so is the city(Earlest the area of Belgrade was settled was some 6000 years ago) . You can see remains of Roman walls, Byzantine , Medieval Serbian, Ottoman and Austrian walls. Belgrade was razed to the ground 44 times and was fought over in 115 wars.
Trek Trendy (2 months ago)
Thanks for the insight IndjijaTsar :) - I think I expected a medieval fortress which is common in old English towns hence my surprise to see more modern military hardware. When I visit again and have more time, i'll check out the museum to get more background.
Straax (2 months ago)
*Western City Gate* is also known as: *Genex Tower*
Trek Trendy (2 months ago)
Thanks Staaax
Officer Monoculus (2 months ago)
Khalamegdahn - thats how you say it
Alex Domanovic (26 days ago)
kinda like cowabunga but kalamegdan
Aleksandra Gavrilovic (1 month ago)
Read as it is written and write as you speak ...this Is the fundamental rule of serbian language ,so it is not hard to do it..you write word as you speak it and it means that ...but in English I write word on one way ,pronouns it on the oder way Example : Serbian language Dobro - /Dobro/ English language Good- /gud/
Officer Monoculus (2 months ago)
+Trek Trendy np
Trek Trendy (2 months ago)
thanks guys :)
Ogi Gligic (2 months ago)
Serbian Arabian Girl (2 months ago)
Nice video. u visited my countries Serbia and UAE. u must also visit Egypt.
Cameron telsa (13 days ago)
alex alyo she is mixed race , half serbian and arab .
alex alyo (1 month ago)
serbian arabian?? really?? how does that work ???
TheAncient Tribalia (1 month ago)
+milster Oh yea, accualy thats so confuseing... @SerbianArabianGirl de mi reci kako si ti Srpsko-Arapska?
milster (1 month ago)
+TheAncient Tribalia well, if she is from Serbian family, she can't be Arabian. One thing I hate is the term "naturalized citizen".
milster (1 month ago)
+Nikola Rakić ahahahaha, sad. videh tvoj komentar gore iznad pređašnjeg. Pravo pitanje.
Senica Ptica (2 months ago)
Very nice video and men!
luka Stefanović (2 months ago)
Nice video
Trek Trendy (2 months ago)
Thanks Luka
Dimi GD (2 months ago)
great vid
Trek Trendy (2 months ago)
Thank you Dimi :)

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