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Fast Braided Style For School Girls {Natural Hair}

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Hey Guys, Here is a fast braided hairstyles for girls. {BE CREATIVE & STYLE} Please Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe Oh And Don't Forget To Hit The Notification BELL! ...LOL...Thanks Guys. Bye for now. ~~Business Inquiries~~ [email protected] PRODUCTS USED: 1. Sulfur 8 Kids Hair Pudding 2. Black Castor Oil 3. Eco Styling Gel [Olive & Shea Butter] 4. Hair Beads & Rubber Bands ~~INSTAGRAM~~ @itscharlietime1 OR @imcharliebarnes Natural Hair Blog Link Below https://itscharlietime.weebly.com/
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Text Comments (23)
It'sCharlieTime (9 months ago)
Hey Everyone, Charlie said hi and thanks for watching her video's.
Martina Bender (4 months ago)
Hi Charlie thank you we got your hair styles
Suonate Blossom (1 month ago)
OMG!!! so gorgeous
Suonate Blossom (1 month ago)
KelliKelz88 (3 months ago)
She's soo pretty!!!!
Jasmine Diamond. (4 months ago)
Hi how long do you leave each style in
Verda Saye Agbo (7 months ago)
Waouh je valide elle est très belle.
KishaShares (8 months ago)
Do you blow dry or stretch her hair before you style? I love all of her hairstyles. She’s such a cutie pie.
It'sCharlieTime (8 months ago)
KishaShares I don’t blow dry nor stretch her hair before doing it. I always air dry her hair. Thanks for watching.
Jeanette Reels (9 months ago)
Hi I love watching your different styles I did this one on my daughter and niece and now the hole neighborhood wants it done lol thanks for being my inspiration 😍 charlie and mom
It'sCharlieTime (9 months ago)
Hey Jeanette, Thanks so much for your suppose, LOL the whole neighborhood wants it done. I love it... Thanks again and you are so welcome, Bye for now.
Margarite Workman (9 months ago)
hey cutie! i love this!
giggiey k (9 months ago)
hey charlie
Nicole Rivera (9 months ago)
your getting even more pretty.. you and those big eyes:)
Nicole Rivera (9 months ago)
hi charlie! how are you? missed you... did your tooth grow in yet? your growing up so big.. mom love the hair style will ,try it on my grand..she just loves charlie..thank you see you soon..
It'sCharlieTime (9 months ago)
Hey Nicole, Yes her tooth started to grow back in then 4 days later another one came out... LOL... She was so happy for the TOOTH FAIRY... Thanks for watching,,, Bye for now.
Percilla Carr (9 months ago)
Are those the moisturizer you use every time your doing her hair.? Also does it keep moisture.?
It'sCharlieTime (9 months ago)
Hey Percilla, I change up products from time to time. Now the ones I use in this video works very well for us. Thanks for watching, Bye for now.
Mika Peterson (9 months ago)
Where did you get your little girl hair products from
It'sCharlieTime (9 months ago)
Hey Mika, I got them from the beauty supply store, Thanks for watching.
Armanda Baynes (9 months ago)
Whats the name of the oil you used after the pudding ?
Percilla Carr (9 months ago)
Armanda Baynes it’s said black castor oil in the bio
Ashley Jean Ora (9 months ago)
Very beautiful. I will used this style on my daughter. Thanks

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