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Hunt for Red October Opening Scene

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Hunt for Red October Opening Scene
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Nanu Nana dz (2 days ago)
TigerLoaf Games (13 days ago)
2:15 “who put the sky above”
marshmallowbudgie (14 days ago)
this isn't even an actual Soviet song, but they basically wrote a new one for the movie
Kandi Sofia Dahlan (14 days ago)
The best cold-war movie ever😎
Carolyn Foster (18 days ago)
One of the best movies ever made.
JakodaRay (23 days ago)
Sean Connery speaking Russian with a Scottish accent. I miss older movies. This scene alone is more exciting than all that marvel CGI garbage they make today.
Marek Pająk (26 days ago)
Modern audience too stupid to understand this masterpiece. Give them X-men. I doubt they even know what Cold War was and how close we came to Armageddon.
Chris Turner (27 days ago)
Alec Baldwin sucks.
Chris Musix (27 days ago)
"...Cold. And hard." :cue epic Russian anthem: AMAZING!!
Zetreuve (1 month ago)
а на данный момент америка сосёт у русского подводного дрона Посейдон)
Michael (1 month ago)
Love it! And Michael Jackson History
MSGT Gary Gordon (1 month ago)
the mighty of the soviet Navy. long live the ussr
Daniel Costa (1 month ago)
Why can't they make movies like this anymore? 2019 Still one of the best movies ever.
Raleigh Native (1 month ago)
I met Tom Clancy once.
The name of the younger officer is PUTIN (sic!!! ). He is the chief political office. I saw this move in 1991, ten years before Putin came to office and became known
Dre Lee (1 month ago)
Good, I'm proud my father served in Soviet Navy
Charlie Dallachie (1 month ago)
Why is Dr. Grant on the ship?
Husky Fan in Mass (1 month ago)
He was looking for Plesiosaurs.
Toni Kemppainen (1 month ago)
By Goddamn! Scotchs went spy in Soviet Union en masse! Submarines converted!
Alexander Carril (2 months ago)
Do they really speak russian
RUSSIAN COMRADE (1 month ago)
Yep, but with very hard accent. I had to try hard to understand what they were saying
chang bin Yu (2 months ago)
1:05 what is hard meaning in this talk?
RUSSIAN COMRADE (1 month ago)
He meant severe frost, I think. (They speak with a very strong accent btw. It's kinda funny for me to listen this)
bigdarshan (2 months ago)
Its huge!! One of the greatest war machines ever built!
@0:31 #SUB #BASE
C439672-D (2 months ago)
Still one of the best films ever!
Christian O. Holz (2 months ago)
Connery did some great acting in this movie, but as a man he disgusts me. He condones hitting women and expressed that mindset in an TV interview back in the 90s.
ebrahim M-512 (2 months ago)
war's is bad my friend's be careful
talkisreallycheap (2 months ago)
This is just brilliant.
Dan Hayes (2 months ago)
Polliearny inlet
Jeet Bardalai (2 months ago)
Get lost to ocean floor bloke head Toxin head.Dont propagate Russian culture.
waa22 sk (2 months ago)
Вата идёт на хуй!
gps 2019 (2 months ago)
Boring af
Little Traveller (2 months ago)
I was about 12 when I watched this in cinema and never appreciated it at the time. Great film
VividMac101 (2 months ago)
When your Mom asks you what you want for dinner: “Give me a pizza Mom, one pizza only please”
Michael Blair (2 months ago)
Tom Clancy was the best. This movie was very very well done. I even like Alec Baldwin, head of the "Film Actor's Guild".
Dan Hayes (2 months ago)
Marco Rameous the Vilneiuus school Master.
Dan Hayes (2 months ago)
This looks cold. It makes one feel the cold
Mr Sedlav (2 months ago)
Man, back then John McTiernan was on a winning streak "Predator", "Die Hard" and "The hunt for Red October"
melhem79 (3 months ago)
An incredibly captivating film.
IScareWomenAway (3 months ago)
Cyka blyat intensifies.
Domas Sakalauskas (3 months ago)
As a Puerto Rican Lithuanian I appreciate that they made Marko Ramius A Lithuanian in the movie ( and I believe in a book too???). And that part when Sean Connery said; ''there's a river like that near Vilnius''. aw man, brings tears to my eyes lol. So proud! However, This movie is a true classic! Yet, could've done much better with that so called Russian of theirs.. Cause I don't understand a damn thing what they be mumbling..
Mark Harrison (3 months ago)
Awful film with a badly miscast Connery.
Gergana Kardashimova (3 months ago)
Brain.project. ca
Frederik Claeyssens (3 months ago)
I just downloaded a torrent for this and it asked me if I wanted to also download the subs for it. I giggled.
Vincent Reynolds (3 months ago)
王台麟 (3 months ago)
Serban Uciu (3 months ago)
I always knew James Bond and Allan Grant were in fact true stalinists. Russian Bias xaxaxa
raymond weaver (3 months ago)
Was the opening and end scene shot in same place?
vexile12 (4 months ago)
I find it interesting that they had a Scottish actor play a Russian submarine captain... still a great movie
三浦由章 (4 months ago)
M117.3. D
bizbite2 (4 months ago)
This is based on a Lithuanian Captain! 😅 So proud! 😁👍🏼 #betterDeadThanRed
Aadhi Thanu (4 months ago)
Is he from SCOTLANGRAD??? The accent seems so
whiplash bas (4 months ago)
american backaroo... 😆😁
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三浦由章 (4 months ago)
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Joe Orta (4 months ago)
On of my favorite movies of all time!
Ruben Martinez (4 months ago)
Trumps favorite movie!
triggerhappy 75 (4 months ago)
I miss Sean Connery movies...
山田万太郎 (4 months ago)
sergeontheloose (5 months ago)
Sean Connery plays a poor Soviet Sub Commander. Harrison Ford acted a much more believable character in K19: Widowmaker.
MaestroMinghi (5 months ago)
Holdna sivolmia, tavarich kapitan. Ordna, hudiet liodt. Para tavarich kapitan. Para, da para.
Andreas Hoppe (5 months ago)
Hats off to Basil Poledouris for his brilliant soundtrack!
This movie...
Michael (5 months ago)
Michael Jackson History !!!
Michael (5 months ago)
Love this music for may years very russian 😊👍
Perro Oceaniko (5 months ago)
A soo fuckingggg good movie ...! forget for a while the plot ...it is a movie made to satisfy an specific audience . Besides that , as a captain i would say is a wonderful production , extraordinary acting, realistic effects and a music second to none
tuberaider (5 months ago)
The trash that Amazon is making with the new Jack Ryan series pales in comparison to the original stories written by Tom Clancy.
taiming71 (5 months ago)
truly one of the greatest films made. Back when they knew how to tell a story.
joe roche (5 months ago)
Good movie, better book
Keturunan Melayu Sejati (5 months ago)
Big damn Typhoon classs..
Europa H2O Alien (5 months ago)
Back when movies were made for adults - not the current soy boy man bun liberal Transformer CGI millennial crap of today.
ManofSteele25 (5 months ago)
i saw this movie when i was a kid, watching it with my mom, sooo confused about what was going on, but to watch it now omg! to understand the politics and the reasons for every action, i really like this movie
Pasha Staravoitau (1 month ago)
Really? What was the captain motivated by?
Alexander Sobolev (6 months ago)
Наш неизменный прогноз погоды на 7 месяцев.
stig o'thedump (6 months ago)
Reuben Sher (6 months ago)
Toughest job in the world......submarine captain...
Spassy Barnista (6 months ago)
Who feels nostalgic after seeing Killer Hunter trailer, please stand up...
Cherif Bouait (6 months ago)
Who can write what they are saying in russian
Vermont's Own Boy (6 months ago)
The Hunt For Red October was fairly amazing for another reason not mentioned here. It portrayed the Russians as a formal and dignified adversary. It eschewed the easy black-white dichotomy of America Good, Russia Bad, instead providing a deeper and richer palette from which to develop characters, plot, and drama. Really, this was a great movie made well. I'd be surprised if it fails to withstand the test of time.
Jimmy (6 months ago)
Why are they being escorted by a light cargo ship?
crewcutter2030 (6 months ago)
In a time when CGI was inexistent, this was really great.
Choy Bisnar (6 months ago)
*[plays Soviet anthem in earrape]*
bugok ka! (6 months ago)
That was a good movie
Chris Beard (6 months ago)
My Uncle's tugs were used in that opening scene. Eaton Tugs out of San Pedro. Another tug belonging to Conelly-Pacific was sunk when a sub used in the filming hooked a cable between the tug and a barge....and pulled it under.
Bob Page (6 months ago)
The only time they speak Russian......English the rest of the movie, even on Ramius's sub. Officer's having dinner in the mess, English. :)
Pawel Olownia (6 months ago)
One of the best movies of all time
Richman 3000 (6 months ago)
Film students this is how you open a movie.
MrBuckaroonie (7 months ago)
I reckon I have seen this movie 20 times and still love it.
Pat Plays (7 months ago)
A great movie. Although they took a lot of liberties with the sub design, in truth the command rooms of all the subs are much smaller, with the Konovalov being the design closest to reality. In the movie however the Red October was longer, with a larger displacement than the actual typhoon class subs. If it was real, the Red October would be the largest submarine ever built.
Nico Weyers (7 months ago)
I watched this when I was 12, many years ago. I loved it. My own son watched it with me first when he turned 13 and we have been watching it regularly since. Great film, great bonding time
David O'Connor (7 months ago)
A movie for adults.
Matthew Puzzo (7 months ago)
This is how you open a movie.
LMD Films (7 months ago)
Black Kemet Gods Black Egyptian Gods
Lady Wolf (7 months ago)
Based on a true story.. October is buried in a USA river somewhere...
Lady Wolf (7 months ago)
Epic movie.. Epic Sean Connery..
pop5678eye (7 months ago)
'It's time' the most overused dramatic phrase in movie scripts...

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