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BELGRADE SERBIA 🇷🇸 - English tourist guide

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Please like share and subscribe to TrekTrendy for more worldwide travel vlogs: http://bit.ly/1WNqym8 When I had the opportunity to travel to Serbia, I jumped at the chance! I've always been fascinated in the country, but known very little about it. We were only in Belgrade (the capital) for three days, so took full advantage of our time here. You'll see from the vlog we tried to fit in as much as possible, from partying, to shooting, to Serbian lessons and eating! Hope you like it guys, it was a lot of fun to film, but do let me know if you have any suggestions for future vlogs, places, things to see and improvements are always welcome! A special thanks to Yana for helping us with our Serbian, showing us around and also introducing us to breakfast, Serbian style! To try your best shout out this is the place we used: https://sktarget.rs/en/ Instagram: Peter: @grimmo1990 Will: @davis.travel Music used: Running by Dj Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads Adventures by A Himitsu https://soundcloud.com/a-himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Say Good Night by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0
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Text Comments (324)
zbor41 (12 hours ago)
When I go to Belgrade I have to try out that facility where the guns and rifles are and if Serbia smart don't join the European Union or you're going to lose the right to have the right to bear arms
Senica Ptica (1 day ago)
1:49 The missile system Russian and it is called "Neva" with him we overturned the US invisible plane F-117A NIGHTHAWK that happened when Serbia was battling on March 27, 1999. It's the only invisible plane that has been shot down in war actions to date!
Sashkee (2 days ago)
Where did you find yana? Had a three way didn't you, you cheeky bastard 😝
I dont know why they cant get tourist
Loby (3 days ago)
LookTheSky (4 days ago)
You find your way around so quickly 🏍📡🚕, awesome vid, Mr sexy fox🦊😉😸⚘🐕✌🦊🐩🐾🌻
Vojin Animations (5 days ago)
In serbian we don't have spelling we just read what is written and it's kalemegdan
Vojin Animations (5 days ago)
But you said river sava right
Sebastolaf Gravberg (5 days ago)
Why don’t you show better the city instead of showing your face all the time...
Sara Dj (5 days ago)
Like svi koji su iz Srbije ili ko je ikada bio❤
Kālipsø Kūn (6 days ago)
I am from serbia and so just you know americans made all those ruins that you are walking throught,we were forced to make that castle looking walls becuase of the germans and americans.
Renan Nogueira (8 days ago)
Damn! Nice ass (the guy wearing white shorts)! 1:39
PRO GAMES Yt (10 days ago)
Sta ces u srbiji sramota
Stefan Jovanovic (15 days ago)
500 rsd = 2 or3£ not 5£ :D
Ante 000 (15 days ago)
Vjerojatno neznate da su napali Sloveniju..Hrvatsku..Bosnu i Hercegovinu i Kosovo..u kratkome periodu..te narode su tukli ubijali progonili i klali ! Ali vjerojatno neznate ni to da sada njih pitate je li to sve istina rekli bi vam da je to sve LAŽ!! Da su ti narodi to sami tražili ili da su oni u tome svemu najveće žrtve jer su neki Srbi protjerani iz tih zemalja! Tim ljudima iz te 4 države je samo zlo nanešeno od te države (Srbije)..vjerojatno ni neznate da ima jedna narodna poslovica...a kaže: Nevjeruj Srbinu ni kad darove nosi..nažalost većina nas je to osjetila na svojoj koži..neki više neki manje! Udarajte negativne komentare ali to je istina!
Lady One (28 days ago)
FACKO RS (28 days ago)
I'm from Serbia
videomont (29 days ago)
1 EUR = 118 RSD/DIN
pera 69 (1 month ago)
Ono kad gledas kako turisti obidju vise grad nego ti a zivis ovde😂😪
Iosis07 (1 month ago)
Military hardware at fortress is part of military museum.
crepers HD (1 month ago)
Im serbia
crepers HD (1 month ago)
Im servis tankyou
Jason Hee (1 month ago)
Trek! you have awesome videos too!! Subbed to you! Love Travels!! Thanks for checking out my channel!
Jason Hee (1 month ago)
+Trek Trendy Yeshhh!!
Trek Trendy (1 month ago)
Thanks for the support dude. Well we share that, travel and exploring new parts of the world is the best right!
808 Kings (1 month ago)
Fuck serbia
Lily Kostadinovič (1 month ago)
I live in serbia
johny mo (1 month ago)
go away our shitland u guest
Bill Kerman (1 month ago)
*Serbia strong*
Maja Nikolovski (1 month ago)
I am Serbian and I agree that Serbia is the best place to live🇷🇸
Laylla's Locker (1 month ago)
Hahahah, This video has so many views compared to your other videos. I'm guessing our people are generally interested to see what foreign ppl have to say about us, prob because of bad rep in the world. XD
knjaz milos (1 month ago)
We read how it is written
1997Aki (1 month ago)
The soldiers and policmen don't have anything against you filling the nato bomb building, but next to it, on the other side of the street is the building of government hahaha
1997Aki (1 month ago)
+Trek Trendy Btw great video about Belgrade, if you ever have a chance come and visit some other places in Serbia like Novi Sad, Zlatibor etc 😀
Trek Trendy (1 month ago)
O right! It's only i read something online about being careful filming it hense why I was being cautious. Thanks for the heads up :)
Insider 2 (1 month ago)
8:33 in your video... Live video footage..https://youtu.be/cTllSoTRyco
iggy iggy (1 month ago)
pazi onog sto presuje plastiku i bere karton u pozadini .reciklaza na delo :D
Jovan Paunovic (1 month ago)
Balkanski Ludaci (1 month ago)
I am from Belegrade.Serbia!!!
Nemiloš zorkA (1 month ago)
Maybe someone already posted it in the comments, but "Kalemegdan" is a Turkish word, so you should probably ask some Turks if you've got it right ;) It actually means: battle fort. Or something like that...
Howdy (2 months ago)
Currently Serbia is pretty nice country, safe for tourists + safe for people.
Raziel Milky (2 months ago)
Parliament building was in Half Life 2 game
Elriuhilu (2 months ago)
Lisica is a female fox. You want to say "ja sam seksi lisac."
Jamie Hernandez (2 months ago)
Serbia is a beautiful place
Lukine Gluposti (2 months ago)
It's Kalemegdan park
Helen Jovicevic (2 months ago)
Serbia is by far the most beautiful place to visit how I know is because I've gone there every year since I was little up until the war began it's been over 20 plus years I've gone i miss my family out there
Girl Power TM (2 months ago)
Da ti samo probas nase bureke i cevape
BlackPepper (2 months ago)
Samo me zanima jel ste otkinuli ovu Janu jer bi se devojka sa gelenderom pojebala
Longfordboy (2 months ago)
Where did Janna go?
Stevan Kosovac (2 months ago)
Rent apartment in Belgrade by Danube river promenade for just 500euro per month or 45 euro per night +381641872068 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZKeEiQkxB0&t=218s
Kat 91 (2 months ago)
haha jojjjj sto je dobro!! bravo! :)
Pavle Lazarevic (2 months ago)
U pičku materinu 😀
Single Not lonely (2 months ago)
missing.I.have.gone there twice
Monna (2 months ago)
Hello is ZDRAVO, not hello. She must have understood the question wrong.
Monna (2 months ago)
Strategic NATO attacks? That was ignorant. Ok
Fuck You (2 months ago)
Im you dick 💗💗💗
Đorđe Radojević (2 months ago)
Tanks for that coments guz i am from Serbia in Belgrade i am so thanks for ho say that Serbia i men Belgrade good
serbianvampire (2 months ago)
WE EAT TOURISTS....just joking....well depends what do you wanna see and do in Serbia it can be interesting and boring for some....1 East europe is cheap well Balkans is cheaper so if you wanna go on a weekend get drunk eat sleep party cheap Belrade is the place to be but the more south you go it gets cheaper as for architecture its a shithole most beautiful citys are in the north as for the coutry side either you go to the east or the southwest enjoy the days in small vilages go hiking biking walk around what ever at least the nature is beautiful...as for night life yeah unfortunetly for us we are now the thailand of europe if you know what i mean ...as for living its nice if you have a paycheck as western part of the world an live here but it very unlikly its okay until you get kids after that i think you would consider moving somewhere else
FilK79 (3 months ago)
18:00 the guy in backstage... the best
Karmen Kerman (3 months ago)
The words like "U picku materinu " are more like it should go to place where it was made...just on Serbian way to sounds more rude...
Belgrade Info (3 months ago)
Belgrade is best city for parties :)
Boris Nadj (3 months ago)
You have not seen anything. You saw only 10 streets
Trek Trendy (3 months ago)
+Boris Nadj That's so helpful thank you Boris - I didn't know there were catacombs or indeed that the first railway station was there. I 100% will be coming back to Serbia and to try somewhere totally new as well. I visited the Catacombs in Odessa, Ukraine so keen to explore more.
Boris Nadj (3 months ago)
+Trek Trendy do you know that there are catacombs in zemun? Do you know that first railway station was in zemun? (Zemun, Budapest, Wien) you need about 10 days only for Zemun😊
Boris Nadj (3 months ago)
+Trek Trendy you will need several days to see one of the oldest cities in Europe. No it is not belgrade😁 it is zemun. Just across Kalemegdan fortress. So meni bars, caffes, nerow streets...pedestrian par near river dunav, milenijum tower at the Gardos hill...
Trek Trendy (3 months ago)
+Boris Nadj Totally agree. I think I didn't realise before I came just how much there is to see and do in Belgrade. Any suggestions on where to focus on?
Boris Nadj (3 months ago)
+Trek Trendy so try! You should choose part of the city and film it
Jason McGillicuddy (3 months ago)
Kalimegdan- and here i come😄
Luka Sh (3 months ago)
orthodox church lol, you made my day mate
N. N. (3 months ago)
Hello! Iam moving to Serbia soon and Iam searching for rent or roommate so can you help me if you have an idea about it thanks:)
J E (3 months ago)
This guy can correctly pronounce "Illinois" , unlike 200 million Americans. Credit where credit's due.
Mladen Gliševic (3 months ago)
Da si dosao za dve godine, sve si to mogao da obidjes metroom! If you had come in two years, you could go through city using the metro! :D
Ljiljana Stejic (1 month ago)
+Trek Trendy They have been promising to build the metro for at least 20 years. Legend says they are still building it. Also it's gonna be finished in two years, during the following 20 years. It's like cicada life cycle, once underground, always underground.
Mladen Gliševic (3 months ago)
+Trek Trendy Hahaha....it's local joke man. Because our government give to us promises about building a metro in the next two years. And same story for last 20 years :D
Trek Trendy (3 months ago)
o wow I didn't realise there was one being built. I'll be back though but sooner than two years i think :)
Lapakka 1 (3 months ago)
Nick crompton
Београд је најлепше пункт у свету. Душко Радовић: Ко је имао среће конечно се јутрос пробуди у Београду, може сматрати конечно је за данас довољоднако постигао у животику.
That's so Chloe (3 months ago)
I live here now (just made a vid) ! Love the film style :)
ricky kaka (2 months ago)
Live in Belgrade??which part?
tinaismina (3 months ago)
So jealous in a good way being born and bread in AU seeing the land of my ancestors in all it's beauty on line. An inspiration to visit Serbia one day! Cheers!!
Miroslav Milentijevic (3 months ago)
Those bombed buildings are symbols of Western Civilization
John Smith (1 month ago)
Bravo brate za komentar usro si im se u usta ali diplomatski na njihov nacin.
serbija cantriball (3 months ago)
i am from serbia in kruševac
Sasha V (4 months ago)
Ja bi samo jedno uradio , doneti zakon i svakog ko svrlja grafite na licu mesta streljao .... u picku materinu cela zemlja isarana }}:
the reaper (1 month ago)
Nacrtacu ti grafit preko face majmune
Asobimo (1 month ago)
Да али само ако неко нажврља глупости као своје име либо неке увреде либо пропаганду. Ако је прави графит, конечно нешто представља, конечно се неко потрудио глаз њега (као к примеру графити који се налазе на зиду са десне стрсне када се иде од Панчевачког модта према СУП-у). За то се неко доста потрудио и стварно изгледа лепо, за разлику од обичних жврљотина и шкработина којима уништавају фасаде на зградама.
994marti (1 month ago)
Sasha V dece crtaju na zid sta cemo ??
Podrzavam,grafite kao vid umetnickog izrazavanja je jedno,a ne skrabanje javnog dobra,gde god nadjes zgodno mesto ti vadi flomaseter.sprej,cetku...pisi gluposti,mazi...
Ratko Martinovic (2 months ago)
Hahahaha...pametni grafiti da,sovinisticke ukloniti sigurno.
Senad Musli (3 months ago)
Belgrade is one of the most beautiful cities in the world also is one of the oldest historic cities in the world it's people are very beautiful and happy !I will definitely come again to visit Serbia!
ricky kaka (2 months ago)
Thanks maks...you are welcome 🙂
N. N. (2 months ago)
+Bojan Jankovic ok thanks for helping :) I appreciate it
Bojan Jankovic (2 months ago)
+N. N. well only around belgrade and novi sad can you find decent work. Esp in it but also in other service based jobs. Got plenty of rentals but not so many houses in bg, mostly app. Perhaps around. Same goes for ns.
N. N. (2 months ago)
+Bojan Jankovic is it hard to find one there ?? Actually the place of the house does not matter because I Just need a place and then search for work in that area what do you think about this ??
Bojan Jankovic (2 months ago)
+N. N. Which city? Since you talk about a house rental most likely not Belgrade.
Baqsam (4 months ago)
You have a very delightful Serbian friend there, but it's a disappointment that we only got to see your beautiful eyes near the end of the video. Sunglasses are usually of little utility and drastically impair non-verbal communication.
Ricky V (4 months ago)
Anti-Serbian sentiment was very strong in UK. especially during NATO war against serbia. I never expected to see a peace keeping force going to war on behalf of the illigal migrants or take a side during a civil war. And support the Terrorists. In my opinion the English and the Americans are the least liked people in the world.
Cat ji (2 months ago)
+Ratko Martinovic it was done to please which people? part of some bigger plan?
Ratko Martinovic (2 months ago)
I am very upset to hear that.How does it happened?We(Serbia,Yugoslavia)were Allies in WW I and WW II.During action of Bosnian Serbs or?How is posibble that K-Albanians becomes so"important"?
Ladi Dadi (4 months ago)
most beautiful girls for sure in whole Europe :) and you miss so much in this video, but i hope you still had a good time
Luka Balac (4 months ago)
You just had to say strategic NATO attack :P
Jay Ray (4 months ago)
Anyone visiting the city, make sure to check out Belgrade Greeters, local volounteers that will happily show you the city! Visit us on: www.belgrade.greeters.info/ Or by e-mail: [email protected]
Bojana Andjelic (4 months ago)
Was really to watch this as that's my town originally but now l live in Uk so for me was so surprisingly ....to see u guys there and buzzing around. Amazing. Happy u liked it .
Anja Bircanin (4 months ago)
Like who is from Serbia Belgrade// like ko je is Srbije Beograda😂😍
milster (4 months ago)
How quickly you find your guide? Oh, and I hope you enjoyed your stay in Serbia. Sigh... Wish I could visit UK one day.
Бојан Митић (4 months ago)
Thank you for this video. You actually did a better job than our tourist organization. I hope you'll visit us again. I'd like to recomend you a three more cities: Niš, Novi Sad and Subotica. You wouldn't regret.
And Kragujevac
Trek Trendy (4 months ago)
Thank you for the kind words Бојан Митић - and for sure! I feel after having such a great time in Belgrade I really need to see more of your beautiful country
Acencial AMV (4 months ago)
Fun fact about the bohemian district where you recorded those musicians singing to a child. They were actually singing a children song to him/her, it was so adorable lol
TheSentinel909 (4 months ago)
Ziveo brate!
Malcolm Mulvihill (4 months ago)
Surprisingly pleasant city thanks great
TabanSRB (4 months ago)
Thanks, guys. It was a funny video and brought a smile to my face when you were having your Serbian lesson. Hope you had fun. Cheers.
TabanSRB (4 months ago)
"Loads of crazy military" is the Military Museum located at Kalemegdan park and fortress... contains mostly tanks from World War Two.
Nordic Nomad (4 months ago)
goddam shame white folk are making war on white folk with Kosovo war and the current Ukrainian Russian conflict...that shit needs to stop you understand how fucking few of us are in this colored world....
Braco Rado (4 months ago)
Will and Pete , great video and report from Serbia, glad you enjoyed visiting our country. Hope to see you guys back sometime.
Trek Trendy (4 months ago)
Thanks Braco Rado - will be back for sure!
The Best Videos (4 months ago)
beautiful serbia
jugas sprey art (4 months ago)
very good chanell friend subscribe for you
Бекстридзелна 🇷🇸 Сербиа 🇷🇸
Sara S (4 months ago)
Hey! I'm a bit late on this video but I really felt like I needed to share how thankful I was for this video :) It was really relaxing to watch, and it truly gave an overview of our capital. It's very rare to see videos on Serbia, as foreigners usually avoid it and go for Croatia or other EU countries. And even those videos that are about Belgrade don't really show the "real" city/country. You included the museums, touristy places, nightlife AND the ruins from the bombing (which is mostly just skipped - a shame since it really is a big part of what constructs our national morale). In conclusion, thanks for this amazing video! I'll be sure to check out your other videos as well. Lastly - hope you had a great time and we can't wait to welcome you to our country again! :)
Trek Trendy (4 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words Sara - I really did love Belgrade and will definitely be back in the future. I hope this video can persuade others to come and visit your wonderful country :)
Rustled Jimmies (4 months ago)
Hello, im from Norway and was in Serbia for 2 weeks a month ago. And i must admit, i’ve had only heard bad things about serbia and serbian people mostly because of the war. But i must say, none of it is true, Serbian people are really warm-hearted, friendly and overall good. And not the fake «i want you’re money so im acting nice» way. But for real. When we tried to tip the vaiters they refused to take it, and we gave money to a guy on the street who sold some lightning thingy handmade from copper. And when we game him over the price he said: No, give it to someone who needs it. And later when we traveled to another small town in the countryside, we lived at someones home because all the hotel’s was full. And they were so lovely old pair, the made us cake and tea, and was just so nice people. Overall Serbian people is not like other country’s. You are the real deal!
milster (25 days ago)
+Don Vito e sve si u pravu, osim za sigurnost. Kad može neko da te ubije pred kamerama i ne odgovara, onog nekog beskućnika zapalili klinci neka hvala.
Don Vito (25 days ago)
+milster born and raised in Belgrade. Of course we should protest the goverment, and we should strive for better standards of living. Belgrade is already very very safe(at least in my opinion, i could be going home at 3AM, and i would still feel safe), by comfortably, i guess you mean salaries? That is one thing that really needs improving fast, and i totally agree on that with you. Samo ne znam ko vise glasa za Vucica, covek se iskenja kada otvori usta, ne mogu da ga slusam vise od 2 minuta...
Bean 0506 (1 month ago)
As a fellow Aussie Serb I see that we are getting brainwashed by our governments to learn that the Eastern European people is bad and stuff like that everybody believed the teachers but I told my friends that I’m a Serb they were like oh shit I’m so sorry I told them everything about nato and how bad they are oh yeah my babba told me about how evil nato but someone already explained it in this comment section
Luka Radoicic (1 month ago)
I'm from Serbia, and I'm aware of the image of Serbia that you get to see and that is why I am am so thankful for comments like these. I hope you had a great time here and if you ever visit again, feel free send me an email and I could show you around Belgrade. Again, thanks a lot for this comment, it means a world to us! [email protected]
big24arm (4 months ago)
big24arm (4 months ago)
Alex Domanovic (3 months ago)
kala not kali
Igor Maricic (4 months ago)
ja sam seksi lisica loooool
Goran Petrovic (1 month ago)
Goold digeer...
Strahinja Jevtic (4 months ago)
you are Kingggg💚💚💚💚Ti si kralj(transition in serbian) 💚💚💚💚
Maria Živanović (2 months ago)
Strahinja Jevtic znamo svi šta znaci to na engleskom pls
Srpska Krajina (4 months ago)
English fucks not welcome in Serbia
Sandra Rainey (4 months ago)
"U pichku materinu" the way its said xD and they say "yebote" Way its said :D means Fuck, "yebi se" mean fuck you, just if you want to know another 2 :D
Sandra Rainey (4 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHA Im crying, this is funny "Ja se zovem Vil" the way its said "ya se zovem Vil" (The letter W dont exist in Serbia, so you change it to V)
Sandra Rainey (4 months ago)
In Cafe and Factory, they have smoothies that have a very weird taste and coffee tastes weird there to, i wouldn't recommend it to you at all xD
Sandra Rainey (4 months ago)
Knez Mihaila is said as "Knez Mi-Hi (as you would say in English when you say hi to someone)-La :D

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