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Boycott MakeMyTrip:Social media attacks company after co-founder's beef ban tweets, uninstalls app

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A set of tweets kicked off a row and has already created a lot of noise. Keyur Joshi, the co-founder of MakeMyTrip.com, found himself in a mess yesterday. In 2015, #BoycottSanpdeal trended after Aamir Khan's comment about surging intolerance in India. Now, in 2017, MakeMyTrip has fallen in the same pit but not because of a celebrity but because of its co-founder. The online lynch mobs, always on a look out for a non-issue to make an issue, congregated at Twitter and started a drive to urge users to uninstall the MakeMyTrip app from their smartphones. The lynching also involved down-rating of the app on stores where it is available. And the final lynch-goal is to boycott the business. HOW IT BEGAN The latest outrage kicked off after Keyur Joshi posted two tweets. Keyur was upset over the recent regulation on the sale of cattle. "#Beefban I am a strong supporter of @narendramodi and a vegetarian for life. But I will now eat beef only in India to support freedom for food." Shortly, he followed the aforementioned tweet with another one. "#Beefban if Hinduism takes away right to choice of food, I rather not be a Hindu. @narendramodi @BJP4India cannot decide what people eat".
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