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Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed (PSVita, PS3) Review - Dubious Gaming

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A game where you get to strip the clothes off otaku vampires... who could ask for more?
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DeinoGamingYT (3 years ago)
Is it a problem if you've been nullified from seeing these games are weird? I've never seen them bizzare atleast once (e.g Conception II, Trillion: God of Destruction) Well, yeah. Some games may look bad from either your own exemption, or from a reviewer; but games do feel much different, since it varies from person-to-person. I'm not saying that I completely disregard this video, but these kinds of games are addicting (in some cases) It's just a normal day at the oriental to see some weird sh*t like this game. haha Peace XD
XClann (3 years ago)
Great review, straight to the point. I'm tired of other reviewers who waste a lot of time by providing useless comments on the Japanese culture or similar. All reviews should be like yours!
DubiousGamingOnline (3 years ago)
+XClann Thanks! I try to keep my reviews as on topic as possible. I always figured if viewers wanted to learn about Japanese culture they could learn from better sources like gajingoomba or something.
martinbd4 (3 years ago)
This games is an easy pass no thank you lol
Tray Ahzz (3 years ago)
now if it had the art style of Yakuza then I would buy it..HATE Anime artstyle in games..too many these days.
jay jagusch (3 years ago)
well this looks like a game i will like since i love seeing anime girls getting their clothes stripped off in a funny way like in tenchi muyo,inuyasha,chobits, and ranma 1/2 and i am also a otaku that don't find it weird but sexy and beautiful unfortunately the first game was never got a english released
Gabriel OG (4 years ago)
Well since i dont like wierd games iam going to this game up I guess
CartridgeBros (4 years ago)
This looks... Different haha. Great job Jay Dub. I'd love to see you review Secret of Mana >.>
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
@CartridgeBros Yeah i saw a giant bomb preview of it and i HAD to get it because it looked so weird. 
First you blow your cash on Conception 2, now this...should have just picked up a Goemon game instead. Anyway, good, professional-like review as usual, and I don't think I'll ever play this...I love strange Japanese games (obviously), but stuff like this...I dunno, makes me cringe.  But whatever floats your Chinaman boat. XD
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
@Jimmy Hapa (Import Gaming FTW!) lol yeah this game is deff not for everyone.. or really anyone. 
Cygnus Destroyer (4 years ago)
Super weird and Japanese...you took the words out of my mouth, Mr. Dubious:) I don't think I've ever seen a game quite like this before, so...I guess that's worth something. 
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
@CygnusDestroyer20XX yeah its gotta be among the strangest games i've ever played. 
Technicolor Dojo (4 years ago)
Media Glitch (4 years ago)
I was actually thinking about getting this one ut maybe ill pass on it for now. Great video and great review. I think Ill subscribe! Feel free to check us out as well. cheers.
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
@media glitch yeah if you find it in a bargin bin it might be worth checking out but at full price its hard to recommend. 
Salvador Dolby (4 years ago)
Hey, Dubious! I like your channel, I was wondering if we could have a quick chat about it? I've sent you a PM, check it out? Thanks! Also, I'm buying this game now.
SuperDerek RPGs (4 years ago)
Great video man, I was actually thinking about picking up a copy... Maybe I'll hold off until I have a PS4 though. :)
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
@Super Derek Thanks! The PS4 might be the best bet if it smooths out the combat. Though i'd recommend waiting maybe 6 months and getting it used because of it's length. The $40 for the vita version was hard to justify for 8 and a half hours, although i'm not sure how much the price will drop because of its low print run. 
WiiGuys 8BitStereo (4 years ago)
Wow, what an idea for a game to basically strip people for their clothes, that is certainly weird for all the right reasons, I do love me those anime girls though, too cute! I probably wouldn't play it even if I had a Vita or PS3, but you did a great job reviewing this game Dubs, good job! :P
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
@Wiiguy309 Yeah its pretty weird. Who knows maybe i'll bring my vita to portland and you can beat it in 2 and a half hours too lol. 
Avalanche Reviews (4 years ago)
Dude, you love Japanese schlock.
Avalanche Reviews (4 years ago)
Do it! You won't regret it.
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
I might look at getting one at some point, they are easy to make into portable emulation devices aren't they? I always wanted one but i got a DS for that generation and i try to stick to only 1 handheld a generation, but i guess now that its over i wouldn't be breaking my rule as badly. 
SuperDerek RPGs (4 years ago)
@Avalanche Reviews It's my personal mission to overrate as many as possible in order to compensate... Speaking of which, I should probably review another PSP game...
Avalanche Reviews (4 years ago)
Dude! You gotta get on that! The PSP has so many underrated gems.
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
@Super Derek That sounds interesting, i just looked it up on Wikipedia. Unfortunately if its not on the PSN for the PSVita i can't play it cause i never got a psp. 
Dali Popka (4 years ago)
This is the game causing controversy? O..k. good review' though!
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
yeah because someone tells someone a 'goddamn trap' on the weird in game twitter app. 
TJMac (4 years ago)
Great review! I always love hearing other people's opinions on games. I think I enjoyed it more than you did (then again I like weird Japanese Otaku stuff) but we do agree on a lot of the same points and it was an extremely well written review. 
TJMac (4 years ago)
@DubiousGamingOnline Yeah. I noticed that little bit of controversy while I was playing. I personally wasn't offended (hence why I didn't bring it up), and honestly that's probably just how the game was translated, but I could see how it could cause a stir, considering its usage in the game. I dunno. It does create an interesting topic of discussion though..
DubiousGamingOnline (4 years ago)
Yeah i was a little harsher on the game than i kinda wanted to be, but its more because it lacks mass appeal i was harsher on it, but i should have added anyone that's into anime or has an interest in Japanese culture and that kinda stuff should check it out.  I also heard some people mention that they wanted to play it because of the controversy with that twitter app in the start menu which has a transgender slur. http://www.otakuusamagazine.com/Games/News1/Akibas-Trip-Localization-Causes-Controversy-5863.aspx which sort of brings up the conversation of being PC in games again and all that other nonsense. However stemming from that it does ask the question of how authentic English speakers want their translations to be, versus how politically correct they want a game to be.  

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