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LEARN RUSSIAN with the Funny stories | INTERMEDIATE level - use ENG CC

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Hello everyone! If you want learn real Russian Language- watch my videos and enjoy! ~~~PLEASE, IF YOU ARE BEGINNER - CLICK ON ENG SUBTITLES, LISTEN AND RELAX!!!~~~ You can watch my videos here, from YouTube channel "Easy Russian" and chat with other people who learn Russian Language in my facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/theeasyrussian/ . Let`s improve traditional method! More practice - and you will get a really good level of Russian Language. WANT TO LEARN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE NATURALLY? FOLLOW ME ON: instagram: https://www.instagram.com/easyrussianclub/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theeasyrussian/ And feel free to write me on the DM and on the comments below. русский язык для иностранцев Russian language learn Russian
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Vivan Din (3 months ago)
Я вьетнамец, живу в Ханое. Cлушая твое щебетание, я смотрю на тебя и думаю: “С таковой милой женщиной готов пойти и в преисподняя, а не то, что в прохладный дождик!”.
meron avisar (4 months ago)
U r my ☀️
pkpk (5 months ago)
Очень благодарю я сейчас неплохой проработал от чувства с помощью тебя, сейчас тут этак будто ты ведешь ситуация, ну-ка напротив, в начин весьма холодна и сейчас солнце на улице ярка, я радуюлсь тепло и на данный момент я с жару пю кофе.
bas9840 (8 months ago)
Wow, you are gorgeous! You really helped me, I want to learn Russian. Can I follow you on Facebook or Instagram?
Почему кафешоп, а не кафе?
Jyoti Verma (9 months ago)
Understood everything ,good to hear you!
Eddy C (10 months ago)
I love your videos :)
HormigA 503 (11 months ago)
thanks Maria , I already to learn Russian language, I from El Salvador , but I´m learning english right now but I want to get more languages... I thank you Maria..
crazyclive (1 year ago)
Laugh? I nearly died ... now, time for a coffee.
Serafima Gettys (1 year ago)
Полный абсурд!
Tino Umbar (1 year ago)
Прекрасно, more video please
Mike Nike (1 year ago)
I like to watch u and ur show even though I m not Russian and don't understand Russian language. I think u r pretty with mesmerizing eyes and hot lips. u r married? or have boyfriend? can u let me know plz. thanks, great show.
kemal kurtoglu (1 year ago)
я весьма нравится катори ты обучался
Jacob Richards (1 year ago)
statinskill (1 year ago)
погода будто в Германии, одинешенек час солнце, последующие час дождик. это нормально континентального погода в Европе.
Ahmad Aidil (1 year ago)
show your breasts plzz..yours are beautiful
Julie Ebbrell (1 year ago)
Another great video - very helpful, thank you once again :-)
Mr. John (2 years ago)
Great video! Spasiba!
what size of you B.holder, where as it's large enough..? you're absolutely gorgeous..(Y)!
Mhd Vesna (2 years ago)
произнесла некорректно "одeваем легкую майку , одeваем платьице " и написала верно " надeваем легкую майку ... " ;)
Hi Maria ,do you also teach Russian online ? I'm looking for a good teacher who is not obsessed with grammar and teaches how people actually speak
Romel Durrani (2 years ago)
Gary Burke (2 years ago)
you are so beautiful.😊
Alfonso Osorio Zuñiga (2 years ago)
Very nice and improvised monologue...wouldn't it be better with the subtitles in russian also?
Adam Abady (2 years ago)
Maria tbi ochen sexualna Maria you are very sexy.
Aaron Artea (2 years ago)
Intuitive understanding of Russian w/o repetition of words to a cassette. Good videos. Glad I stumbled upon your channel. Thanks!
Pedro Anastasio Boffa (2 years ago)
Princess !!!
krishna Murari (2 years ago)
i dont understand but i love listening while you speak.
Maz Al Harbi (2 months ago)
@Kayula Mwanamwenge ya
Kayula Mwanamwenge (9 months ago)
Switch on the subtitles
LLucciRides (2 years ago)
russia is tough to learn
Robert Heilmeier (2 years ago)
+ohio guy You´re most welcome
LLucciRides (2 years ago)
Robert Heilmeier thanks
Robert Heilmeier (2 years ago)
+ohio guy Try the "Michel Thomas method for language learning", they have a Russian course, amazing stuff, this along with the videos of Maria should really help you revise your opinon.. Granted, there may be easier languages to learn but this method will change your mind...I´m a German guy who uses this method and it really makes the learning experience very enjoyable and as free of stress as possible.
Привет! Хотя некие слов были мне не понятно однако весьма понравилось ваше видео и благодарю, что вы помогаете нам обучать российский стиль. Береги себя!
ShAdOwMaN (2 years ago)
How do you read your last name?
Fatih KÖK (2 years ago)
Nice project ) thank you for clean voice and helpful theme . Ya prisoedinyalsa
French We (2 years ago)
я люблю будто для тебя волочить люд наверх!
Nelson Pedraza (2 years ago)
curious fact, in my town happens the exact contrary, I wake up in a nice cloudy and cold day and I dress up with my coat and boots and then when a got to the college starts the awful desert weather and I have to find refuge in the college's library all day until the sun does away :c
Ci0 mio (2 years ago)
super cool, спосибо
Narubate Vaughan (2 years ago)
Спасибо * ))
david king (2 years ago)
это санкт петербург 😂
Dunkel 115 (2 years ago)
Спасибо за увлекательное видео. Я рад ,что Вы учительница, которая пробует обучать нас русскому языку. Когда я садился на стул, чтоб поглядеть ваше видео, увидел я, что Вы из России
kamer terzioğlu (2 years ago)
пожолуста англисский слово . совместно российский и англисский пожлуста :)
Olya * (2 years ago)
TPRS рулит, хоть и облегчено малость:)
swapman12 (2 years ago)
Very good video Maria, no background music { :
Neil Sumanda (2 years ago)
very good indeed.. i dnt like video tutorials with background music,and the one with annoying into,it gets annoying everytime u listen with video..
selcuk oyuk (2 years ago)
Ya maria sen ne ilginç bir kızsın
Barış BAYRAMOĞLU (2 years ago)
selcuk oyuk ne anlamda söledin
Great method to teach a foreign language! Best accurate subtitles translation!
Richard (3 years ago)
This is very good! Thanks for sharing. It's helpful.
John Machado (3 years ago)
Thank you Maria. I've learned a lot from you!
Pavel Tarasov (3 years ago)
Ну вообщем то солнце светит любой денек, это попросту тучи закрывают свет.
Дима Дежин (3 years ago)
отчего она показала : "нам охото воды" - и попила , здесь же . однако не показала этак же : "нам охото всё с себя сбросить" ? ))
ziad777h (3 years ago)
communist Pigss...
Matt Carroll (3 years ago)
I encourage you to look at American history, bud. I'm assuming you're an American.
Аndrew - (3 years ago)
great contribution.
orists Terr (3 years ago)
Want to  meet you,
fabien odet (3 years ago)
kak prekuelna kakda vi skazala "moui drijim"
Peter Paine (3 years ago)
This is great, thank you!
Howard Herberman (3 years ago)
Daniel Smith (3 years ago)
то, что идет дождик? ..... Шучу!
Jacques Mumba (3 years ago)
благодарю за урока
DaylightRobberyCA (3 years ago)
who is your russian series supposed to work for? I do not know the first thing about how to speak russian so maybe it is more appropriate to say this Russian language for intermediate? I am too ignorant of Russian to learn anything from these videos.
Kenneth Hammond (4 years ago)
At 6 or 7  seconds there is a word not in the annotations.  A word part of which is сколька.  Can you tell me what it is, thanks.
onno maanen (2 years ago)
skolka means how much
dsteve54 (4 years ago)
У тебя привлекательная персона, будто милочка ....
Marco Rodrigues (4 years ago)
I like you /since the first time I saw you. Is this relevant? Who knows?!... Good job with this video too
JUSTIN LOVE (4 years ago)
you are ffff hot
Charles Hutchinson (4 years ago)
Very very helpful!!! Thank you!!
Gary Higley (4 years ago)
Oo vas vnookii doosh vyelikovo oochityela
ElchiN Mustafayev (4 years ago)
Tolgasyan (4 years ago)
prekracno !!! spasibo
Ashley Cal (4 years ago)
You are extremely beautiful.
Ian Homme (4 years ago)
I love you.
R Chili (4 years ago)
OMG it's like watching porn and learning Russian at the same time, but better!
Да, это истина!.....thank you for the translations!
Simon Kravos (4 years ago)
Your videos are very good and the method you use to teach russian is perfect! ;) I'm slovenian and it's funny to hear many words that have the same root, but the pronunciation is much more complicated. I think I will learn russian just by listening to you and practicing the pronounce!!! Thank you!! :) )
Jovan Jovanovic (1 year ago)
Simon Kravos Pozdrav iz Srbije.
matej medizevec (1 year ago)
Simon Kravos besede so že podobne sam neznam izgovorit ы in ь. In kaj si se nauču v 2 letih ?
Yas Ka (4 years ago)
я слушал тебя когда я ужинаю :)
지형구 (4 years ago)
я не сумел концентрировать,,может быть,понимаете отчего
Russka (3 years ago)
@지형구 поэтому что ты смотрел на её бюст
Сергей Л (4 years ago)
ПРАВИЛЬНО: я не сумел СконцентрироватьСЯ... 
edward avila (4 years ago)
im stuck i know basics but not much after how do i keep learning i can read cyrillic but dont fully understand what im reading . by the way thank you i love the videos
edward avila any progress lol
Deniz Akgun (4 years ago)
thank you for good lesson
Eric Wood (4 years ago)
Спасибо, дорогая! Это был весьма симпатичный рассказ.
Eduardo Gonzalez (4 years ago)
you as the teacher... do you recommend using English subtitles or Russian subtitles? please I need to know ASAP. I know how to read Russian but i'm pretty slow
Osama Masri (4 years ago)
I as a student, advice you to read subtitles in Russian... in that way you work with your visual memory as well... also, you may search unknown words, easily, since you'll be able to see the spelling...
Danushka Mahanama (4 years ago)
spasibo :) 
Tolgasyan (4 years ago)
How do I vote positive several times again? You're a real gem! By the way, don't seek professional translations: "bad" (or should I say "literal"?) translations provide a lot of information about how Russian works, so it is very informative and useful, like everything you do.
statinskill (1 year ago)
Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz I agree, sometimes when you translate something word for word verbatim that gives us greater insight than if you smooth things over!
Victor Kwasnikow (4 years ago)
Absolutely! PLEASE do literal translations like your doing. We need to understand the language as it is. Not convert it to English grammar.
lawrencetboyer (4 years ago)
i will subscribe and listen to your channel but i do not want to hear dirty hip hop music in the background.  i am a racist american
Trololalala (2 years ago)
In your specific case it isn't really racism because you have logical reasoning, I would hate darks as well if I ended up in jail over them same if asians had of done the same thing or anyone.
lawrencetboyer (3 years ago)
@Matt Carroll i am no longer going to deflect my racism with self-deprecation.  deal with it.
lawrencetboyer (3 years ago)
@Matt Carroll unless if you count homeless shelters, then i lived with more black people, besides that ghetto room mate i had in college
lawrencetboyer (3 years ago)
@Matt Carroll but if you were a blue blood, you would not like me, either.
lawrencetboyer (3 years ago)
@Matt Carroll if you were a blue blood i would continue this conversation.   but you are a red blood.  i do not like you either
robedwriterlife (4 years ago)
I am American and have been ENJOYING your videos. I was hoping you could do a video of things about the house. Items, spoons forks knives, sofa, couch bed. ect. 
Oleg Teplyakov (3 years ago)
@Malzycan Я поглядел ее другие видео и они мне приглянулись.  
robedwriterlife (3 years ago)
+Oleg Teplyakov Это отлично, что вы Олега. Я думаю, что она является красивым учителем. Я не люблю другие стили обучения. Мне нравится ее персона . Сохраняет меня заинтересованы в исследовании , когда я томиться.
Oleg Teplyakov (3 years ago)
+Easy Russian Я беру свои слова назад, этак будто вижу, что вам нравится преподавать и людям вроде бы нравится, судить вправду было спешно. Извините. Я был груб.
Easy Russian (4 years ago)
Thank you sooooo much for watching! Video about the house will be next! =))
Pavel Chekov (4 years ago)
Am I right in assuming you write the on screen translation yourself? Much better than youtubes automatic translate. I did however, notice some errors and omissions... which is good! as it means I've learnt something :). Also 'subscrube', lol!
Sarah Black (4 years ago)
What shampoo do you use? You have beautiful hair!))
2tz02 (4 years ago)
огромное благодарю за задание!
David Emerling (4 years ago)
Дрожать - странноватый глагол! Не сказанно, "Я дрожаю", будто я ждал, а "Я дрожу." 
Easy Russian (4 years ago)
Не пугайтесь! В каждом правиле кушать исключения, все приходит с опытом! Больше слушайте русскую выговор!=)
huiostheou (4 years ago)
I understand very little, but I always love to listen to your stories, and sometimes pick up a word here and there, or simply have a better "feel" of what Russian should sound like. Thank you!
Mohhamed Abu (4 years ago)
Какой я дурачина ранее! Русский нужно выучить на российском! Английский мешает осознавать и мыслить на российском!
Russka (3 years ago)
@Mohhamed Abu хороший российский. ты близок к постижению правды.
Mohhamed Abu (4 years ago)
Мне не необходимо субтитры на британском, google translate и пора нужное для перевода фраз. Это наилучшее! Спасибо! Я сообразил)
Kuznetsova Evgenia (4 years ago)
Спасибо вам!
Easy Russian (4 years ago)
Добавила субтитры! Ура!=)
Саке 11 (6 months ago)
Easy Russian I want to talk to you with Skype for learn Russian. Can I ?
Little Bear (1 year ago)
hello I'd like to say that you teach very well it's hard to find somethings to study Russian at internet if us compare with French,Spanish or German thanks for your videos.
statinskill (1 year ago)
Insane Gamez You're just upset because you are a fat leftist flabby pringles eating anti-trump doughboy and a krasivaya devushka like her would just laugh at you, or you are a fat ugly leftist pizza and ice cream eating feminist bitch and hate her because she is the krasivaya devushka men want and you will never be. That's right, either way you're a loser.
imperviousness (2 years ago)
Maria Zdorovetskaya wonderful videos i wanna meet a girl like you keep being wonderful ,
John Smith (4 years ago)
Я желал бы стенограмму "на российском языке этого видео" было бы может быть I wrote this with google translate. I am from australia I am learning russian.
+Oleg Teplyakov I like this channel because it is not lessons, and it is just natural speaking. Sometimes too fast, but if I study it and listen to it many times I still learn it, It just relaxed and fanny. I also do other things.
Oleg Teplyakov (3 years ago)
+Saxophone and Clarient - Austral Thatis cool that you learn Russian. But I just wonder how is that possible having that video. Most of the episodes are not for learning as they speak so fast. I am Russian and I learn German and Easy German is trying to make it useful downgrading texts to simple frases that was much more useful finaly. Poor people you are as learners
Easy Russian (4 years ago)
Добавила субтитры!=)
Easy Russian (4 years ago)
Сегодня непременно добавлю! Вчера YouTube безуговорочно отрешался загружать мне опции субтитров! Прошу прощения!

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