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For Peanut3423

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Peanut3423 recently sent me a message venting some rage to me. I think this will cheer him up.
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LSDcrackers226 (5 years ago)
anyone who takes G4's opinion of gaming seriously should be dragged outside by the shorthairs and shot like old yeller
AllisonakaSakura (6 years ago)
G4 review games is not (MY) couple of tea. Why? Because when they review games, i know it going to be some games I Love, and if they don't like it, than what can I do? I can't hate them. How dumb would I look screaming into a screen about how wrong they are? Seriously! And the Annoying complaint: Some yea i can agree to. Others, you Know Gamestop return policy is staring you right in the d***n face.
I'm not sure if honest opinion or parody.... Since I happen to agree with something he says... Anyway: I think the reason they made her sound like that was because they wanted to show she had signs of PTSD And before anyone brings up the Ridley scene: Ridley killed home planetary colony except her and this is the first time she saw him after his supposedly(He usually got better) dead body got caught in a PLANETARY EXPLOSION ,after the death of the Metroid, again effects of PTSD
MegaWTFgamer (6 years ago)
you should change the title to "Fot The Autarch"
Burnie vi Ragequit (6 years ago)
I have no problem with Samus having a voice and personality. I have no problem with how she acts. I just don't like how she sounds like she's had a lobotomy, but I don't hate the game for it.
Mal Agares (6 years ago)
metroid other m was actually the first metroid game I ever played. and it doesn't deserve this much bashing, because it's a good game it's fun, it;s boss battle's are epic so what the hell.
Daniel Dolatshahi (6 years ago)
*Samus, it's SAMUS.
Tagmon74 (6 years ago)
@360Gojira spelling mistake, what I meant to say at the end was that GlaDos had more emotion than Samus in Other M.
Tagmon74 (6 years ago)
People say that they hate Samus in Other M because she is to whiny, I have a different reason, She LACKS any sort of emotion, it's like you get a talking computer with Samus' voice, Gal
Nechrostriker4 (6 years ago)
what's with hitler's eyes?
The Hylian Monado (6 years ago)
Oh I SO AGREE WITH THIS VID "although the whole "baby" thing is anoying, but it's minor in my book" But that's opinion for ya...
AardvarkLord (6 years ago)
Me, I personally agree that Other M is... well undeserving of the Metroid name--they completely missed the mark with Samus' character. Though, it is worth noting that it was developed by Team Ninja who are known for Dead or Alive and DoA Xtreme, which are only really known for one thing: Boing. They're pretty misogynistic, and I personally find it, while not sexist, definitely a bit backwards. That said, anyone who enjoys it should enjoy it, I just can't get over the wild change.
Zetsuuga (6 years ago)
I loved Other M. I didnt love how many times she said she wouldnt see the baby again at the beginning
TheUltimateWaddleDee (6 years ago)
Samus's personality actually fit when you think about it: The metroid considered Samus her mother, and Samus started to become attached to it, only for it to sacrifice its life for her. She was going through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
bleeduntildeath (6 years ago)
look you have the right to scrutinize me for my opinion, but I believe gameplay AND story make a good game, they took a cool calm and collected intergalactic walking tank, and gave her the mentality of a house wife scared of a mouse, she killed ridley PLENTY of times in chronological history and NOW she wants to pussy out? that is a slap in the face to samus, and a slap in the face to the player, though in hind sight a 2 and a half or 3 would have been a little more acceptable
Realm of Darkness (6 years ago)
no shit
bleeduntildeath (6 years ago)
I honestly support x-play's score
Greil9 (7 years ago)
Although I think Samus was portrayed way better in the Metroid manga, I respect their opinion on this. I disagree, but that´s my opinion
Blitzer6 (7 years ago)
Then, you are messing with me!
Mason Munts (7 years ago)
It's sarcasm.
Blitzer6 (7 years ago)
Are you messing with me!?
Mason Munts (7 years ago)
How DARE people complain about things and have a fucking opinion! HOW DARE THEY!!!
XEMFRIR (7 years ago)
Did G4 seriously talk shit about SMG2 for being to cartoony? Well I never played SMG2 but all I can say is: NO SHIT RETARDS IT'S FUCKING MARIO! They wanna call themselves gamers but talk shit about MotherFucking MARIO!? How dare they! Ofc Mario's going to be cartoony, that's how Mario's always been. Hell most video games back in the day were cartoony. It seems G4 think's that if you're not looking through the Characters eyes from behind a Rifle the game automatically sucks. Theyre not truegamers
lopenash (7 years ago)
I can't help but feel you just copied and pasted what he said to you. The bit about being submissive is, Adam is her commanding officer, you have a good reason for disobeying him, kinda like Metroid Fusion.
Matthew Campbell (7 years ago)
Actually, I really would have preferred Samus to have remained silent, "grumbling and uttering garbage". I would rather play a character with no personality than a badly made one. Who do you like more, Link, or Cloud? Besides, I prefer silent protagonists, because I don't have to carry around the extra baggage of their personality. They become an empty vessel for my mind to inhabit. They're like a vacation home for my soul!
IZUNA DROP (7 years ago)
as a metroid fan... I really hate how she was portrayed in other M :/
WLG enSo (7 years ago)
@NoblesseGlint1 It's not FPS Shooters, it's either FPS or FP Shooters, because if you said FPS Shooters it would mean First Person Shooters Shooters.
scorpioninpink (7 years ago)
"Oh you think that she's emotional and talks about her past, that she's as bad as cloud??? " hahaha... that cracks me up...
Kasim (7 years ago)
@227someguy we'll that I can argue on
227someguy (7 years ago)
@Rockerbro3371 Gameinformer gave sonic colors a 7 and generations a 6.75. critics can be jerks
Kasim (7 years ago)
@227someguy hey it's better than IGN
227someguy (7 years ago)
@Rockerbro3371 i pity u
372961880 (7 years ago)
@Rockerbro3371 you dont trust GT? I agree with them more than any other reviewer outside of youtube
Nomulus (7 years ago)
Y'know hitler, for once you're not the douchebag I thought you were.
NeighSlayer XD (7 years ago)
@NCfanboy1 Metroid Other M is on Wii right? The storyline and gameplay good? It's all I care about to go and buy it.
Matthew Campbell (7 years ago)
@CollisionCorpse Downfall. It's a movie about ways to annoy Hitler.
Kasim (7 years ago)
The only reviewer I trust is GameInformer
Azdaja (7 years ago)
love this parody (i am an unterganger btw) it wasn't just funny but it also demonstrates how corrupt game reviewers are (FF13 got 8.5 from gamespot, its terrible) few suggestions though for any future parodies, if you watch kakashiballz's how to make a parody vid, you can find HD scenes from the link on the vid (use the mediafire one) all in all good parody :)
Matthew Campbell (7 years ago)
@tombraiderxXx12 If a game is sexist or racist or discriminates against any group of people, or offends you, that's a fair reason not to like it.
Matthew Campbell (7 years ago)
Well, Other M was a good game, buuuuuuuuut there were a few problems A) Why the @#%$ does Samus turn off all her items until they were authorized? I get it with missles, wave beams, bombs, ect...why do you need authorization to use a heat sheild? B) Humans bleed green blood. If you're going to censor blood, do it entirely or not at all. With aliens it makes sense, but humans? C) Too short D) no scanning, and not being able to move in FPS mode Other than that, it was great!
ObjectionManiac13 (7 years ago)
I Must say (when i grow up i wana be like you ) and i am 18 (you are a true genius )
legoguy813 (7 years ago)
I love the KABOOOM!!! part, but my little sis hates it!!! so i trick her into watching it ALL THE TIME!
Genetics80 (7 years ago)
All critics opinions reach a status of *depreciation* (if thats the right word) they have played so many games that they can not find the good qualities even though they are right infront of their faces. They have enjoyed too much of a good thing therefor it is a saturation so to speak that clouds them. I know this because i know someone like this with movies... on a lighter note DAMN IT JOSH not only do you two steal eachothers jokes but your spots in the search que! (all in good fun) nice vids
SirSomeguy (7 years ago)
You REALLY over-hate FFVII, Josh. I mean, REALLY.
The Trashy Man (7 years ago)
even hitler has a better taste in gaming than G4
Bradley (7 years ago)
lol leap pads XD
MozillaVulpix (7 years ago)
It's funny, cause I actually saw the movie that this clip came from.
XxStayXPositive (7 years ago)
This is freakin' funny, every subtitle you put just works with the situation perfectly.
xXhellassasinXx (7 years ago)
@CollisionCorpse it's called the downfall the movie is pretty boring ... EXCEPT THIS PART
Christian Lees (7 years ago)
I can never figure out what movie this is.
thenewoblivion (8 years ago)
I really liked this video...it was so true
Cody Wergin (8 years ago)
every single part of this video is true
CaptainSarkasim (8 years ago)
I bet G4 won't give a shit about any of the sexism in Duke Nukem Forever.
Salar Abadi (8 years ago)
Marcus Fenix disliked this video.
TariaSagi (8 years ago)
Waaait! You use a film about Hitler (which I just saw in history lesson) and put in a text about Metroid Other M? That's... odd. But I like it. xD The funny thing is, I understand every word they are saying in that scene. xD Have you seen the original film? It's very... um, I don't know how to describe this...
MalachiteOW (8 years ago)
Stalin disliked this.
TheUltimateEbil (8 years ago)
Hah, I love the last bit. ......show the production label... KA-BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWM
MrSamuel745 (8 years ago)
dont actually own it, but I would rate 5/5 just to make peanut feel better
wabitgirl (8 years ago)
Beaaaautiful! I laughed, I cried, I lost ten pounds. I laughed my ass of, really though. One of the best ones out there!
Matthew Campbell (8 years ago)
Well, Other M was a good game, buuuuuuuuut there were a few problems A) Why the @#%$ does Samus turn off all her items until they were authorized? I get it with missles, wave beams, bombs, ect...why do you need authorization to use a heat sheild? B) Humans bleed green blood. If you're going to censor blood, do it entirely or not at all. With aliens it makes sense, but humans? C) Too short D) no scanning, and not being able to move in FPS mode Other than that, it was great!
PaxtheDreamer (8 years ago)
*Clap clap clap* Amazing. Simply amazing.
MrPowerpalm (8 years ago)
Hittler is right for a change x) just because she shows she has a sole people hate her:(!!!!!!!!!!! Give this comment the thumbs up if you agree and thumbs down if you want her to be like whine cloud
Mike McBastardly (8 years ago)
lol nice, i love it when you mention Stalin when he does
Bolting Shaman (8 years ago)
Who hate Super Mario Galaxy 2? PWESETS!
BHM Productions (8 years ago)
oooooooh i used to LOVE G4's x-play show, i loved their game reviews... but then... they just got all overly obsessed with first person shooters and gave AMAZING games bad-ratings. I mean, come on, samus seemed "submissive".... what the effin hell does that have to do with how good a game is?!?! Lame-o's.
Heaven's Lamentation (8 years ago)
5 thing s say 1 I Agree with you fully 2.g4 just sucks they overrate fps shooters 3I don't hate FPS Shooters I like them 4.Other M is a average 4.5/5 5.I %^%^% LOVE YOUR VIDEOS
WisconsinRules1996 (8 years ago)
4 things: 1. I agree with you completely (I can't bring myself to say hitler). 2. DirectTV must have loved Other M. 3. I lost respect for G4 a long time ago. "all other games suck, execpt Halo or Call of Duty, or any other generic FPS." ( I'm not saying their bad, their just over rated ALOT) 4. Other M gets a 4/5 in my book.
Dan Cakeshard (8 years ago)
This made my day. You are a horrible person who made me agree with Adolf Hitler.
Astro Pyrus (8 years ago)
i will say Samus did seem ''servant like'' but that doesn't make it a bad game i wouldv given it atleast 4/5 stars and not 5/5 because that backstory talking drove me crazy
PJBgamer (8 years ago)
MOM is WAY better than G4 & GameInformer say it is! It's one of the best Wii games ever! (And you know it's true!)
Nerounleashed34 (8 years ago)
@phazonruler3000 or freaking run around with a shotgun killing toads,slaughtering yoshis,stealing mushrooms,burning the mushroom kingdom,raping women?damn,the morons
BIS (8 years ago)
One of my friends knows German, so when he saw this he laughed for 2 minutes straight!
6flyer (8 years ago)
the only good shows on g4 are web soup, and ninja warrior. and they even had to crap that up with "american ninja warrior".
MalachiteOW (8 years ago)
Oh, so THAT's why DirecTV stopped carrying G4...
gamesmaster4ever (8 years ago)
Just watched the full vid...and this is the truest ting I have EVER heard!
gamesmaster4ever (8 years ago)
I don't know why every one was so surprised from Samus's more emotional nature in the game. From the start, the trailers, you could bloody tell.
xXForeverxMidnightXx (8 years ago)
@devindude1 in response to samus's cowering, wouldnt YOU be shocked and scared if the monster you brutally massacred and left for dead in an exploding planet all of a sudden showed up very much alive and in front of you?
devindude1 (8 years ago)
I just want point out why we hate her personallity. Even if she didn't have one we had the appeal that she was heroic and brave. And as one of my fellow gamespot friends, chocolate. points out is that all video game women are whiney and are there just to appeal to men. She liked Samus because she wasn't like that. But Nintendo screwed up and now she's one of them. I mean come one, in all the games she had no fear when fighting ridley. In other M she cowards from him. I'm just pointing the facts.
BlamefulDEATH (8 years ago)
I think that some companies shouldn't join together because sometimes one company will try to ruin the other companies character like samus standing scarred because Ridley came back. I BLAME team ninja for doing that. If there was a video for top ten most annoying parts I had better see that video in there for ruining samus
MeBomb1 (8 years ago)
Lots of fun can be made with a video in a foreign language and some subtitles. This proves it. Though I agree, some game reviewers go WAY too far, believing Halo Reach is the Second Coming.
Eienias20 (8 years ago)
yeah thats why i ignore any reviews given to games i want until after i've played the game
Tom Dickson (8 years ago)
Gamespot are the only guys I trust. besides zero punction of course.
Shadowpatrick_1007 (8 years ago)
@Reyalejandro13 And $10 more they whine about Zelda Skyward sword having badder graphics than Twilightprincess. I would give Metroid Other M 7/10.
souledgekirby (8 years ago)
@Reyalejandro13 I'll raise ya $20!
souledgekirby (8 years ago)
So.... should I get the game, is it worth it, did you like it, I wanna know!
Jay Kumhala (8 years ago)
Ok...ITs official....G4 HATTTEESSSSS Nintendo. Ever notice that the last few nintendo games they have reviewed, They all said they where horrible?And showed the only FEW things that most people wouldent notice even throught a full game play through? I think Game companies BRIBE G4 to give there games Good reviews at this point. G4 needs too either Become a Actual Video game reviewing company, OR they just need too STFU
Alex Rochon (8 years ago)
@mhee12 So am I. It's just my nerdy instinct as a writer AND as a Metroid fan to rant like that and write way too much :P I don't like it at all, really - today I had a psych test and I ending up the last one finishing because I write too much XD
ohno2121212 (8 years ago)
did 3:54 scare the shit outta anyone else?
MalachiteOW (8 years ago)
O.O someone must be mad.
YouDuck2345 (8 years ago)
@TheOmegaMegaman So they've got as many brain cells as the people at IGN and Gamespot...
YouDuck2345 (8 years ago)
@TheOmegaMegaman What about X-Play? What did they rate it?
YouDuck2345 (8 years ago)
@TheOmegaMegaman #5 -- they said WHAT about Sonic Unleashed? What did they rate it, dare I ask?
Bowserslave (8 years ago)
@HoroiceX watch them say that i wouldnt be surprised
DeathMachineDAS (8 years ago)
DeathMachineDAS (8 years ago)
HoroiceX (8 years ago)
@mediamaster127 Cannot wait what they will say with Kirby´s epic yarn, too much wool? Pax
mhee12 (8 years ago)
@peanut3423 By the way, I'm a dude and I hate lazy/pretentious writing for games. Still a fan peanut. Thanks for the videos.
mhee12 (8 years ago)
@peanut3423 ok..she's confused maybe abit afraid . Then again she know how dangerous Ripley is and she's going to destroy him no matter what. The soldier didn't need to sacrifice himself to show Samus why she need to kill Ripley. If Samus was alone, she would have died and it would have been game over. Team Ninja just exploited Samus for what she's worth. Like they always do with every other female character in their games. Ad least they made Samus with a decent personality.
JDMc (8 years ago)
Don't tell me that Peanut got angry because of someone's (rather stupid) opinion of Other M (A game I have no intention of playing since I'm not really interested in it). I know he's better than that.
Alex Rochon (8 years ago)
If that's true, then Ridley's only been resurrected once in the series at that point in time, after his death in Super Metroid. It's pretty much confirmed Ridley was "wounded" in Metroid, so Super Metroid would be his first real "death". As such it would be more believable that Samus would be frightened that her nemesis has returned for the first time. Not only would she be scared, she'd be confused! Not to mention she's show hate for Ridley before- she tried to kill Ridley in that shaft in MP3.

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