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Elastic Bands Hairstyle (Part 2) | Sport Hairstyles | Cute Hairstyles

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SUBSCRIBE!!: http://goo.gl/AJZTFA MI CANAL EN ESPAÑOL: http://www.youtube.com/Chikaschic Hi guys!! In this tutorial we are going to do a cute and cool hairstyles using elastic bands!! It is perfect for school or parties and can be weareable two or even three days!! Hope you like, subscribe, share the video and ENJOY!!! FACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/9thSxj INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chikas_chic We would love to see your recreations!! You can tag your pics to #instachikaschic on Instagram!! :) It's a Chikas Chic look!!
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Text Comments (32)
حلو واو
MELISA MELISA (7 months ago)
Beautiful hair style 😍
linda melhem (11 months ago)
Amazing hairstyle
aris bestr11 (1 year ago)
AKER/ اكير (1 year ago)
AKER/ اكير (1 year ago)
Priyanshu Gupta Gupta (2 years ago)
She girl was vvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy pretty and sweet
Priyanshu Gupta Gupta (2 years ago)
esh ladki ke baal etne ache kaise hai
Priyanshu Gupta Gupta (2 years ago)
she girl hair was very pretty
Bilal ftiop (2 years ago)
tamar19801 (2 years ago)
Jagruti Parmar (2 years ago)
good style
zozo ramirez (2 years ago)
Wow its great do more☺
COCO GODESS (2 years ago)
So pretty ❤I will do this in the morning .
روعه كلش حلووو
Star. Rose (3 years ago)
I might try this in the morning for school as it is so pretty but easy at the same time :) :)
Krystal V (4 years ago)
I have done this on my daughters hair for school today and she loves it
Irena Savic (2 years ago)
ChikasChic and a
Sana Khan (2 years ago)
Krystal Caraan
ChikasChic (4 years ago)
@Krystal Villanueva I'm glad both of you like it! :)
rithy Ke (4 years ago)
Beautiful. Im going to try tomorrow on my daughter. Thanks. Xx
Doriane Zorio-Ricardo (4 years ago)
Pretty! :)
Aspassia Man (4 years ago)
this hairstyle is very pretty, like all of your hairstyles, but the truth is that almost all of them cannot be done by one individual, you need two: one with great and long hair and another one to do the styling, like the hairdressers do in a hair-salon. As a matter of fact, the customer (the little girl) must also help. Bottom line:  these hairstyles cannot be done by one person. 
Olga Gomez (4 years ago)
Hermosas. El peinado precioso. Felicitaciones por ese ingles perfecto. Verito q rico ver q tu eres quien despistes el canal te ves preciosa. Besos.
Naga Venkata (8 months ago)
It is nice I mom tried on me it is nice
Clinicalpsych (4 years ago)
Haha your daughterr is so cute at the end of the video!!! very pretty hairstyle!
Trinetteblue (4 years ago)
Very cute, thank you :)
Sabhi Rajji (4 years ago)
sham Soni (2 years ago)
Looks great!
Javidkhan Khan (2 years ago)
very a
ChikasChic (4 years ago)
@Kristina Klobučar Sigurnjak Thank you so much! :)

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