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[Magic] Core 2019 Limited Set Review — Green

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🎨 Thumbnail Art: https://scryfall.com/card/m19/176 ✔️ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/ProfessorNoxLive ✔️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/coL_noxious ✔️ Discord: https://discord.gg/Dm3CUfw Tune in for new videos every day at 1 PM UTC (9 AM ET/3 PM CEST)!
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Text Comments (26)
Noxious (9 months ago)
Love you guys.
Killu47 (5 months ago)
where are the dino cards ? :(
Isaac Orellana (5 months ago)
pls do the other packs as well I love these.
flol (5 months ago)
you deserve way more views! good work man
Dobromir Manchev (9 months ago)
Is it just me or does Green look quite bad this time around? :(
Alan Delgadillo (9 months ago)
you missed Aggressive Mammoth
Schafer_The Spaz (9 months ago)
I played that god damn 10/10 monstrosity and gave it trample every time.
TheDepths (9 months ago)
Whadup Noxious, just a quick question: Are all of those videos sponsored by WotC? Beause i only know your meme of opening a full grey pack and tilting and yelling you never touch this game again / never gonna buy packs again (or something likewise). Now they "gifted" you a whole collection because you stream and now its all fun and games? Do you do critical videos or are you under WotCs' spell now? Serious question
Noxious (9 months ago)
Haha, not at all. They never gifted me a full collection, and everything I own in that game I've paid for or grinded myself. The times where they do give me access to "early builds" for some of their events are completely distinct from this stuff. I'm very open about sponsored content, so you'd know if this were the case.
rubix (9 months ago)
not sure it's legit to use "it'll get chump blocked" as a negative to judge a card.
Noxious (9 months ago)
If anything, Baloth Gorger in Dominaria was a perfect example of that. A 4/4 that can be bigger when you have spare mana, and then...womp womp. Saprolings abound. Without Saproling equivalents, big creatures are better in M19, but nonetheless there are a lot of negatives to not having Trample on beatdowns.
Reese Pfenning (9 months ago)
During pre release my opponent had 2 plummets in hand. I had 0 flying creatures
Laputa ラピュタ (9 months ago)
My Favorite Card Game Streamer/Youtuber :D
Per Erlandsson (9 months ago)
Noxious, any chance of seeing a draft where you dance? :D
Nicholas Sheavils (9 months ago)
Is "I will eat my socks" the new "chug my drink"? i see it everywhere these days.
Like a Sir (9 months ago)
How about red green with blue splash, 4 elvish rejuvenators, scapeshift, some bombs and apex of power for full memes?
Sorin Burghiu (9 months ago)
I always wondered, why do you hate merfolks so much?
Noxious (9 months ago)
Blue/Green is awesome (Mystic Snake, Hydroform, Momir Vig, etc.), but Merfolk are just...eh. They have the color, but not the flavor.
schrottinator (9 months ago)
Declare Dominace + Deathtouch :3
Mindless Media (9 months ago)
Dryad Greenseeker is so sick, it won me a lot of games at the prerelease ... unfortunately got 3rd due to tiebrakers
Distortion Slayer (9 months ago)
Sorry to blab, but im happy! I got dragon queen and dumpted 12 mana on her to swing for 12 for fatal.
Noxious (9 months ago)
Agreed. That card is sick!
Hunter Kozak (9 months ago)
Wish you could've had this before the prerelease but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hunter Kozak (9 months ago)
Noxious totally fine! Not a big deal. The reviews were great and helped me get to second place and a fat stack of reward packs hahaha
Noxious (9 months ago)
It was ready before PreRelease, but the uploads weren't done in time. I'm three times as frustrated as you are.
lazycouch1 (9 months ago)
Noxious you're the best man!

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